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  1. Hi All Did Ireland have any Roundhouses back in the days of Steam? I believe there may have been one at Broadstone? I don't think I've ever seen one in model form on an Irish themed layout.
  2. http://droghedamuseum.blogspot.com/2015/09/pic-of-day-23-september-2015.html?m=1 Here is a fascinating picture I came across by chance. It's an aerial image of the old rail connected cement factory, on the banks of the Boyne River in Drogheda. You can clearly see cement bubbles and rakes of 2-axle vans along the bottom of the image, and the oil unloading terminal up the hill beside the large storage tank. This would make a superb feature on any layout modelling the 60's and 70's era. When did this rail flow end, and move to the new plant at Platin?
  3. 079 obviously had the kadee’s fitted, whilst the 20’ flat had an old dapol tension lock on it! 😛
  4. I'm delighted to see this layout progess the way it has! Well done! I know there was a lot of frustration around space, and the OO/n gauge debate, but it's great that you have stuck with it, and more importantly that you are enjoying the hobby and the challenges once more. Keep up the good work!
  5. Without getting into politics, has the new man at IE, Jim Meade, given any indications or opinions relating to rail freight and its long term viability? If The Port of Waterford becomes disconnected from the network, it doesn't bode well for any future Foynes development. What ever happened to the biomass power plant that was being built on the Asahi site outside Ballina? That was going to generate a fright flow at one stage.
  6. Hi Eoin This is it all laid out. Mostly resin, with lovely brass etches of the shaker screens and handrails. Also some whitemetal parts for buffers and underframe detail. To the right hand side you can see 2 clear plastic sheets with moulded windows, which is very clever!
  7. Hi All I’m crap when it comes to posting up workbench photos and progress, mostly because I have about two dozen projects started and none complete! However, I now finally have a small layout nearly completed (separate posts to come over the summer) and it has given me the drive to get some rolling stock projects done and dusted. I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of all things yellow, and the new layout has some sidings for PWD trains. So when asked recently what I wanted for an up-coming birthday present I put in a request and low and behold this lovely parcel arrived on my workbench! So this is a Kleinspoor HO scale Plasser & Theurer RM80 kit, and even in 1/87 scale it looks pretty impressive! My hope is to make a reasonable representation of Irish Rail number 780, RM76. What is the difference? I don’t actually know! This is the most complex project I’ve undertaken so I’ll genuinely do my best to post regular updates on progress, and as always any tips and input is welcome an appreciated! Can’t wait to get this finished! (first picture copyright Charles Cross, ontrackplant.com)
  8. 100% agree! Sell them seperately!
  9. Ah here! The benchmark of modelling on this site just keeps getting higher and higher! That's a fantastic piece of work.
  10. Just reviewing this post. Can anyone tell me where locomotives take on fuel at Inchicore? Are there fueling points on the slabs outside the running sheds? Say here for example? (Credit: Google Maps)
  11. Ah ha! Didn't know that! Order will be placed presently!
  12. I'll take 1 of each pack, but it will be June before I'll be parting with my cash as the tax and insurance are due on the wheels at the end of this month!!
  13. https://goo.gl/images/GyJpRP More experimental livery
  14. Hi All I have a Klienspoor kit to be built. Mostly plastic with brass detailing. Single wagon that looks a little more complex than say an SSM ammonia tanker, but not as complex as a brass steam loco. This is a birthday present so a deadline of the 15th June, giving a 9 week build time. Finish required- painted and decals applied. This project is a little beyond my expertise. If anyone has a genuine interest in taking this on, and has the relevant skill set please pm me for further details and to open a line of conversation. Thank you for taking the time to look! One final thing, a grasp of the French or Dutch language would help as that appears to be the languages used on the instruction sheet!🇫🇷🇱🇺😝
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