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    Well I have been a enthiastic railwayman most of my life, I have been a member of various Heritage railway groups in both Britian and Ireland, currently working for Serco in Dartford Kent, hopefully only a couple of years left before I can retire.

    I would like to move somewhere with a lot of space and a rich sponsor so i can built my dream model railway and be part of a heritage railway project as well.


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    Model and Heritage Railways


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    Maintenance Electrician

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  1. I wonder if they intend to carry on the production of these coaches?
  2. Thanks that takes care of one colour Colin
  3. Hi Guys For my oon3 layout, I now have six (yes six) of the Bemo V51/V52 bo-bo diesel locos. Currently they are all in a red/maroon livery, but I am thinking of repainting some of them into the early 1960's CIE Green like those on the West Clare and the others into Donegal Red as can be seen today So my question is just what shades of red and green where they and where can I get buy them? Thanks for any help. Colin Rainsbury
  4. I can't see anyone riding over the hill to buy the Hatton coaches tooling, which may be the biggest loss, I just hope someone somewhere is burning the midnight oil to try and do a deal for them. It looks like I made a mistake and only put mine down on the wish list and not as a firm pre-order. I will have to wait to see if I can buy any of these coaches on the second hand market at some point. The other alternative is to ask someone with a 3D printer to knock up some different versions at some point in the future.
  5. Hi I have been trying to contact Hatton's regarding the CIE coaches to confirm my pre-order, but as others have also tried but have got no were I was just wondering what the latest is on these coaches, it may well be that I have missed out on them. Regards Colin Rainsbury
  6. Hi Derek Not sure if it is just me, but I am now getting a reply saying this video is not encoded in a recognized format but I can not find out what the format is anyway? Regards Colin
  7. Hi Derek I am like you I have not ben able to see any of the videos for sometime, I am not sure if this is a win10 thing or not but I have tried the various suggestion and nothing works I have talked about this to my tech department at work and he can not fine a reason either why it does not work. Regards Colin
  8. A few weeks ago I had a reply from Roger about doing some new Irish based kits, if anyone has any ideas then please contact him. I do have a few of his kits which will make it on to a layout at some point. Colin
  9. I think a steam cleaner would be useful right now, I wouldn't give up on the batteries either, I would suggest that they are take them off the power unit and check them over electrical wise, if no water got in to them, then a long slow change may just restore them back to life. It may be worth contacting a battery manufacture to ask for help in carrying out any refurbishment's too them, if they are lead acid then, it might be possible to replace the old sulphuric acid and distilled water with a fresh supply (just as long as the batteries have not dried out). This may not be the long term result, but trying to buy or replace the number of these size batteries now at this moment in time may just buy you the time to get things back up and running next year. Of course all the above may be a waste of time if the Batteries themselves have become damaged or have shorted out across the terminals. Someone that might be able to help is the GWR company as they took over vivarail who start to build new Battery powered Railcars Good luck
  10. Wow just shows you can't take anything for granted, I would not have though Downpatrick could have suffered from such a flood. Just where did all that water come from? did a local river burst its banks or something? Colin Rainsbury
  11. Hi Martin good luck I came across it more by chance than anything else Colin
  12. Hi Guys I am not the seller but I have just seen this if anyone is interested:- https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/excaliburauctions/catalogue-id-excali10090/lot-45f23bde-76ce-4fe9-9975-b0b6012beb0a Regards
  13. How about these:- eBay item number:126146077005 eBay item number:126168296950 eBay item number:126168295602 eBay item number:126146078089 eBay item number:126168296393 I am nmot selling any of them but came across them in another eBay search
  14. Leslie can you tell me when theses vans came in to service please, I am interested if they fit my 1945-1960's period Thanks Colin Rainsbury
  15. Dear all, I am putting this on here for a friend to see if anyone can help hime out I do not have any connection to him on a business level. From Simon I hope to print some railway crests soon. Could someone please confirm sizes for the Donegal roundel, Great Southern garter crest and IOM logo? The artwork is almost ready to go, but the photos I have been working from do not have a scale alongside! Regards, Simon.
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