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  1. Obviously aimed at ex government ministers on a pension...
  2. Three friends stranded on a deserted island find a magic lamp. Inside it is a genie who agrees to grant each friend one wish. “I want to go home,” says the first friend. The genie grants her wish. “I want to go home, too,” says the second friend. And the genie sends her back home. “I’m lonely,” says the third friend. “I sure wish my friends were back here.”
  3. This was lunch today. The tea didn't stay warm for very long.....
  4. Not enough pixels to capture the wife
  5. If you ever decide to have nudey nookie in front of the fire, ALWAYS make sure the spark guard is in place.
  6. Remember a while back I mentioned that plans for the "A" class and the "121" took a knock owing to the fact that the felt and tiles on the roof will need to be replaced this Summer? Well all is not lost. Talking to the Mrs it seems that if I forgo getting a Velux window installed while the felt and tiles are being replaced that would allow the purchase of an "A" and a "121". All is not lost and it seems every cloud does have a silver lining .
  7. Regarding the "coronavirus" outbreak in China. I wonder if it will get to a point when goods from China will be suspect. People will worry that if someone sneezes on a packet in China and it ends up over here maybe they could contract it. Don't know much about it but it does not take much to get people concerned. I was just thinking of it from our end of things like the IRM stuff and the Paddy Murphy stuff that will come from China. I am sure that the boys at IRM and Paddy are following this with interest. Governments like to be seen to be doing the correct thing and might put a hold on imports from China for optics sake.I suppose it will all come down to knowledge of the incubation period etc. Imagine getting your long awaited 121 or "A" class and finding disposable gloves and a face mask included in the packing.....
  8. Here is the link to schedule for this week on Talking Pictures TV just to give you an idea of there programmes. https://talkingpicturestv.co.uk/schedule/
  9. "The current ranges would seem adequate for things like An Post vans, etc." An Post do not use any electric or Hybrid vehicle for rural deliveries. Dublin between the canals yes .
  10. Sun 26 Jan 20 18:30 BFI: Fully Fitted Freight 1957. Factual. Director: Ralph Keene. The story of the fast freight, 4:48 pm, Bristol-Leeds, vacuum braked throughout. Conveyed in crisp black & white images by veteran cinematographer Ronald Craigen It will be on "Talking Pictures TV." I came across "Talking Pictures TV" by accident on the Free to Air box. There should be enough time between now and Sunday if you want to search for it.
  11. I am afraid to ask. After years of "searching" I have not found anything that serves that purpose.
  12. Body work still looks better than the wife.....And as for the chassis...
  13. spudfan

    Some DART news

    Here is some DART news...the DART in Dallas https://www.railwaygazette.com/traction-and-rolling-stock/dart-awards-stadlers-first-us-maintenance-contract/55511.article
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