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  1. Looks great- we don't see enough Mark 3's so always great to see them! 👍
  2. Looks great! Would love to see any Mark 3's !
  3. Brilliant- love these scenes!
  4. Yeah, echo the above points. Eight windows on the Standards is the accurate numbers for IÉ version although the doors won't be accurate as @NIRCLASS80 says- go for what works on your layout & practice on a Hornby shortie first. Good luck & look forward to seeing the work!
  5. Love the era you are modelling, exactly like what l like ! Look forward to the progress photos!
  6. This is the large Blue corregated building near the brush wash, l guess? Great pics. Btw, am l correct in saying the Signal Control 'Box' at Heuston is situated over by Platform 10?
  7. For many reasons, the Mark 3's should never have been scrapped!
  8. Any idea where l could locate some (preferably grey) Platform Ladders with Safety Rings, similar to the one in the photo for accessing the platform canopies? They often come with signals (such as CR Signals) but wondering any ideas where ladders like that can be sourced on their own. Also looking for some Refuelling or Water Pump Points similar to the photo below if any one can help where l could find any? (OO Gauge) Thanks!
  9. Hi. Any suggestions of where l could source decent Fencing for OO gauge railway yard along the lines of that at Heuston attached? Something that doesn't require to be painted preferably !! Cheers.
  10. To understand the signalling numbering system like that in Heuston (HN)- in the case at a points crossover, where the driver has the option of: - Continuing straight or - Crossing over to shunt on a different line, should the Shunt (S) number on the signal with the arrow, show the number of the line the driver is on NOW, or the one he is going to crossover into? Hope it makes sense! Eg: if a driver was entering Heuston in the pic below and there was a Shunt Signal facing him with Arrow to the right, what number would be on the Signal Number?
  11. Always great to see updates from here- brilliant!!
  12. Rob

    Mk3 coaches

    That looks spot on- look forward to the photos when the decals are on it!
  13. Same question about Heuston Station- what would be the best source for track plans?
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