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    I have been modelling about 8-9 years and jumped straight in the deep end by starting in 009 gauge and have found myself moving towards 00n3 Irish narrow gauge. As 00n3 locomotive kits are rare these days I have been very slowly accumulating stock, but I suppose these things do take time. In the last couple of years I have been scratch building locomotive, and in a recent project I have taken to modelling 3ft ironstone industrial steam locomotives, but I’m keen to get on with modelling some BIG’ol Irish Narrow gauge locomotives. Please check out my Instagram - pats.ng.work_bench


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    Narrow gauge 2ft British or 3ft Irish.


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    Head chef

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  1. Patrick Jameson

    Patrick Jameson

  2. @Colin RThis is amazing news! I had completely missed this piece of information, and I had been starting to regretting moving towards 00n3 as chassis’s and kits are so rare. I have had some dealings with Neville over the years for 009 chassis’s. So I take it he is taking order if you contact him to directly? Or is he announcing current kit runs on the 00n3 group? Regards Pat
  3. Hello Wrenneire, 

    I gather from a post you made back in 2017, that you may have a Backwoods miniatures kit of the LLSR Hudswell Clarke 4-8-0 tender locomotive? I also have one but with no instructions! 

    I was wondering if you would mind helping me out, by scanning or photographing each page of the instructions and emailing them to me? I would be very grateful as I’m in such a bind with this kit. I’m sure you know how complicated they can be.

    Email: pat.jaya185@gmail.com


    kindest regards 


    1. Colin R

      Colin R

      Hi Pat did you get your instructions from Wrenneire? if not let me know as I have one of these kits myself now along with the intructions.


      Colin R

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