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  1. No. 2 is the IRRS 50th Anniversary special to Derry. Not sure of exact date, but definitely not 1980 as loco and train in post-1987 IR livery. No. 4 is the PWI Convention special at Portrush. Not sure if it was the actual special which ran from Portrush to Dublin (being attached to the 09:00 ex-Belfast at Lisburn, or the trial train to clear MkIII stock to Portrush sometime earlier. No. 4 is Macmine Junction. Grey 121 on the other side of the platform, presumably on a North Wexford service.
  2. Sorry jhb but that's not correct. There were five Cravens 1st Class carriages, 1147 - 1151. They were fitted with proper 1st class seating, not 'simply by throwing antimacassars over the seat backs'! 1147 - ex Standard 1551 - converted 1969 - 37 seats - reverted to 1551 06/72 1148 - ex Standard 1547 - converted 1970 - 37 seats - reverted to 1547 12/74 1149 - ex Standard 1558 - converted 1970 - 37 seats - increased to 40 seats in 1981 - reverted to 1558 12/84 1150 - ex Standard 1548 - converted 1970 - 37 seats - increased to 40 seats in 1981 - reverted to 1548 10/84 1151 - ex Standard 1547 - converted 1980 - 40 seats - reverted to 1547 03/85
  3. The 4-wheel heating vans were steam heating vans only, no generators. The would therefore suit the early version of the Cravens, i.e. those without the TL suffix.
  4. I presume you mean the 18th. You should be o.k. Edo. The next Bray show is on Sunday 18 July. Get to Bray on Sunday and still have time for the Ma's birthday on the 19th!
  5. The original intention was that the A class numbering would revert to A1 to A60 after all locomotives had been re-engined. The 'r' suffix was only to identify the GM-powered locos in a mixed fleet and once all locos had been done it was no longer needed. As Warbonnet says above, A1 did receive that number with the Supertrain livery, but before it appeared out of Inchicore CIE had decided to adopt the new numbering scheme and it became 001.
  6. josefstadt


  7. It does indeed, just like ttc's model shown in DJ Dangerous's post above.
  8. It sounds like the HOBS running late. Should have been through Malahide at about 21:45.
  9. Murph, pobably a silly question. I can understand why you would build your own turnouts for the scenic areas, but why not use propriatory turnouts for the 'off scene areas' on your layout? Surely that would make life a lot easier and progress a lot quicker.
  10. The AEC railcars were originally fitted with smaller buffers, but I think there were issues with buffer locking. When the new larger buffers were fitted the lamp irons had to be moved inwards to new positions, as lamps mounted on them would have been hidden by the buffers.
  11. Wishing all a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2021.
  12. Mine also arrived today. Many happy returns to all at IRM and even more success for next year!
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