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  1. We design the models and then work with the factory to layout the moulds as efficiently as possible based on material needed and parts while the factory resolve any flow requirements using their software. We offer commissions if you need something produced.
  2. You do need to be approved by them but you can spread purchases up to €499.99 over 6-12 months interest free too.
  3. We're looking into FlexiFi at the moment - if anyone has any experience with it?
  4. No, they are demountable, just like the real thing.
  5. Pop into Live Chat on https://irishrailwaymodels.com or drop support an email - while we are active from time to time here, it's a community, rather than a support channel
  6. Hi Paddy, A One4all is a prepaid Debit card. There are two types. Those issued last year, which support up to €50 spent online, and their new digital version, which supports €150 They are used as a credit card on checkout, so you just need to limit your spend to the limits above for the order (as the systems don't let you split a bill between two cards I'm afraid)
  7. We're already shipping customs data on all orders, so we don't foresee any change.
  8. In the short to medium term, it will not impact anything, but we continue monitoring the situation.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up murphaph! The A issue looks like a glitch with the variants on that line, we'll get that cleaned up thanks. The preorder warnings were required as we had many instances of customers mixing orders for in stock and preorders or multiple preorder lines, causing confusion when the system waited until everything was in stock! On the pricing, the website displays 'inc VAT' prices throughout, including the Cart, and checkout screens, as below. If for any reason you see not including VAT prices, it will be if the website can not identify your location (we show vat prices based on your location). In that case just log in, or provide your address and the system will add or remove VAT dynamically. Hope that helps!
  10. Per the announcement the RPSI special is expected in August. The preOrder warning should only pop up if you try to order in stock items and preorders together hope that helps
  11. Welcome Fiacra! IRM have a number of announcements and new releases coming between now and year end that should help
  12. The Bell and P&O containers we provided in the initial liner run were C-Rail manufacture, and the flats are designed to accommodate any of their items, HTH!
  13. A nice piece on the real costs of RTR models also by them https://www.prototypejunction.com/2020/03/what-does-it-take-to-make-model-why-so.html
  14. Note however that bachmann likely make 10-15,000 coaches in a run, if not more.
  15. The trouble with any new RTR model is that the tooling is a pretty predictable cost. If you make 540 models you have to amortise that tool cost over only 540 models. Making the model very expensive.
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