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  1. Well that is a good start Colin Rainsbury
  2. When you see a photo like the above, some folk don't want to believe that it is narrow gauge. Colin R
  3. Just had a look, I don't mind paying a reasonable price for things but these, well this is another matter, the long term damage has been done sadly, if manufactures stop making Irish models or kits because they don't sell , we shall be so much the poorer for it. I suppose if you wanted to upset the apple cart you could set up a bogus eBay account and out bid everyone and then refuse to pay, but as Noel has said all the time you have people willing to pay those prices there is very little you can do. However if you fancy a go with a air brush etc and doing a repaint Bachmann N class locos on eBay are going from £70.00 upwards. Colin
  4. it would be a great advantage to all of Ireland if that line could be reopened, wasn't there a pipe dream to build a new railway from Derry via Letterykenny and on to Sligo a few years ago? Colin
  5. I don't think so, but for me any model of a loco not only has to look good, but it has to be able to do a job on any layout and hauling a realistic load is all part of the package.
  6. Thats great to hear, I like the looks of the meaty motor I hope it will have the grunt to haul scale length trains, nothing worst that getting a great looking model only to find it can't pull the skin of a rice pudding. Colin
  7. The rail looks like shinohara track, but i could be wrong I think we have discussed this already but a may be which could have been I have always fancied is a Sligo extension to the Donegal and another could have once the boarder went up was a new direct route from Stranorlar to Letterkenny, cutting out Strabane. Colin
  8. Hay Wayside it will depend on the weight of the rail, but if it is the right price and size/ weight, then I am sure you could try and sell it to any one of the British narrow gauge railway groups. 40 or 50lb per yard is what most are looking for Colin
  9. Thats great John thanks, I have just taken delivery of a London Road spot solder welder unit it works like a spot welder but acts like a soldering Iron for Brass etc the advantage of this is you don't need to heat up a big brass kit to get a good solder join I hope to start to play with it next week but I have to find a suitable bit of steel / aluminum to use as my base plate. Colin
  10. Hi John They are all 4mm or 00n3 gauge, at one stage i had plans to build an IoMR based layout for them all to run on, but I got somewhat side tracked with the project so it has no progressed for a couple of years. Colin
  11. Hi John Thanks for the kits they arrived today, nothing extra to pay this time , out of interest what size motor did you design this around, I plan to get them and gear box from Branchlines who sell a lot of motors and boxes. I am hoping to make a start later in the year once the Donegal stock has been built and the Ten (Yes 10) IOMR 2-4-0T's have made some progress, I have got enough kits to build about 20 2-4-0T if I want to. I guess it was being in the right place at the right time when a lot of these kits became available in one batch, this was about 5 or 6 years ago now. The biggest trouble for me is I have more than enough kits to last me for the rest of my life, but If i didn't get the kits now and if I just so happen, to find the time to build them at a later date the likely hood is they won't be in production Colin
  12. Something I would like to try and do and that is to collect all the different types of tickets that where sold on the Donegal and Swilly Railways from all the stations to other stations . This would include both singles and returns for adults, children Animals (Dogs etc) Pushbikes? other goods I think, may have had a different type of ticket, I should also include 1st, 2nd and 3rd class in the above. Colin
  13. I would also add the Donegal Railway Center to the list of places to see stuff relating to local railways.But at the moment I am not sure as to how much of this they have on display. Colin
  14. Hi John I must admit my modelling isn't that good it is down to the other guys whose layouts I have helped operate that have done more modelling than me, they some how manage to get it right most of the time. Colin
  15. I have a mixed feelings about this side of the hobby, personally I would prefer this stuff to stay in the county where it came from, but on the other hand there is a limited supply of Railwayanna here in the UK, which is not already in someones collection. While it is great that it get's saved and pasted on to a Museum, sometimes when it ends up in a private collection it is always that much harder to locate it after a few years. I would like to think that here in the UK most people are now much more educated about such railwayanna and they don't put it in the rubbish bin after someone dies (that said I know it still goes on), I guess what I am saying is while the hardware will get sold, what worries me is if there is any paperwork (which for people like me who do research at a later date) in the collection this tends to end up in the bin when whoever is selling this thinks it is worth more than it really is and they won't part with it at reasonable cost. I have a friend whose passion is collecting transport tickets, his collection is not huge, but to him it is worth every penny, but some of his family think it is a waste of time and money. If we had not told his family about them, I am sure they will not get sold but end up in the bin when he dies. I guess what we need to do is to make sure that someone else knows what we want to happen to all of this after we have gone. Colin
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