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  1. BCDR 2-4-0 No. 6 with the Golfers' Express, including the royal saloon.......leaving from a scale model of Belfast Queen's Quay station......
  2. I checked with a suitably qualified colleague and I'm reliably informed that the correct name would be "Caisleán Chiarraí". Looking good!
  3. Looks awesome Tony - well done!
  4. And the ‘Model Irish Railway Building of the Year Award’ goes to...... Probably just a trick of the camera Tony but the track in the pic looks correct for 5ft 3!
  5. Love the 'cutaway' church!
  6. Tony this is superb, the walls, and the roof, look awesome!
  7. Stonework looks awesome Tony - am really enjoying following this, thanks for the updates.
  8. So Leslie, what were your two new kits? Am hoping the loco was the BCDR Ballynahinch branch diesel No. 2 (you did say your new loco was built in Belfast....)?
  9. I can't even begin to understand the amount of measuring, cutting and filing this involves David, and the level of precision required throughout. Mind boggling!!!
  10. THUDDDDD......... **Jaw hits the floor**
  11. Tony this is awesome - fantastic work sir!
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