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  1. May be corrected on this one as i think the max weight for any container is approx 20 ton no matter what size ie 20 ft of 40 ft unit at that time ie 40ft converted coal containers. I'm sure somebody will know warb
  2. Stenson model supplied the overhead line insulators for barrow street.http://www.stensonmodels.co.uk
  3. Thanks Did not realise it is one year on and where did it go. There has been many ups and downs in the last year and with so much still to do to try and get Barrow Street over the line.Hopefully Barrow Street has helped others to have ago and I would like to thank certain people who will remain nameless for giving a hand over the years and also giving me a kick to move Barrow Street on.(Now for the part i am not looking forward to doing ie the overheads it will be a while) regards warb
  4. Starting back on the overheads for barrow street
  5. Signals installed and connected
  6. Pearse station platform end signals ready for fitting
  7. Ground signals fitted awaiting connection on barrow street
  8. Latest building finished and in situ on the layout
  9. Another day finnish buildings for barrow street
  10. houses in situ on barrow street and make up of the doors
  11. Finally the door and windows complete on island villa which has taken most of a day
  12. More view of cumberland street south on barrow street
  13. Station throat and platform ends at pearse station
  14. 2600 in boston sidings
  15. Photos of grand canal quay/boston sidings in progress
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