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  1. I remember the folks taking me on it when it first entered service so that original livery I've a soft spot for
  2. Exactly what i was thinking, like a few missed being rebranded.
  3. You hit the nail on the head J. I was aware of that and went back to check to make sure i had sent it to the correct one which i unfortunately i had not. Thank you for the reply.
  4. When i received mine one of the handrails had popped out but was an easily put back in place. I think the packaging of the 121 by murphy models is a great improvement when compared to the 201 or 071s but like has been mentioned already the packaging for shipping could be better.
  5. Are they still trading? I emailed about getting transfers and a few other items and as i haven't received a reply I'm wondering have they been hit by the pandemic?
  6. Missed getting the ir bundle unfortunately. Got the ie bundle and might get a packed of the ir wagons on theyre own to mix in between the ie ones
  7. Thank you very much. Much appreciated.
  8. Next on the weathering bench is the guinness wagons. Kept it simple by dulling down the paintwork on the cages, frame and bogies with a coat of frame dirt along the bottom to finish. Hope you enjoy. And since i have a new addition in a class 121 seemed fitting for it to take them for a spin VID_20201126_172317.mp4 VID_20201126_172317.mp4 VID_20201126_172317.mp4
  9. Thank you. I have to admit i wasn't interested in getting but now I'm glad I did. Stunning model. Were they paired by number or was it a case of what was available?
  10. Did the 121s run double headed together or was it just with the 141s 181s?
  11. The orange seems very bright compared to the 201 or 071 one i have.
  12. Nice little runner, as smooth as the 071 in the background
  13. Just arrived a few moments ago and put to work
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