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  1. That's a very good job and on the containers also. Old saying but true is to always weather what you see and not what you think it should look like. You seem to have followed the first part. I like it. Rich,
  2. Man I'm looking forward to these. The accessory packs are a great idea too. 22ft flats with 14ft wheelbase hopefully will be on the to do list for the future they always looked good with three cages mixed in rakes with the 42 and 47ft flats. Rich,
  3. Don't think so I won't be sending any pics of my stock to anyone whether you would love to see it or not. Not into kinky stuff.😉. Rich.
  4. Exactly a little bit more realism. Should have added nice work on your layout in my previous post got side tracked. Rich,
  5. All my Tara's and Ferts run freely without any drag Rich,
  6. Another one to consider if the layout is still in the planning stage is that the EM Gauge Society in conjunction with Peco will be releasing ready to lay EM Gauge 18.2mm bullhead track in plain track lengths and B6 radius points. No need for building track. Rich,
  7. TJ the go to place for an operational and educational running session. Rich,
  8. When n gauge is done right it looks great and this layout is right. The scale of it looks impressive and it looks like a railway built for its environment as opposed to an environment built around the railway. Rich,
  9. RedRich


    Right I am going to be as constructive in answering your post and as polite as I can be. You say you like the era pre early seventies and don't like the rolling stock that came after. You like loose fitted goods trains two axle wagons. You don't like bogie goods stock, yet you have bogie goods stock on your layout. You didn't like weathered stock it had to be pristine yet weathered stock appeared. You have a 201 class, MK11 aircon coaches, Hornby MK1V BR IC models repainted in IE Inter City that never ran here and you mocked and berated Chris Dyers model. Do you see the theme here. I see that as a mindless contradictory theme running through your posts and I cannot take people like that seriously. I am sure that there are dozens on the forum that are as less enamored with AEC railcars as you are are with DMU and ICR stock. They don't come on here and have a rant like the theme of the op. Try and take some of that onboard. Think before you hit the submit reply button You once said to me in a post that if we met we might get on. I see IRM like a big club that we are all members of and if we were face to face right now I would be telling you exactly what I have posted here no problem. As I have said there is to much contradiction in a lot of your posts and it is hard to respect some of what you say. Rich,
  10. RedRich


    Don't get annoyed then. You mention your age my wife's grandmother died just before her 101 birthday the woman was always in great form never complained loved life. In all fairness this thread was an effort to start a rant fest. There are way to many people dying on our roads. It's touched my family and I often wonder if they had taken an ICR that day instead of driving they would still be here. People start these kind of threads for one thing only and that is controversy, they never see the bigger picture. I still stand by what I said. Rich,
  11. RedRich


    Its all down to taste. The most important thing is getting to your destination safe. Best leave the ranting to those with too much time on their hands. Rich,
  12. Make sure the undies are clean the last thing you want is the wind blowing up your skirt and the jocks looking like Brands Hatch 😀 Rich,
  13. I have seen some Lima models double motored regauged to EM P4 standards and pimped using cottage industry detailing parts and they are fine models. Shawplan still produce etched parts for Lima models. I had some 201's in the past and they were sold on to fund 141 181 models. I still have an Enterprise model stashed away somewhere that I regauged to EM. I believe Ultrascale still produce wheelsets for modellers that want double motor Lima locos. Add some weight to the model and they run very good and no traction tyres. The hobby is layered with history and the Lima era is well worth its place in that history. Rich,
  14. Ah the Lima 201. A huge step forward for the hobby in Ireland the first rtr Irish prototype model. I remember PM getting some good press at the time when they were announced. A model is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The shade of orange was spot on for the as delivered IE locos. The Lima class 59 and 31 are still highly regarded among UK modellers with the 31 even eclipsing the body on the Hornby version. The 201 is an historical model and is still regarded sentimentally by lots of people with some even still running them on their layouts. To mock the model and ridicule it is a bit rich when also lauding shapeways products even calling the finish as good as injected plastic moulded models. I will always defend the Lima 201 as without it PM may not have decided to introduce the babies and everything that followed it. Rich,
  15. Just out of interest how did you arrive at the conclusion that one or both models were scaled wrongly. Rich,
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