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  1. Hi all You can review the range here https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/guinness-keg-liners
  2. Do they make a slightly shorter one?
  3. The same ivory cream as the late bubbles.
  4. BosKonay


    To provide some perspective it’s pretty much all six figure costs up front and something like the A costs half way to 7 figures.
  5. We provide coupling bars with our kinematic stock. These work the same way.
  6. In addition to our extensive 'high tech' methods for ensuring the cad and model are an identical replica of the real thing, the 'mark 1 eyeball' can determine that the profile, matches the 'fat' part of the 071 (which is the tall part in the middle) pretty much exactly. The ferts are actually bigger and taller than 141/181s or even 201's as Fran mentioned above.
  7. As above should Britain eventually leave the EU from a Vat point of view all of our euro orders would shift to originate in the EU rendering any such worries null we do our best to make life easy for you guys.
  8. Royal Mail and DHL and even DPD see more competition in the UK, so prices are lower. We've reduced our average per parcel ship cost by almost a half by moving all operations to the UK. Additionally, at the moment Our items attract no tariffs anywhere under WTO rules, so just like we don't pay any duty or customs charges bringing stock into the UK or Ireland from China, there will never be any such charges between Ireland and the UK for these items. We also have an additional contingency plan in place with our logistics partner, to move stock to the EU should the situation deteriorate over time. In the mean time, we can offer a cheaper, faster, better service !
  9. Hi Railer, 7 seems unlikely given that everything is shipped either next day DPD if you are going for paid shipping or Royal Mail 48 hour tracked otherwise. The worse we've seen to date has been 4 working days, with full tracking and visibility so if you've seen 7 days or more recently, please PM me the details so I can investigate. In terms of 'why UK' accurascale now accounts for 90% of all our revenues and is literally paying for the irish models - which is great news for Irish models as we've a very exciting roadmap of same coming in 2020! The small tradeoff is that its also cheaper for us to centralise warehousing in the UK and cheaper for us to send parcels from Peterborough, than from Dublin!
  10. We’ve seen the number of Customers at IRM almost quadruple in the last 4 years... with availability of stock the Irish railway Modelling space is definitely growing.
  11. The fertiliser wagon packs left China in the last 48 hours by air and should be with us by the end of the week. We have suspended preorders until the stock is in hand and tested. All paid preorders will be dispatched late next week through into the week after. Thereafter we will open sales of the remaining packs on the website. Many thanks for your support!
  12. Hi Noel, Deltic update here: https://accurascale.co.uk/blogs/news/deltic-update-january-2020 Class 37 is un-impacted and on schedule (as are our other announced projects (and a great many unannounced ones!)) Many thanks!
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