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  1. They really are awesome little accesories!
  2. Marks Models have the IRM Fertilizer Pallets in stock at the moment, in case anybody missed out: http://marksmodels.com/?pid=37240
  3. Murph probably means that it should state one or the other: unopened, or only opened to test.
  4. Going back to 071 liveries, when were the following changes? IR to IE? IE small logo to IE large logo? IE to silver and black? I'm sure that I saw a video of an IE 071 several years after the rest had been painted into silver and black, but cannot find it. SIlver and black to grey was 2016, and happened pretty quickly? Which were the first and last members of each class to be repainted for each change?
  5. When were the Tara's repainted from the blue into the red oxide colour?
  6. Arran has the Bell 20ft in stock, at least! https://www.c-rail-intermodal.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=259&search=bell
  7. Well, he was kind of right because we had the Bonus Ball Empty Flats!
  8. Only 35 left, they'll be gone before the week is out!
  9. How many packs were run? 250? Almost sold out in two days... Has to be a record of some sort!
  10. Thanks, Robert. I had been thinking of something like that, just sticking a thin strip of plastic in to raise the end of the 20ft that sits in the centre of the flat, to match the height of the end which sits on the lugs at the end of the flat...
  11. Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, but is it possible to buy the yellow lugs so that 20ft containers can be mounted on these, or for example, the Keg Liner flats?
  12. It would appear not, but at least they are not hard-wired that way, and it's only software. Iwas speaking with a member on here who's a bit of a wizard at electronics, and they had to do some creative wiring to un-hard-wire the marker lights in their 201.
  13. Oh yes, they live to torment me.
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