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  1. BosKonay

    IRM Dublin Warehouse

    Unit 5 Oak Drive, Oak Road, Dublin, D12 RRA4, Ireland
  2. It will if you 'share your location' otherwise just enter the townland or area and it will show that
  3. BosKonay

    IRM Dublin HQ

    Irish Railway Models Dublin HQ Irish Railway Models Ltd. Unit 8, The Hyde Building the Park Carrickmines Co. Dublin D18 Y3F9 Ireland
  4. An optional, opt-in option for those who would like the option of sharing their location https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/communitymap/
  5. As a general summary, the community has 1509 registered members, and we register an average of 20 new members per month. We have 150k posts on almost 9,000 topics and over 5000 personal conversations and 71,229 times see have clicked 'like' on a post PM's are much more active than the public fora, with over 2000 replies a day happening in private conversations. We average 175 members online / checking the site each day, only 22% of you using computers (everyone else is on mobile or a tablet) and for every member visiting, we have 15 guests browsing (unregistered or un-logged in) m
  6. BosKonay


  7. UK outline models have been categorised in eras or time ranges / operators for some time and, after a question on Rmweb, I wanted to post the IRM tagging system here for perhaps a little discussion / elaboration? ERA / Livery - Pioneering - Pre-Grouping — Great Southern Railway — Northern Railways — GNR — UTA NIR CIE — Silver — Grey & Yellow — Green — Black (& Tan) — Supertrain - Irish Rail - Iarnrod Eireann - Preservation - Permanent Way
  8. There is a discount, just it's applied automatically in the checkout, rather than picking a specific bundle - just add the packs you want to the cart, and you'll see a 'BUNDLE' discount applied in the checkout - hope that helps
  9. Just a quick update, A23R is now completely sold out on preorder.
  10. Some people perhaps don’t want to wait a few years
  11. Having been recorded and engineered by the boffins at ESU direct, you can rest assured
  12. I'm sure once travel restrictions are lifted, Gareth would love to return to the factory (with his IRM T-Shirt on this time )
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