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  1. Also in addition to your point for anyone looking to try their hand at repainting, putting down the white first as even a primer layer helps give the orange a brighter look. I use Ral 2011 through an airbrush.
  2. I normally do reverse masking as I've done on my repainted rakes of mk3s. Was trying something new for my own experience more then anything. As this was my first time building the kit I used it more as a way to experiment. Never the less thank you and I've been following your thread and the work on those mk2s are excellent.
  3. Minus decals and weathering for now. Alot of lessons learned on this for the next time. Your thoughts as always are appreciated guys.
  4. After seeing these photos I can't wait for mine even more. Looks amazing.
  5. Amazing scene Rob. Great level of detail.
  6. Thank you all. I think this would be very interesting layout or diorama. Definitely going to research this more.
  7. Just stumbled across this post and am instantly fascinated. Is there any more information? Pictures? Dos it still exist or did we do the irish thing and scrap this piece of irish military history?
  8. The closer it gets to the release the harder it is too be patient. Models looks amazing guys well done and looks to just glade across the rails
  9. Overall lessons learnt so far on my first attempt at this kit. 1. Patience - not that I rush it but as I wasn't using the recommended hornby or lima mark 3 coaches because i didnt have one I had to plan around how the coach came after and went back together. I could have given this more time as this forced me to jump some steps or do other sooner then was intended. 2. Milliput - using this for the first time on a project. In some areas i put too much and in others not enough which became apparent when primer was applied after sanding. I think starting in small amounts and slowly building it up would have been better. 3. Glue - too much on some parts not enough on others. In the areas with too much it can be seen through the paint as a raised lump. These are my main take aways for anyone looking at giving it ago. I enjoyed the process and thought the kit very good and this was a good learning experience for the others I will be planning on building in the future. Thanks Chris
  10. Going by the photos provided these models are going to be stunning in the flesh. Amazing job IRM.
  11. Work has begun on my EGV kit from scale studio models. After cutting away parts on the donor coach which blocked are partly covered the brass overlay windows. The overlays themselves were then glued to the bodyside.
  12. Thank you as always
  13. Dundalk yard if that is of any use
  14. IR or IE 071s would be ideal
  15. Well done, great finish bud
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