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  1. You can get SMD self flashing blue or any colour on e bay.You will need to source micro battery holder and micro on/off switch,all on e bay.I will look up photos for you when I get a chance.
  2. Like these. 20191116_121656.mp4
  3. The 071 class body can be opened by turning the loco upside down and locate I think its either 4 or 2 holes under each bogie which have screws to be undone. When these screws are removed turn the loco back up and the centre of the body lifts up leaving the cabs where they are.
  4. Just the Provincial Wagons Brake van.
  5. I am stuck for space myself.This layout resides in the Attic.
  6. I love those beet wagons,and I got a 10 ton CIE brake van from your stall on Monday.
  7. The Beet season is in full swing with 075 in charge of emptys. 20191030_162546.mp4
  8. More work on the Brake van. The most tricky part I found was the brake blocks,but thankfully some pre drilled holes certainly helps.
  9. I purchased one of Leslie's nice Brake Van's at BlackRrock,so just getting ready for the build.
  10. Many thanks to Fran for bringing the superb sample A class and 42 flat plus the Fertalizer wagon to the club last night.Mind you the Deltic was looking very tasty as well.I was very impressed by all,and ordered two A class-017 and 027.Cant wait to get my hands on them. 20191022_190607.mp4
  11. I will be down to order 2xA class.Cant wait to see the model.
  12. The ferts will look superb with the new A class.
  13. I hope I posted this in the right place.I spotted this new book on Book Depository by well know railway photographer Colm O Callaghan.Book is due in November.
  14. Excellent.A bit more saving for me to do.😁
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