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  1. Ha! I could pull pallets all day long, but finicky stuff just disintegrates in my hands, so cutting, joining and filling something that I can hardly see would be a noooooooo, noooooo, nooooooo for me.
  2. Looks like a CIE Supertrain A Class, so that would be mid seventies to mid eighties?
  3. Hattons have one in every six or nine months. I picked one up for GBP £98 in like-new condition a few months back. I see the scalpers (that's what the Hot Wheels collectors call them, at least) asking for twice that on eBay.
  4. Black Friday Bubbles, yaaaaaay:
  5. Are these models still available to pre-order? I have tried emailing the address above once or twice, to no avail.
  6. 1 x Pack D and 2 x Pack E now available on the IRM website for anybody that missed them! No A's, B's or C's, though. D'oh!
  7. How can I click "Like" more than once???
  8. Awwww. When I bought my sets, I also bought two as Christmas presents. Fergus was so helpful with hiding any RPSI evidence from the outside of the packages etc, but he did say that stock levels were low, and that there may be a possibility of a run with three different running numbers if they sold the last of the Cravens. I asked if they'd be doing a GSV and he said no, that they'd be doing models which currently exist as tooling would be too expensive for a limited run like that. Hint hint hint, IRM, pleeeeeease do some GSV's.
  9. I didn't bother with any of that. I emailed and asked for their IBAN, made a transfer and received my coaches in the post. So simple.
  10. Marks Models have the green RPSI Mk2's in stock, way cheaper the eBay sellers ask for. The RPSI should still have some of the blue and cream Cravens available from their own online shop.
  11. The drawbars just couple the wagons a little closer than the standard issue tension lock couplings, and look a lot less funky... Not as close as some people on here have their Kadee couplings, but it looks slightly better than the TL's. You can kind of see the difference in the video.
  12. Ran my Tara Mines wagons today while dreaming about the Container Liners slowly winging their way over here... They really are gorgeous wagons! The little drawbars are great. I've coupled mine into rakes of four. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s_kJ2w-zDo
  13. I think that the Tara Mines coloured bogies were just for the unfinished samples.
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