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  1. https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/2449-popeyes-workbench/page/2/ I built one a few years ago. You can take a look at my workbench page 2 and see if that helps. The roof is the tough bit, good luck.
  2. Sorry, I misread that in the specifications.
  3. The wheels on the IRM bogie are 14.4mm and most other manufactures use 12.5mm so this can also increase the height.
  4. Looks like street view, very nice.
  5. Lovely stuff. You have a nice collection of tools which make life a lot easier.
  6. I see the bogies have a bit of a curve, hopefully this will be sorted.
  7. I don't use the little spring piece, and screw the coupling down tight so there is no sideways movement.
  8. Sometimes I cut the coupling where the red line is in the picture and make a new hole where the red spot is. It might keep it away from the axle. I use different methods depending on how much room I have.
  9. Perfect, there's a lot of fiddly detail parts to go on and they take time but they are worth it in the end. I usually keep my couplers nearly level with the buffers and they work fine, it also keeps everything close together.
  10. What's the story about the little building on the platform?
  11. I see the fog in the background still hasn't lifted.
  12. Coming along well, your lucky to have that machinery to help with all that track work.
  13. Very nice. Are the J15s black or grey? they look quite dark.
  14. That Hunslet is a flying machine, does it have Turbo.
  15. Really beautiful top class work. The ballast is so realistic
  16. Your like a kid with a new toy. I think we are going to see a lot more pic's of this.
  17. looks great with all the wagons. Love the B & W.
  18. Perfectly brilliant assembly. I bet you could build watches & clocks.
  19. They don't look too bad a match. The MK2d is Supertrain and the MK2a is IR so they normally are different. The supertrain livery is usually a bit more brown.
  20. Is the A1 silver the only one with sand boxes? and should A30 not have the too?
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