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  1. Phenomenal - sad to think 201 has had such a short career though. Any chance that she will run again?
  2. Gulp I am close to running out of adjectives for this model but here's another one - complete.
  3. Love that - I would be quite sure a Supertrain A class made it to LH at some point!
  4. Can't wait to see these locos appearing on layouts (maybe from today?) Well done again to everyone at IRM & ITG
  5. Sensational Noel! Will there be a few As appearing soon....?
  6. Why am I reminded of this line from a folk song.... "....like the cat as she teases her prey....."
  7. I think Fowler may have been wondering if they have actually arrived, I would like to know too so I can hopefully sleep a bit more soundly tonight
  8. Tracking the ship was very entertaining - thanks for that!! But has it actually been confirmed that the container was on board? Asking for a friend......
  9. Excellent news - thanks for the updates. Will there be an update to the leaderboard at some point?
  10. I thought that too, but I have just checked an old OS map which suggests the siding in Ernie's photos is a short station siding - the line into the airfield would have started behind the photographer, headed north and made an almost complete circuit of the airfield, terminating near the village of Killead - see the attached screenshots.
  11. Incredible images Ernie - thanks for sharing. The Aldergrove ones stand out for me!
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