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    Wexford, Ireland


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    I returned railway modelling in 2002 by joining the Wexford MRC. I have made a large collection of Irish rolling stock eventually developing Ballybeg an Irish outline home/exhibition layout in OO. This has been exhibited at 10 exhibitions winning Best Scenic and Best in Show prizes in Wexford. I developed Llangollen in N gauge a UK outline "restored" railway based on the prototype in NE Wales which has been shown 9 times (including at Bala, N Wales) winning a Best Scenic Award in Wexford. Shunters Yard is a OO GWR compact layout and has been shown three times. Cynwyd in N is based on another Llangollen line prototype station. It has been shown three times winning prizes Best N Gauge in Wexford and Best Layout Scenery at SDMRC. My latest layout is Llanuwchllyn in N (another Llangollen line prototype station) which made its exhibition debut at Bala, Wales and Belfast in 2018. I have started another compact OO gauge layout Diesel Depot which can show Irish or BR outline locomotives. Plans are also afoot to develop a small O Gauge exhibition layout in time!


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    Irish railways (1960 to 2000) and UK (1960 to 1980) outline railway modelling


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    Retired senior manager

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  1. Never mind - Wexford MRC are pencilling in plans to host an exhibition again at Easter 2022 17th April all being ok covid-wise. So, not too long to wait perhaps.
  2. Thanks to everyone for making our Open Day such a success. A few photos of Wexford MRC's club layout "Little Siddington" in action.
  3. We had all hoped that the remaining covid restrictions would be lifted by 22nd October 2021 but it turns out to be just a partial reprieve. The good news is that there are no longer restrictions on numbers for indoor events but the bad news is that valid Covid Certificates and photo ID will be necessary to access the upcoming Open Day in Wexford. connollystn: No raffle this time due to covid (to avoid handling money/tickets etc).
  4. Waiting for a Train: "Diesel Depot" in CIE Supertrain mode is revving up for the Open Day. Just waiting for A Class 007 to join the roster of 201, 121, 141 and 071 Class locomotives.
  5. Still working on catering arrangements post-covid but plan to have tea/coffee/treats available. On site there is the "Pot Belly Café" selling coffee, salads and cooked meat dishes etc.
  6. Wexford MRC look forward to welcoming Provincial Wagons back to our Open Day and remember our late friend Anthony McDonald at this time.
  7. Very well deserved lads. Looking forward to welcoming you to the Wexford Festival Open Day and showing off the new A Class loco on my layout "Diesel Depot"!
  8. Hi Tim. I built the buildings from kits to look like a "family" using the same paint scheme and adding quoins which differs from the original instructions. I have used Cobalt digital point motors to be controlled by DCC Roco/Fleischmann Z21 system. The platform will indeed take a pannier and a two coach GWR "B" set. Progress has slowed for now as I prepare for Wexford MRC's Open Day.
  9. Preparations are well underway for the Wexford Festival Opera Open Day! The following members' layouts have been confirmed: Irish outline OO: "Past-Avenue"; "Bog-road Level-crossing"; "Ballygannon" and "Diesel Depot". UK outline OO: "Wheal Rinn"; "Bridge Street" and a guest layout "Weston Interchange". UK outline in O gauge: "Prospect Road TMD" and "Little Siddington". Traders confirmed include: Irish Railway Models (hopefully with plenty of A Class locomotives), Model Rail Accessories, Brian Collins, Seán Ryan, Phillip McHugh, GModelScene, Dave Bracken and Provincial Models. There will also be stands for WMRC second-hand sales/Membership, RNLI, Maritime Museum Rosslare and St. Joseph's Warhammer Group. Looking forward to meeting all our friends in the model railway scene again at our Open Day .
  10. No worries lads, I'm a Dub living here over 22 years and it is safe to come here. Wexford MRC (founded in 1978) is one of only 3 clubs in ROI so well worth a visit!
  11. It's a bit of a hike but normally taxis are available just by the station... Check that train times on Sunday allow you sufficient time at the show. The road to Wexford is mainly motorway now so from South Dublin you should land inside 2 hours.
  12. Additionally, "Prospect Road TMD" (BR diesel outline) in O Gauge will be making it's exhibition debut at the Open Day alongside it's little cousin "Diesel Depot" in OO (CIE outline)!
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