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    A big interest in Irish, UK, European, US and Canadian railways and collecting trains for my layout


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  1. Great photos George, unfortunately I missed it
  2. Hello I am looking to swap Bulk Cement wagon pack set F as new, for a Ballast wagon pack if anyone is interested Thanks Bob
  3. Bob229


    Dapol Pocket Container wagon
  4. Another superb freight model, spoilt for choice
  5. Such detail, fantastic, lucky client
  6. Superb great to see such work and details of how the model is progressing
  7. Bob229

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Quite a list spoilt for choice
  8. Hello as a newby to the forum, would anyone know the days/times when the Liner trains depart Ballina,  Thanks 

    1. Broithe


      Hi, just spotted this - you might be better asking this in Questions & Answers as a thread of its own - not everybody will spot this here - you should get an answer fairly quickly then.

    2. ttc0169


      The IWT liner departs Ballina freight yard at 10:05 on Mondays, Tuesdays-then 08:15 Wednesday to Saturday,

      A laden timber train departs at 11:05 on Monday and a second IWT liner can operate if required on a Tuesday it departs at 08:15.

    3. Bob229


      Thanks for the information will be in Mayo next month so hope to see some liner trains

  9. Bob229

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Excellent looking model, looking forward to seeing the Ferts
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