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  1. That's a very busy TMD Noel. Plenty of OT for the fitters and mechanics. Rich,
  2. RedRich


  3. Excellent Noel, again. A 141 and 121 double headed does it for me Rich,
  4. Of course it is of a standard to be featured in one of the big three. The bullhead track also leaves the standard Peco track in the ha penny place looks wise. Rich,
  5. Now that's realism. Rich,
  6. Very nice Robert. I remember seeing the real thing in Waterford east and it definitely stood out. Your model captures it really well. Rich,
  7. I have binge watched all the uploads on youtube even the BR running sessions. A fantastic layout and the photography is really realistic. Rich,
  8. Nah Jason sounds like he dropped a few disco biscuits. He's at the stage now where the jaw gets slack and you start gurning. Rich,
  9. Smashing Noel. It's a direction that I am delighted to see IRM going with in regards to road vehicles. Rich,
  10. Excellent and enjoyable as ever Noel. There is so much going on that sometimes the eye gets taken away from the actual train that is running to see what else is happening. Rich,
  11. Only a few furlongs to go then. The latest images Stephen posted look amazing. It's nice to see the most numerous class of Diesel loco in model form at last. Rich,
  12. Patrick, he dropped Ghost and is now Garfield. I was on it same name. As good as the MSN group was IRM is on a completely different level and is more than just a group it's like a club. Rich,
  13. I remember being on a push pull set Dublin - Waterford in 2007. The MK11's had already begun to be fazed out at that time Rich,
  14. Push pulls replaced the MK11's when they were withdrawn on the Waterford Dublin Heuston. Rich,
  15. Excellent news all the MK111 variants including the Push Pull set is probably the best news. Good luck to all involved. Rich,
  16. That's a fantastic project and such an iconic part of most stations. The prototype in Clonmel was built by Aroll Brothers of Glasgow in the 1880's. I will definitely take one. Rich,
  17. MK11 F had bigger roof access hatches then the rest of the MK11 series. Rich,
  18. The attention to detail on 124 and 134 is a new level. There are slight livery differences on both locos which has been captured on the models. The orange paint on the protoype 124 is present on the area to the sides of the steps on the cabside. it is correctly black on 134. The horn is the same colour as the headlight housing on 134 and on 124 it is orange. if this had not been the case on the models amd was pointed out the person or persons pointing it out would no doubt have been labelled rivet counters. If that is the case then PM must be the Godfather of rivet counters so I bow to Don Mur
  19. It was probably the fact that mine were an online purchase. Anyway it was a nice gesture and that's why I believe in supporting our own as it shows how much it means to them also Rich,
  20. Smashing Noel. I was talking to Richie and I will be going for the weathered boards myself and lots of Mk3 and a few MK2 tail lights as they were mixed in the early 2000's. Rich,
  21. They look amazing Noel. Richie also has some excellent wasp stripe boards for the locos that haul the weedspray Train in the Glenderg range. The IRM instanters are smashing also. Rich,
  22. The boxes have the IE, IR, CIE, logos on the boxes depending on which locos you buy. I haven't seen the as delivered boxes yet and naturally assume they have the Flying Snail logo. It adds an extra bit of class to the whole package to make an already premium model that bit more special. Rich,
  23. A Christmas card from IRM came through the letterbox today so thanks lads and many happy returns. Rich,
  24. Fran said they were in the early stages of production and April May next year is the target for delivery. Pay attention and keep up with the current or latest news or it will be detention and lots of homework over the festive season. Rich,
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