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  1. Well here is my first attempt at a layout, I'm still a rookie so be gentle on me 😊
  2. The Junction is very different to the one I remember as a kid, crossing the tracks to the signal cabin bringing my dads lunch to him, he would be leaning out the window whistling a tune and telling me when it was safe to cross.
  3. Great stuff, I know this is an old post but it's still good to watch, thanks lad.
  4. Is that crossroads still operating?
  5. Well Tony, my dad worked in Limerick Junction station, the only crossroads on the Irish railway, he was there up to 1983, he worked in the south cabin, there was also a north cabin there. Denis
  6. Hi all, just bumped into you, I am living in the northwest, my roots are in Munster my dad worked in the railway, first as a shunter then in the signal cabin up to his death, I am only recently into model railways, I am in the process of building my first layout, it's oo gauge and I hope to run it dcc but money will dictate, I am going to be doing a lot of research here and might have to ask rookie questions so bear with me, enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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