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  1. Really straight, clean lines. Very, very sharp.
  2. Brilliant looking- detailed and so realistic!
  3. Brilliant- that last photo is excellently realistic- love the signpost!
  4. Locomotive 146 idling with a short set of Cravens (1544, 1521, 1529) and BR Gen. Van (3192) in the sidings at Heuston North.
  5. Some photos of layout named after a combination of my local, Heuston Station (for the passenger stock) & North Wall (for the freight). Era is loosely based around 2005 - 2008 when you could still see Cravens, Mark 3's, 141 & 181 in operation, along side 071 and 201 class locos. I took the photos after l removed the stock to clean the rails- rare to have nothing on it! I don't have the expertise of most on here on the modelling front. l owe a huge amount to so many guys here who helped along the way. It was kinda the dream even getting to this point and there is a long way to go but here's where l am today.
  6. Great to see they landed! Very impressive display- really extensive!
  7. Hi. Trying to find photos of a 'modern' Gantry Crane in lrish Rail freight yards. Most of them were not in use as the 2000's advanced but still survived even though not in use. I know l had a photo of the Waterford Belview one with IÈ signage but my archiving has slipped on this and can't find it!! Any photos appreciated Thanks. Rob.
  8. Rob

    Suspension of IWT Liner

  9. Rob

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Great picture! Also brilliant to hear both 232 and the IWT liner is back!!! Why was 232 out of service for a year btw?
  10. Rob

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    083 on the second last day of the IWT liner before the suspension tomorrow. Usual 20 wagons but only GCA Tankers on the first lot- rest were empty.
  11. Rob

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    There is a rare photo here of the unloading.
  12. Rob

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Yes, the Tara Mines trains take the first track from Alexandra Road into their own unloading terminal- see photo from Eiretrains. The container trains take the track on the left (eastern end) that continues into the port.
  13. Given the news, felt this was worthy of a thread all of its own in case it might be missed or threaten to derail the original thread- see below from @thewanderer Hope this is only temporary.... Pictures from various locations between Clonnydonnin and Athlone, the main highlight being the IWT Liner which is shortly to "be suspended until further notice" due to Dublin Port Company refusing permission for the train to operate into the Common User Container terminal due to congestion issues. It is estimated that the suspension will add 120+ trucks each week to the Dublin - Ballina road. The final liner is scheduled to operate on Thursday 10th June.
  14. Posted 5 hours ago Copied from the duplicate thread: Welcome!! Each to their own but if you have already invested in a lot of OO gauge trains, buildings and tracks, it might make sense to have a go at building something basic within your confines with what you have- as you have it. You can always do a rough plan and see how you go with it and it might be what you want. If not, then at least you have lost nothing by trying. 10 x 10 is more space than a lot of people have! Deffo go for it and post some photos!!
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