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  1. 218 at work at the East Wall Yard / Alexandra Road Thursday evening. 20 wagons- 18 first at East Wall Yard but 2 empties added, leading to not much room to manoeuvre to clear the points,when the loco was changing ends. The light green Dong Fang container isn't one you'd see much, compared to the old reliables of Bruhn, GCA, Triton etc.
  2. Moving a bit quicker than the IWT liner down Alexandra Road!!
  3. Rob


  4. It used to be branded just 'Inter City 1st' in the CIE era before Citygold but yeah, from what l heard or read, Noel is right- the standard of food and service was excellent. Too young to remember that myself but it would be nice to have experienced it. Not sure what you get on Citygold these days.
  5. 072 in action this Thursday evening at the East Wall Yard, first pushing back the IWT liner under the bridge towards Sheriff Street before heading down Alexandra Road towards Dublin Port. 078 parked up in the yard too with 8 container flats. 30278 was like something straight from an IRM box given the new paint job on it!
  6. Great update- look forward to seeing more updates I can't view the 'man cave' clip- must be some issue on my end- just keep getting an error- l will have to just imagine
  7. Cheers for that- great pics from Ocean Pier
  8. 216 in action this Wednesday evening on the IWT at the East Wall Yard. First pushing back a set of containers under the bridge towards Sheriff Street. Then picked up two empty (30234 and 30253) leaving them in front of the set to be attached. 216 ran around the two empty flats before pushing them back to connect to the rest of the set and then heading off down Alexandra Road to Dublin Port. I think the number of wagons attached came to 24 [later corrected to 20]- one of the longest l have seen recently. Great craic of an evening
  9. Looking for a OOCL 40ft container on the offchance anyone has one lying around they are not using? (OO Gauge) I know there are 'card' options out there but looking for 'the real thing!' Cheers if anyone can help. Rob.
  10. I always loved the photos of this layout- only complaint is that we never saw enough of it !!! As the lads said, it would be great if it could be incorporated somehow in your room. It's really high quality and l like the post-2000 lrish era setting too- brilliant
  11. I don't really like 201 prototype as a model, too long for my taste. Wash your mouth out!!!! Great pics though
  12. I don't think l understood one part of that!!....but it sounds good!
  13. I understand it is probably something like that video- watch from about 2:20. Given the load being carried is foodstuffs or related to it, there must be pretty high standards of cleaning and hygiene Wasn't it @Arran said he witnessed the emptying of a GCA one time and there was a delicious smell of treacle!!
  14. Yes- always like seeing the DANA's myself too! They always look like they've been through the wars compared to the rest. Presumably all empty given the two per flat. About once per week or so they seem to appear generally?
  15. 223's turn this evening. A lengthy 18 wagon set consisting largely of 20ft Tanktainers- two per flat.
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