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  1. Latest updates at the mill - boiler house and chimney added, more scenics, and an anti-aircraft position, which was provided following a token raid by a lone German bomber in 1941........
  2. I use one for general dusting after sanding etc!!!
  3. Boom boom! Only photo I ever saw of Newforge siding was in Mac Arnold's 'Golden Years of the GNR' Vol. 1?
  4. Thanks GM - the main mill buildings will be a total rip-off of the GNR's Dundalk works so non-GNR fans of a nervous disposition should probably look away......
  5. Thanks Noel! I have a thread here somewhere about the shelter and also the signal cabin, which were built together a few years back.
  6. A small build over the last few days - a small boiler house to house the chimney I bought recently, with a water tank to service the locomotives at the mill. This has been a useful exercise as it has given me some ideas for the main mill building which needs to happen soon...... the water tank came from a water tower I made years ago but I had to respray it in red to match the prevailing colour scheme at Brookhall Mill. The blank wall on the right will house the station name and the chimney will hopefully also display the name, in ‘ghost’ lettering. The chimney is removable, to facilitate tr
  7. Don’t think that’s accurate - the mention of Larne was in relation to the tune I was playing which was named after the steep descent into Larne on the Ballymena & Larne line, ‘The Inver Bank’. I don’t think that could be seen as a suggestion that the GC line ran to Larne.
  8. I was one of those 'random' folk tonight! Phew.....wasn't as bad as I feared. For the record, they edited something I said to change the meaning - my actual words were "....very proud of The Giant's Causeway Railway..." but they chopped out the last word to make it appear that I was praising the geology rather than the railway. The praise was intended for the original line, before I get dog's abuse for daring to say anything positive about the current operation!
  9. Impressive Noel - particularly as the subject of wiring points is one which I steer well away from....... Really enjoying your updates on this superb project.
  10. Very interesting plans David, thank you for sharing.
  11. Very kind JB! Thank you I wonder if a motorised OO scale 'Dick' features in IRMs future plans.......
  12. Endless possibilities!! Don't forget the pre-1948 NCC & BCDR visitors, the IRRS annual special and the 1953 Royal Train......
  13. JB you might be giving me an excuse to get a tippex-liveried A class now........
  14. Once I get suitable stock, the idea is that CIE freight traffic would include a van for the mill, so once the train arrived at Lisburn the loco would take the van and the brake van up to the mill!
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