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  1. I have hazy memories of living in Artane in the early eighties, and at night, I could hear the sounds of GM locomotives carrying over the air. Killester would have been the closest station, probably around a kilometre and a half as the crow flies. What late evening and nocturnal trains that would have been running on that line back in those days? Probably pre-DART era.
  2. You must have some set of legs on you if you're gonna be cycling down there to get some photos.
  3. Outstanding work! Had to look at these photos on the PC as they are so good. So, the big question... Will you be selling them in twin packs or in rakes of eight when production is up and running?
  4. A couple of P42 questions... Yeah, I'm that thicko who always has millions of questions. IRM have three P42 chassis; 1. Brown bogies and unmarked chassis (1971 until when? ) 2. Brown bogies and yellow markings on chassis 3. Black bogies and unmarked chassis (2013 onwards? ) When did each of the three variants run from and until? Thanks to @jhb171achill, we know that the black bogie variant was relatively new in September 2013, and I assume runs as is to this day. The weedspray ran on 42' flats from 2005 / 2006, thanks to @Warbonnet for post
  5. Don't worry, A Class arriving in a few months will flip that problem right back around and there'll be no rolling stock for them to haul.
  6. As P42 launched, there were 071's everywhere. Within six months, they were all gone. So, it's IRM's fault... In a way, they owe us a run of 071's!
  7. I'm sure that IRM have them all on their roadmap for the distant future.
  8. How much longer before we see IRM release twin-packs of 141's and twin packs of 071's? A twin pack would still be cheaper than this: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/174756107134#vi__app-cvip-panel
  9. Stunning layout, so well built, and that little forklift does a great job at catching the eye.
  10. Fabulous work! I wonder if there are still any South Eastern Finecast flush-glazing kits in existence, or has somebody bought them all up?
  11. Ah, would ye all stop with the moaning, like a bunch of old washer ladies? The IE one looks great. Sure, you could nitpick that the windows weren't covered and the bogie dirt is the wrong colour, but overall it looks excellent, and would look even better sitting on some of the layouts that we've seen here on the forum. Anyhow, it's your fault that they're doing this, George! They wouldn't waste their time if the likes of you or Noel were pumping out batches of them.
  12. I use a BlackBerry. Thought that might have been the problem.
  13. I just noticed today that one or two posts have disappeared, along with one or two PM's that I sent, and my reactions to a few posts have also disappeared. I thought that it may have been my mobile, but a re-start hasn't changed anything. Is the forum having an off-day?
  14. So there are several Bell Bulks skulking around???
  15. I'm sure if there was an accurate 22000 available, we'd know about it! Chris is known for his resprays, not so much for commissioning new tooling for runs of models, so it's fair to assume that what's in the box is a respray, that's all. Agreed, railcars are very much the future, as well as the present, so would be something that younger modellers would recognise. Plus, they're great for somebody with a small layout who feels that a too-short loco-hauled train looks a bit off.
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