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  1. Same question about Heuston Station- what would be the best source for track plans?
  2. Look great- really professional finish. 10 / 10 !
  3. Rob

    The Ultimate

    IÉ Mark 3, Fran. IÉ Mark 3 😀😀😀
  4. Rob

    The Ultimate

    Great question! Two 7 car rakes of Mark 3 IÉ coaches (incl EGV's, Restaurant (proper windows) & Citygold) in a reasonably similar shade of orange!! Hint, hint 😀😀...
  5. Very interesting info for a Mark 3 devotee like myself ! Btw, where can one find lists of Mark 3 formations from 2003 / 2009 as mentioned?
  6. Yes- have always found him excellent in any dealings.
  7. Destination would be towards Heuston given the 'Standard' coach behind the loco- the formation for any Mark 3 set towards Heuston.
  8. You don't have much choice there Dave, really.....🤣🤣
  9. I look forward to seeing the DVT, so rare!
  10. Great video to see, but sad to see the end of the Mark 3's... 😫😫
  11. They look superb!👍
  12. Looks excellent- very realistic!
  13. Really looking forward to the DVT !
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