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  1. Nice looking model, out of interest what is the gauge of the wheel sets? Colin R
  2. Hi Guys I am starting a thread here to first of all ask any of you to have a dig out of any plans or drawings you might have stashed away somewhere of any of the NCC 'S' class locos first of all. I am aware of at least four variations of this class:- S class as built S class as rebuilt with rear coal Bunker S 1 class S 2 class 2-4-4T total rebuild I am hoping that a brass etched company will look at all the information I can gather together to produce the various etched parts I need. I have some drawings already, but if you have any which have not been published for some time please let me know. Colin R
  3. Thanks john for the update, that is most useful, like so many things in modelling, it takes time to get them right and this forum proves yet again just how helpfull it is to the modelling trade, as they say onward and upward. Colin R
  4. Hi all I have a guy on one of my other e groups who is running some Irish Transfers for the group, If you can help him can you reply to him on the above email address if not then please reply here and I will send you responce to him for you. Thanks one again Colin Rainsbury transfers@oldtimeworkshop.co.uk Good afternoon everyone. I am now fairly advanced with filling a large sheet with black & white waterslide transfers and looking for information to allow me to fill the remainder of the gaps with 00n3 transfers. I would like to get things wrapped up within the next fortnight or so, if possible. After this the next few print runs are going to be colours, so anything that misses this window will need to wait for a while. I have a few outstanding queries and would appreciate any contributions towards this: For a selection of Great Southern initials, are these required in sizes other than 12" (common) and 16"? Do I also need to include a smaller one for low sided (1 plank) wagons? Did the CIE logo come in any sizes other than 6" & 12"? I am hoping to cover the following railways on this print run: C&L; CDR; CVR; & Lough Swilly. Could folk suggest any vehicle types they would like to see covered? I can look at kit manufacter's catalogues, but if that's not going to tell me what people have taken out of the cupboard recently & built. As long as it can be printed in black & white, there's a fair chance it can be included. To complement the West Clare open wagons sheet, I was pondering doing one covering a handful of covered vans. Would there be any interest in this? All I need is a handful of running numbers and photos if there are special details are required beyond company initials and tare. Finally for Irish railways, was any 3' coaching stock lettered in white? I have only seen a modest number of photos and in B&w this doesn't let on whether the lettering was a cream, yellow or white. These new sheets are to go alongside: CIE logos; T&D Vans; & WCR open wagons (already printed) and T&D opens (already expected & mainly drawn out for printing). I appreciate the IOM is a bit more mainstream. However, I am still in need of inspiration. Could you please let me know what is wanted for freight stock lettering? I would like to print both white with black shading and plain white lettering. Locomotive & coach transfers will need to wait as they are in cream or yellow but are on the lists to do in due course. Regards, Simon.
  5. Another source of Irish shop fronts is the old book by Patrick O'Donovan called Irish Shopfronts by Appletree Press a great source if one was needed can be picked up second hand on Amazon or Ebay for about a £5.00, so not expensive (now I have said that, you watch the price will go through the roof). Colin R
  6. That being the case, they won't last long, as I will soon cut them up for template modelling, I have been experimenting with some old Builtiteeze prints I am trying to build a station that will give the effect of Burcrana on the Swilly Railway from the Hotel print (now out of stock so I am told). What I do is to take a number of photocopies of the card print and play around with them untill I am happy, then I wll transfer my mock up over to wills stone or some other effect to get the type of finish I am looking for. Might sound like a lot more work but I think it is worth it. Colin R
  7. Yes I see what you mean Colin
  8. Somewhere on the computer I have started a list of the state of the C&L vans, it is by no means complete but it is a start, as far as i can make out there were three basic styles, Low roof, High roof and cattle van's all built to the same size. well that was the plan at the start what I have found is that in the rebuildins dimensions did change, I have wheel bases from 7ft 6ins to 8ft. As for building a prototype C&L van well go for it, as I don't think anyone will know any different now, there is a possible 100+ variations but only 70 vans to play with so if you are not sure and you get asked that it never happen, then asked the person to come up with a photo. It is most unlikly that any two vans looked the same by the 1950's anyway. Colin
  9. Hi Porky If you look at Google earth you can get a lot of detail with out moving from your computer, that said there is nothing like a site visit to get you in the mood for modelling. Colin
  10. I agree with David Card modelling is very quick and cheap, I must take some photos of a couple of Isle of Man buildings I did so i can get some idea of the size of the layout, these are only basic shells to give me an outline, they do not have any detail on them. I have also given them a basic coat of paint to get some Idea of the overal colour as well. That is the plan George, just as soon as they turn up. Colin
  11. Hi Guys I am in the same boat as you, still trying to find a source of decent Irish looking buildings, my search has come across this lady, I am not sure how this will work but I have just ordered some from her https://tinyireland.ie/
  12. Hi Phil Going to the personal library I find in Tom Ferris Book Irish Railways In Colour (1955 to 1967) page 103 has 10 L (1956) in a clean but flat Black / Dark Grey colour, it certainly is in used condition but at that moment in time does not look to bad, no big bits of rust etc. However on page 104 10L is shown at a later date in a much more used condition with rust on the smoke box door and the chimney as well. I would think the guys on the railway knew that time was almost up, so the spit and polish of a clean loco had gone years before, I am not sure how often they got cleaned in the last few years, if at all. To me the final colour looks more like a very dark grey, but with a fine covering of coal dust and oil, not the most easiest of finished to achieve, but it is possible, the guy from Golden Arrow has done it on a few custom paint jobs for people I know, it can be very effective, good luck with it. Colin R
  13. That is just fantasic modelling well done.
  14. Hi Pat contact him direct, as he has a few items for sale now with some more coming on line about mid July next year, I am waiting of the 3 Donegal Coaches to become available, also he hopes to have Donegal railcar 12 available about the same time next year. There has been some chat about West Clare steam locos, but nothing has happen yet. Allen of Worsley works continues to produce a number of brass etches in both Irish Broad and Narrow gauges, these are not complete kits but just the basic etching, as you will need to source wheels, motors , gearboxes and any castings required for the kit. Colin
  15. I don't want to know where they are but I would be interested if you could go and measure them all up and take loads of photos Colin
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