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  1. Cheers,I was trying to recreate 1978 with buses and various vehicles.
  2. Just finished IFM TPO which I bought as a kit a few years ago. 20201123_190047.mp4 I dont know what happened to the video but it can be viewed by clicking on the dots at the end.
  3. I think 146 in IE livery is very much sought after.
  4. From what I remember reading, it was 1988/89 that the last train ran through here which was a A class and two bogie flat wagons to recover rail in the Youghal area.
  5. 073 with the first run of the newly built Silver Fox weed coach. 20201101_183241.mp4
  6. The LC gates look great,as do the building.
  7. It's well worth having a look yourself. The 071 body is held on by 4 screws.Turn the loco upsidedown and locate the holes around the bogie area.The screws are recessed far in.When you get the screws out the centre part of the body lifts of.As you said some heat came from the top of the body,check the 21pin blanking plate and have a good look around with a bright light.Check with the loco on the track and see if there is a problem somewhere. If the blanking plate is the problem,you should be able to get one somewhere.
  8. Excellent.I think I will be going for the CIE ballast packs.
  9. The Beet season is in full swing on Bog Road with 084 and some emptys heading to Youghal. 20201018_120603.mp4
  10. Congratulations to IRM.I started out on the old MSN site back in 2007 and have seen the growth in Irish model railways with the launch of the MM 141/181 locos.Its been amazing to see the success of IRM and long may it continue.
  11. Some action from Bog Road. 20201011_190857.mp4
  12. I have to agree that it's worth waiting to have things right and very understandable the problems that come with this.I have two A class ordered I will be ordering more at Christmas.
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