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  1. OOOh! Christmas is comimg early. Yum! Yum!
  2. A work of art. Simply beautiful.
  3. Great job as always lads.
  4. Very nice modelling. Love the interior stone work.
  5. Thanks Fran. The colour balance in the last photo looks much better. Its never easy I guess to pick one when as Iarnrod say's there's 80 shades of orange to choose from.
  6. The CIE containers look a little too yellowish rather than orange/brown, was this its original colour?
  7. Can't wait to get these all nice and dirty!!
  8. Take a bow lads that's a stunner and one of my favourite wagons.
  9. Fabulous looking model, can't wait to see it painted and weathered.
  10. scahalane

    KMCE's Workbench

    Very nice modelling, and excellent paint finish.
  11. Very nice design work, that looks sheer class.
  12. Its coming together really well. I particularly love the pier with the sea moss effect.
  13. Lovely mix of windows and textures in the terrace of house's a real Irish scene.
  14. Way a head of you on that, have tried everything including adding borax to pva, trust me these guys are very intelligent and can wait for a long time and find alernative ways of going about their business. Most cemicals have a life span including borax (about 6 months and these guys seem to now that!!). In terms of spiders they will disapear around the months when spiders are most active only to re-emerge later. I have tried the organic method of using diatomaceous earth and the non organic full suit up with mask and napalm the place both don't work!! Now I have learned to embrace them and welcome them as part of my layout!!!
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