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  1. Very nice Tony, love those gate posts!
  2. Very kind Mayner, thank you! It’s 4mm, I wasn’t planning on tackling coaches or locos but now that you have told me about the WW coach sides that might change things a bit......!!!
  3. Thanks Tony - what I meant by 'on the QT' was that I have so far managed to protect herself from unnecessary worry about himself returning to the hobby....... 009! First excursion (ha) into this area!
  4. Here are a few photographs of an LMS-NCC narrow gauge diorama that I have been working on or a few months (on the QT). It's a representation of the small halt at Capecastle on the Ballycastle line in North East county Antrim - the location was notable for having one of the few tunnels on the Irish narrow gauge. The layout is more of a diorama as it is not currently intended for it to be operational - building the appropriate motive power being the biggest obstacle...... It actually grew out of a desire to get back into the modelling groove by trying out a few techniques which had become a bit rusty.....the plan is to follow this post with more details of how the diorama evolved - every stage was photographed. Hope you enjoy! The photos wouldn't post in chronological order but you'll get the sequence ok! I should also point out that the diorama is not finished - lots of scenic work still to be done.
  5. I'd say more of a 'drooling' sample......
  6. Patrick Davey

    Roy Jackson

    I had the pleasure of visiting his Retford on a trip to England many moons ago - he was only too pleased to welcome my colleagues and myself to the amazing building where the layout was located, no hesitation letting four dodgy-looking Irish musicians in!! He was very funny and very welcoming and the layout was awesome - he showed me the spot on the layout where he did some serious trainspotting years before. RIP.
  7. Very nice Leslie - order coming!
  8. BCDR 2-4-0 No. 6 with the Golfers' Express, including the royal saloon.......leaving from a scale model of Belfast Queen's Quay station......
  9. I checked with a suitably qualified colleague and I'm reliably informed that the correct name would be "Caisleán Chiarraí". Looking good!
  10. Looks awesome Tony - well done!
  11. And the ‘Model Irish Railway Building of the Year Award’ goes to...... Probably just a trick of the camera Tony but the track in the pic looks correct for 5ft 3!
  12. Love the 'cutaway' church!
  13. Tony this is superb, the walls, and the roof, look awesome!
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