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  1. So Leslie, what were your two new kits? Am hoping the loco was the BCDR Ballynahinch branch diesel No. 2 (you did say your new loco was built in Belfast....)?
  2. I can't even begin to understand the amount of measuring, cutting and filing this involves David, and the level of precision required throughout. Mind boggling!!!
  3. THUDDDDD......... **Jaw hits the floor**
  4. Tony this is awesome - fantastic work sir!
  5. Thrilled to have one of these masterpieces in my possession!
  6. Hi all, anyone have any 009 track that they no longer need/want? Am looking for 2 RH points and some straights? Thanks in advance!
  7. Looking good Tony - will be a very sturdy model! Glad to see you making such solid progress.
  8. Just discovered this - great stuff, plenty of character! Hope it's progressing!
  9. Following this one with interest JB, just hope you get the liveries right........ Am not an authority by any means but the straight lines catch the eye a bit: looking at Ballynahinch Junction now makes me think I should have angled the running lines a bit in relation to the baseboard edges, even though the prototype was dead straight (until the point of divergence). Love the culvert and bridge - I have a plan for something similar for my 'micro', plans for which are still simmering! Good luck with the build sir.
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