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  1. For members who would like to better secure their accounts, you can now enable Googles Two Factor Authentication. Through using an app on your mobile device, this option adds another layer of 'confirming it's really you' when logging in or performing account management tasks. You'll find it in your account settings and you'll also need to install the Google Authenticator app. (works on Apple and Android)
  2. Ever wanted to add those annoying animated GIF's to your post to help better make your point? Now you can! You'll find a GIF box on all post / edit boxes now where you can search for the perfect image or animation!
  3. An issue with the import across from the old system meant that the new system couldn't match up the product, so while orders before we switched over (in August / September 2018) might be missing product info, all orders placed since then are fine, and we do have total records in our backend systems. Drop support@irishrailwaymodels.com a line if you'd like a copy of ay orders for your records Thanks a mil! Stephen
  4. BosKonay

    Welcome back!

    Was a case of an illtimed auto-update on the server, which changed the web-server configuration in such a way that the existing config file contained an error, preventing the server from starting the web server (despite the actual server up and running), combined with me being away without connectivity! Auto updates have been disabled!
  5. Oh yes!
  6. The Factory would have a minimum run of at least 1000 units, more if it's Bachmann.
  7. I have a giant plot of huestons' track plan, happy to post it over if you PM me your address
  8. If you bring biscuits, you might get an hour... cream buns however......
  9. Hi Railer, Well spotted, that should be 25127 - we'll update those plates!
  10. Exceedingly well, we're over 10% for this entire run already.. so that bodes rather well for your request
  11. Always a chance it was a risk to do the grey, so further runs (as always) will be based on sales
  12. If you insist Broithe, I could probably get a second one
  13. It's actually on our todo list - with full route maps, etc - @Garfield will sort it
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