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  1. Got my Fert bundle today and I am delighted. 20200214_175304.mp4
  2. The October 1988 journal has a brief account on the MK3 push pulls,if that's any use.
  3. Dr,I have been told by a person in the know that 082 has a different Turbo charger than the rest of the 071 fleet,hence why she sounds so good. I am subject to correction on that answer.
  4. I was down at the Wexford Model Railway club this evening and had a good look at a fellow members 2 Ferts that he got.I was very impressed by them as were everyone who viewed them.Well done to IRM.In one of the photos I posted,a MIR Fert is shown with the IRM pair.
  5. I was going to say I could pop over with a tape measure.
  6. Just ordered the Fert bundle pack.😁
  7. Just a few dislodged handrails by the looks of it.Very nice bogie cements Shem.
  8. Colm O Callaghans book has some great photos of Fert Trains.
  9. Paddy did say it was a sugar cube speaker under the main pcb just behind the main grills.Dont know what chip it is,but it is one if his own.
  10. Paddy Murphy was at the Wexford Model Railway Club today with sound chipped examples of the 121 class. Very impressive. 20200111_153933.mp4
  11. Some video I took recently of Liners running on Gerry Byrnes "Ballybeg". 20200102_200459.mp4 20200102_200233.mp4
  12. Happy New Year to all.
  13. The IRM site shows areas that require some lube.From accounts that I have read,this solves any issues.
  14. I ran mine for the first time yesterday.They did derail at one spot on my layout which is due for replacement as the track is bad.I will use some of the recommended lube when I get to a shop.Fantastic detail in them.
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