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    Well I have been a enthiastic railwayman most of my life, I have been a member of various Heritage railway groups in both Britian and Ireland, currently working for Serco in Dartford Kent, hopefully only a couple of years left before I can retire.

    I would like to move somewhere with a lot of space and a rich sponsor so i can built my dream model railway and be part of a heritage railway project as well.


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    Model and Heritage Railways


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    Maintenance Electrician

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  1. Colin R

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    I appreciate that not everyone wishes to tell the world where they live and that is fine, sometimes people (and not everyone) like to get together over a beer or join together to build a layout or exchange ideas on how to build something or just exchange information about an item, this can be fun as well. As far as i am concerned it does not matter what your background is, we can all learn off each other and get inspired to do things better next time. I have built some right dogs over the years (some folk say I still do) but when I do show off my work I am the biggest critic ever goi
  2. Colin R

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    Thats better odds than winner the euro lottery
  3. Why not that is a very good standard you have modeled too, I would suggest one thing I would try to weather the locos a bit not to much, just to take the shine off the model a bit, try a very weak black/grey wash from a water based paint. either brush it or use an old fluff free rag to wipe a light coat over the body, try it on an old model first to get the idea.
  4. Colin R

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    We could use the nearest Town/City for our own location, mind would be London.
  5. Colin R

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    Hi Guys I don't know if anyone has had a look recently, but I am surprised at just how many Guess's we have looking on this forum, I am not complaining as it looks good that we have so many more visitors, but I was just wondering if we could ask our guess's to just say hi and sign in, you never know it could be your next door neighbour who is a secret model railway fan and you did not know about it. I know some people don't want to sign in and they just want to have a look, that's fine by me as well, but I was wondering how many people live near each other that could if they wanted to set
  6. Just as a side issue here what would make up the following:- 1) A typical passenger train set behind an A class in the 1950's 2) A typical local mixed train in the Midlands area lets say Dromod Station in the 1950's Colin
  7. your right, I was getting worried, it is the preserved one at Downpatrick and it should have been A39R. which makes it the third most popular model in this range, I also have the two green ones on order as well. If I had the money I would also order the other silver one A30 I think it is, but money being what it is and as I have a few other model railway items to get in the next few months I might end up buying one second hand. Colin Colin
  8. I have on order one A38R Black and Tan but I don't see it on the above list has anyone else ordered this loco? Colin
  9. I think you could still try Model Rail as the new editor appears to like Irish railways and they did do an article on Andy Cundick Layout in the last one or two issues, I am not sure how much it would cost but I was thinking of asking their full time layout designer to come up with a full working layout based on the Donegal and the Swilly in the space of say 30ft x 30ft. Colin
  10. I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by all of this, I think I can say that I have been informed that at least ten of each of the three locos proposed would sell. If anyone has access to any works drawings for these locos, I would love to hear from you. Colin Rainsbury
  11. I didn't realse there was much difference between the four of them, and I stand corrected, I have sent Allen the drawing from the back of the L&LSR book by JIC Boyd, No 8, but if there is another drawing of the other two please let me know where I can get hold of it, if we are going to do this right then the better amount of information we have the better the etches. Colin
  12. Hi guys not sure were this should go, but I have been discussing the possibilities of a couple more Swilly steam locos in 00n3, with Allen from Worsley Works. The plan for now is for him to produce the following sets of etches:- Black Hawthorn 0-6-0T 'Inishowen' Hudswell Clark 4-6-2T Hawthorn Leslie 4-6-2T Hudswell Clark 4-8-4T and the 4-8-0Tender locos as well as both the Andrew Barclay 4-6-0T and Kerr Stuart 4-6-2T are all or have been in production in the past, the top three designs would complete any Swilly based railway layout, you can dream up. In ord
  13. Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can help here, I am looking for the size of container used on the Donegal marked as CIE it looks like it is half the size of a normal container, but it overhangs the wagon the photo I have in mind is on Page 89 in Des Coakham's book on narrow gauge rolling stock. It looks like a stand size container so any detail any one has would be welcome. Colin Rainsbury
  14. Now you have me thinking, it looks close enough for Tuma so include me in for one. if you can do the UK as well. Colin Rainsbury
  15. Cheers for the correction, we have so many railway based programmes at the moment it is sometime difficult to keep up. Colin
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