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  1. The Class 121 from Murphys Models were straight out of the box. The only setting that needed to be changed was CV29 direction of travel on one of the loco's and then checked that they were at the same speed.
  2. DJD Both locos have Murphys Models 645 sound decoders
  3. Murphys Models Class 121 on Barrow Street
  4. DJD The layout is OO approx size 32'x 9' . 6'x3' baseboards warb
  5. Arrival today care of PM on Barrow Street. Top Class
  6. Latest installment of barrow street
  7. warb

    Class 121

    Just got a digital copy great review and article for PM Warb
  8. Been busy on other things and have started back on Barrow Street. Started detailing the inside of Harmony Court ,Brunswick Place.
  9. a few lorries if this helps
  10. photo taken in 2000 in greystones P way working
  11. Barrow street is broken down in to the following 1 main controller with 4 boosters supplying 2 main lines 1 points/signals 1 points fiddle yard and aux 12v/16v/3v lines
  12. Barrow Street baseboards are birch plywood dating from 1990 and have never been a problem on which my previous layout greystones was built on for whats its worth.
  13. new video of barrow street
  14. pocket wagons were built by talgo transtech in finland now a skoda company
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