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  1. GNRi Milepost 105

    GNRi Milepost 105

  2. This isn't mine by the way, I just spotted it and knew some people were looking for one. I was lucky to get a plain black version on Ebay for less than the starting price of this auction. Just need some GNRi decals and numbers for it, then I really should build the SG kit I've had for years. Regards to all
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OOWorks-OO-Irish-UTA-Liveried-Black-UG-Class-0-6-0-No-49-Suits-Murphy-Models/174023121225?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  4. Would there be a pick-up option for any orders a show in the North ?
  5. DCC A Class WT Steam DCC RTR Freight Wagons I would be prepared to prepay for a model of Murphy Models quality.
  6. Gatwick Generator Van at Lisburn April 2013, well the one side that is visible.
  7. Steam was gone before my memories began but I remember NIR 70 Class sets passing the bottom of our garden on the 'new' line to Antrim from Lisburn, 80 Class on the suburban services from Lisburn into Belfast. And the frequent freight trains from the south that ran into Adelaide which always had me running down to the fence to see the CIE locos and the cement bubbles, sometimes if I was lucky a train would be checked at the signal before Lisburn waiting for a clear road and then restarting towards Belfast with that glorious engine noise. But what I miss most is sitting with my head against the
  8. I worked with the BTP on London Underground in the early nineties. The bread and butter were security alerts, assaults, drunks & pickpockets, criminal damage, trespass, theft, robbery and fare evasion. One of the worst jobs on the underground was dealing with the suicides or one-unders as they were commonly called, my overriding recollection of these was the impatience of other passengers who simply didn't care that someone was dead or fatally injured. It has to be remembered that a lot of railway property is considered private property and offences were covered by a huge number of by
  9. There seems to be quite a few turkeys. At least most carried fare paying passengers on Irish metal. I suggest the driving trailer could be used as a summer house or chicken shed somewhere!! More likely to end up as scrap metal, I must keep an look out on the M2 Northbound.
  10. Must be an embarrassment to someone in NIR, quietly decaying away. Were there any other expensive white elephants on the Irish railway system?
  11. I was at Lisburn station today and the stored Gatwicks there had me wondering if NIR had intended to use the 111's with the late arriving Driving Trailer. Did IE ever try the 071's on push-pull services? Is the trailer still at York Road or did NIR quietly get rid of it?
  12. Yes, top left with A6r was the one I was thinking of.
  13. I think this book might be "The Railways of Ireland Past and Present - Dublin" . There were some listed on Amazon, mainly used copies from various sellers.
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