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  1. I don't want to know where they are but I would be interested if you could go and measure them all up and take loads of photos Colin
  2. Going back on what I said early about these, Rule 1 will have to apply ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  3. Sadly I will miss the show this time due to work, but while leslie was trying to think of a way to buy one, here is a true story from the days of British Rail. Back in the 1980's I was and still am a supporter of the 2ft guage Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in North Devon, simply put the line was closed in 1935 and was soon lifted, however BR has a duty of care regarding certain items of civil engineering, now the old L&B has a 7 arch Viaduct in the middle of nowhere https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chelfham_Viaduct_Lynton_%26_Barnstaple_Railway_(geograph_1667109).jpg Now imagine our surprise to hear that the bosses of BR had decided to take a jolly for the day to visit the lynton and barnstaple railway and to try out some new standard gauge civil engineering kit. Well it was red faces all round once they realised it wouldn't fit and secondly they wouldn't be able to get it to Chelfham which was about 3 miles away from the nearest rail head, since the track bed and track had both be lifted and sold off. At first I didn't believe it, but I have been told this story by a few folk who where there when this happen, I wonder how the report went when they got back to base. Colin
  4. Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can put me in touch with whom ever may have access to the old civil engineering ie station buildings and bridge drawing records of the Donegal Railway. I have asked over on the Irish Three Foot Facebook group and I have left a message for the Donegal Heritage centre to get back to me as well. I am not sure if or where any architectual drawings of the old station buildings and various bridges may still exist. Thanks in advance for any help given Colin
  5. Solder might be a problem but if you can remove the body from the chassis so the motor etc doesn't get wet, place it in a small tank (size of the engine is big enough) with some soda crystals and put the body shell on top of some kitchen foil, fill with warm water to cover the body shell so crystal will dissolve in the water over night and it will come up nice and clean, do wash it all off before painting if you can remember use disposalable gloves when you take it out of the tank as your fingers will mark the shell again, hope this tip helps. This method can be used on any metal kit before painting. As for removing solder, I havenโ€™t worked out a way to clean this up just yet, it is still a work in progress. If you can find one there used to be an electronic de-solderer which heats up the solder and you then use the sucker stage to remover it, however I have not found anyone who makes them, I should have keep mine from when I was at the college as they where giving them away at the time. Colin
  6. Colin R

    Class 121

    That is so true Leslie, only problem is I have 4 A class to pay for then I have a couple of Donegal Kits to buy as well this year, I could do with winning the lottery right now ๐Ÿ˜„.
  7. Colin R

    Class 121

    That looks a really good and excellent model, however I am not sure my layout can justify buying one as I plan to model the Irish Broad Gauge in the 1935 to 1960 period or just up to the introduction of the C class locos, which ever is later. The reeason for the cut off date was that was when most of the public 3ft narrow guage lines where closed. That said Narrow Planet have just introduce the BnM Wagonmaster as an 009 kit, so I have one of those to build into 00n3 at some point. shifting sands and all that...............๐Ÿ˜„.
  8. Colin R

    Class 121

    A race to the bottom is not always a good thing, I happen to like having a model shop near me as I can then go and inspection the goods I want to buy, I have had a couple of items from the internet that have been send back because of the damage caused either in transit or from the supplier. Now I consider myself to be a modeller who can fix minor issues on a model, but I refuse to accept items which are damaged or have parts missing from a supplier when it comes to the box shifters. Another point to think about, it may be cheaper from a box shifter in the first place, but, add the cost of postage etc and you may find it is no cheaper that buying it from your local shop, follow this up with a visit to your local model shop and when they get to know you, you might even end up with a bit of a discount on it anyway from them. Colin R
  9. Hi guys as some of you will beaware Yahoo will be closing their groups by the end of the year, but as the old owner and mods have both past on no one can access the files to transfer them across to a new group, so in order to keep the small group going we have set up a new group on the IO platform IrishThreeFoot@groups.io The link should take you to the new site if you wish to join, it may take a while to get going again but you are all welcome. Colin Rainsbury List owner
  10. Hi Eoin I have made up a number of scrappers to help clean up brass and plastic kits over the years from old hacksaw blades they last for ages. Colin R
  11. All I can say is let me at them with a scaple, saw and file, up until now all we have had is either the Hornby Clerestory or the Ratio LMS coaches to butcher, these will add something else to the mix and I am sure some one will come up with a model which will impress and get that feel we are looking for. Just got to wait for 2021 for them to come out. Colin
  12. Just went for ยฃ420.00 pounds Colin R
  13. Hi Leslie I have had two SSM kits yet to be buit of the J15, so I need to get on with them, they are on the list after the Donegal/ Isle of Man kits this winter. Regards Colin
  14. Another irish Loco https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ooworks-J15-101-0-6-0-locomotive-Grey-/113786878417?hash=item1a7e39f9d1 Just realise this is direct from Roderick Bruce Colin R
  15. Thanks PorkyP they are very hard to come by, I have asked the guys at the Donegal Railway centre for help to see what they have, so hopeful they may have some details, but I am not sure where the GNR(I) archives have ended up to check them as well.
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