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  1. ....and the NCC Jinty...... but don't forget the OO Works locos.........
  2. A Ballymena & Larne train pack - an obvious commercial opportunity here in that the loco would work for an Isle of Man layout as well, and the coaches would run on a Ballycastle line setup AND allow the builder to model Donegal station in its current form.
  3. The home made friends look very good! Impressive work!
  4. Superb work. A very interesting prototype and your work is fantastic!
  5. That is superb Noel - very neat work which captures the character of the building perfectly. Great stuff!
  6. The signal cabin is looking fantastic!! Looking forward to seeing the station buildings!!
  7. Looking good Noel, impressively neat brick corner! One small question, are the roof tiles maybe a bit overscale?
  8. Having a browse through Hornby's new range and these caught my eye, not sure if they are brand new though but they might pass as DNGR 'from a distance', as the song goes...... Did the DNGR have any 4-wheeled vehicles I wonder.....?
  9. Ah that is just super - and all the current RTR releases are perfectly timed for you.....as long as the bank manager approves........ ha ha! Really loving this one.
  10. This is shaping up very nicely indeed Noel, great seeing the progress. The goods shed is as fine a model as could be found anywhere! Keep up the great work sir and happy new year!
  11. Yes - the extra realism is obvious and I do notice the difference in track level views. I wouldn’t be in a rush to have all my existing stock converted though, space permitting the simplest solution would be to start a new layout - any excuse
  12. Happy Christmas Leslie, hope you have recovered from your mishap earlier this year, and please post more photos of your excellent layout! Hoping you have a fantastic 2021 and thank you very much for providing us with such excellent models, you are part of the great movement that has made the hobby so enjoyable for all of us in recent years. Thanks again and stay safe!
  13. Very true - and Ciarán's own 'Eiretrains' website is definitely well worth a look: http://eiretrains.com
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