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  1. Iron ore miner orders heavy-haul battery locomotive | News | Railway Gazette International
  2. Pity they did not keep the Guinness railway in Dublin running! Happy memories. Would have been great for tourist...and that smell!!
  3. Children’s railway under construction in Mongolia | News | Railway Gazette International
  4. Interesting to see the different gauge tracks together. I hope they did realise that this goes on the 5'3" and not the 4'81/2" rails...
  5. Will it cost as much as the Roco one?
  6. I think the advertisement breaks are getting longer. I remember indulging in some "quality interaction" with the Mrs when the adverts would come on during a film and the action would be in full swing when the film restarted. Now any "quality interaction" during the advert break seems to be finished BEFORE the adverts come to an end. Yep, those advert breaks are definately getting longer.....
  7. Who would have thought it? A "Hill 16 special" from north of the border...
  8. Regarding the above. I know Hattons had an issue with axle boxes falling off, but it looks like IRM have an issue with axles falling off. No doubt this will be rectified before they go on sale. Maybe the two missing axles are in the box, did you check?
  9. So you buy a new mattress, You leave it propped up outside against the picnic bench to air out after being in storage. You look out the kitchen window and see the local tom cat walking across the yard stopping to mark his territory...on your new mattress.
  10. When I built my first layout it was in my bedroom in my parents house. It was built into a frame work attached to the wall and folded outwards onto stands. When the layout was folded down for use it covered my bed and most of the room that remained. The upshot was that once the layout was being used, the bed wasn't. I used to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor wedged between the bed and the wall with the layout above me. So when it came down from the wall for use everything, bar track and ballast had to be put in situ on the layout. When I got fed up sleeping on the floor and fancied the comfort of a bed again everything bar the track and ballast had to be removed and packed away and the layout folded back into its wall frame work, until my next model railway fix was needed. It used to break my heart to see my painstakingly applied ballast showering down when the layout was moved either up or down. My current layout has been in situ in my attic for about 25 years. Comfort indeed (if at times a little "cold comfort") Like I said suffering for one's art...I think I have earned my model railway stripes!!
  11. I bought a 121 loco from an Irish model shop. When it arrived it was missing a coupling hook. I emailed Murphy Models who told me to go through the retailer for this. So I contacted the shop who ordered the coupling from Murphy Models and then forwarded it to me. I got a Hornby loco from which was missing a coupling hook. I contacted Hornby and they sent two replacements straight away.
  12. Nice collection of photos. Pity action like that is not more widespread on the network. Great way to spend time, watching freight on the rails and taking photos.
  13. The wife was so excited last week. She thought I had bought her a new water bed. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had just developed a bad kidney infection....
  14. I see they are selling off the 121's at reduced prices. Wonder if the ones you got were returns? Annoying to say the least. I have had dealings with them in the past and all went well. It is the best way to judge a company, i.e. in how they deal with issues like this.
  15. When I looked at the photo I thought the man in the hi vis adjacent to the loco was holding a VERY long piece of wood!!! Great photo for detail of a yard for modelling.
  16. Arup to undertake all-Ireland rail review | News | Railway Gazette International
  17. Note the lack of safety footwear.
  18. Electrification envisaged in Ireland's 10-year transport plan | News | Railway Gazette International
  19. Arup awarded DART Coastal lines contract | News | Railway Gazette International Kildare Line expansion project contract awarded | News | Railway Gazette International Cross-border Irish rail review to study sustainable expansion | News | Railway Gazette International Luas extension consultation as Dublin’s trams get longer | Metro Report International | Railway Gazette International
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