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  1. Thank you, it'll give me something to work off. Maybe do a few colour tests before hand
  2. Dos anyone know the colour combination /codes for the original 201 hauled enterprise livery?
  3. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    Dos any know the colour codes for the original enterprise livery and the 201 hauled intercity livery?
  4. Although I didn't weather the inside of the wagons as they'll carry full length containers there will be a handful mixed in that will either be ran empty or with 20ft container or barrier that will have some weathering on the inside as they'll be seen. cheers Rich I used dry brushing and appalled layers. Copper colour first, Frame dirt next followed by roof dirt. I varyed between light to heavy depending on how used i wanted the wagons to look. Finally i brushed over each using the air brush with frame dirt.
  5. Can not wait. It look really well up close.
  6. With the sudden amount of free time i have, i decided to spend it weathering the number of Dapol pocket wagons. Although having tried my hand at light weathering on my rake of resprayed mk3s i painted I wanted to go for a more varied and worn look. The results are as seen in the pictures. Thoughts, comments and suggests as always welcome.
  7. Done! Very best of luck to you
  8. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    Respray project No.2 of mk3 couches is in full swing and even tried my hand at weathering both the couches and the class 201 which will be hauling them.
  9. Three down, four to go and first attempt at weathering a loco done.
  10. The first three in the make shift spray booth i.e. cardboard box. Decals applied and first stage of weathering done. I know it's not for everyone but i personally think it adds to the detail. I'm going for a these couches are not far off needing to visit the wash look. Had some mix left over so thought i'd try a loco so since 210 is going to be hauling this rake i figured i'd give it ago. Thoughts and comments as always appreciated.
  11. Have the weekend to myself so I'll be finishing the rest of my resprays, applying decals and some weathering to the frame. I'll post some pictures later of the completed work
  12. thank you, you've been a great help
  13. Brilliant video thank you. Gave me a nice look into line side details and positioning and running mixed freight trains. I'll definitely be watching more thank you for the photos. I trying to find better pictures of this type of crane that was in used when my layout is planned to be set
  14. I've been trying in vain to find any photos for point of reference of the freight yard at Dundalk on the Ardee Rd and not the old barrack street one. If anyone has any pictures of the yard in operation and at the very least with the crane that use to be there could send them on i'd very much appreciate it. Thank you in advance
  15. Just came across this post but thanks for the education. Never knew that existed in the town or how much has been lost. The railway is truly a shadow of its former self.
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