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  1. Thanks for that I wasn't 100% certain if it was 133. Rich,
  2. 129 as wel in IE excellent. I'll be able to keep 124 and 134 permanently double headed then. I think 133 had the two cab window's at the bonnet side blanked out also in IE livery. Rich,
  3. What I love about TJ is the way Noel gives us all the info on the trains and their duties. It's operated on prototype practices from a railway man himself I can imagine the drivers coming in at the start of a weeks shifts and checking the roster. If anyone wants or needs any prototype info then Noel is the man to ask. Love it Noel Rich,
  4. What ever the price is I don't really care. The wait is nearly over and I am looking forward to these models I love the prototype. The enjoyment of having these fantastic models is priceless in itself. As for bashing the man about time constraints on here and other forums there has been one man at the forefront of it,and we all know who it is so enough said. Can't wait to double head with a 141-181. With IRM A class MM121 more wagons it's going to be a smashing year folks. Rich,
  5. That is the artwork for 124 & 134 and it looks very good. The other three La Grange Illinois GM's are all fabulous models and this one looks like continuing the trend. If PM decides to bow out after this model then he will go out a champion Rich,
  6. Nice one men, I'll have to Invest in an Irish Cement and CIE ivory livery pack. Rich,
  7. Just fitted the brake pipe to one of the wagons as a dry run before I permanently attach it and removed the steps before fitting the pipe, re attached the steps and everything fitted nice and snug. I will permanently fix it when I get a set of decorders. The steps for removing the body that the lads posted worked flawlessly Rich,
  8. Got home yesterday and the postie who is a neighbour had asked another neighbour to take them until I got home. The models are amazing in all departments and give the ballast wagons an extra bit of class. I think we will have to catergorise the flats separately from what has gone before as it is bloody hard to define which or what is the best of the first four releases. Rich,
  9. Just one Popeye, the side with three windows. Rich,
  10. Nah Fran likes the game with the round ball so you've got it wrong again.😋 Rich,
  11. Luvvly jubbly as a man who used to work out of a yellow van himself used to say. Make the most of the weekend then Fran. Go out and watch the game tonight. Rich,
  12. Jason when Jake Lamotta used to be in training before a fight he used to put ice cubes downstairs when he would spot a nice looking lady and froth at the mouth. You'll save more water too. You are spot on it will be an iconic consist. Rich,
  13. Excellent pics Noel especially the interior shot, just what I was looking for. Rich,
  14. Not at all Dave. You said you had your own anyway on Wednesday and you wouldn't be going with the IRM version. Rich,
  15. Excellent a fantastic feature. I love the tail lights. How in Gods or anyone's name a person could buy these and not run them boggles the mind and deserves main headline on six one. They should even have a slot for it on Prime Time. ☺️ Rich,
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