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  1. Hi the LC gates are scratch built with parts from IFM kit.The layout is 8 x 3 roughly.
  2. Following some work,001 returned to traffic with the cement bubbles. 20200324_160051.mp4
  3. Some work done today with repairs to the road surface on the LC itself and reballasting of new track that replaced a bad dip that caused derailments. 20200317_164638.mp4
  4. Stephen,I used Studio Scale Models decals.George had renumbered 080 to 075 for me,but I thought I would have a go at a new number.
  5. Some repair work on 084,which I renumbered from 075.A broken lamp iron was replaced,and some of the handrails supports were glued back into place.I think she is looking well now. The weathering was done by George Norman.
  6. That looks like the blanking plate that covers the 21 pins when the loco is running dc.
  7. enniscorthyman


    Yer dead right ,plastic railcars Sure one derailed at Portlaoise depot and had to be sent to Scotland for repairs.Its no wonder they did not all blow away in the recent storms😆.
  8. Got my Fert bundle today and I am delighted. 20200214_175304.mp4
  9. The October 1988 journal has a brief account on the MK3 push pulls,if that's any use.
  10. Dr,I have been told by a person in the know that 082 has a different Turbo charger than the rest of the 071 fleet,hence why she sounds so good. I am subject to correction on that answer.
  11. I was down at the Wexford Model Railway club this evening and had a good look at a fellow members 2 Ferts that he got.I was very impressed by them as were everyone who viewed them.Well done to IRM.In one of the photos I posted,a MIR Fert is shown with the IRM pair.
  12. I was going to say I could pop over with a tape measure.
  13. Just ordered the Fert bundle pack.😁
  14. Just a few dislodged handrails by the looks of it.Very nice bogie cements Shem.
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