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  1. This one sounds like a Frankie Howard monologue.
  2. RedRich

    Murphy Models Mk2d

    It sounds like a line from a carry on film. Sid James, Bernard Bresslaw, Babs Windsor et all.
  3. Just popped in for a look Noel and as always very enjoyable.
  4. Looking good Darius it has obviously taken lots of hard work to get to the level it is at now.
  5. There was a member of the Scalefour society in the members forum building an MTK class 59 a few years ago. Hasn't been updated since but I was really interested in seeing how it turned out.
  6. I believe he used to say or have printed on the box hammer or nails not included.
  7. MJT Carriage Compensation Units can be assembled for EM P4 and 21mm. Brassmaster make nice units also.
  8. I can't wait for these they are what is current and that is so important, it will bring new people into the hobby.
  9. Looking good men, they really were a beautiful coach.
  10. Great choice especially for those that model that era. I will invest in a pack for sure.
  11. Excellent shot Dave. They are a lovely model.
  12. This is just blatant teasing at this stage. Have you no shame, and yes amazing.
  13. They look amazing can't wait for the Vic Berry's.in IE livery.
  14. Don't know yet Dave but I'm going to put the kettle on and get counting, what a hobby and relaxing way to spend the evening
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