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  1. Rob

    Weathering bench

    They look excellent to me- not an expert on things steam but those photos look excellent
  2. Great shots- good to capture the debut! Nice to see the old reliable DANA tankers too at the start. Thanks for the pics- hope to see more in the future!!
  3. http://www.rte.ie/news/munster/2021/0929/1249615-freight-railway/ Good to see- wondering are there any decent photos of the debut today?
  4. I see the coloured springs on the bogies of the Mark 3 Executive- very topical !
  5. They were around by April 1998- see photo from Colm O'Callaghan's excellent book 'lrish Traction Iarnród Éireann'. I never saw more than one in a single train but may have been, given the amount of Bells that must have been around when they finished.
  6. Bell 40's would have been well gone by then- some lingered on in a 'fallen flag' status for a while after ('Bell' wording painted out but rest of the container still the same). See Ernie's photo from Limerick 2000.
  7. Amazing quality- brilliant detail!
  8. Brilliant- scenery is very impressive in particular
  9. Rob

    Port traffic

    Great news- If only it led to a move back to evening movements down Alexandra Road instead of night time....!!
  10. Now, THAT would be great. Look forward to that for sure
  11. Yes John- from regularly stalking the IWT liner at North Wall for years, coupled with hours of watching videos of lrish container trains on-line going back a decade or so (l need to get out more), l too previously tried to piece together what available containers would suit a modern liner. CAI / CRONOS / EVERGREEN / GENSTAR / HAPAG LLOYD / K LINE / MSC / MAERSK / OOCL / ONE OCEAN / CMA CGM/ HAMBURG SUD / KYK LOGISTICS / TIPHOOK. 20 ft Tankers: BRUHN / GCA TAINER / DANA / EUROTAINER / HOYER Hope it helps.
  12. Agreed- Definitely not 1987- with the 45' Cobelfret, it looks recent enough from the last few years at most, but shows the Evergreen does appear.
  13. Looks very impressive! I know nothing about US stock but it looks great.
  14. ...and they look every day of it too!
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