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    I model Irish Railways CIE & GNRI From 1960's to 1990's.Some are kits & others are bought and kitbashed. some are made from scratch. All rolling stock is wheathered which i think makes all the difference & realistic.I love to see other peoples work & i know how many hours it takes, but it's worth it.


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    Railways, photography, art.

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  1. The forklift trucks are a nice size for the beer crates. I ordered one from Germany, the postage was more than the model, but nice to have one.
  2. Thanks, that saves a lot of hunting through the internet. I have some HO stuff, it usually looks ok as long as it's not sitting beside something that gives it away.
  3. Love these forklift trucks, can i ask what make are they and who sells them ?
  4. The wagons look stunning and lovely scenes.
  5. Nice job, if you add a bit of weathering it should look great.
  6. If all these wagons sell out so quick, there should be a bigger quantity produced to cover the early sales and the latecomers over the next year and beyond. You can have new people coming into the hobby but won't be able to buy most things if they are all sold out.
  7. So it seems to be that you can do either. It depends what livery you paint it, early ones would need the exhaust done like yours.
  8. I have a Silver fox C class and thought the exhaust holes where in the middle where the small rectangles are. So i made two holes there and filed the sides flat. I have posted a picture of it below. I was watching a youtube video from ITG starting their C class and the exhaust smoke was coming from the middle two holes. Perhaps this was changed when rengined.
  9. Just stunning. I think they might have stopped to look at the view.
  10. There must be something you have forgotten.
  11. Thanks, it's a minefield, i know nothing about these coaches but i am learning.
  12. Thanks, now i know what i am looking for. What about the earlier MK2b,c, what is best for them?
  13. Can anyone help me find the best donor coaches for MK2 & MK2d coaches to be repainted orange? Are there different window arrangements?
  14. They look perfect, nice job.
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