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  1. Taping and jointing stage, first round.
  2. Might be something here for someone, huge collection. https://youtu.be/y0IvdiMyPSs?si=cww4CYEWywQQ9pUC
  3. You have great patience lad, maybe move that hammer though, I know the temptation from previous hobbies, I was looking forward to tackling kit building in the future, now I'm hooked.
  4. Guinness is good for you And some Jameson
  5. Nice pics there Derek and I have to agree with you about those wagons, they are top drawer, I love them too.
  6. Yes all of the above sounds like one of my thought processes, if I could pick up a wheel somewhere I could cut it in half, that would be a good start
  7. I will have to address the block situation, I don't know what the best option is visually, maybe a fascia across the bottom covering the blocks? Or even an artist's impression of wheels and all the other ironworks?
  8. I was thinking about it but then I also thought about smoke and dust etc, not ideal for a layout If I put it on wheels then maybe some of you lot would arrive with a low loader
  9. Haha thank you kindly sir, I'm enjoying the build in between the rain showers but I'm afraid the inside is going to look more comfortable than it was originally, I think those old vans were very chilly in the winter!
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