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  1. Rob

    New Platform Signage

    Yes, TFI branding on the bikes icon at the bottom.
  2. Rob

    New Platform Signage

    Seems like new Platform signage is being installed in Heuston. Similar to the Navy style before it, but with a Green stripe now. No match for the White / Orange / Black style though!
  3. That is really informative- never knew any of that. Sounds very complicated though!
  4. I was wondering what the Letters displayed on the signals approaching Heuston refer to? I saw the letters UM displayed with the green signal on my walk there this morning. I have seen in the past the Platform Number displayed but never the letters. Sorry for poor quality of photo as it was far away and only getting bright.
  5. Seems to be gone so somebody must have gone for it?
  6. Yes, my favourite too! 2005 they started with the yellow ends which they kept when they were repainted into the Inter City Green / Silver. Always looked better on the Orange though
  7. Rob

    Class 121

    Great video. Layout looks fantastic! Great to watch.
  8. Good luck! I was never brave enough to try myself- got an expert to do it before!!
  9. Getting it back on track...... !!!
  10. Hi Wondering does anyone have photos of the previous Vans IÈ used to have in the 2000 - 2010 era? See photos here of the current type- looking for photos of the earlier era when the IÉ plug logo was king! Any help appreciated. Rob
  11. Rob


    That point looks like it has seen better days as Irishthump said. Put simply, If all your rolling stock derail at the same spot, then it is most likely the track. If they derail all around the place, more likely to be connected to the rolling stock. PECO points are generally thought to be best around so that is great advice above to replace the points with one of them. Have a trial of that and see does that help as there are few things in life as annoying as a derailing layout! Best of luck.
  12. Great pics- interesting to hear the stand down of the Mark lV sets. How come the Gantry Crane in Limerick survives and wasn't dismantled along with the rest?
  13. Rob

    Weathering bench

    Absolutely fantastic- looks brilliant.
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