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  1. Looking 112 models so to do 111 and 113 in their current form with LED marker lights as well.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to get some more MM NIR 112 & 8113s. Would prefer to swap but would be willing to buy them as well. The reason is I'm looking to model all 3 in the mid 90s era as well as the current look so need a few to modify lightly. If they prove too hard to source then I will likely just end up getting some 071s and respraying them but will see how it goes. Heres a list of what I would be willing to swap or part swap (all boxed and unused): 141 161sa 141 Preserved 071 082 201 210 222 or 229 208 Cravens 1515 CIE 1521 IE 1523 IE 1544 IE 1529 IE Mk2a 4110 IE 4101 IR
  3. Looks alright so far. I will reserve judgement until its fully finished. I hope all the enterprise locos will get this livery this time or else there will be 5 different loco liveries on the enterprise.


    I'm not sure when it got the LED clusters but did find some photos of it on flickr, taken on the 26th July 2014.
  5. I will probably end up doing that as knew there wont be that many people having a spare 112 shell to swap but I will give it a while longer and see if anything comes up.
  6. Yeah, the reason is I want to produce 111 and I thought using the upper shell of 112 on top of a 8113 base would be best way to do it.
  7. There was no swap as I forgot to specify that it was only the upper body shell I am looking for i.e. cab to cab. So if anybody would be willing to swap the upper body shell of 112 for my 8113 shell please let me know!
  8. Looking for a Murphy Models NIR 112 body shell only if anyone has one spare. Must be in as new condition. Would be willing to purchase it on its own or swap it for a NIR 8113 body shell.
  9. Great pictures. Takes me back to my youth seeing the Suburban livery and Intercity liveries. Looking forward to viewing more!
  10. If you want to travel on the whole network (that's including trains and buses) then you will have to get a zone 4 iLink card. I think it costs £15.50 for a days travel plus I think if you buy it online you waive the £1 card fee. If you want to travel the network on a Sunday you can get a 'day tracker' ticket for £7.00 (Trains only)
  11. My vote is for the Cement bubbles. As a future idea, possibly the current NIR Ballast Hoppers would be nice
  12. 113 received the darker blue livery in June/July 1989 and received the 8 prefix in April 1999
  13. After reading the above posts I was pretty sure I had seen photos of its time on IE in 2003 so after a bit of searching I found them. Here are the links: http://www.ie071.co.uk/Photo's/111%20Photo/113/023.jpg http://www.ie071.co.uk/Photo's/111%20Photo/113/024.jpg http://www.ie071.co.uk/Photo's/111%20Photo/113/025.jpg http://www.ie071.co.uk/Photo's/111%20Photo/113/026.jpg http://www.ie071.co.uk/Photo's/111%20Photo/113/027.jpg Like the last photo of 113 with the beet beside 112 at Limerick Junction
  14. Was just looking on Hattons website and noticed they have a picture of 077 and 080 with the above mentioned error corrected. Looks like side logo has been corrected also. Its the last picture in both of them: http://www.ehattons.com/59127/Murphy_Models_MM0077_Irish_Class_071_111_diesel_locomotive_in_IE_livery/StockDetail.aspx http://www.ehattons.com/59166/Murphy_Models_MM0080_Irish_Class_071_111_diesel_locomotive_in_NR_orange_black_livery/StockDetail.aspx
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