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    Collecting model railways since jouef was burying them in the ground! Mainly Irish models but also UK and continental but only those I have travelled on. Volunteer with the Waterford and Suir Valley railway.


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    Researcher, carer, perpetual student

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  1. Can anyone identify the carriages behind this J15 and the possible year? Image off ebay (https://www.ebay.ie/itm/353492938049?hash=item524dd22d41:g:ECkAAOSwbFhgnDr-)
  2. Hi guys, A photo below available on Ebay. Anyone know the location / date?
  3. Hi guys, Can someone tell me what the technical name for these? Is there some kind of board / signal arm missing? How were they lit?
  4. Wexford70


  5. Hi guys, Am looking for any photos of trains servicing the Allied Foundry (later Waterford Stanley). Finding it very hard to find any but I know I have seen a couple before.
  6. Have you any sources you can point me to? Would these have run on the Waterford Dungarvan and Lismore line?
  7. I would be most grateful. Are there any interior photos? I believe this was the first dining car to run in Ireland, is that true?
  8. Has anyone any seen any photo of the dining car built for the Rosslare to Cork line? It would have formed part of the purpose built rake from 1906 onwards including 11 coaches of the same profile, three brake composites, seven composite coaches and a dining car. https://www.steamtrainsireland.com/rpsi-collection/21/861-gswr-carriage
  9. Interesting view of railcar on old Wexford wooden quay. Image of 20ft bell container on its way to Rosslare presumably all visible. https://www.rte.ie/archives/2015/0318/687821-wexford-development-debate/ and they thought they had traffic problems back then!!!!
  10. A quick question relating to the ticket dating machines. Would the illustrious community know: 1) When these machines stopped being used? 2) How the machines were set up with type? Was there only numbers such as (170321) or were there letters (17MAR21)? 3) If there are any spare type faces / ribbons available? 4) Where did CIE purchase the tickets?
  11. Might Paddy do the full set of Galways including the Generator vans? Was a never able to pick up the different sets and would love a complete rake.
  12. Push pull on the Rosslare line in 1993 From Facebook.
  13. The Push-Pull were used on the Dublin Rosslare line for a while also. I have seen photos but can't find one now.
  14. Willing to say how much it was going for?
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