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  1. Its actually inside the wall of Kent Station and not on the Quay. All tracks along the Quay did not sit proud of the road. The wall in the background is part of the old coaling bunker that was later knocked to make way for the Water street container embankment and after that the cement silo.
  2. Flats with a load from the ford factory at Cork from the O'Dea collection.
  3. Suburb! Always a joy to watch this layout.
  4. So sad. I watched his slide show at the IRRS Munster AGM only 2 weeks ago. Always a gentleman. Far too young to have passed very sad for his family. RIP.
  5. I remember the shuttle bus in Cork. It will go nicely on my layout, right era as well.
  6. Very nicely composed and photographed as always.
  7. My mother was from Belfast and it was always my go to shop when ever up on holidays from Cork. I still have the remnants of a few card kits I bought there in the early 80's, great shop.
  8. Wow! Perfect weathering. You'll have to put together a demo video for that.
  9. Stunning layout and workmanship. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Its Glanmire Rd indeed. You can just about see a ghosted view of St Lukes steeple on the far right.
  11. Yip. I had the same experience in Halfords in Cork recently except it was €14 for a can that used to be €8. Left it on the shelf and wont be going back. My local car shop does the Simonz for €7 as well. Not quiet as good as the Hycote but not bad either.
  12. I have the silver bullet die cutter and they're a great machine. I used it to cut all the windows for Kent. Great time saver, you won't regret it.
  13. I recognize it straight away so that's a good start. Yip curves will triple the work load and break your heart but keep with it.
  14. Skinner75 you're a star. I hadn't seen that video before and it contains a lot of info I was looking for particularly around the ticket office area. Thanks for sending the link.
  15. Fantastic. You really captured that 80's oily look. Very nicely photographed as well. Is the point rodding a kit?
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