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  1. Nice job. What was the base loco?
  2. Could we see reopening of any closed lines which would be a potential benefit to the network and rail travel as a by product?
  3. Which is great as it has allowed the range of detailed irish models to grow. We've seen with MM upcoming re-releases that demand is there so maybe 141/181/071 aren't outside the realm of possibly
  4. Good point. It is unfortunate to think that there maybe people who have turned their back on the hobby because they can't afford the stock they want.
  5. Well maybe with the upcoming releases of 201s it could be a possibility depending on how these sell?
  6. Now that is a idea and a half in my eyes. I'll talk two of each
  7. The two 071s that were up before it finished up near the 300 mark. Crazy money all round
  8. It would remind you of when manufacturers starting applying their own form of "weathering" to locomotives. Just a quick blast and job done.
  9. Just paid off 048 today. Looking forward to seeing this locomotive in the flesh so to speak.
  10. Looks like they weren't meant for me.
  11. I just don't have the same nostalgia towards them as many on here. While i have a 121 and it is a extremely detailed model and have an A class on order the 071 is for me what those youve mentioned are to others. I dont want to buy locomotives I'll get no nostalgic feeling out of and take away from the pool of those that do on a chance that someone might trade
  12. Yeah and they're quickly approaching my budget.
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