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  1. I ordered paints off hattons and had them quick enough with no problems. May just have been due to the relatively low value.
  2. I shall be patient. Hopefully when shows open back up I'll be able to snap up some bargain one then.
  3. I know, i didn't even pay that for mine.
  4. Grey class 071 up on ebay right now. Unfortunately the wrong colour for me.
  5. Level of detail and the buildings on your layout are amazing.
  6. Back myself into a corner with that one
  7. Resently completed order at home on the layout. Photos supplied and used with permission from owner.
  8. Offering a weathering service specialising in freight rolling stock. Timely turn around time with progress pictures supplied during every stage. Below is a link to my weathering thread where you can view my work or you can find me on Instagram at IRrailways. I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Having recently carried out weathering work for a follow forum member who I will leave to him to name himself, is there a want for such a service? I know there are listings in the services tab but since some are over 8 years old since their newest post is it a case that there is no one really doing it anymore? It is something I would like to do more often if the demand of course was there.
  10. Definitely agree about the 071s. I'd only happily give a few more a good home if I could.
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