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  1. I think that it is the back of a miniature / shunt signal.
  2. Like CIÉ and NIR, the names of the MED (multi-engine diesel) and MPD (multi-purpose diesel) railcars were pronounced as three separate letters, e.g. M E D, M P D, N I R, C I E. I never heard them being pronounced as if they were a word. On the other hand, the BUT railcars were referred to either as three separate letters - B U T, or as a single word - 'but'. Hope this helps.
  3. The re-engined C class diesels were often referred to as CR by railway staff.
  4. They certainly seem to have been. If you zoom in on the black & white photo of B125 in WRENNEIRE's post above you can see the original mounts below where the snatcher arm was mounted when the photo was taken.
  5. Love the new look with the A class! Well done.Thanks
  6. It also put you in the carriage next to the catering car - handy for the cuppa tae and the IE sambo!
  7. The train in question was a special being used by IÉ to take publicity photographs. The train consisted of two standards, a restaurant car and an EGV. For this photograph, the train proceeded very slowly across the viaduct, allowing a number of photos to be taken. This is the same train on its way from Cork to Mallow the previous day:
  8. It is the Quagmire Viaduct on the Mallow-Tralee line, between Rathmore and Killarney.
  9. 2700 class railcars 'Sparrows' (Spanish Arrows).
  10. Congratulations on the move! Wishing you continued success in your new base.
  11. I generally use modellbahnshop-lippe.com. Have always found their mail-order service reliable and speedy and they have a good range of stock.
  12. Excellent review, thoroughly deserved! Well done Accurascale / IRM!
  13. Move to Germany. The money you'd save on each pint (0.5 litre) would easily fund a locomotive every three to four months! Or should that be weeks?
  14. Fascinating bit of history! If you can dig out the book, I'd love to hear more.
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