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  1. The beauty has landed! Many thanks to John for this quality product. It’s superb and looks well beside my recently acquired UTA brake van, built by Gareth Brennan.
  2. The postman attempted to deliver mine today but I wasn’t in…..
  3. If you put the tracking number into the New Zealand post service website, there is an option for managing the delivery, I haven’t tried it but it might help?
  4. Mine was shipped on July 12th and is now in transit to my local depot, so just over two weeks, which is what Mayner estimated
  5. Mine has reached England......... can't wait!!
  6. No. Two is enough for a micro layout. But then there's the next project.............
  7. Not surprised - well done to all involved, you deserve for this to be a roaring success. A Crossley roar of course........
  8. Way after my timescale but very impressive! Maybe time to update the leaderboard? Just in case I find a few notes down the back of the sofa…….
  9. Looks like the tender has a chimney!! Quite a high-sided tender? Amazing shots JB, even as a GN/BCDR/NCC fan!
  10. The B&T's top the lot in terms of livery I think! Although the silver livery has grown on me recently..... Interesting that A15 doesn't have a logo anywhere nor does she have numbers on the side - I wonder why that was?
  11. That looks the business, thanks Mayner - looking forward to running the van behind my two early A class locos! And the model looks fab!
  12. Got a text message today to say that my CIE brake van has been dispatched - wonder how long it will take to get to Ireland from NZ and I hope it survives the journey
  13. Very impressive work LC!!!! You clearly have considerably more patience then I had when I was installing mine! And much better eyesight.........!!!
  14. Brake van ordered - all I need now is an early CIE diesel (or two) to haul it.........
  15. Hear hear! Notch - a subtle pun there JB....? Or is my steam head way off.........?
  16. I guess that answers that then!!! Gorgeous models folks....... too gorgeous really.......
  17. Great to see! Are the prices in NZ dollars? Wishing you every success!!
  18. Yummmmmm This was my first order, good choice! The light green band makes a big difference I think? All liveries are fab but this plus the B&T (my other order) are standout for me! Great work IRM
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