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    Well I have been a enthiastic railwayman most of my life, I have been a member of various Heritage railway groups in both Britian and Ireland, currently working for Serco in Dartford Kent, hopefully only a couple of years left before I can retire.

    I would like to move somewhere with a lot of space and a rich sponsor so i can built my dream model railway and be part of a heritage railway project as well.


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    Model and Heritage Railways


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    Maintenance Electrician

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  1. Wow I would love to see some photos when it is possible.
  2. If i could go back in time with a load of cash we would have the best Railway/Tram collection going, I am sure I would try and save one of those big 4-8-0 beasties from the Swilly.
  3. It looks like to me as if all the excursions trains where over printed on a standard background poster, they would have to be cheap enough to do something like that, I suspect that a run of say 500 posters was the normal thing. Where as the colour tourist poster would have been printer on a better paper so it lasted a bit longer say from April to September may be? The whole issue of how long a poster was up for depends on how busy the station was, I can't speak for how things where done over in Ireland but it was a common practice that posters where pasted over an old one until they fell off. After the war the quality of the wall poster decreased and it was common for after say 6 or 7 posters than the whole lot would just fall off the wall having been made wet so many times (the rain manly) which formed a pulp, in the 60's and 70's fly posting became a massive problem over here (and still is) so posters where made as cheap as possible since they only needed to stay up a few days at the most.
  4. Thanks guys for identify both of them. I am sure there must be other Irish based posters, I might have to start a search on the interwebby thing to see if i can find any more. Colin
  5. Hi one and all, The attached photo on the Cavan and Leitrim Mohill station shows a CIE Poster, my request is who might have one and if so can you post a colour version and the size of the poster, there is a second poster which I cannot make out to much detail of but again it is a CIE poster. Is anyone aware of anyone who has produced all of these CIE posters in 4mm / OO scale? Regards Colin Rainsbury
  6. While some paints may have disappeared, it might be worth looking at one of the colour charts on-line such as this one https://www.paint4models.com/download.html I have to admit I prefer to use acrylics for washes and most of my painting as it gives a better base coat finish. Try looking at the citidal paint range for war games role play some very interesting shades on there. Colin R
  7. Was it my imagination but didn't NIR buy some class A locos a few years ago or was it a different class I am thinking about Colin
  8. Hi John To bring you up to date, sadly the Nine Lines kits are not available at present but there are moves to get them into production again (I hope), there has been a suggestion that other Donegal vans could be made from a laser cut in 3 mm ply with brass etched over lays stuck on with superglue. The chassis could be either a 3D print or a brass etch, I think the days of multi media items of rolling stock are approaching fast. Nothing new here, something similar was tried out years ago with some early Graham Farish wagon kits I believe. I understand the concept behind this and for some reason those promoting this think the look and feel is far better, I have yet to see any prototypes but I am looking forward to seeing how this will develop.
  9. Hi Eoin the class five has interest as does the rail car, depending on which one if the seller would like to contact me off list I can have a chat with him about them, the wagons sound good as well. Colin
  10. Hi Eoin I know it might be a bit late as he may have already sold them, but if you know the guy I might have some one interested in the Donegal kits if he still has them. Colin
  11. West Clare tank kits tell me more I didn't think anyone had done any West Clare locos Colin
  12. Just spoken to Neville about the class 5 he is having an issue about the wheels and motors so their could be a delay with these. If you wanted to go down the Worsley works route then you could contact Branchlines about motor and wheels for these kits, it will however leave you to try and find suitable castings, you could always ask Neville for sets of casting from the class 5 kits as I understand he had had them done and may be willing to sell them to you, I have asked him if I can do that for the Worsley Works Class 4 and 5A kits and I think he is OK with that. Colin
  13. That's good to hear about her, at least she didn't have sea water getting anywhere near her. Colin
  14. You will need some of those Worsley works West Clare coaches to go with them or some 3D print WCR vans, I am wonder what else came from the model train fair today. Colin
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