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    Collecting model railways since jouef was burying them in the ground! Mainly Irish models but also UK and continental but only those I have travelled on. Volunteer with the Waterford and Suir Valley railway.


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    Researcher, carer, perpetual student

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  1. Hi guys, does anyone have any info on the original opened in Wexford (Carcur) on 17 August 1872? Are there any photos or plans in existence? The current station opened in August 1874 I believe.
  2. Any one know if Irish Rail insisted on the new bridge, built as part of the New Ross bypass, being strong enough to carry rail traffic? I know its unlikely it would ever be needed for rail traffic again but am just curious as to what conditions are enforced.
  3. Is RM railway modeller or railway magazine?
  4. Hi guys, Anyone have any news on what is happening at Blarney castle. Saw this in line if the railway mags last week. Is there a plan to restore some of the The Cork & Muskerry Light Railway / tramway? Was also mentioned on the new Chris Tarrant programme on Irish railways. https://www.my5.tv/chris-tarrant-extreme-railways-1219cca5-833d-4cab-b0ae-80214c25417f/season-5/chris-tarrant-extreme-railway-journeys-4afccd76-62c5-4973-93c2-41465029412f
  5. Are many wagons showing the buffwr problems? Can anything be done about the drooping? Have not checked mine yet as have been away.
  6. As DrveController mentioned, has anyone any idea who the green containers belong to? You often see orange ones as well,. A list of frequently see containers would be most useful. Thanks guys.
  7. I agree, it would be great to have some IRM super detailed laminates and Park Royals to run with the A Class locos. So many different prototypical rakes could be created.
  8. Thanks for the clarification guys
  9. They look great. I notice the bogies look different to the photos of the samples shown earlier in the thread. Can you confirm the springs etc are unpainted?
  10. Good explanation here: https://spraygunner.com/blog/types-of-airbrushes-few-things-you-should-know-before-buying-your-first-airbrush/ Also some good courses if you are near the venue: https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=22721
  11. Dear Santa, Can I have an overdraft for Christmas please and an extension on the house to store all the models that overdraft will buy?????? I have been good(ish)
  12. Not heard any dates. Mark's models.still to confirm the price and Kernow Models in the UK have said they will be stocking them but no mutiple.buy discount will be available.
  13. I tend to be reliant on postal deliveries and as i am away with work often I get parcels sent to my place of work. I have always found Hattons, Rails and some of the German suppliers nothing but helpful and the level of detail and information on line diminishes the need to see items 'in the flesh' before buying. Whenever I have phoned they are patient and understanding of any requests I have made especially requests for extra care with packing etc. I support the Irish shops where I can but for large purchases the cost difference can be too much especially when sterling drops in our favour..
  14. Will be interesting to see the local Irish price.
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