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  1. That looks really tasty. The little tweaks have taken it to another level and the wait was worth it. Can't wait for mine. Such an iconic and important piece of PW equipment. I'll take the ballast and ploughs over the hobs wagons any day even though the hobs wagon rakes are impressive to see in action. Rich,
  2. RedRich

    Class 121

    Why post a link when the images appear on page 3 of the thread you commented on the images yourself. In regards to point 2 in your post I refer you to the posts on page 4 of the IRM 2018 Range, Project 42' and Plough thread from Glenderg, Jason Brady, and Warbonnet as they sum up the feelings of lots of folks on the forum towards those kind of contributions made by your good self it isn't just me. As for the last point don't think so. My own post about the link was attacking the post not the poster. I hope that this post will be taken with the sincerity I have composed it with. If you want to talk any further about it then PM me by all means as even though I wouldn't agree with your post your certainly entitled to it.
  3. RedRich

    Class 121

    Dave already uploaded these images 2 weeks ago in page 3 of this thread why the duplication. Rich,
  4. Lovely a very important wagon in the engineering PWD department. Seen them operating in Waterford was very interesting and did a tidy job to boot. Can't wait, Rich,
  5. Without a doubt the worst post has been posted on IRM since we went live in 2012. The PW gangs and Machines are why our railways are so safe to travel on they they do a marvelous job. I take it that from the amount of times that you have said never blew my skirt up on here that you like wearing ladies clothes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that so fair play for being so open. Only joking. 😊 Boop-boop-de-doop
  6. Excellent I'm really looking forward to the flats. I think I'll have to run these ones with a silver and black 071. Rich,
  7. That is beautiful modelling but not surprising coming from your stable, quality just quality. Rich,
  8. Agree Fran being a huge Pink Floyd fan myself and having seen them play WYWH live in Earls Court it is a smashing performance. Rich,
  9. I can honestly and comprehensively say that when the lads particularly Richie read that last statement they will be fuming. Imagine putting all the effort and hard graft they put into their work and to have to contend with those kind of posts and their content. Can't help but think that there is a bit of trolling going on here. Rich,
  10. Had a look at the early cad of the Class 92 and it looks fantastic. Great to see the lads doing fantastically for such a young up and coming company. Rich,
  11. You're not one of the few minister but one of the many who don't take every opportunity to have a moan. Getting there and back home safely is all that matters. Especially when you consider the Emiliano Sala and pilot tragedy. Rich,
  12. Sounds good Stephen it's been fantastic the last few years and the fact that it's going to get even better is exciting. Rich,
  13. Announced earlier than the lads had planned but really amazing choices. Wish you all the best men. Rich,
  14. Don't just have Paddy's day to look forward to then in March Fran. Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date. It really is refreshing to see such trust between customer and manufacturer and vice versa. I've given up trying to work out how they can be improved from what we've seen already as I keep getting it wrong. Rich,
  15. I know the lads are all about the detail even if it is tiny and needs to be viewed under a magnifying glass but seriously a working scale 00 gauge tape rule in imperial and metric. How about getting Richie scanned by Modelu with the tape rule in hand. Seriously looking forward to future announcements. Rich,
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