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  1. 1980's architecture at its best anything on an infill site
  2. Working on finishing on rostrevor court
  3. Last few buildings started rostrevor court on barrow street
  4. Completed at last roof to pearse station
  5. Final run in for the roof to pearse station on barrow street
  6. Slow progress recently made new railings for the layout
  7. One part of pearse station roof completed on barrow street
  8. Sods law when you start something you never have enough styrene strip to finish the glazing bars on the roof of the station on barrow street
  9. Updated photos of the roof on pearse station on barrow street with new glazing and roofing.Now for the long process of fitting approx 420 glazing bars to one side.
  10. Messin around with a new phone camera with barrow street warb
  11. David not far wrong! warb
  12. Hopefully but a good bit away,still to much to do. warb
  13. Transport box made for overall roof for pearse station on barrow street
  14. Started back working on barrow street and the overall roof for pearse station which the main roof is 6ft long and the making of transport boxes for same.The main roof is made of 1.5mm birch plywood.
  15. Some photos of signals in greystones prior to removal
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