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    I returned railway modelling in 2002 by joining the Wexford MRC. I have made a large collection of Irish rolling stock eventually developing Ballybeg an Irish outline home/exhibition layout in OO. This has been exhibited at 10 exhibitions winning Best Scenic and Best in Show prizes in Wexford. I developed Llangollen in N gauge a UK outline "restored" railway based on the prototype in NE Wales which has been shown 9 times (including at Bala, N Wales) winning a Best Scenic Award in Wexford. Shunters Yard is a OO GWR compact layout and has been shown three times. Cynwyd in N is based on another Llangollen line prototype station. It has been shown three times winning prizes Best N Gauge in Wexford and Best Layout Scenery at SDMRC. My latest layout is Llanuwchllyn in N (another Llangollen line prototype station) which made its exhibition debut at Bala, Wales and Belfast in 2018. I have started another compact OO gauge layout Diesel Depot which can show Irish or BR outline locomotives. Plans are also afoot to develop a small O Gauge exhibition layout in time!


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    Wexford, Ireland


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    Irish railways (1960 to 2000) and UK (1960 to 1980) outline railway modelling


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    Retired senior manager

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  1. Usually not worth recycling as the rails form the very basis for well running trains (along with flat baseboard, electrics). You can develop the most sophisticated layout with every scenic feature but suffer from poor running because the rails are not good.
  2. The only word for this layout is.. awesome. The sheer scale and ambition of those buildings and their authenticity is just amazing!
  3. It is with much regret that the Committee of Wexford Model Railway Club have decided to cancel their planned Exhibition in May 2020. This obviously in light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. All invitees have been apprised of this by e-mail. Thank you to all those who agreed to participate and hopefully once this situation is resolved we can all meet at Exhibitions in the future.
  4. Work is ongoing on LS over the last few months with more boards being prepared for scenery and lights added to buildings and around the station area:
  5. More detail is being added including Yard Lamps, security fencing, oil tanks, inspection platform etc.
  6. No longer used once IFI Arklow closed in 2002. All cut up or perhaps chassis repurposed I would imagine!
  7. Probably worth noting that many a worker died of lung diseases from such practices! S&H was put in place for very good reasons.
  8. Correct, Wexford MRC use the equivalent in O for fixed rakes of coaches but use 3-link or screw-link couplings to the locomotives with a magnetic rod or fine tweezers to lift the links onto/off the hooks. Goods wagons in O tend to use 3-link couplings in the same way allowing hand assisted shunting.
  9. Advance Notice for Wexford Model Railway Club's Annual Exhibition & O Gauge Festival: it is scheduled for Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May (and not Easter as for the last 11 years)! Hope you can join us for a super exhibition of all that is great about our hobby. Invitations have been issued but everyone that would like to should contact us about attending. We are particularly looking for O Gauge layouts this year but any gauge/subject will be welcome. For more see: Wexford Exhibition We will keep you posted on developments closer to the event. A couple of views from last year's event to whet your appetite:
  10. More detail added to the engine shed plus all layout tested with locomotives and working perfectly: Additional detail in development on the fiddle-yard end of the layout:
  11. More detail added to depot shed and track is now "rusted" and ballast weathered:
  12. The new set-up looks like it is well worth a visit!
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