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  1. It has been reported that a prisoner has escaped from Mountjoy. He is described as a midget who is also a psychic. So the Gradai have issued a press releases stating "There is a small medium at large..."
  2. spudfan

    after the A

    The little Guinness trains that used to run through the cobble streets to the various parts of the Saint James's Gate complex. Happy memories, I can still get that smell as I stood watching them. Need to increase the size of the layout to get a brewery complex in, complete with internal rail system!
  3. spudfan

    Class 121

    All Garda leave has been cancelled to assist with crowd control for the appearance of Paddy and the 121. Some people are getting ready for the end of the world owing to the momentousness (?) of the occasion. Some are saying this was mentioned in the Mayan calendar as one of the signs that would signal the end of civilisation as we know it. Boris Johnson is complaining that it is a ruse by the Irish government to divert attention from him. Me, well I'm going to wrap myself in tin foil tonight ...just incase.
  4. The Rail Rover was a good idea and it worked very well...going forward. The trouble was getting all of that weight to stop using the Land Rover brakes on their own.
  5. Will the models featuring the Crossley diesel engines have an intermittent break down facility built in?
  6. PM me with your address and I'll send it on.
  7. Thanks for this. I have had a shower and have asked the wife for money for diesel for the car. Now it's the long drive to Portlaoise.
  8. Looking at the wishlist of existing and forth coming IRM models, I suddenly thought of the future. When my time does come to exit this mortal existence I would not like to see my hard earned rolling stock go to waste. The answer? I've decided to follow the pharohs of ancient Egypt and build a pyramid so as I can take all of this rolling stock with me. Nothing as ostentatious as the Great pyramid of Giza I might add. Just something modest, complete with hidden rooms, blind passages, a trap or two to ensure I get to enjoy my hobby in the next existence. Anyone recommend some architects that could see this through from planning to final build? Just had a final thought. What happens if the electricity in the here after is a different phase to ours? Better add a generator to the list of necessities for the pyramid. As I am still planning this any useful suggestions would be gratefully received.
  9. Have been washing the dishes (with a smile) for the last while. The Mrs thinks there's something up (the smile probably over did it). Trouble is that my hands have become so soft and wrinkly that I doubt I'll be fit to lift any of these wagons out of the box and put them on the track, let alone a 121 or an A class.
  10. Anyone know the e-mail address of the CME (Chief Mechanical Engineer) at Irish Rail? I cannot find it on their site.
  11. Glad to see the interest in this. Pleased that I am that it could happen it has dawned on me that with "LIFE" in general rearing it's ugly head the finances have to be looked at. It does not look promising for the purchase of the up coming "121" or the "A" class, let alone the appropriate rolling stock to go with them. So when the "121s" and the "A's" arrive I'll have to make a pilgrimage down to Marks Models with a fold up chair, park myself in front of the display cabinet with a flask of tea and a packed lunch and drool. I probably won't be alone in this so I presume as space is limited Marks Models will have security staff on hand to limit the amount of drooling time each person can have...
  12. Have a look at this. Irish Rail will be among the participants. http://www.fleet-procurement-refurbishment-congress.com/4/speakers/142/aisling-norton/ Here's the program of events. Day 1 Focus - Procurement How to decide if to buy new stock, renovate or lease Successful new stock procurement strategies Considering maintenance and spare parts during the procurement phase. Project management to stay in time and on budget Ensuring your new fleet procurement strategy delivers value for money over the whole life cycle Day 2 Focus: Renovation How to decide what works need doing Successful renovation strategies including outsourcing versus in-house Identifying the most cost effective options for life extension Ensuring the supply chain can deliver on refurbishments at the optimal price & quality Managing obsolescence during the second life of trains http://www.fleet-procurement-refurbishment-congress.com/?utm_source=Railway-Gazette&utm_medium=E-Blast&utm_content=&utm_campaign=&dm_t=0,0,0,0,0
  13. Yep the D and E class diesels.
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