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  1. The one in the photo above would have been the ex BR type Generating Steam Van which would have been around in the era of the 071 in the loco livery in your photo, mid 1990's - 2006. The 'Dutch' type that was mentioned above would be the type below, maybe what you mean? That would be before my era so some of the others here would be able to advise on that side of it but they would have both ran with the Cravens.
  2. The 071 class loco is a good choice for that era, Mick as it would have pulled the Cravens you have but also the Mark 2 & Mark 3 sets that would have been around in that era in case you expand in the future. It also would have been used for freight like the Container 42' flats & Tara Mines Wagons etc so it is versatile but accurate! Something like this (below) would have been found at the back (or front) with the Cravens during this era too- the BR van referred to above. Hope that helps and good luck! Rob.
  3. Good stuff @Noel- l found it worked well too and ordered three! Look forward to seeing what comes of the Mark 3.
  4. Love the signage!
  5. It was recommended above, and from the one experience l had today, it seemed to match the Halfords one which was the best general purpose one l encountered. Especially if you can't get the Halfords one, it seems very good to me 👍👍👍
  6. Tried Hycote Plastic Primer on some fencing as recommended by @scahalane given the difficulty in getting the trusty Halfords equivalent, which is all l ever used. Seems to be decent quality and does the job from what l see, so if you're stuck, go for it !
  7. How did you do the road / car park? Looks good.
  8. Brilliant- look forward to it. Have you a track plan or are you going to 'wing it?' 😀😀😀
  9. Please do! I will contribute ten trays (or whatever he wants) also !
  10. Rob

    Jason's Workbench

    Wow Jason- looks fantastic. What did you use/ How did you do that? I'm trying to source first, and then recreate something like, the container-lifter like used be in North Wall... Source (Ernie's photos)
  11. You must be a mind reader- l have been struggling with this over the last while as my trusty Halfords Grey Primer ran out just at the end of March. I did source this Tygris version from Roscommon (who delivered next day to be fair to them) but the quality is not even close. I would be delighted to try this place to see & will send them a message.
  12. Hey. Long shot l know, but currently looking for a Dublin Bus double decker to suit OO Gauge layout, from around 2000 - 2010 era. (CitySwift or Navy & Cream livery etc) Any help appreciated..... 👍👍👍 Rob.
  13. Brilliant, Noel- cheers for that. It is exactly what l was looking for- never saw that site before but it's spot on 👍👍 Rob.
  14. Hi. Looking for 'Modern' Platform Seating (OO Gauge) similar to what has been in Heuston for a while now (attached). Any suggestions as to the closest match available? Any help is appreciated. Rob.
  15. Great question- always wondered what camera work best for photographing layouts- l know it varies & depends on the person taking it too, but would be good to know.
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