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  1. Thanks Robert, It certainly helps but Irish models and related items under the noses of nearly 1500 registered members and many more again guest users! I think that particular A has a Hornby 55 chassis underneath.
  2. Good morning all! Fed up with eBay charges and fees, want something more targeted than done deal? Your very own Irish railway modeller community now has a new addition - Classified Ads! Free to list, no charges or commissions, you can provide full details of the items you have for sale, exchange, wanted or free to a good home. You can find this new area under 'Classifieds' on the top menu. https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/classifieds/
  3. View Advert Silverfox 'A Class' RTR Model Listed is a Silverfox model of A2 in Silver livery Model is DC (no DCC socket) Runs well on DC, no issues Model is in Silverfox original box. Advertiser BosKonay Date 04/10/20 Price €50.00 Category Locomotives  
  4. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/hornby-magazine-model-railway-awards-voting-2020
  5. As the factories in China return to normal post COVID19 shutdown, we are able to bring you the latest updates on our previously announced projects. Today it's on our A Class locomotives. As you know, the A Class is our very first locomotive. It's one that has been close to our hearts since childhood and when we first started IRM it was the holy grail. We really wanted to do this locomotive justice. Of course, we started small with our wagon range, which delightfully found favour with modellers and allowed us to build up to this mammoth project (both in cost and complexity.) It also gave
  6. Ultimately growth and success in the UK space will power growth in the Irish market and allow us to grow both in a strong and sustainable manner.
  7. It's probably worth mentioning that Mr. Hubbard was the Bachmann 'end' of the Murphy Models 141/181 partnership
  8. Do try to keep the thread on the 121 gentlemen
  9. Just to confirm that due to ongoing Pandemic guidelines the IRM office remains closed until further notice.
  10. We have an extra bonus release on project 42; empty liner flats! These are perfect for those of you who wish to bolster or build your liner trains and already had some CRail 40ft containers in stock, or fancy adding some of their colourful container range to your fleet and need wagons for them, or add your IRM beer keg cages! Our factory was able to offer us additional capacity during the assembly of the weed spray wagons so we were able to avail of a limited run of empty flats in packs of three. However, this run is quite small and limited in size with one pack on offer for €115. These
  11. It's a customs requirement. As I said, we're looking at options.
  12. More and more carriers are needing it over certain values as a customs thing (also Brexit) We're looking into the options...
  13. This forum, and IRM as a business would not be here were it not for Paddy Murphy.
  14. We've just updated to version 4.5 of the forum software
  15. Perhaps it’s something a crowdfunding type model may work for but we’ve our hands exceedingly full for the next year or two
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