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  1. Hi Ernie, yes indeed I have seen that photo on your excellent Flickr pages - it’s superb, thank you. Are there any more from the Armstrong collection? Thanks again.
  2. JB it’s a Paterson photo, kindly given by Charles Friel. I’d need to check with Charles that he’d be happy for me share it but yes, it’s a cracker ok!
  3. Officially all done - Capecastle is finished and all ready to go for the show at Whitehead tomorrow. To complement the diorama there will also be a small photographic display showing the station as it looks today, along with some historical views, and some information about my family connections to The Ballycastle Railway. There will also be a digital slideshow showing over 300 photos and video clips of the construction of the diorama. And back by popular demand, are the reverend ladies! A huge word of thanks to the many kind folk in this group who have commented on my updates during the build, this has been a great encouragement along the way. We’re stand number 11 at the exhibition, located upstairs in the loco building, so if you’re coming to the show tomorrow please drop by and say hello!
  4. Verrrrrrry nice work LC and thank you for the mention!
  5. Looking forward to an overload of pics!
  6. Cheers JB - my intended period is just before closure so I’d really be needing one of the 2-4-2 compounds, lovely engines they were too! So if I can find a suitable OO9 chassis.......
  7. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the encouragement. If any of you are coming to Whitehead, please say hello! I'll be up on the first floor of the loco shed, close to the cutaway model of the GNR loco - shall be looking forward to it!
  8. Final touches being made to the Capecastle diorama before display at Whitehead next week - telegraph poles and more trees, and black fascia added around three edges. We're working on a backscene today, not sure if I'll get this done according to my plan but at the very least there'll be blue skies!
  9. Superb Tony, a real masterpiece sir!
  10. That’s very kind, thank you LC! Please say hello on the day! Thanks Debra! Am an admirer of your artwork so please do say hello on the day!
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