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    I returned railway modelling in 2002 by joining the Wexford MRC. I have made a large collection of Irish rolling stock eventually developing Ballybeg an Irish outline home/exhibition layout in OO. This has been exhibited at 10 exhibitions winning Best Scenic and Best in Show prizes in Wexford. I developed Llangollen in N gauge a UK outline "restored" railway based on the prototype in NE Wales which has been shown 9 times (including at Bala, N Wales) winning a Best Scenic Award in Wexford. Shunters Yard is a OO GWR compact layout and has been shown three times. Cynwyd in N is based on another Llangollen line prototype station. It has been shown three times winning prizes Best N Gauge in Wexford and Best Layout Scenery at SDMRC. My latest layout is Llanuwchllyn in N (another Llangollen line prototype station) which made its exhibition debut at Bala, Wales and Belfast in 2018. I have started another compact OO gauge layout Diesel Depot which can show Irish or BR outline locomotives. Plans are also afoot to develop a small O Gauge exhibition layout in time!


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    Wexford, Ireland


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    Irish railways (1960 to 2000) and UK (1960 to 1980) outline railway modelling


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    Retired senior manager

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  1. I plan to attend with my Diesel Depot making it's exhibition debut with IE locomotives!
  2. Thank you! SY has been shown 4 times at exhibition and usually gets a good response from the visitors.
  3. You wait years for a 121 and then 12 turn up together!
  4. Buy one, cut it in half, then you have two ends to display at your engine shed!
  5. Mr Soundguy is the original supplier of all Irish diesel loco soundchips and worth supporting - all the other suppliers came later with "me too" products!
  6. All part of the quirkyness that made Irish Railways special!
  7. Great book. Every station on the line is covered with extensive photos and a drawing of the layout of the points and tracks. I used it as an essential reference when developing models of Llangollen, Cynwyd and Llanuwchllyn stations.
  8. I met the author Martin Williams at the Bala MR Exhibition - he published a fine book on the Llangollen (Ruabon to Barmouth) line and has a new book out on the Bala-Ffestiniog branch which is selling out fast and well worth a read.
  9. Worth a visit. The memory of the camp lingers in the area with a memorial and Irish flag flying at the location. A local farmer welcomes visitors to his place where he has a shed full of memorabilia of the camp.
  10. What scale is that - could it be incorporated into a model of the DART/mainline I wonder?
  11. Some interesting layouts of note at the Bala MR Exhibition in Wales this May (all proceeds to the Bala Lake Railway town extension "Red Dragon" project): Wood Street in O Gauge: Arch Road in O Gauge: Forth Bridge (24 feet long) in T Gauge (one third of N)! Forest Green in OO with working sempahore signals/smoke effects: North Winterland: and Cynwyd in N:
  12. For its 5th public outing "Cynwyd" was shown at the Bala MR Exhibition in Wales in May:
  13. I attended the recent Bala MR Exhibition in Wales with my "Cynwyd" layout but noted a number of static exhibits there of Irish interest: First, three shots of a model of the Listowel & Ballybunion "Laritigue" monorail system: SnN Secondly, an exhibit entitled "Shannon Tramway":
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