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  1. Congratulations guys
  2. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    The colour was very bright i thought but if i can be dulled down it may be worth investing in. Just need to think about biting the bullet with that price
  3. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    Are the mk3 EGV's ordered by silver fox worth getting?
  4. Dempsey

    Vote for IRM!

    Done. Good luck
  5. I seen that to when it went up. I've seen a photo online of one done it that. Is there anyone who produces a full set for the intercity or is it build your own as close as you can?
  6. 😂😂 I just believe in enjoying my money regardless of the time of year. Dm sent
  7. As the title suggests I'm looking at getting my hands on an intercity liveried 201 in good condition both visually and running wise. I was hoping one would appear on eBay but no joy
  8. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    Prefect thanks for the information. I know there will be many more questions as I reintroduce myself to the hobby in time
  9. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    Great thanks. For those mk3 pulled by a class 201 did all include a generator in the set?
  10. Dempsey

    Mk3 coaches

    Starting back fresh to the hobby and decided my layout will be Irish based The mk 3 coaches used by Irish rail, did by have a letter attached to them like was seen with mk2s like mk2a,b,c and so on. If so which were used by Irish rail as I'd like to model as close as possible. Also was there a difference between those used on the intercity and say the enterprise? All information and help is appreciated
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