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  1. Exactly, I want it to be a proper crowd pleaser It is ran by iTrain with digikeijs and dcc Concepts equipment, the same as the new casino fry model railway in Malahide I think.
  2. Some more very basic automation. More required to sort out the headways etc.
  3. And some views with a cleared-ish baseboard!
  4. The rest of the track laying is done, just awaiting some more dcc point decoders. They are out for delivery so will make a start on those when they arrive.
  5. And British modern image, 2005 to present day
  6. It's British outline, but the layout it's self is physically in Waterford
  7. I hope it will go on the Irish circuit, I just have to get the other three lines working and some scenics on it before I start trying to exhibition managers to take a look. The main focus point however will be the automation, I will have a large screen public facing showing the automation working on the layout. Only thing is, it takes 20 trains to run to capacity, I only have 10 DCC so far! Might have to get some guest operators with stock, or an invite to come and run your DCC stock at shows... or I could buy up some more stock!
  8. It breaks down in to 4ft x 2ft boards to take to shows though, so still quite manageable, got to love full length HST at speed though
  9. 14ft by 6ft with a 2ft by 10ft central operating well
  10. That is Brooklyn Bridge you are correct! The result of today's 13 hour mammoth session of wiring;
  11. Thought I should start a thread on this, a new exhibition layout I am constructing. It is planned to be fully autonomous! What with the virus going around, I have pretty much a year to have this ready for shows! Plugged it in for the first time last night and everything worked as intended, which is a good sign!
  12. Foote N is me, it is actually Sarum TOWN N Gauge and Weston East N gauge. :) two small home sized modern image layouts to take inspiration from.
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