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  1. Fabulous looking model, can't wait to see it painted and weathered.
  2. scahalane

    KMCE's Workbench

    Very nice modelling, and excellent paint finish.
  3. Very nice design work, that looks sheer class.
  4. Its coming together really well. I particularly love the pier with the sea moss effect.
  5. Lovely mix of windows and textures in the terrace of house's a real Irish scene.
  6. Way a head of you on that, have tried everything including adding borax to pva, trust me these guys are very intelligent and can wait for a long time and find alernative ways of going about their business. Most cemicals have a life span including borax (about 6 months and these guys seem to now that!!). In terms of spiders they will disapear around the months when spiders are most active only to re-emerge later. I have tried the organic method of using diatomaceous earth and the non organic full suit up with mask and napalm the place both don't work!! Now I have learned to embrace them and welcome them as part of my layout!!!
  7. Can't wait to see this with the stone on it etc.
  8. Nice work, I love that single storey industrial building and shed.
  9. That looks very nice. I love the window detail.
  10. That's a great resource Noel. Where do you normally order your Kadee stuff from? I was looking at DCC Concepts rather than going through Kadee themselves. Also would the delayed uncoupler between the rail fit on code 75 track as c100 is highlighted.
  11. Fantastic as always.
  12. Thanks for the supportive comments lads, its much apprechiated. The photo's are an accumulation of work on the layout over the past 2 or 3 years, mainly in the winter months as other hobbies take over when the sun is out. I've been trying different modelling techniques over this time. Originally I was using printed imagery on card, which is a very nice and quick way of working but a family of Silverfish (all 1000 of them) took up residence in the attic and love anything starchy like photo's or printed material. This drove me nearly mad and nearly away from the layout altogether as every time I went to work on it huge area's would be eaten away. I'm now relying more on das clay and plastic as my preferred medium's using card as the substructure. But Silverfish will eat anything including the pva for ballast, static grass you name it!! (You got to love them though! they've been on this planet alot longer than us and probably will be still here long after we've vacated. In terms of my overall progress, I always viewed this as a long term project to be built over many years (20 plus or so). In order to tackle this and out of necessity to the space I'm working in I've split the layout into 3 main sections. (1) 'The Yard' I've nearly completed this part. (2) 'The Main Station' the next and most exciting part. (3) 'The Tunnel' which will connect both area's. I break each section down into separate diorama's that feed into each other, for instance the current section has about 5 dioramas that I'm working on. The Shed area links to the lower Glanmire Rd/bridge area which links to the Beales Hill/footbridge area. Most of the area's can be easily disassembled for working on down stairs but is not suitable for exhibition traveling. They've been times when I loose a little interest in the hobby and I have to walk away from it for a while but I always keep tabs on the great work that's been shown on this website and come back with renewed vigour. Thanks again.
  13. I've been promising to show some progress photo's on this for a while, so better late than never.
  14. Studio Scale Models. http://www.studio-scale-models.com/Freight.shtml
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