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    Always interested in acquiring IR or IE 071s.

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  1. I remember coming across a video of a MM example repainted in the rail fright livery the same as the 071s. I thought it wore it well. Could a few of the non push pulls in storage be converted to run on fright duties?
  2. I recently had the opportunity to try my hand at weathering various steam locomotives for the first time. Yoir thoughts as always are appreciated.
  3. That is absolutely stunning work
  4. Excellent, exactly along the line I wish to model. Many thank yous.
  5. Definitely preordering a copy
  6. Service is reopened. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  7. Unfortunately due to real world commitments I am suspending services temporarily. It is my hope that it will be just that, temporarily. I apologise for any inconvenience if you were planning to avail of the service. On this note as I will be uncontactable and not in a position to reply please do not think I am being rude or ignoring any DMs sent to me or that I am not grateful that you wish me to carry out ay work. For those who have used the service to date, thank you and I am grateful you trusted me with your models. Happy modelling and kind regards Chris
  8. Not that I've found, I've had to get them from the uk.
  9. It is not currently something I offer at this time.
  10. Fair to say what ever it will be will suit some and not others. I look forward myself to finding out whether my bank account will be safe or if I'll be looking forward to my new purchase
  11. Echoing what has already been said its a shame that this has happened to you and shocking that such behaviour has found its way onto this page.
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