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  1. I've been having a good look at mine and they are a smashing and cool looking model. The representation of the nut and bolt on the buffer plates is a nice touch. They look exactly like what they are portraying and you can't ask for more than that. Rich,
  2. TBH I have come to the conclusion that there are more minus than pluses about the Oxford MK111's. I've seen a coach and the only redeeming point it has is the gangway corridor connector. The MM Cravens are in a league of their own and still remain one of the finest coaches in 00 especially the first releases which had the correct dimension bogies. If the Cravens are Premier League than the Oxfords are League 2 or lower. It's a shame as they got the livery completely wrong on the IC and Scotrail coaches and wouldn't back down and admit it. They had a chance to correct the lower body side shade and didn't on the Scotrail release. Right now I wouldn't be confident if they were to do an Irish MK111 unless there were a lot of corrections especially the underframe. Rich,
  3. Excellent Noel that will add huge enjoyment to a running session. Rich,
  4. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    They look amazing men. From when the Ballast's were announced and IRM launched it is amazing that at the years end we will have five wagons released. That is a staggering achievement. Also some of the wagons are in several liveries. Also Rawie Buffers. Add to all that, the price and quality of the models is class leading. I can't wait for mine. Rich,
  5. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    There is previous for these kind of barbed or sarcastic comments, that's why there are reactions when they are made in these posts. If someone has a gripe or problem about availability then contact one of the lads on here by pm or make contact through the company website. The lads are always willing to talk to their customers and look after their customers. Having a moan to others about how you are not satisfied with delays or similar does get back to those people and that is why there are these kind of reactions. It's only a few months since Fran was singled out for a tongue lashing (unjustly) on here. The sheer hard work and hours put into two company's and running this group is a testament to how the guys want the best for everyone. What was said was a sly dig. Anyway back on topic to these babies I can't wait and as said above some wagon sets without loads would be most welcome. Rich,
  6. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    It's sarcasm Fran, mores the pity as that pic of the wagons has given the rest of us a huge buzz for when they arrive. Whats bizarre is that it actually got a like. Rich,
  7. Busy times on TJ Noel and as enjoyable as ever. Rich,
  8. The underframe detail in the second clip is truly museum level. It could be a trick of the light in the second clip but is the cooling fan spinning. One of the trains that I have fondest memories of growing up in the eighties and nineties before the GM's took over is an A Class pulling Beet wagons to and from Wellington Bridge, I hope you are taking note men a double height Beet wagon to accompany the A's and to the level of the already released wagons is a must. We need to get you scanned by Modelu in a seated position for the cab Fran with Richie and Pat scanned in measuring the real loco pose to be able to recreate the Downpatrick visit in model form when the measuring and research took place.with A39. Rich,
  9. It looks amazing it screams A Class it runs beautifully. It's such an important part of railway history in the modern era and was the one model that really needed to be produced maybe more so than the GM 201 Class. Can't wait to see a painted example and more of the cab interior. IRM have every reason to be excited as this will set a new standard. Rich,
  10. Votes cast best of luck men. Rich,
  11. Lovely Noel that's what keeps it so interesting the constant traffic and movement. Rich,
  12. I've always felt that the Lima model was the one that captured the look and profile best. It is let down like the Hornby model with the abysmal representation of the corridor connection gangway. The Oxford MK111 as has been said above by Richie is let down by poor profile and the under carriage dimensions are all over the place. However the gangway corridor connector is the best aspect of the model and captures it best of all the models so far released. The Lima can be taken up a level by using Shawplan laserglaze and etched window surrounds. HTH good luck. Rich,
  13. RedRich

    Class 121

    There are lot's of our members that have a huge knowledge of the class that don't live in Dublin or even in Ireland. The lads in the MRSI have seen it up close and their knowledge of the prototype and modelling is good enough for me. Lots of folks work Saturday too. The photos posted on here and the video Hattons have on youtube of the model running is as good as it gets without handling the sample. Timing was possibly not the greatest time for people neither with prior commitments. I have to say that it looks stunning and can't wait to see a full production sample. Rich,
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