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  1. Blaine


  2. Proper layout this, its Irish equivalent (BR Sectorisation 1987-1995) mainline layout should eventually be seen when this current period of mass hysteria is over
  3. They were both cut up around a decade ago, but they would have served little to no use being preserved. There were intentions to preserve one statically in Inchicore Works, but this was around the time the works was becoming a maintenance facility rather than the Museum/Scrapyard it once was, along with the 'Interconnector' intentions so little came of it. As said previously 1996 was the last time one was in steam Also road cranes have a lot more capacity and availability now than even 30 years ago, never mind 70. The ingenuity of the breakdown crews was far more impressive than the machi
  4. Easy to jam a piece of wood into the slot, serves the same function too.........old drivers tales
  5. Be quicker selling it here, less messing than ebay
  6. The MRSI Virtual Exhibition will be beginning shortly at the link below https://www.facebook.com/MRSIExpo/ Plenty to come over the coming 3 days And not at least the next annoucement from Irish Railway Models
  7. Five years on and we are edging closer finally to the Dapol 59 At least it will sound like a 59 and not like a 66
  8. Of course any thread on here would not be complete without you weighing in with your wholly unnecessary opinions Still waiting for the correct link to be posted
  9. Still plenty of MM Cravens available, essential for a mid 90s IR layout
  10. They will fit but will be noticeably smaller and lower. Look at the C-Rail stuff for decent OO Containers
  11. You need to post the link from rails website instead of from your gmail
  12. Hi all Due to the current Covid19 situation the MRSI have taken the sad and reluctant decision to cancel the October Bank Holiday weekend show for 2020 We intend to host a 2 day show in Spring 2021 if and when the situation improves Naturally we are very disappointed about this but it is out of our control Stay Safe Everyone
  13. Blaine

    Air brush set

    Its like every powertool in Lidl or Aldi. Ideal for very occasional use but frequent use will reveal its shortcomings rather quickly Better to go for a Iwata or Badger along with the compressor from Marks
  14. The final CAD's were available for viewing at the recent MRSI show, 2019 all going well. There will be several versions available with all variants covered, from B121 in Silver/Grey to 124/134 in IE Orange
  15. EXHIBITS:EXHIBITS: 1. M.R.S.I. " Kölndorf " 2. M.R.S.I. “Dún Uí Rian” 3. M.R.S.I. Tramway 4. M.R.S.I. “Curracloe” 5. North Down MRC “Broadway Industrial Park” 6. Wexford MRC “Little Sidington” 7. South Dublin MRC - Thomas the Tank 8. South Dublin MRC - Kildare 9. 1st Bangor MRC - 10. Maritime Museum - Dockside Scene 11. Brick.ie - Lego Display 12. Herbert Alexander - "Wheal Rinn" 13. David Wynne - "Under the Swan Rock" 14. Charles Glaholm - Boat/Planes Models 15. Keenan/O'Connor - Model Bus Display 16. Derek Farrelly - Bus Models 17. Dublin Model Car Club - Ra
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