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  1. Are there any suppliers making Irish station signage? In particular, modern signage. I have made my own in the past for an old layout, but was looking at different options for my latest project.
  2. Will there be a weathered version in any of the liveries?
  3. Hi, just putting the finishing touches to my latest model - Enniscorthy station's waiting room, circa 2004. Thanks to Glendearg for providing me with the dimensions. It is completely scratch built, with mounting board being used for the main stucture. It is for a layout I'm building, which is based on the Dublin & South Eastern Railway around 2004, on the eve of modernisation. I will post a new thread on the layout in the coming months.
  4. Does anyone know the dimensions of the waiting room at Enniscorthy? I want to model it, but don't have any drawings.
  5. Does anyone know the exact green colour IE used for it's stations around the early noughties (see example below)?
  6. Thanks Eiretrains. I am modelling a station at the minute and I am going with the green and want to make sure I have got the dating correct.
  7. Can anyone tell me what year IE changed the colour of their stations from the green to the grey they use now
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