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  1. Few more of us on here in the same boat Jason. We should start a right said fred tribute band, I'm to sexy for my bubbles. Mind you I was on a stag do in Killarney 20 odd years ago and there were a few guys playing music in a bar. They said the next band would be out soon. They returned a few minutes later with skin coloured swimming hats on and called themselves right said ned. The locals loved it though. Rich,
  2. It's been talked about non stop down here Fran. Not too many are surprised. Rich,
  3. Good luck IRM & Accurascale it's astounding how much has been released by both companies. The customer service is a very important vote and I have been sorted for spares by the lads on a few occasions. Rich,
  4. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    TBH I think the right time to announce when they will arrive is when they are in the air or on the high seas. Patience brings all good things to those who wait. Continuous asking of when will they be here or what is the timeframe is like having the kids in the car asking are we there yet the whole time. Kinda like Donkey in Shrek. Rich,
  5. I pass Sallypark (Waterford West) every week and so I see the cement silo regularly. That model has such a look of familiarity that it is uncanny. To say that it is a great piece of modelling doesn't give Jason enough credit for the effort, skill, patience, and commitment in building it. Rich,
  6. That's a fantastic build and finish. It's also a great tutorial. The correct Commonwealth bogies really sets the bar. Rich,
  7. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    Also got mine the other day thanks lads and many happy returns. Rich,
  8. Great work Jason, not to much, not to little just right. That's weathering what you see not what you think it should look like. I have some 20ft sets packed away somewhere I'll have a look over the festivities. Rich,
  9. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    42 always carried five cages and 47 carried six. It was also common to see two or three cages on a 42 or 47 amongst fully loaded wagons. Rich,
  10. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    I had a good look at mine last night and my only complaint is that I didn't order more, but as Fran has said above there will be another run in the future. It must have been fun at times during the design stages especially with the mechanics around the swing of the bogies. The representation of the brake gear is a nice touch and looks great when they are not loaded. The diecast chassis is really crisp and exceeds the levels I imagined. There is also a nice weight to the CIE containers. What is amazing though is if you look at the CIE pack you are actually getting six items in the pack. The containers would retail at about €8 per wagon if sold separately so four would be €32. That means €34 per wagon and that represents great value for such a damn fine wagon. All in all another great release and roll on the rest of project 42. Not wishing to start a wish list but a 22ft flat with 14ft wheelbase would be smashing especially to go with the Keg liners, three cages per wagon and could be used for timber trains and containers. Rich,
  11. Brilliant scenes and commentary as usual Noel I'll be keeping a lookout for it when it arrives in Waterford. Rich,
  12. I would always advise that an airbrush with a full catalogue of spare parts is a must. Prolonged use dictates that at sometime spare parts will be needed. Good luck with the airbrushing in the future. Rich,
  13. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    Spot on Stephen that's how it was with the Rawies. Great work getting the liners here before Christmas really appreciated. Rich,
  14. RedRich

    Class 121

    looking like a winner, PM has really delivered the goods again. I am really happy for him. I don't think we would be where we are now without his huge contribution. Also respect to those who have assisted the man along his journey. The IE livery depicted in the pics really suits the 121's especially if you were lucky enough to see 124 and 134 double heading when they had just been overhauled for the last time. A great sound and sight. I don't think I would weather them, just run them as if they are on their first days duty after overhaul and are pristine. A rake of weathered bubbles behind them would make the contrast between locos and wagons really stand out. Smashing model, Rich,
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