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  1. That’s very kind, thank you LC! Please say hello on the day! Thanks Debra! Am an admirer of your artwork so please do say hello on the day!
  2. Looking forward to this! https://www.facebook.com/312792468816066/posts/2456475314447760?sfns=mo
  3. The LNWR ones are due in stock in 2021.... Sure the line to Greenore may well be opened again by then.......
  4. Thanks David - yes indeed a suitable backscene is in planning - ideally based on a photograph of the area but if not a general one with lovely blue skies (no rain!) and fluffy clouds....
  5. Cheers JB, much appreciated sir! Thanks G! Indeed!! Might be more authentic to have it out in the snow, to recall the time in 1947 when the train left Capecastle and ran into a snow drift......
  6. Did a daylight photoshoot - hard to beat natural light
  7. Decided to computer print the station name board. Am not 100% sure of the colours ie black on yellow but some of the broad gauge stations from around this time adopted this scheme so it’s an educated guess until colour photos emerge!
  8. I had a go today at making the station name board using Slaters 3mm letters - with the over 40's eyesight working against me, the result isn't overly pleasing, so I may have to admit defeat and print this from the computer. The nun is a HO figure from the Preiser range and I'm impressed at how well she stands up without any adhesive.
  9. Great window!!! 🤣 and of course am daft - I’ve seen your Dromahair thread, fantastic stuff!!!
  10. Sounds nice! Which station? Or are you keeping that on the QT? Looking forward to seeing it!
  11. The reverend ladies on the platform are actually authentic - my mother's cousin was a nun in Ballycastle and she had plenty of memories of the railway, and that's not the only family connection I have to the Ballycastle line: my great grandfather was a driver on the BR in its independent days AND a great uncle of mine lived in Capecastle before emigrating to the USA. I can imagine him starting that sad journey on the very platform I am recreating here.
  12. These comments are out of order (boom boom).......
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