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    Collecting model railways since jouef was burying them in the ground! Mainly Irish models but also UK and continental but only those I have travelled on. Volunteer with the Waterford and Suir Valley railway.


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    Researcher, carer, perpetual student

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  1. Wexford70


    Really great news. Worth mentioning the Heritage centre is a charity, gives people more confidence in donating I believe. What's the best way to donate?
  2. Wexford70


    Far too big for the line, would not get past the platforms or around the curves under the bridge.
  3. Wexford70


    Will this be cosmetic only?
  4. I agree, a run of super train (but with better paint work) and the IR would be great. The super train relying on the plastic for that unique colour finish rather than a neutral plastic and a high quality paint finish is what let it down in my view. They looked more toy like especially when compared to the wonderful cravens.
  5. Any chance of having the lamps functioning?
  6. Hi guys, Am stripping back a level crossing lamp. Years of paint and grime. Any idea what red paint was used on these cast metal lamp boxes?
  7. It was a fine livery. Probably best achieved through a good quality paint finish than trying to get a plastic to match the colour
  8. How many wagons would have formed a standard rake? Was there minimum / maximum number?
  9. I would happily start saving now if they were being planned.
  10. Depends on the Greens and whether they will value the rail network and maintain for future generations.
  11. That's coming with the Oilgate bypass due to start soon whenever they decide which route will do the most damage for least cost. Bye bye Piercestown 😞 https://wexfordtoday.com/2020/06/29/council-seeks-views-on-oilgate-to-rosslare-bypass/
  12. I guess I know the answer but are all the wagons independently numbered and different from those that have come before?
  13. Saw this as a proposed plan for the Rosslare Port. CIE in competition with Waterford Port and Dublin Port? Reason to believe the Rosslare Waterford Line will be revitalised?
  14. Or even a few Park Royals to go with the Cravens?
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