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    Well I have been a enthiastic railwayman most of my life, I have been a member of various Heritage railway groups in both Britian and Ireland, currently working for Serco in Dartford Kent, hopefully only a couple of years left before I can retire.

    I would like to move somewhere with a lot of space and a rich sponsor so i can built my dream model railway and be part of a heritage railway project as well.


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    Bexleyheath Kent


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    Model and Heritage Railways


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    Maintenance Electrician

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  1. Yes I did get them thank you, however the source has asked me to keep them under raps for a while until the model becomes available, copies of the drawings will be available at the model launch next year. The plan is to sell copies in support of Irish Railway Heritage projects. What I have seen is the best drawings of a loco in years, believe me I want to share them with you but I have to honour the agreement I made to get them, if you want to start saving up for a live steam C&L 4-4-0T loco then I would do so, you will not be disappointed. I will start a new thread once all
  2. Hi Guys can you spare a few miniutes to support the Donegal Railway project? They are seeking our help to secure some much needed funding, please follow the link:- https://a.cstmapp.com/voteme/900417/641543168?lc=eng&ep1=mail or https://a.cstmapp.com/voteme/900417/641543168 Thank you all Colin Rainsbury
  3. When Hatton’s spoke about the Genesis project, I did ask them if the liveries where fixed to those they had announced, at the time they could not confirm that but they where interested in the possibilities of further livery suggestions.
  4. Haven’t a clue where that one came from, I must have been thinking of something else I guess, but yes heritage Irish steam loco they could add a bit of varity to anyone’s layout, according to Wikipedia there are 16 Standard Gauge Irish locos that have the possibly of having either kits or RTR model made of them. In my opinion if you are going to do just one Irish steam loco then it has to be the one from the film the quiet man the American market would make sure it sold well, and better still if is also came with a train of carriages. Once you have a working 4-4-0 Chassis it might be
  5. I supposed you should never say never to anything, there is of course for those who prefer steam the locos at Whiteheaven or Downpatrick to consider and possible new models, I know some have been done but there are also those in Cultra as well to think about. Colin R
  6. Hi Robert, this may sound selfish but this could kill off any more Irish model kits being produced over here in the UK. I was going to go into rant mode but have stop myself from doing so. All we can do is hope the trade deal is successful and it works out well for both sides. Colin Rainsbury
  7. The Cork Blackrock and Passage Railway is one I can't wait to see what other photos there are of this line, I hope they have some photos of the carriages as I am trying to find out what some of them looked like, I hope I can convince Worsley works to update thier basic CB&PR coach kit. Also if there are new photos of the Cork and Muskerry that would help modelling wise, I happen to like Photo albums as they give so much more information about a time and place that is now lost to us all. Regarding sales in the republic, I wonder if someone like the Donegal lads would take a bulk p
  8. Now if they had done a model version of say Blarney Castle, well that would have been better, I do need a small Irish Tower model for the backscene of the freelanced 00n3 layout Colin R
  9. Thanks I don't have a copy so I will watch this one, unless anyone else wants it. Colin Rainsbury
  10. Thank you Leslie for lets us all know, I really liked his style of modelling, I hope that it can be kept as a collection in one form or other for others to enjoy his modelling. After reading his Blog? I went and brough all the Railway modellers he used to build his Coaches with, I think I may very well have this winters modelling programme sorted. Colin
  11. This is the back head of a right handed drive loco There are a load more photos on line just look for backhead details of a steam locomotive, I am not sure which side of the loco the CB&P locos where driven from, but you get the idea of what could be in there. regards Colin Rainsbury
  12. Numbers getting out of control and Liverpool is at the centre of things with a level 3 lockdown in place from this weekend so nothing going to happen anytime soon. This could be followed by a full lockdown in a couple of weeks when the schools in Liverpool shut for half term, they are talking about a full two weeks of closure nothing in or nothing out. Colin R Its a long way to Tipperary.........
  13. Thanks for the correction I knew it was an early one. Colin
  14. Thanks Paul that is the one we are looking for, it would be great to find her again and if the 009 Society don't get her then the guys at Donegal would be the better place for her to be displayed. Please keep a look out for her, it is sad when people pass on but may be some good will come of this. Colin Rainsbury
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