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  1. This is the kit I got from Silverfox last week. Its very different from yours..no flush glazing and added door details etc. It looks like they're producing two versions or am I going mad!
  2. I ordered the SilverFox kit version and the cast is fairly clean, but that looks very different to mine, are you sure its Silverfox?
  3. If the water had of been flat calm these would look life scale. Great job.
  4. Fine job Noel. I've one built but not painted yet. There a very nice kit.
  5. Ok, I had the pull the trigger on that one...too dam sexy...the fleet is growig steadily!
  6. Did the grain wagons run in Cork or were they specific to certain lines. They look a fab wagon.
  7. Looking Fab, great shots.
  8. I use Hycote plastic primer as my usual spray primer as its stocked at my local car shop. Its much cheaper than Halfords and in my opion just as good. But make sure its the plastic primer as they do a metal one as well that looks similar.
  9. Nice clean modelling Noel.
  10. 3 little beauty's..Thanks for sharing.
  11. I have the Peco Turntable Power Unit, so that's the next stage. Although it looks a little flimsy...we'll see.
  12. I bought a Peco turntable kit a couple of years ago with the hope of converting it to look somewhere in the ballpark of the turntable that was at Kent station Cork. Its very over scaled and a bit toy like but a good starting base for a bit of kit bashing. The Kit! The support girders are the wrong shape so required a bit of chop and paiste. The turnatable well is far too deep so required building up the base. I also had to swop the over size wheels for something closer to the correct scale. I used card to build up the levels, and some old hornby set tract
  13. I've been working in 3d CAD for over 20 years so no probs there.
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