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  1. Was there a 3rd green livery as per preproduction model I mentioned yesterday that the A class carried. See pic of A29 at Glanmire Rd for reference. If so would be nice to see in any future runs. 46 preproduction.2jpg
  2. Thanks Fran for the clarification. I managed to chase down my photo's from the show I first saw it and indead it was A46 that I saw. I might just have to order an extra A now...
  3. Guy's the model looks great but the colour looks like the wrong shade of green to me. I remember seeing a preproduction version of this at one of the shows and thinking that looked spot on. ( More of an apple green tone and less minty) I know there was probably many slight variations of the green it ran in with added rail dust and grime etc... but somehow this tone looks a little cool instead of the warmer tone I feel it should be.
  4. I keep looking at the rivet details on the port hole window frames. Definitely one to keep the counters happy!!
  5. My Heart bleeds for the poor Chineese workers who had to detail that!!! Something else lads!!
  6. Regarding car transport. There's this one of Glanmire Road from the National library of Ireland O'Dea Collection. Its a screen grab so if its not approriate please delete.
  7. Stunning work. The track really makes it.
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