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    I am now 61 and still single, I am currently working for Serco at a local Hospital, I love the hand on work I do.


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  1. That looks better Phil
  2. Hi Midland That looks like an old Triand Hornby coach from the 1970's is that correct? Colin
  3. Hi Midland, Yes that helps, I recall seeing someone (on here?) had converted an LNER Tank loco into something Irish looking. Colin
  4. Well as most of you will have a copy of this book I was wondering if there is an update. With the introduction of new Irish railway kits or British outline locos, I was wondering whicht ones from either Bachmann or Hornby have been used in the basis of an Irish prototype which did not appear in the oringinal book. I know the book was published back in 2004 so would anyone like to take the lead on this and show us what you have done? If you already have done something may be you could provide a link to your handy work in you had already put it up on here or else where. Regards Colin Rainsbury
  5. I will give credit to OO Works for doing these models, but one thing which bugs me, when I enquired about UG and asked if I was able to fit a 21mm gauge chassis under it, they said it was not possible and I would need to rebuild the whole thing, which to me would be a waste of my money, so I did not buy one or a J15 as I have two form SSM still to build. I now have five or six 21mm gauge locos to build at some point, so unless new models have that added space then as they say I am out of buying one. Colin R
  6. Hi David yes it is 12mm gauge but for now I plan to use Peco track on this section (since I have been given a fair bit). This is more of a test bed than a layout for now, however, who knows what will happen in a couple of year’s time. I really need somewhere to test and run all these kits I have. It may not be pretty but it will be the first layout I have build in years. I won’t be the first modeller to start a project and not finish it, but I have high hopes for this one. Colin
  7. I am sure they can be done Colin
  8. That would be my next question.
  9. Wow that is great thank you, pity you don't have the Heritage groups that could make use of them if they every get sold.
  10. Hi guys this is the start of a new mini 00n3 layout, the plan is more of a suck it and see, it has been a long time since I built a model railway and there are so many new products out there to try, so here goes. The 1st photo is of the Cork and Muskerry and this will set the overal tone of this layout. The 2nd photo is the proposed plan for the new layout, nothing to fancy, but I hope it will have enough interest to allow me to play at trains now and then. Colin
  11. Colin R

    Class 121

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  12. Colin R

    Class 121

    It does not help matters when one department at work tells you one thing and another tells you something else, well I am self isolating just to be shore. Colin
  13. Colin R

    Class 121

    Nice one Noel I am waiting to see what my boss at work (not the one at home) has to say if I should go back to work next week, as I have Type 2 Diabetes (all Diabetics in the UK are being lumped into one box fits all) I am told to self isolate for 12 weeks (I will go stir craze if I have to stay at home that long, if I didn’t have my modelling to get on with). But at the moment it appears to be very much a suck it and see approach to this virus, no one know what is going to happen. Lets just hope we are all here in six months time to carry on this discussion. Colin R
  14. I have just read on wikipeadia that white lead based paints (it is the basis of all paints up to the 1950's)i where considerd to be dangerous by 1912, so why did Inchicore continue to use white lead based grey paint? I understand that at the time no one really took the problems seriously so anyone who was painting the locos could have had a shorter working life. As for adding pigments Black was expensive at the time, the second cheapest colour was Blue, so I wonder did Inchicore ever experiment with a blue coloured steam loco? Colin R
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