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  1. Trying to send a PM but I can't see straight for the tears of joy.
  2. Great news - then I'll know exactly when I need to start blocking calls from my bank manager.
  3. Thanks, Corky. Just home now and two of them are already out of stock. Tried to buy the others online... No 3DS pop-up so can't pay! Aaaaaaaaargh!!!
  4. It was actually one of your 2013 posts (the year, not the number of posts) where I saw you say that you had only recently seen them turned out in black!
  5. Very nice. Did Guinness actually use those trucks in real life, or is that a special for the "Brewery Series"?
  6. They're now priced around £240 STG, so even more than anticipated! Moving on from this topic a little, and maybe an insider like @BosKonay, @Warbonnet, @WRENNEIRE or @Garfield could offer some insight, but how does the whole scanning and CAD process translate for different scales? For example, I assume that MM still have the scanning and CAD work for their OO gauge locos, so would that same groundwork be appropriate for O gauge locos? LIkewise how would IRM's A Class scanning and CAD apply to an O Gauge loco? Does it all have to be done again, or is it all the same? I'
  7. Try WRENNEIRE or Chris Dyer for the 071's, although you may need to commission a respray from Chris if your desired livery is unavailable. Those coaches are like gold dust. Finding a rake may not be easy. If we're blessed, maybe we'll see more of them released some day, to couple up to the lovely new A Classes!
  8. When did the black bogies come about, roughly? Was that something in the last ten years or so?
  9. I'd love to call dibs on it as I like the locos of today but there's no way I could budget €300 or €400! Had a quick search for "Murphy Models" on ebay.ie and can't find yours either, sorry.
  10. Probably no single area to point the finger. In those Modern Marvels "Engineering Disasters" videos, almost every time, the disaster results from multiple failures rather than just one. Hello IE!
  11. I often wonder about the viability of the railways in Ireland. In theory, rail should be more efficient and more environmentally friendly than road transport. However, after many years working in Ireland, and I can only assume that IE suffers the same, the massive thorn in the side of efficiency and progress everywhere I worked was the unions. I used to think that their role was to protect employees, their rights, their conditions, their wages, their treatment. But, what I saw over the years was that things went too far. When technological advances or a changing economy mad
  12. It says that they're in stock in Greenogue. If you send an enquiry asking for them, they'll make them available online again.
  13. I'm sure that was a figure of speech! Will you take that in Krugerands?
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