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  1. First trial run of class 8100 dart units on barrow street
  2. Man Alive that looks like a torturous job, Take it they are computer cut out? Mixture of laser and router to machine them out
  3. While working on harmony court sod law I discovered that i ran out of materials. So to keep going in the lock down work commence on scratch building class 8100 Dart units.
  4. First mock up of wall glazing to harmony court
  5. Photo of boston sidings with dmu stock awaiting their next turn.
  6. https://3dprintingcorner.co.uk/product/1-76-modern-platform-bench-5/ Rob this might help
  7. JHB again scratch built 20 years ago with lima chassis Thanks Warb
  8. Forgot one dmu
  9. MM Scratch build with Bachmann 150 chassis warb
  10. DMU friday on barrow street
  11. Work started back on the last office building Harmony Court on Harmony Row/Brunswick Place which was one of the first buildings started a long time ago. As Time moved on different methods of construction would now be used if i was starting to build it now.
  12. Still messing around with detailing
  13. Another small bit done adding detail to the layout
  14. More minor work to barrow street
  15. Magical as usual.
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