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  1. After previously saying that they would have it in May and never Easter again . Easter is the wrong time and there was me thinking WMRC had learned after a few times....
  2. Ah god love ye chicken, ill light a little candle for you if thats ok x
  3. Blaine

    Customs & VAT

    And as if by magic my stuff turned up, nothing to do with charges ultimately, just the sheer amount of stuff caused it to do laps of D12 for the guts of a month So as clearly proven, if you want it soonish, courier - DHL,DPD,UPS etc. Take the hit, its just how it is now alas, back to pre 1992 days
  4. Just the way it has gone now alas. The late and much missed Jim Bayle used to do repairs, but even he used to roll his eyes at people wanting to fit DCC to Triang Princess's....
  5. AH ITS TERRIBLE SO IT IS JOE https://www.rte.ie/radio/radio1/liveline/ - do it @Billycan, gwan
  6. Blaine

    Customs & VAT

    I am now in the same quandary. Items from Scotland doing several laps of the D12 sorting facility. They say that its not marked correctly and the onus is on the sender who I've been in contact with to classify it correctly. If the seller does this does it need to go back to its country of origin or can an post go on the information they can be given. I'm thinking the former only.........
  7. A very comprehensive range of RTR GNRI stock, produced by IRM. Now long sold out and commanding very high prices. They were produced due to One person said they were leaving the hobby due to a lack of RTR GNRI stock and they obliged that person
  8. No, just gently pop them out of the cab ends with your fingernail, then give the body a firm pull and the body with one cab will come off. the second cab is attached separately
  9. Unlikely given theres a mere 3 coaches in the pic, after 113 arrived they rarely worked on the Enterprise. Its deputising for a 80 class set here
  10. Nice, definitely a local service given the length of the train, my guess is Portadown to Bangor, they tended not to stray too far from Belfast once they were off the Enterprise, especially for passenger work, Freight and the odd CE train was different though!!
  11. Blaine

    Customs & VAT

    Avoid postman padraig completely - use/ask for a courier instead. Parcel2go are good if the sender cant/wont do it
  12. Its an off the shelf product ultimately, look closely to see the 5'6 rail too, although it could also be Iberian Gauge
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