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  1. Hi Eoin I have made up a number of scrappers to help clean up brass and plastic kits over the years from old hacksaw blades they last for ages. Colin R
  2. All I can say is let me at them with a scaple, saw and file, up until now all we have had is either the Hornby Clerestory or the Ratio LMS coaches to butcher, these will add something else to the mix and I am sure some one will come up with a model which will impress and get that feel we are looking for. Just got to wait for 2021 for them to come out. Colin
  3. Just went for £420.00 pounds Colin R
  4. Hi Leslie I have had two SSM kits yet to be buit of the J15, so I need to get on with them, they are on the list after the Donegal/ Isle of Man kits this winter. Regards Colin
  5. Another irish Loco https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ooworks-J15-101-0-6-0-locomotive-Grey-/113786878417?hash=item1a7e39f9d1 Just realise this is direct from Roderick Bruce Colin R
  6. Thanks PorkyP they are very hard to come by, I have asked the guys at the Donegal Railway centre for help to see what they have, so hopeful they may have some details, but I am not sure where the GNR(I) archives have ended up to check them as well.
  7. Thanks I have the drawings in David Lloyds book modelling the Irish Narrow Gauge, the early pair are providing a bit elusive in finding any details, the only thing that has come to light is the comment they where similar of railcar No 4
  8. Hi yes it was the earlier one that I am after details for
  9. Hi guys a new search for details about the original railcars No 9 and 10 which where converted buse bodies, if I can find enough information worsley works has said he would have a go at the etches so we could end up with a part kit, so please check all your photos and lets see what we can come up with, if you happen to know someone who is the king of GNR buses please ask them what they might know about them All information will be gratefully received. Regards Colin Rainsbury
  10. Colin R

    after the A

    From a point of view across the stream I would suggest the SL&NCR ' B' railcar at Downpatrick, I do appreciate the fact that your guys dieselised a long time before we did in the UK, however A RTR CIE steam loco would go down well that could be done to 21mm gauge, something like one of the Queens? I did ask if those RTR steam locos by OO Works could be fitted with a 21mm gauge chassis, but I was told they could not, so I am back to brass kits. That said I do have a short list of OO gauge steam locos I would love to see:- Any of the former SL&NCR 0-6-4T’s GSR K2 2-6-0 BCDR Baltic Tank 4-6-4T GNR T2 4-4-2T NCC U2 4-4-0 Tender Regards Colin R
  11. I know this is about modelling but just in case any of you fancy a bit of genuine GNR(I) I saw this in the latest Railway Magazine Bundoran Junction Station for sale asking price £190,000 pound. More details at:- https://www.propertypal.com/bundoran-junction-station-house-43-old-junction-road-kilskeery/580626/photo-3 Hope some one enjoys this find Regards Colin Rainsbury
  12. Have just seen that Worsley Works do the basic bits in Brass, but you would still need wheels, gearbox and castings to build it, the only think putting me off is trying to find all the suitable castings required for such a model. Colin R
  13. Buy a Lhasa Apso (a noise machine of a dog) and a huge Mastiff or a Rottweiler, might cost you a bit in food, but your model railways will be safe 😃 Regards Colin R
  14. Hi Guys I hope this works but I have just come across some photos of Irish railways, I guess most of you will know this site but if not I hope you get as much pleasure from it as I do https://www.flickr.com/photos/110691393@N07/albums/72157638438035474 Colin R
  15. Hi Guys just came across this link in case anyone is interested https://paxton-road.blogspot.com/2019/07/commission-hunslet-wagonmaster.html I am awaiting further detail and price Regards Colin Rainsbury
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