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  1. Thanks! I did follow the link, but it's a private Facebook group... I can't even remember my FB password at this stage.
  2. Marks Models' website still says "pre-purchase" . They've been green flagged for days now. Are they actually in stock at Marks? Or is this just a publicity stunt?
  3. Noel, have you got an IR one of these weathered, yet? Won't notice the silver or white, then!
  4. Probably depends on what other plans the manufacturer has. Not speaking specifically about the 121's, but in general. If you plan launching rolling stock, that will sell better if you still have locos left in stock. So, you could do a small batch of locos and a small batch of rolling stock, and not bother with the two batches aiding each others sales, or you could do larger batches of each, where the sales of each boosts sales of the other. Like Guinness and toilet paper side by side in the supermarket.
  5. Almost sure that WRENNEIRE said that there were 504 of each. Possibly 300 of the RPSI model.
  6. IRM also have the 121 LokSound and LokPilot decoders in stock, chop chop, get the wallets open!
  7. Looks like Hattons do actually have a few, for anybody who missed out. Even though it says "Sold out on pre-order", there are varying live stock quantities and it IS possible to add them to ones basket. Wondering should I invest in a few to sell off at €400 a pop next summer...
  8. In case anybody missed them: https://m.ebay.ie/itm/Irish-Railway-Models-Irish-Rail-Ballast-Plough-van-pack/383818852136
  9. I guess it means that you'll pay Irish VAT instead of UK VAT, plus a handling fee, so larger volume orders will be more economical. JHB, you've opened a can of worms in your drunken stupour!
  10. Absolute bargain: https://m.ebay.ie/itm/Lima-L149437-Irish-Class-201-Train-Pack-with-3-x-MK3-Coaches-CIE-Black-Orange/224235927902?hash=item343580b95e:g:DywAAOSwTspfdcMA Only €420!
  11. "Ex Tax" means "Excluding Tax"!
  12. It probably would have taken a few years to re-brand everything, anyhow.
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