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  1. Just discovered this gem of a photo from the 'Britain from Above' website, showing the layout of the narrow gauge lines at the paper mill in Ballyclare, County Antrim. The photo dates from 1929 but the paper mill trains continued until 1950 and were in fact the reason this fragment of the Ballymena & Larne line survived until then. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/XPW028723
  2. Chuffed (ha!) Great photos JB, please keep them coming, much needed at the moment.
  3. And the 060 with the snowplough suggests Ballyclare Junction with the footbridge and tall cabin? The chimney pot arrangement on the station building also matches with the photo on page 93 of Ian Sinclar's 'Along UTA Lines'.
  4. Awesome photos - the quiz photo looks like a top 'n' tail with a tank loco nearest... are you still in NCC territory.....can you give us a clue re. the year JB? A spoil train obviously comes to mind but am thinking it's not as simple as that?
  5. Anticipating this with much enthusiasm!
  6. JB any other photos from the bicycle & Shanks' mare part of your Dad's explorations? Could be mouthwatering stuff in there......
  7. Rathkenny - wow........ The Wellington cutting horseman - wonder is it related to the attack on the troop train 1921......
  8. Post of the year - fair play GM! I guess the Fintona branch was in effect a 'mane' line..........
  9. JB that last photo is totally mind-blowing!
  10. Micros are the way to go! My inspiration is a certain Mr. Chris Nevard, he produces amazing stuff!! http://www.nevard.com
  11. A currently planning a semi-industrial GNR(I) micro layout......
  12. This is a confusing choice by OO Works, I can't imagine a huge interest in this admittedly interesting locomotive. If the UG was a slow seller, could this be better? No offence intended to the memory of the prototype of course. And I'm not understanding the 0330 either? £279.00.......yikes........
  13. Good view of Athlone (Midland) station: https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/XAW019326
  14. And Dundalk...... A few on O'Connell Bridge...... what a fantastic pic!
  15. There's an excellent sequence of photos of the building of the hydro-electric dam at Ballyshannon, showing an extensive siding layout at the GNR station presumably built for the works. Great stuff!!! And Killarney and Tralee are well covered, including a great overall view of both stations at Tralee!
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