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  1. Hi. I am looking for any photos of lrish Platform Signage from the mid 2000's era- the good old Orange and Black versions, example below. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. Rob.
  2. Great pic, never saw that while they were in normal service. When/where was that? Photo looks very modern and clear.
  3. Mark III (I) for me, but include the Restaurant with the elusive correct lrish window formation!!!
  4. I can only hope this is somehow Mark III related...
  5. You going to model something based around Limerick? Lots of questions about Limerick 不不不
  6. They would be seen there when they travel to the wagon works in Limerick for overhaul, upkeep etc
  7. Rob


    Yeah, Railtec generally excellent at sending orders- usually arrives within a few days.
  8. Any ideas of where to source 'modern' & 'normal' 1:76 scale vehicles (cars) for a layout? Majority of anything available is vintage (60's) or exclusive (Aston Martin's etc). Seems impossible to get anything post 2000's you'd find in lreland like a Passat or a Focus!!
  9. Get a few photos now !!
  10. Like the 4001 & 216 set, rarely see that! Saw 216 on a similar set from Cork arrive in Heuston during the week!!
  11. Like the Taxi Decals.
  12. I like the 201 class and you don't often get too many layouts with them on it, so really like the pics / vids here
  13. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/new-heuston-station-control-centre-to-manage-250-000-train-movements-a-year-1.4281580
  14. Brilliant- where did you get the Bus Shelter?
  15. Hopefully the first of many.
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