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  1. The ferts will look superb with the new A class.
  2. I hope I posted this in the right place.I spotted this new book on Book Depository by well know railway photographer Colm O Callaghan.Book is due in November.
  3. Excellent.A bit more saving for me to do.😁
  4. I am sure the lads at IRM are getting plenty of hints on what to produce in the future.Certainly the A class is a superb choice for IRM to do its first Irish loco.I often wonder are the C201 and B101 class locos a little forgotten when it comes to modeling.
  5. Just finished work on two MIR beer wagons which are running well now.The chassis on one was a bit out of alignment, which I suppose is to be expected on a white metal kit.
  6. Silver fox MK 3 driving trailer.I have a temporary battery to the headlight,until I get time to fit a decoder.Hope the photos help.
  7. I have seen photos of the rear part of Palace East Station.They were in journals of IRRS.It would be worth your while contaction them.just Google Irish Railway Record Society.
  8. The chassis on the silver fox seems to be a cut away centre section from a mk 3 coach which is glued onto a plati card base section.Part of the under mk3 section is cut away to allow the under floor engine parts that provide coach lighting etc.I hope this makes some sort of sense.I will try to get a photo.
  9. Hi Drew. I have the Silver Fox MK3 PP driving trailer.The chassis seems to be a modified selection of plasticard with the middle underfloor section of a mk3 coach cut out and glued on,and also a section for the under floor aux engine that ran on these. I will try to post a photo later.
  10. Wow is all I can say.The Ferts certainly turned up everywhere both North and South.
  11. I stuck on two rear lamps on one IRM Tara.I think they look nice.
  12. Very nice. Detail looks fab.
  13. Looking good😀
  14. A few photos of the rather nice IRM grey bubbles.
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