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  1. Hope the link works. https://www.railwaygazette.com/luas-extension-consultation-as-dublins-trams-get-longer/57100.article?utm_source=MRnewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Story 1&utm_campaign=MRnewsletter- 20200805 Here is the text just incase the link does not work. IRELAND: Public consultation has begun on the Luas Finglas proposal to extend Dublin’s Green light rail line by 3·9 km from the current terminus at Broombridge. This would add four stops at St Helena’s, Finglas Village, Mellowes Park and a 600-space park-and-ride site beside the junction of the M50 and N2 at Charlestown The National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland have invited comments on the preferred route for Luas Finglas, which would mostly use grassed track and would include a cycle and pedestrian path alongside much of the alignment. ‘The extension of the Luas to Finglas is a clear example of the kind of progress we are making in planning to invest in ambitious and exciting sustainable transport’, said Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority. ‘I believe that Luas has the potential to be transformative for this part of the city and that it will further enhance the area for people who live here, work here, or want to run a business here Meanwhile, the first of eight new 55 m long Alstom Citadis trams has entered passenger service, with all expected to be in operation by early 2021. ‘Dublin was one of the first cities in the world to adopt Citadis trams and now passengers rely on them in over 50 cities worldwide’, said Nick Crossfield, Managing Director of Alstom in Ireland and the UK, on July 28. ‘With this brand new 55 m tram, the longest we have ever built, Dublin is leading the world again.’ Work to extend 26 of the existing 44 m trams to 55 m is also well underway, with 13 of the extended trams now in passenger service. The 55 m trams can carry around 100 more passengers than the shorter version. The Luas fleet will reach a total of 81 trams by early 2021, with 41 being 55 m long, increasing capacity on the busiest sections of the network by nearly 30%.
  2. Yes and some funny looking "yokes" in it!!!
  3. I was shifting some hazardous material today and I had a bit of a mishap. Luckily the clean up team were not far away. The wife has me quarantined in the shed
  4. Doubtful. The wife is a vintage item and there is not much interest in her.
  5. So probably not much use for this now...
  6. There are some good photos and descriptions of both the shale wagon and the Tara mines wagons in the very informative "Locomotives and Rolling Stock of Irish Rail and Northern Ireland Railways"
  7. Here is another shot which shows just how cramped the yard is. I presume land was sold off.
  8. I found the photo of the 071 chocked. They are on the first and second wheels of the front bogie. They are just two wooden wedges on the end of a piece of rope. One set per wheel. Can't beat old technology!!!
  9. Sadly things did not work out as I had hoped. I did get a few shots there a number of years ago of an 071 with wooden chocks being placed at the wheels when it came off the train. They are on the site somewhere. It must be a common occurance as the loco was driven and parked by the chocks. They were removed later when the loco moved but left by the tracks, for the next loco I presume.
  10. Might be near Ballina tomorrow afternoon. Would there be anything going on freight wise at the yard?
  11. I was wondering what the noise was..
  12. spudfan

    Class 121

    knocks my Mrs out of the equation....
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373025042983 Don't forget you can get a grant whenever the thatch comes up for renewal.
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