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    Collecting model railways since jouef was burying them in the ground! Mainly Irish models but also UK and continental but only those I have travelled on. Volunteer with the Waterford and Suir Valley railway.


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    Researcher, carer, perpetual student

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  1. I find Kernow Models very accommodating when I have used them. Very personable service.
  2. I know I am a bit late to this thread but just found this and it brought back memories of the last time I was there with my father. In the video you can actually see some LIMA CIE coaches. How I wanted one of them!!!!!! https://www.rte.ie/archives/2020/1120/1179432-model-railway-kits/
  3. Could.tbey not lick up an undamaged one? Lol
  4. Well saved! Pity we have no railway museum to donate items too.
  5. Can't believe the asking price for a simple rail chair https://touch.adverts.ie/memorabilia/1921-railway-tie/22134780
  6. Thanks for confirming this.
  7. Very helpful. Thank you.
  8. Would anyone have information on: 1) the development of the design of railway chairs 2) Names of suppliers of these over the decades (were most bought from the UK?) Thanks Oops sorry meant to post in general chat, can moderators please move?
  9. Strange it's not in the middle picture. Some of the DSER chairs were still in situ from 1911 - 1918.
  10. Would anyone know when the crossing bridge was installed and then removed from Rosbercon station (New Ross)? Any info on the turntable would also be appreciated.
  11. Why were different types of coaches in the same pack? I doubt a factory error.
  12. Could the CIE and IR wagons be mixed? Was there a cross over period when they might have co-existed?
  13. Great question. A little disappointing when there are insufficient numbers to complete a rake. I would happily buy a pack f as I would extra packs of the ferts, gypsum and grey bubbles. I hope if the lads ever do the sugar beet wagons there will be at least 15 avaiable.
  14. Think I got the last IR pack, my Xmas present to myself. Would also have loved to hear an announcement on coaching stock.
  15. Back to the hydraulic turntable, found an image of a Class 121 powering one in Dublin 1964. Interesting. Can be seen at 30 seconds in:
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