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  1. Honestly kinda moot. It’s not like we’ve said we’d not do a C as soon as feasible
  2. The coaches themselves are due to be completed and shipping around May / June so there is still time for rails to get the data sorted.
  3. How much are they once complete?
  4. Unfortunately the attic needed insulation so This layout was pretty much scrapped when it was stripped and redone. I have a small layout up there now but plans are afoot to get Baseboard Dave in sooner rather than later for Amiens phase 2
  5. Part of the slow apparent progress has been just that. We are trying for a flexible solution based on a modular design so that direction of stairs and span will offer the best options. It’s a challenge but we hope to make it the default for footbridges in much the way our Rawie bufferstop is for modern bufferstops.
  6. They carried Shermans originally and then more modern military bits and bobs as well as some departmental use. The hattons run was already underway when we stepped in but they will join the regular accurascale family afterwards
  7. You can just about see the top of the loo through the frosted glass
  8. No the bogies just screw off. The pickups are connected by sprung tabs.
  9. Can you drop us a line with photos George ?
  10. There was an update yesterday. Maybe clear cache and log out and in again?
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