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    Wexford, Ireland


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    I returned railway modelling in 2002 by joining the Wexford MRC. I have made a large collection of Irish rolling stock eventually developing Ballybeg an Irish outline home/exhibition layout in OO. This has been exhibited at 10 exhibitions winning Best Scenic and Best in Show prizes in Wexford. I developed Llangollen in N gauge a UK outline "restored" railway based on the prototype in NE Wales which has been shown 9 times (including at Bala, N Wales) winning a Best Scenic Award in Wexford. Shunters Yard is a OO GWR compact layout and has been shown three times. Cynwyd in N is based on another Llangollen line prototype station. It has been shown three times winning prizes Best N Gauge in Wexford and Best Layout Scenery at SDMRC. My latest layout is Llanuwchllyn in N (another Llangollen line prototype station) which made its exhibition debut at Bala, Wales and Belfast in 2018. I have started another compact OO gauge layout Diesel Depot which can show Irish or BR outline locomotives. Plans are also afoot to develop a small O Gauge exhibition layout in time!


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    Irish railways (1960 to 2000) and UK (1960 to 1980) outline railway modelling


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    Retired senior manager

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  1. With both the Traverser and Turntable fiddle-yard wiring complete, attention turned to wiring the first of two scenic boards for DCC including 4 point motors. All tested and working perfectly now. Lamps and building lighting are provided for by separate DC connectors.
  2. A couple of photos of the Traverser fiddle-yard which can fit at either end of the scenic section of the layout. Construction used the same techniques as the main boards except the board was inverted to provide a frame for the moving track board which is supported by three drawer sliders.
  3. I am developing two three-way 4 foot fiddle-yards: one is a Traverser and the other a Train Turntable. They can each be fitted either end of the layout. Attached a few photos of the Turntable the first one prior to assembly:
  4. Thanks Noel. The Peco track is easy to work with. Looking forward to running trains on this layout!
  5. The Big Reveal! The two baseboards have been constructed and track has been pinned down. This series of photos outlines the track-work and approximate position of the buildings assembled previously. Also see the photographic back-scene atmospheric of high Summer in GWR days of steam... The track design has a run-around loop at the station with a head-shunt, a siding across a double-slip (great space-saver) which enters two lines to the Goods Shed as well as a trailing head-shunt to the Cattle-dock. Plenty of scope for passenger and goods stock movements. The design allows for a fiddle-yard at each end of the layout: one is a Traverser and the other a Train Turntable (more of these anon).
  6. Love the back and side scenes.
  7. I have started on the first (of two) baseboards for "Buffers Lock" at last. This is approx. 4.5 feet by 2 feet. Construction is by the now well tried method developed at Wexford MRC: 6 mm birch plywood (precision cut by Woodworkers in Dublin) sections are hot glued together on a dead-flat workbench then glass fibre tape is glued in place at all intersections underneath with builders' PVA for strength. Two 6 mm sections are glued together with wood glue for the face sections and precision dowels added. T-nuts are added to enable back-scenes, baseboard covers etc to be assembled easily and rapidly at exhibitions.
  8. Thanks Tim, the painting scheme followed carefully the detailed instructions provided by Timber Tracks. The red brick consists of a base colour of Humbrol #121 Pale Stone which shows through as the mortar colour. A 50:50 mix of #62 Leather and #73 Wine was then "dry brushed" onto this once dry to highlight the brick surfaces. From the notes provided the architect involved particularly with the station building was renowned for bright red/yellow contrasts in his buildings. The signal box is a tad generous alright but the Directors may have had plans for expansion in the heady days of the railway gold rush!
  9. Thanks Tim, I recently replaced the insulfrog 3-way point with an electrofrog model to better allow short wheel-base locos to potter around the layoutwithout stalling. I used two Gaugemaster auto-frog circuits to change the polarities...
  10. Irishrailwayman


  11. A couple of prototype photos from this forum some time ago:
  12. All coming together really well now Noel!
  13. I have converted some Bachmann "ESSO" oil tankers to Irish liveries: Class A with silver/red livery to "Irish Shell" and "Irish Shell and BP Ltd" alternating on each side. Similarly, I have converted 14 ton Class B oil "ESSO" black/white livery to "Irish Shell" and "CIE Fuel Oil" liveries as above. I used Studio Scale Models decals and weathered the wagons on completion. I understand that these and the ESSO versions all ran on Irish rails in the 60s/70s but am open to correction.
  14. Turf has very low calorific value and it would have taken a lot of it to power a loco so the trials were not a success. BTW I loved Lego as a kid and now am in to railway modelling big time since 2002! Well done on your modelling with Lego.
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