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  1. Ned Flanders would be more apt than Homer for our anti yellow man 😁.
  2. More yellow loveliness Noel. Although someone on here won't like it. Keep em coming, Rich,
  3. Looking fantastic Jason I like the colour on the shed too. Rich,
  4. When the A class was announced.
  5. Looking at these pics of the model and Noels pics has reminded me of how much I love these wagons. They will look equally as impressive running empty with all the excellent detail of the skeletal deck and underframe. Rich,
  6. Fantastic looking scene Fran. Are the cranes the Heljan ones that were released many moons ago. Rich,
  7. Got to love those 20ft containers. I remember the mail arriving in Plunkett in a 20 footer around 6 in the morning and being collected by An Post. Rich,
  8. Not a bad idea Jim and the layout room would always smell nice. Rich,
  9. Were the pallets shrink wrapped or heat shrink wrapped Fran. There were withdrawn sets parked up in Waterford West for years near one of the spans for the Suir (Red Iron Bridge) rail bridge I should have and never did get round to taking some pics and regret it now. Rich,
  10. I have em at the ready Jason just incase, and he looks chuffed as well with the Ferts. Rich,
  11. Lovely jubbly I'll be having a full rake. Rich,
  12. RedRich

    Class 121

    There is a blanking plate on some cad images I have seen. Rich, Any chance someone took a pic of the 121 nose to cab with 184. Rich,
  13. RedRich

    Class 121

    It's called humour and Seamus is well known for having a good sense of humour. Rich,
  14. RedRich

    Class 121

    It looks to capture the 121 uniqueness shape and detail wise which should be what sets the standard for a model. It's a given that all locos should have sound mechanics and run great straight from the box in this day and age. Although a small few rogues will always escape from the factory. Any of the three MM Illinois built locos I have are spot on in every department and no doubt these will be the same. As Fran has said the design work gone into this model is of the highest standard. If the area between the grilles remains see through on the sides it will be epic. I always wondered would it be possible to remove some of the chassis block on a 141-181 to achieve that effect. Can't wait for 124 and 134 they are going to be special. Rich,
  15. What an amazing looking machine and such an important part of the railway. When you are working with these babies it is said by staff that you are working in the guts of the railway. Rich,
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