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  1. Well done to all involved the model looks fantastic.
  2. That is good to hear. The most important part mentioned is the funds that will go to the RPSI a truly fantastic organisation of volunteers and enthusiasts that keep our railway heritage alive. Rich,
  3. Don't under sell your work it looks excellent. Scenic work is what ties it all together. The last shot is just right. There is a three dimensional look to it. I like it. Rich,
  4. Excellent as usual Noel. For everyone going to view this turn the volume up. Rich,
  5. That is a very good point and welcome option. Rich,
  6. Mine arrived at lunch time after being posted last Tuesday evening. Had a quick look ,another winner. The project 42 models released up to now haven't dissapointed. Rich,
  7. Watching Bowie's headlining set from Glastonbury 2000 in it's entirety on BBC2. AMAZING. Rich,
  8. Southern Pride Models produce etched brass preformed sides and roof details for the International coaches Cu na Mara set. Rich,
  9. Fair play Harold McMillan would be proud. It is a great era for the hobby and this generation. Rich,
  10. Lovely that's the one for me. Stick a few Tara's and Ferts behind it and Robert is your Mothers Brother. Rich,
  11. Like I said above I couldn't care less about the kind of inane ramblings in certain posts like that. Maybe you can by a new skirt and heels for yourself with the money you save. 😀 Rich,
  12. I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about prudence or saving a few quid. I have always supported local or Irish traders and always will. I budget for what I need and if it keeps people in work then the ends justify the means for me. Rich
  13. I will be buying mine local. It's more about saving a few quid and supporting local businesses especially now more than ever. I can't abide this boasting about it cost me ten or fifteen € less getting it online from abroad. If we don't support local businesses we lose them and I for one don't want to see that. Rich
  14. Fantastic model. Nose and cab shots really show how the shape and build has been captured. I think 129 might edge it for me as I like the two small windows over the bonnet. At last the 4 GM's from Illinois are modelled to the highest standard. Excluding see through grilles (though they are etched ) due to the chassis block and rotating axle cups the babies are still one of the best and to be honest we don't need an all new tooled updated model. I often thought about cutting out the chassis block to make the grilles see through. I might revisit it again as I have a spare chassis and motor. The attention to detail on the 141 -181 class models includes the side grilles which are verticle on a 141 and horizontal on a 181. The door louvers on the bonnets are in different places on both classes also captured on the models. Anyway back on topic I can see the 121 Class loco lights approaching in the distance, not to long until they arrive and it's double heading with a 141 on a Cement train. Rich,
  15. These wagons and the models are iconic and it takes a huge amountt of knowledge researching as many pics of wagons as possible as they all weather differently. To still have the drive to put the same amount of time and effort into the last one as the first says a lot about Jason. It takes time to reach this level and some of us never will. Rich,
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