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    I model Irish Railways CIE & GNRI From 1960's to 1990's.Some are kits & others are bought and kitbashed. some are made from scratch. All rolling stock is wheathered which i think makes all the difference & realistic.I love to see other peoples work & i know how many hours it takes, but it's worth it.


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    Railways, photography, art.

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  1. popeye

    KMCE's Workbench

    Very nice project and unusual. What was the purpose of the flat wagon? and why did it have those unusual upstands?
  2. Watched a great programme tonight on BBC 4 about a journey by train traveling through New Zealand. A lovely journey showing the landscape and the railway lines with some aerial views of the trains crossing some very high bridges. Also stopping at stations including Hamilton.
  3. popeye

    Class 121

    Looking sweet. When painted they will be beautiful.
  4. Beautiful work and the colours are very realistic.
  5. Very neat work, can't see any solder.
  6. Nice picture. That's an interesting end on the brown van. Where was this location?
  7. popeye

    Project 42 Update

    The little yellow studs can be removed, i think they are glued but come out with a knife. I would like to see a set with tanktainers, Bruhn, GCA Tainer, Eurotainer, Dana, etc.
  8. Chris Tarrant is in Ireland tonight looking at the railways north & south. 9.00PM Channel 5.
  9. popeye

    Project 42 Update

    I think they should be upright, here are 3 examples.
  10. popeye

    Project 42 Update

    Looking at the instructions for detailing parts i think you are showing the vac pipe going on upside down. If it is put on the right way up the coupling may not hit it.
  11. popeye

    Project 42 Update

    Looking forward to these. The tracking number doesn't seem to work when you click on the link. This was the same with the Rawie buffers, it did not work either.
  12. popeye

    Project 42 Update

    So, are all the packs sold out that quick? I suppose you will have more ordered?
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