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  1. He always has trains for sale, some hang around, some dont
  2. Or even better again Halfords Plastic Primer
  3. Thats it, a response to Hornbys Zero 1, both a little ahead of their time ultimately. Technology has caught up with Digital control now
  4. Well dont forget, there are a lot of newcomers to the model railway hobby, who may get confused that 2 products are in the same colour box, ever notice all the mainstream manufacturers use different colour boxes? Or is that too advanced for you
  5. I knew I'd seen that box style before, could you not have chosen a different colour........
  6. Unlikely given FCC didnt help any of the groups who approached when the initial fry model railway was closed.
  7. Anyone feeling brave? https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2021/0630/1232254-search-begins-for-new-operator-for-dublin-attractions/
  8. Ok What do you want. Tell us. Be blunt. Be honest. Be frank. What do you want that is good enough. All you seem to do here is whinge and complain so why is this one any different. Maybe this interest is not for you as clearly it upsets you. 10 years ago even all you had was the vintage MIR resin kits for these and other stuff, people used to say 'wouldn't it be great if someone made them ready to run and affordable' - that is now here from an Irish company that is rapidly growing in terms of good reputation and presence and you still moan. Good oul Ireland - a nation of whingers, begrudgers and backstabbers. Thankfully in the minority.
  9. For this I'm going to go with Black and Tan onwards. I've also added MK2A/Mk3 stock as 121's are 'Suitable for hauling Air Braked Trains' Never seen a pair of 121's on the Taras either, mainly as a pair were too long for the traverser at Alexandra Road. Waiting for a photo if it did happen. Real 'badly stuck' stuff Livery Key - there was no 'Supertrain with IR Logo' for the 121's unless I can be photographically proved wrong..... Black and Tan 1963-1975 Supertrain 1972-1988 IR 1987-1997 IE 1995-2008 Single-stripe Cravens... Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR Twin-stripe cravens... Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR, IE ST Mk2D's... Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR, IE IR/IE MK2A's...IR,IE - rare IR Mk2D's... Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE IE MK2D's Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE IR Mk3 / PushPull IR,IE IE MK3 / PushPull IR,IE CIE Ballast wagons... Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE IR Ballast Wagons... Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE Gypsums...Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE Blue Tara's... N/A - Prove me wrong with a photo Red Tara's... N/A Prove me wrong with a photo Orange Bubbles...Black and Tan, Supertrain Grey Bubbles...Black and Tan, Supertrain Ivory Bubbles with CIE... Supertrain, IR,IE Irish Cement Ivory Bubbles...Supertrain, IR,IE Bogie Cements...Supertrain, IR,IE Bogie Shale - Air Braked...Supertrain, IR 42' Container Liners...Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE Fertilizer Liners...Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE Guinness Keg Liners...Black and Tan, Supertrain, IR,IE Ammonia NET Supertrain, IR Ammonia IFI IR,IE
  10. No fault but their own there. Also more fiddling going on than the local ceili band
  11. Unmade Silver Fox A Class (Rebuilt Version), complete kit with glazing, bogie side frames and Studio Scale Models Etched Brass Detailing fret €50 ono,can post at buyers expense
  12. No, they were all about bare minimum spending initially. Then again there was never any overnight work so no need for the sleeper cabs No Dump Truck??
  13. Its 1.72, they also do the Mercedes NG, Foden Haulmaster, DAF 2800 and Ford Transcontinental http://www.knightwing.co.uk/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?next=0&cart_id=1619513763.318&product=OO-HO_Road_Transport_Kits they are the ex KeilKraft range, dont put them near any 1/76.2 items and they are ok Also the Road Transport Images range of resin/whitemetal OO scale kits, a very comprehensive range, but some of them could be better lookswise. Also the ERF EC they do, rare but not impossible back then
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