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  1. Maybe it's the blanking plate where the decoder fits has come loose and not making the circuit.
  2. Have to say that the new site is not as intuitive as the previous. Harder to navigate and not as user friendly. Walter.
  3. Thanks Dhu Varren, looking forward to the pics when you get to upload them. Wally.
  4. I think that the cause of the wobble is that the bogies on the rpsi version are different to the bogies on the original mm version.
  5. Does anyone else have trouble with the running of the new RPSI Craven coach. Inclined to wobble when running. Any cures appreciated.
  6. I don't think that there ever was a full Cravens dining car, CIE used the 24xx series of dining cars built a the 50s and 60s.
  7. It's a nice price too, £57.50 and yes that's sterling.
  8. Hi David, what's the address for where the show is being held? Thanks, Wally.
  9. I'm planning to cut the strip into lengths to match the coaches and connect in series with a resistor to use track voltage for power. There's copper tags each side of each led to allow for soldering. I'll use the battery box for something else in the future.
  10. Lads Home store and More have these at €2.99 each. ATTACH=CONFIG]26024[/ATTACH] There are 30 leds on self adeshive strip and a battery box with on off switch. Ideal for coach lighting.[
  11. Hattons have the Murphy Models MM1701, MM1702 & MM1703 RPSI Mk2 coaches - FK, TSO & BSO - Pack of 3 for £69 about €86/€87 + postage. http://www.ehattons.com/27144/Murphy_Models_MM1701_MM1702_MM1703_RPSI_Mk2_coaches_FK_TSO_BSO_Pack_of_3/StockDetail.aspx
  12. Per Irish Rail Twitter account it's not an open day, just one tour as part of the open house project.
  13. If they do put in a dart link to the airport it will only be done for the benefit of southsiders so they wont have to be confronted by the horror that is the northside.
  14. Coaches available here http://www.marksmodels.com/?pid=3981 and loco here http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/33816/MM0141A-Bachmann-Class-141-Diesel-Locomotive-number-141 or here http://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/shop/kits_modelling/irish_railways_inc_murphy_models_rtr_kits_transfers/new_class_141_as_preserved_by_the_rpsi.php
  15. A rail tunnel from Ireland to the UK would attract EU structural funding, as it's an infrastructural link between two states. If the UK government was to extend it's HS2 line to Dublin it would also qualify for contributions to the cost from the EU structural fund. The EU are always banging on about providing infrastructure, so there's a case to be made. If you don't ask, you won't get.
  16. Thanks for the clarification Josefstadt.
  17. Marks seem to have a lot of Irish stock left, the only things out of stock per their web site are the "MURPHY MODELS 233 IE RIVER CLARE", the 071 decoder, the large tin of "PHOENIX CIE GOLD BROWN DULL 50ML" and the small "PHOENIX CLASS 201 ORANGE DULL". May need a longer sale with bigger deductions to shift that lot.
  18. Renumbering is demonstrated in 2 articles in the June 2015 issue of BRM, a wagon and a loco.
  19. Renumbering is demonstrated in 2 articles in the June 2015 issue of BRM, a wagon and a loco.
  20. I was speaking to a guy on the RPSI diesel tour yesterday and he told me that he had similar problems with two MM071's, cab lights on both ends and nothing else, one was a grey model the other a silver and black one. He brought them back to the retailed and received replacements. He was told that the problem was a wire down in the body which was hard to reach that had shorted.
  21. I have to agree with 217 RF, I emailed MM with a query a couple of years ago and received a reply about 8 weeks later saying that they did not deal with public and to contact a retailer for the information. Only last week I enquired of one of the Big Model Railway Retailers in the ROI if he had any feed back from MM, re the problems with the current Mk2D coaches. He said he had heard not a word since the start of the controversy, so even the retailers seem to be in the dark.
  22. I wouldn't be surprised if PM has relinquished control of MM and somebody else has taken over the reins, just a thought!
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