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  1. Hi guy's I do think that there is a market for a 22k as it's the most common train that people see and might appeal to the younger generation and draw them into the hobby . I'd love to get my hands on another class 170 and there are a few things that i would improve on and tidy it up plus i still have to add directional lighting . I'm not a experienced model maker and there are a'lot of highly talented people on this form that would be more capable to do a much better job than i could but that's one of the things i really enjoy and get the most satisfaction from is scratch building or altering something etc. Enda
  2. Hi guys, Here's a Bachmann 170, that I did myself last year. Very pleased how it turned out.
  3. Past-Avenue


  4. Done also and good luck lads Enda
  5. Hi guys I have just weathered one of my 121s as I find the IRs are very bright in my eyes and I think it's a big difference and brings a model to life.6 months ago if you had said that I would be weathering a new model I would have laughed at you but I'd encourage anyone to give it a go. Thank god I had no issues with damage etc in transit. They are a fantastic model and we have a lot to be thankful for as modelers. Stay safe and hopefully we can get to some shows next year. Enda
  6. Hi try working the functions on the locos own address rather than the cons address when they are dubble headed Enda
  7. Hi DiveController its a 6 function decoder and I've got it in a 071 .Is it only a matter of changing the CVs and if so witch one etc. Enda
  8. Hi guys I have 2 of these chips in 071's and the only thing I can't do is turn on the cab lights . Is there a way to change the CV's or what am I doing wrong ? Enda
  9. Thanks jhb171achill it's my first layout and still loads that i want to add (most are small details) and putting a old style garage in front off the station on the lower level . I also like scratch building as much as i can and resprays off locos and stock I have explained all about the layout at the start off this tread witch explains all about the design off the layout Enda
  10. Hi JB I've used RAL 7015 on my resprays and decals from SSM as can be seen in the video below Enda PS i just need to weather her a little
  11. I use a drinking straw one that you can bend and hold it firmly to the nozzle and spray. The bend will slow down the paint and you lose notting Enda
  12. Excellent work Noel so realistic.
  13. Thanks for your help and i'll try that and see how i get on Enda
  14. This error message is coming up when I try upload a picture from the laptop that has been sent from my phone to Google Drive. I have also tried downloading it and saved it in my pictures on the laptop but same problem. I have sent the pictures to another phone and uploaded it through their phone and it works fine. Can anyone help me with this or what might be the problem? Thanks. Enda
  15. I done mine last year and works great by soldering 2 wires to the + and - on the board to the capacitor ,Hi Joe 20190923_214943.mp4
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