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    A big interest in Irish, UK, European, US and Canadian railways and collecting trains for my layout


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  1. Bob229


  2. Excellent layout, lots of detail and fine MM and IRM rolling stock, great ad for the hobby well done
  3. A huge Thank you to Paddy Murphy played a huge part in the growth and interest in Irish railway modelling, from the Lima models to the fantastic Class 141/181, Class 71 a favourite, the mighty Class 201, and then the superb Class 121 fine choice of livery, the front lights, see thru mesh grill I think it is his finest model, looks good on both layout and display cabinet, hopefully you might do another model
  4. Firstly congrats on producing GWR 7800 it looks a very high spec and detailed Steam loco and will be very popular, I was looking into purcahsing a new steam loco model and will be purchasing the GWR 7800 glad I waited, my main interest is in diesel locos but the Manor model will be fine addition on any layout I would purchase an Irish Steam engine but from IRM point of view I can understand it must be a viable project
  5. The new Accurascale MK5 Coaches with close coupling mechanism and onboard lighting look superb hopefully might lead to an IE MK4 coaches launch by IRM
  6. More Bells ordered and B & I, having missed the original container liner wagons , catching up thanks to the excellent spoil wagons and C Rail container great selection, can assemble a liner train that used to come to Cork
  7. MK4 Coaches and a DVT would be perfect, could adapt the Accurscale new MK 5 coaches that are due
  8. Last year bought 20ft Bell containers superb
  9. Happy Christmas all, don't spend all Christmas day running the 121
  10. Cheers I like both the 201 a fine beast
  11. The spoil wagons heading out on winter track work
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