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  1. That all looks amazing. Des has produced some amazing kits. Making the gates operational must look really cool. Rich,
  2. A roll of velvet soft Andrex in the fridge is a an essential over the yule tide especially after a few to many Ciders When your Khyber is like a blood orange the next day Rich,
  3. I know, the badges on the socket are nice. You're spot on about the babies Jason they are still up there with the best. Rich,
  4. Great to see the figures they look great. I am sure this is only the beginning. Rich,
  5. Good man Jason that's the exact pairing I was looking to see. Both top models. I nearly did the soiling thing myself, I stress nearly. Rich,
  6. A genius of the game albeit a tortured one. That goal against England in 86 the second goal was one of the greatest. Won the world cup in 86 on his own as it wasn't a great Argentina team.
  7. 124 and 134 on keg liners always looked amazing. We're not far away from creating that in model form. The models do look amazing from the pics I have seen. Rich,
  8. Stunning model and I love that livery. Rich,
  9. Tara rakes were never 12 wagons only per rake. They have run with 10, 11, 6, so the 5 IRM packs are prototypical correct. Rich,
  10. Great to see more Ballasts and the first run of Gypsums. I really like the Ballasts they are a smashing model. Rich,
  11. This is why I always say Noel's updates are so interesting and enjoyable, because it's an actual Railway man doing the modelling. Rich,
  12. You're welcome Tomo. Rich,
  13. Spare axle caps. Rich,
  14. There are some cracking layouts on here and this is one of them. The pics from different angles are how you photograph the prototype and look really atmospheric. Rich,
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