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  1. Thanks DJ Dangerous I used RAL 2011 on the MK3s and RAL 2001 for my super train coaches that my local motor factors were able to mix up but the only problem i had was the nozzle was not great and i used one off another brand to get a finer coat off paint other than that it worked ok .
  2. Hi i done some off the old short Hornby ones but they look ok on my small layout and my first attempt and i just need to weather them a little now 20190306_205112.mp4
  3. Hi all I will be exhibiting Past-Avenue layout this coming Sunday 20/10 at the Wexford Model Railway club on a open day at St Joseph's hall Wexford , i will have a lot off my resprayed stock inc Grey 071s ,mk3s etc etc soplease come along and have a chat , There will be a good number off layouts on display inc there Little Siddington layout and Eamonn Redmonds Bogroad plus many more, Admission is free , Looking forward to meeting new and existing modelers Enda 20190502_171646.mp4
  4. All done and good luck guys Enda
  5. Thanks Noel , I've most off my rolling stock done now ,They are a little oversize but im stuck with the 2mm lLED till i find something smaller .
  6. Some CIE trains running on Past-Avenue 20190613_222102.mp4
  7. They look great Dempsy ,i also done the same with old hornby mk3 coaches i picked up at shows but they are not the correct scale length but im happy with them as we all have to start somewhere
  8. Here is the finished model Cant upload pictures off the respray at the moment as its outside my brain power but when i get a little help i will 20190515_071243.mp4
  9. Hi Here is a few pictures off respray i done on 077 and renumbered 076
  10. 082 with the HOBS on Past-Avenue 20190501_221428.mp4 20190501_221329.mp4
  11. Thanks Geoff Your more than welcome
  12. Here are a few pictures off progress to date ,sorry Ive no earlier pictures off the layout Enda
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