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  1. New addition for Barrow Street from IRM top class finish Warb
  2. Murphaph The post was timber and was in Athy as far as i remember warb
  3. Grand Hibernian on Barrow Street
  4. One of the last major buildings nearing completion on Barrow Street
  5. More done and ready for final varnishing and glazing
  6. Work in progress
  7. Belmond Grand Hibernian observation car Kildare getting primer coat and final cleaning up required
  8. Attached you tube video from Robert Roche of this parish of the Belmond Grand Hibernian arriving at Gorey Station
  9. John this might help 7.37 below
  10. 10 Packs already waiting to go warb
  11. Working on something different to run on barrow street
  12. Noel can you supply the german retailers you use? regards warb
  13. A small bit added to the main panel of barrow street with the fitting of DCC Concepts Alpha Meter to each power district.
  14. May I wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a better New Year and for the encouragement regarding Barrow Street from the member of the forum. Oh Dear who forgot their Mask??
  15. Dublin Corporation boat was MV Sir Joseph Bazalgette sold for scrap 1999
  16. The Class 121 from Murphys Models were straight out of the box. The only setting that needed to be changed was CV29 direction of travel on one of the loco's and then checked that they were at the same speed.
  17. DJD Both locos have Murphys Models 645 sound decoders
  18. Murphys Models Class 121 on Barrow Street
  19. DJD The layout is OO approx size 32'x 9' . 6'x3' baseboards warb
  20. Arrival today care of PM on Barrow Street. Top Class
  21. Latest installment of barrow street
  22. warb

    Class 121

    Just got a digital copy great review and article for PM Warb
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