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  1. We can confirm it's the price we're charging, based on the data we have in hand, and we will not be increasing that price.
  2. It does not. Even all wheel pickup can hit dirt and issues which will impact (in particular) lighting and sound. Nothing worse than a sound chip resetting to engine start just because you drove the loco across a point
  3. The 121 decoders are standard lokSound and lokpilot v5 units. The sound files are copyrighted to Murphy models and will not ever be released on the ESU website. In this regard the setup is identical to the soon to be released A class project. hope that helps clarify
  4. Absolutely - https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/dcc-decoders The LokPilot is the 'standard DCC' option, and for sound you can choose which Engine you would like / need.
  5. Loco specific details have now been added to the listing for each loco.
  6. Hi

    I saw that you had posted so diagrams of the Hunslet locos (NIR Class 101).

    I will shortly be receiving a set from SilverFox Models and I was wondering if you, or anyone else, might recommend a DCC sound module that I could use.

    And, if anyone has any examples running, I'd very much like to get links, if possible, to pictures, videos, etc.


    1. NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class

      NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class


      There is a ‘Hunslet’ on NIRCLASS80’s layout Ballyercall. I believe it uses the Class 20 sound file and it sounds very effective. Hope this helps

    2. BosKonay


      Indeed the 80’s and 20 are somewhat similar. 

  7. Hi Enda, That error means the server was unable to parse the image file, perhaps it's too large, too high resolution, or if animated, has too many frames? It can also appear if the max execution time is exceeded, which can happen if your upload speed is very low?
  8. They will come with the yellow lugs fitted, and a baggie of spares too, so you can swap off the keg cages and use them for containers also.
  9. We're also now set up for Direct Debit, so you can put a few bob away each week, or each payday against future or pending purchases!
  10. When I was a kid playing on the line was our playground, putting your ear on the rails to see if you could hear the train coming (usually while some smart arse shoved you pretending to be a train) even today it’s that era of rolling stock and coach / loco that used roll past us I’m most interested in. However I only started collecting and Modelling when my first child was born and I was subjected to two hours a day of Thomas the tank engine. So there is a place for all
  11. Hi all You can review the range here https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/guinness-keg-liners
  12. Do they make a slightly shorter one?
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