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    Collecting model railways since jouef was burying them in the ground! Mainly Irish models but also UK and continental but only those I have travelled on. Volunteer with the Waterford and Suir Valley railway.


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    Researcher, carer, perpetual student

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  1. Wexford70


    A lot of local support for reopening for commuters again to connect rural areas and for freight.
  2. Nice design but what a vibrant blue alright! Not having the weathering skills I think I may reluctantly pass on this model.
  3. Has anyone any photos of these originals?
  4. I wish to apologise to any reader whose blood pressure, stress or anxiety levels have been adversely affected by my original post! It was not my intention. I do agree with most of the comments stated here and believe unless there is a national policy for industrial heritage preservation, even the dream of accessing funds from Europe (which does exist!) will remain out of reach for capital investment. Seeking funds to subsidise the day to day running costs is a fools errand in any case as any rail venture must wipe its own face financially whether or not it is purely commercial or aided by volunteers. My limited experience of having interacted with local and national government echoes the experiences previously mentioned here. Sound bites and photos but no action. But be absolutely sure if a group achieve something under their own steam (no pun intended) you will be swotting away elected members like mosquitos as they try to claim political brownie points on the back of others' efforts. Quiet, selfless individuals giving of their time and resources to the fullness of their individual capacity and interest are invaluable and deserve better. (Now I'm ranting, apologies)
  5. Hi guys, Can anyone identify the wagon between the loco and the ferts in this photo?
  6. The problem is that the track bed is now shared with a greenway! While the track can be moved a away from the station platforms there is less room at Bilberry and Mount Congreve. The main problem though is the Dan Donovan Tunnel. When it was built the motorway builders took the cheapest option and did nit build the tunnel to match the optimal line of the track. This again has been made worse by now sharing the tunnel with the greenway. As you can see from the map, the radius of the curves are quite tight and I have been advised that while an 0-4-0 (like the diesels) can take these at a slow speed with some flange squealing, a 2-6-2 like the beautiful 5T would probably not make it safely.
  7. For reference, last photo of 5T taken in 2017 by RPSI. Not touched since and concerns have been raised over the building in which she is stored. Surely a risk of bearing damage at least.
  8. Thanks for the info. Sadly too big for the 10.5 km due to platform clearance and tight curve radius.
  9. Hi Guys, OK lock-down is getting to me, I admit it. I am gnawing on a bone at the moment and it is trying to follow the train of ownership of the Tralee and Dingle 5T. In response to an FOI request, the Council has confirmed it does not, nor has ever, owned the locomotive. The only proof of ownership I have seen is shown below. Was anyone here a member or know a member of the Great Southern Railway Preservation Society? Would love to find out who has legal responsibility for the loco's preservation.
  10. Am sorry you lost your capital investment but thank you for the chance of G601 at least having a future. Without such good faith actions, even more would have been lost.
  11. Is one of the locos as Sulzer?
  12. Morning all, Was visiting Carrick on Suir lately and saw these by the engine shed. Anyone know their story?
  13. Can anyone identify the carriages behind this J15 and the possible year? Image off ebay (https://www.ebay.ie/itm/353492938049?hash=item524dd22d41:g:ECkAAOSwbFhgnDr-)
  14. Hi guys, A photo below available on Ebay. Anyone know the location / date?
  15. Hi guys, Can someone tell me what the technical name for these? Is there some kind of board / signal arm missing? How were they lit?
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