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  1. What an amazing looking machine and such an important part of the railway. When you are working with these babies it is said by staff that you are working in the guts of the railway. Rich,
  2. I hope hope Mrs Brady has plenty of Fabreeze in the cupboard. Rich,
  3. All the fantastic detail and skeletal chassis means I'll be running some empties just to show it off. Top work men. Rich,
  4. I'd be up for a few in IE livery. Still one of my favourite models and has been setting the standard for 11-12 years. Rich,
  5. Nice to see it has developed so quickly the weedsprayer will be a cracking model. Rich,
  6. Why not put up photographic evidence of all these bokety brass models you refer to and I mean all of them. Put up pics from all these bokety brass models that members have uploaded to this group. I've said it before and I'll say it again.
  7. Always handy to have a rubber in the pocket. Rich,
  8. Agree Jason we all know who the main complainant and moaner is. He's been bad mouthing other manufacturers behind their backs also and being as nice as pie to them on here. Two faced and untrustworthy individual. Great to see the model progressing nicely and when it is released it is released, patience is the key. Rich,
  9. RedRich

    The Ultimate

    You know it makes sense Fran. I love the Push Pulls and at the end of their career they were very busy before the ICR's were put into service. They also replaced the MK11's on the Heuston Waterford when they were withdrawn. They even made appearances on the Waterford Limerick line. Rich,
  10. RedRich

    Project 42 Update

    I really love seeing this side of the process it makes me appreciate the finished product all the more. Rich,
  11. RedRich

    The Ultimate

    MK111 push pull sets to the excellent standards we are getting used to seeing. Especially with 121's on the way. Rich,
  12. Lovely collection Ernie. The pics in Waterford. The A pulling the ferts with beets parked next to to them and the orange bubbles stand out in particular. All will be available and some are already available to recreate those scenes. Rich,
  13. RedRich

    New home for IRM

    All the best men, onwards and upwards was never more apt for a young company going places. Watched Pat doing an interview about Accurascale on the tube. The boy has star quality. Rich,
  14. Thanks for that I wasn't 100% certain if it was 133. Rich,
  15. 129 as wel in IE excellent. I'll be able to keep 124 and 134 permanently double headed then. I think 133 had the two cab window's at the bonnet side blanked out also in IE livery. Rich,
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