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  1. warb


    hydey the following link is for bachmann mk1 sealink coaches on ebay https://www.ebay.ie/itm/8-X-BACHMANN-SEALINK-COACHES-39-032/143431185203?hash=item21652a3333:g:vYYAAOSwxH1dvv3X
  2. warb

    Irish buses.

    In the early 1980's a bedford OB on hire was used by rael-brook shirt factory (skerries shirts)in blackrock county dublin to provide transport home for its staff. Prior to the bedford ob they used their ford D series box van which in the evening they converted by adding seats around the perimeter for the same purpose(Prior to H&S)
  3. I hate to mention the C word but yesterday with the help of some elves visitors dropped in on barrow street. Absolutely stunning work by IRM and all the staff involved,can't wait to get hold of these beauties and i'm tempted with a certain class 55 when you see it in the flesh on a rosslare run. Warb
  4. Next batch of brass wire(100) arrived for overhead catenary for barrow street
  5. top class modelling coming together nicely as usual
  6. halfway there with overhead catenary on barrow street
  7. A little more progress
  8. leslie your correct it is knitting regards warb
  9. thanks leslie I have a feeling it will only be cosmetic regards warb
  10. second line started
  11. warb

    42ft Sample Arrives

    some photos for comparison warb
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