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  1. Picked that one up by fluke. Frizinghall had five dual-band Cravens in stock. I ordered the five, and they wrote to me to say that somebody had previously sold a Cravens in the wrong box, and they only had four dual-band and one single-band. Gimme gimme gimme.
  2. Yeah, I got my mechanic to order some RAL2011 from his supplier. So the Mk3's ran in RAL2001 Supertrain livery, then RAL2011 Intercity livery, and nothing else?
  3. Wow, lovely photos and some nice information, thank you! So the Galway coaches ran at the same time as the black-roof Orange Intercity coaches?
  4. But what's wrong with wanting some as running models and some as static models (or ornaments)?
  5. I also dropped the ball on these as my budget was (over) squandered on some Tara Mines wagns and cement bubbles. I can't complain, and I think that it's amazing that they sold out so fast - to me it's a great sign for those of us who hope for more RTR Irish models in the future.
  6. I even managed to give 165 a little run tonight:
  7. Does anybody have any more photos of the Galway livery coaches? From when until when did they run? Was it only Mk2D's that were painted as such?
  8. I received a few packages in the post on Wednesday! Very happy bunny. The 141 is not in my favourite IE livery, but A 141 is better than NO 141! DJD Senior was at the Blackrock Show a week or two ago and will next month be sending another EGV to me along with a few Cravens, to augment the collection.
  9. From an aesthetic point of view, I find that a poor gauge affects the proximity to realism more than the weathering. That's not to take away from any weatherers here at all, just an opinion, as I couldn't do what members here do, nothing even close. I've ordered some D and E packs of IRM Tara Mines wagons, some of which will never ever see the light of day! Yes, you were right! I asked again a few weeks ago, and received a reply a week or two back, saying that they would do VAT free sales, as you describe. Refund of VAT upon shipping of the order.
  10. Wow, some gorgeous looking coaches there Dempsey and Past-Avenue! I went to my mechanic and ordered a can of RAL2011, as things like that are not readily available over here. Hope to try some repainting on my day off next week.
  11. If you had two cars to sell, you could do all three, then cycle everywhere. I think that I'd only be prepared to weather (or get somebody to do it for me as I don't have the eyesight / hand-eye coordination for anything that detailed) if I had an original in mint condition to satiate my OCD.
  12. As per the title, what do people feel? I'm sure that it's horses for courses and all that. I feel that a lot of the Irish RTR models, certainly the Murphy Models locos, anything from IRM, along with the RPSI coaches, are all more or less limited editions. I won't even take my Hot Wheels out of their packaging, unless they are extra cool models and I find a duplicate to preserve, but obviously model railways are a different story. Is it sacriligious to weather something that is so short in supply, so hard to replace or find again, or is it cringe-worthy to have everything shiny and always looking like it's fresh from the factory? I went to buy some Tara Mines wagons the other day, and realised that there are almost none left at all, and that's what set me on this train (ha ha ha) of thought. Marks Models have some, but they will charge me VAT so I'll have to give them a miss... but that's a different topic. I've seen some stunning examples of wonderful weathering on this site and elsewhere, with amazing levels of detail and realism, and I tend to almost drool in awe. At the same time, when I see that something is out of stock and may never be produced again, I feel guilty for even desiring something like that for my layout.
  13. Splitting the thread has already been suggested, as it IS an important topic to discuss, but you're right; this is not the place for it. I'm sure the mods are busy at the show this weekend, and will split the thread on Monday.
  14. I read on this forum that MM1509 has a few changes to correct mistakes with the design of MM1508. Something about moving an air vent on one side.
  15. I vote for these few posts to have their own thread: "Rant: Local Irish Model Shops vs. Online Sellers"... I'm sure that everybody will have a reason for choosing one or the other. I tend to do both. When I got back into the hobby a year or so back, I asked Marks Models about the issue of VAT, and they ignored my question. I asked Hattons and they made sure not to charge me VAT. IRM likewise do not charge me VAT. In fairness, Mark did 'phone me after I had placed one of my orders, to confirm that I was real and not a scam. I was working at the time and forgot to ask him again about VAT. I'm based in the Canary Islands, where we pay 6.5% IGIC instead of 21% IVA (equivalent of VAT in Ireland and the UK). This is due to the low wages, high shipping costs and lack of options / choice locally. For retailers who don't offer the option of paying IGIC when purchasing, they seem to either charge VAT or charge zero VAT. If the difference, for example, between Marks Models' prices and Hattons' prices, was solely based on exchange rates, I'rd rather pay a bit more and buy from Marks Models. However, when VAT is also an issue, buying from Hattons becomes so much cheaper that there is no comparison.
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