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  1. Thanks Noel , I've most off my rolling stock done now ,They are a little oversize but im stuck with the 2mm lLED till i find something smaller .
  2. Some CIE trains running on Past-Avenue 20190613_222102.mp4
  3. They look great Dempsy ,i also done the same with old hornby mk3 coaches i picked up at shows but they are not the correct scale length but im happy with them as we all have to start somewhere
  4. Here is the finished model Cant upload pictures off the respray at the moment as its outside my brain power but when i get a little help i will 20190515_071243.mp4
  5. Hi Here is a few pictures off respray i done on 077 and renumbered 076
  6. 082 with the HOBS on Past-Avenue 20190501_221428.mp4 20190501_221329.mp4
  7. Thanks Geoff Your more than welcome
  8. Here are a few pictures off progress to date ,sorry Ive no earlier pictures off the layout Enda
  9. I have asked for it to be changed but they're to busy working on more important projects
  10. Thanks. It was never planned to be moved out of the spair bedroom let alone bring it to a show up till a few months ago Gerry Byrne got around me to bring it to Wexford. I only started into the hobby about 4 years ago and I've tried to make as much as possible myself, buildings, scenery etc. There not nearly as nice as the bought ones but that's where I get most of my enjoyment from
  11. Past - Avenue Past – Avenue is not based on any particular location. As we both have had different backgrounds and things that are special to us individually and together we decided to base it on our lives instead of a place. I have a wide variety of locomotives and as this layout is not based on any time I can run them all on this layout with minimal changes. We have included childhood memories of family businesses, things we like to do, our lifestyle and hobbies from past and up to the present day. To incorporate everything on one layout we have included the family businesses which were farming and the creamery and a car garage (coming soon) where we both would have individually worked growing up. We love to travel and have a camper van which we bring around Ireland on many trips throughout the year so we wanted to include a campsite on the layout. All the shops have some personal meaning to us including some family names and our current business. One of our main hobbies is motorsport which is included showing the race track but we also do an off road motorsport called mudplugging – Sporting trials which we will get around to showing in one of the fields before the next show. As a child I had a train set and a few years ago I got it out of my mother’s attic and here we are today. We have loved the model making, and we have made everything from scratch as much as possible, learning from books and you tube videos and talking to other model makers and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience in our spare time. Enda and Siobhan video-1556014108.mp4
  12. Wow thats a work off art a masterpiece
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