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    I model Irish Railways CIE & GNRI From 1960's to 1990's.Some are kits & others are bought and kitbashed. some are made from scratch. All rolling stock is wheathered which i think makes all the difference & realistic.I love to see other peoples work & i know how many hours it takes, but it's worth it.


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    Railways, photography, art.

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  1. popeye

    IRM Fert Wagon

    The set of wheels on top are for the bogie man.
  2. popeye

    Project 42 Update

    It's amazing how they make those moulds, it's a real art. Having a few time delays is ok, it gives us more time to save up.
  3. Here is a pic of the Cambrian LMS 5 plank wagon No C58 i made a while back.
  4. Sometimes you have to just throw it on and see what happens. If it turns out ok then leave it. That looks better but i would use more brown, it's up to you. If your happy i'm happy.
  5. That looks like a nice colour but will need weathered.
  6. Plenty of examples on that web link. It can be hard to judge the colours on a computer but look at the pic's on the web and try some. The only person you have to please is you.
  7. What colours are you using on the roof. The roof in the background looks good, how about doing it like that?
  8. There is a lot of roof, but we shall see how it looks when it is all done.
  9. The roof looks great, don't stop now, your on a roll.
  10. They're famous now. Sainthood soon.
  11. Here is a picture that shows all the colours in a stone wall that should be close to what you want. study it closely, the more you look the more you see. good luck, you have a lot to do.
  12. Very nice. it's got so much going on. More pic's & video's please.
  13. popeye

    Class 121

    Is that 3 water tanks on the roof? If so, why?
  14. popeye


    Only room for one tricycle, what about the rest of us with tricycles. I'm going to buy a unicycle, I should be able to squeeze it in.
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