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  1. Thanks TimO. Bog Road has to fit onto my attic and my 7 seater car,so it's a bit odd especially in the fiddle area as only two roads can be used.My good friend Enda Byrne did a great job building very robust baseboards.
  2. A great day and wonderful to see faces again.Many thanks to Ken Fox who brought the Killeagh-Youghal staff for me to see.And legendary photographr Richard Wall who's 1978 photo of Bog Road Level Crossing near Youghal inspired me to do a layout of it.Oh and Fran twisted me arm to buy the A1 special edition.
  3. Many thanks to the IRM team for a superb model.Detail is gorgeous,God I am lost for words. 20211021_183453.mp4
  4. Brilliant, two books I will be ordering for Christmas reading.
  5. My heart missed a beat yesterday,I got a e mail from IRM,I thought it was for my A class order,but no it was just a confirmation e mail on delivery of my sound chip. I can't wait.
  6. Working wipers and fan on the next batch
  7. 146 and 184 running with a Gypsum special. 20210903_195415.mp4
  8. The NIR mk2bs ran to Rosslare in the 90s,I have a photo with 2x141s just outside Enniscorthy around 1993/94.Must have been short of stock that time.
  9. Certainly a surprise,and a perfect addition for 112.
  10. I can see a lot of work has gone into the A class making things easy for decoder installation and sticking in a driver.I think I may go lie down such is the excitement
  11. Great news.I am trying to think which stock will get a first run when I get mine,perhaps my Beet wagons.
  12. I wonder would it be possible when things get back to some sort of normality,that the high priests of IRM maybe might do a lecture/talk on the beginnings, and IRM products to date at some future show?
  13. My God,all of the liverys are looking class.However I have just ordered 036 in IR livery to bolster the fleet.
  14. The green looks really well. I might be tempted to get one along with silver at a later stage.
  15. The blue Tara's look very well. I may wait and see how the finances are going as I want to get a few more A class.
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