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  1. Big announcement! For ages I have been saying that the automation is being refined, it will be ready soon... Well today I managed to run the layout for 3 hours non stop and not a single software error or derailment was had. Today I can finally say we have a reliable and interestingly ran layout, whilst packed with trains and lots of action with short headways. Here is a quick clip of the automation in action, with prototypical speeds and stopping areas etc. Much more to come as I introduce more trains to the software.
  2. Oh no! I hope they get to reopen soon :(
  3. Hi everybody, I had a trip out to the Casino Model Railway, the Cyril Fry collection is held there. If you like the video, consider subscribing! Thanks all
  4. Sorry I left it so long between updates, above is my latest progress report and unboxing of a new loco. Lots has happened since. Enjoy!
  5. Nick

    Hunt Couplings

    Fitting hunt couplings to N gauge. HST My videos on fitting and running with them in N gauge, in N they really do make a lot of difference. My HST looks as if it is prototypical now instead of a 4ft gap between each coach!!!
  6. Of the last two layouts with no name, the first is Weston East and the second is Sarum Town, both owned by myself
  7. Video on YouTube Did some more platform work yesterday, more to go!
  8. https://youtu.be/vwWIhJKFXUs Couple more videos to pass the time
  9. This week we're on to a winner, Digikeijs returned my DR5088RC in an operable condition today!!! However, they did not repair my laptop which their unit caused damage to which is a real shame and I will now have to save up to buy another . I ordered, and received a DR5033 booster unit, just awaiting the cables now to go between my baseboards before I go about installing this. I have built some more buildings, a Faller Aldi, and their Horrem station building, I think they really work well with the layout. I have started a scratch build for the platform foo
  10. I used scalescenes download and print roads, glued down with pritstick of all things. Just make sure you have a good printer with one of those "ecotanks"... you'll need all the ink you can get!
  11. Because they don't make a modern DDA compliment model footbridge kit, I've had to scratch build my own. Never scratch built anything before! Here's the basic carcass from 1mm card. I've still one more platform to install when peco start to send out platform edging again!
  12. Well tonight's modelling went well, here's the outcome.
  13. Thank you! It's not too hard, it's just time consuming to be fair. Now for some run of the mill modelling; https://youtu.be/NjdrT9sYp_s A new video to help with the boredom of lock down. This is a new channel and I'd be really appreciative of anybody who subbed!
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