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  1. I wonder would it be possible when things get back to some sort of normality,that the high priests of IRM maybe might do a lecture/talk on the beginnings, and IRM products to date at some future show?
  2. My God,all of the liverys are looking class.However I have just ordered 036 in IR livery to bolster the fleet.
  3. The green looks really well. I might be tempted to get one along with silver at a later stage.
  4. The blue Tara's look very well. I may wait and see how the finances are going as I want to get a few more A class.
  5. Looking very very nice. Now I may tell the wife that I need to buy more trains
  6. Now that's nice. Well done.
  7. Well done Robert and IRM. I look forward to the foot bridge.
  8. I have a Lima class 33 repaint into IR 015,would someone please give me 500 or 600 euro for it?
  9. enniscorthyman


  10. It's very interesting to see the process of model loco manufacturing.
  11. Just wondering who is on this site was on the old MSM model railway site back around 2007-10. I was on as enniscorthyman as well.
  12. This is great news,although I want to sort my fleet of IRM A class first before I would even consider more 201s.I have 4 201s as it is,but a Enterprise one would be nice.The MK 3 coaches will certainly be a priority for me.
  13. Irish freight models used to do a rtr wagon,but I dont think they are selling anymore.The IRM ballast wagon is as close you will get to a mag wagon and would require significant alterations to the top of it.Another option is to get a Dapol prestwin kit and use the chassis and some of the parts along with scratch built body that you would have to do.A rtr mag wagon would certainly be very welcome in the future???
  14. Were the ferts the fastest selling item by IRM when they came out last year?.
  15. Some action from Ballybeg a few nights ago. 20201226_171415.mp4 20201226_171616.mp4 20201226_174002.mp4
  16. Happy Christmas to everyone,from Bog Road Level Crossing.
  17. 130 and 127 with MK2d coaches on a test run. 20201213_175040.mp4
  18. Thanks for the card.Happy Christmas to all at IRM,and thanks for all the goodies.
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