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  1. Fantastic news both the ITG and RPSI have been doing amazing work. This is our chance to say thanks again Rich,
  2. Mmmmmmm. Will there be a miniature aerosol that sends out wafts of Febreze. Rich
  3. Donald will say they all hugged and kissed each other and walked in. The real insurrection was IRM not announcing a 22000 with stinky jacks. Rich,
  4. Bombarding the lads inbox with e mail's en masse. Wait a minute. Where's me A class Where's me A class Where's me A class Where's me A class That's the 12 inch aggro mix by Fat boy slim. Rich,
  5. It's a strange thing how some people have no patience. I think the Sultans of ping need to do a re write. Looking out the window for the postman to pass. Wait a minute Where's me A class Where's me A class Rich,
  6. I'm going to do the right thing here and ask the lads to dispatch Billycans loco before mine To see the man struggling like he is is too much. Fran Pat Bosko you need to take a good look at yourselves. Imagine taking the hobby to the heights it is now releasing fantastic models and then upsetting poor Billycan. I need to stop before I cry, it's taken the joy out of yesterday's result. Rich,
  7. Amazing shots. They really are magazine quality. The setting is also familiar looking which is what makes it stand out. Rich,
  8. They are superb men. The Tara's really are a fantastic model, they just look right. Rich,
  9. Fantastic choice both in a modelling and business sense. Really pleased for modelers of the NIR scene also. Looking forward to more announcements. Rich,
  10. Excellent as usual Jason. I think the background research and looking through countless photos deserves mention also as preparation is half the job. Rich
  11. Just been catching up with TJ. Excellent as always Noel Rich,
  12. I agree Jason it looks really good with the points logo also. Rich,
  13. Hold in there Jason it won't be long. Don't chance a fart just incase. Can't wait to see them myself. The Supertrain looks amazing. Rich,
  14. CIE Hoffmann even on the axle box covers. A55 looks really imposing in the all black livery. Rich,
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