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  1. Maybe it's the blanking plate where the decoder fits has come loose and not making the circuit.
  2. Have to say that the new site is not as intuitive as the previous. Harder to navigate and not as user friendly. Walter.
  3. Thanks Dhu Varren, looking forward to the pics when you get to upload them. Wally.
  4. I think that the cause of the wobble is that the bogies on the rpsi version are different to the bogies on the original mm version.
  5. Does anyone else have trouble with the running of the new RPSI Craven coach. Inclined to wobble when running. Any cures appreciated.
  6. I don't think that there ever was a full Cravens dining car, CIE used the 24xx series of dining cars built a the 50s and 60s.
  7. It's a nice price too, £57.50 and yes that's sterling.
  8. Hi David, what's the address for where the show is being held? Thanks, Wally.
  9. I'm planning to cut the strip into lengths to match the coaches and connect in series with a resistor to use track voltage for power. There's copper tags each side of each led to allow for soldering. I'll use the battery box for something else in the future.
  10. Lads Home store and More have these at €2.99 each. ATTACH=CONFIG]26024[/ATTACH] There are 30 leds on self adeshive strip and a battery box with on off switch. Ideal for coach lighting.[
  11. Hattons have the Murphy Models MM1701, MM1702 & MM1703 RPSI Mk2 coaches - FK, TSO & BSO - Pack of 3 for £69 about €86/€87 + postage. http://www.ehattons.com/27144/Murphy_Models_MM1701_MM1702_MM1703_RPSI_Mk2_coaches_FK_TSO_BSO_Pack_of_3/StockDetail.aspx
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