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  1. Back in the early 90s I happened to be stopped at Edermine Level Crossing just south of Enniscorthy.A single light engine IR 121 running bonnet first passed on the way to Enniscorthy.I thought it very strange at the time as normally the single 121s were turned at Rosslare and around this time 1992/93 the regular mk2s were hauled by single 121s. Perhaps the loco broke down in Wexford and was returning to Dublin bonnet first all the way?I never saw anything on the IRRS journals at the time. I had no camera either😩
  2. Got my accessories in the post this morning.Happy camper.
  3. They do look great,and luckily I have a gray 071,so at some stage I will get these.
  4. That's a good question,and as you said he owes nowbody anything.He gave a insight into the 121s and the problems involved,and by God fair play to him for producing them.
  5. I paid a vist to see "Past Avenue "last evening and here is a bit of video of top and tailed HOBS. 20200703_213207.mp4
  6. When PM attended the Wexford club in February he did mention about a rerun of the 141/181,however he explained a new model would be required with rotating axel caps new lighting,grills etc,which would make it over 200quid and a minimum run of 5000 if not more.
  7. All of the liverys look superb. Very tempted to go for a special edition 001🤔
  8. Stunning detail,well done guys.
  9. Great job on the scenery and layout.
  10. I have been budgeting for around the 200 mark as well.And of course one 121 wont do especially as they are darn fine in pairs.
  11. I fitted a capacitor to one plough van and it works perfect.When you take off the body look towards rear and the roof mounted board does have a + and - .Space is tight and you just carefully solder the + to + and - to -.I painted the capacitor yellow to hide it as best I can. Also you will need to add a bit of wire from the capacitor to the board keeping them red and black. Note doing this will invalidate your warranty on the Van's.The rear lights stay on for about 4-5 seconds even when taken off the track. Hope this helps.
  12. I reloaded the videos and the same problem.I might try and load them to you tube and see if that helps.
  13. Some video of pre production 121s in action at Wexford Model Railway Club in January. received_768366900334629.mp4 received_473167060281845.mp4
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