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  1. Spray booth completed for a change from barrow street
  2. Was very tempted by having the posts only regards warb
  3. Done it already a few F---- said.🥵
  4. Like yourself 3 times cut(grass only)🤪
  5. 21 feet of overhead catenary completed to date on barrow street
  6. work still ongoing to barrow street
  7. First bit of the overheads completed at the end of grand canal dock station platform/boston sidings
  8. Weekend of soldering and redoing of overhead catenary which has now reached grand canal dock station platforms
  9. the slow march of the overheads
  10. Overhead catenary reach boston sidings
  11. new stock on barrow street
  12. stunning work as usual at a higher level
  13. David Got it in one baseboard crates(coffins) for storage.20 sheets of ply in total for barrow street
  14. First of six completed for barrow street.
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