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  1. Will the bundle deal still be on after stock arrives?
  2. There was some speculation that 790 would not be able to cover all the areas that the spray train can due to it's minimum turn radius, don't know how true that is, I'd imagine that would only be for some sidings and such like.
  3. I see from photos posted online that there is a rake of spoil wagons being returned to flats and the 42s that were part of the weedspray train are having their water tanks removed at Portlaois Per Way Yard. I know the weedspray train has had its day but why the the spoil wagons, are they surplus to requirements? By chance, does anyone know how many flats were converted to spoil wagons?
  4. 4 listings you mean, 2x IRM and 2x ACS wagons.
  5. I have a picture of a 121 running with a set on the DSER.
  6. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    I got 15 packs and all bar 2 required running in. About 5 or 6 of my 30 wagons had axle caps that came off in the box but they went back on of but some of them started to bind with the bogies. My Dapol 68 came in great for the running in, they are just pure brute force of a model. Bit disappointed compared to the tara wagons that ran like a dream out of the box and still do. Sorting out all the buffer head stocks is a pain though and the amount of buffers that were poorly fitted at the factory. It's like they were really under pressure and rushed. I just hope the ferts and everything else going forward are to the tara wagons standard.
  7. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    Brexit preparations from the IRM Accurascale lads.
  8. They started using the current green MK2s from 2004. They had the Cravens since 2006/7 but the blue/cream livery first appeared from 2014 onwards.
  9. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    The tanktainers like GCA and Dana mainly rain on the 47fts in fairly recent times. I asked C Rail about making some Danas a few years back but he said he did not have enough photo material to do accurately. I have about a dozen of his GCAs and they are nice. Some Norfolk containers would be nice but again, for the newer 42s and 47s. I wouldn't mind some of the spurious green containers that regularly ran in the Bell liner rakes.
  10. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    I think the thing with releasing just flats is that IRM now have 2 types. They have one set up for a 40ft and the other set up for 2x 20fts. If you try and put a 40 container on the latter it will be pushed up in the centre by the locking nubs. Same thing trying to centreally place a 20 container on the flat set up for 2x 20s. I bit of filling can fix this depending on how one wants to allocate their flats. One thing I have noticed with all my flats is that they are all slightly arched in the middle which makes the buffer beams droop down noticeably. Better than sagging in the middle I suppose. Could be the metal with the cold temperatures.
  11. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    The lads must be delighted at the sale success of these, how long of a wait for another run is the question, especially with the rest of project 42 to get through.
  12. Snapped up a copy of this on Amazon today at a good discount. Little treat for myself to browse after the Christmas feed.
  13. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    The tracking numbers take a few hours to register on the Royal Mail system. Keep checking the number and it will show up, up to the point it leaves the UK.
  14. Railer

    Project 42 Update

    1 of my 3 liner orders is leaving the UK for here. Funnily enough it's the last liner order I placed, wonder is it because it's an all Bell oder the CQ finished on them first. Anyways, not long to wait now.
  15. Still waiting for mine to arrive. Ordered a week ago. Think it's cause they were shipped from the UK. The Royal Mail to An Post handover is very slow. If I'd knew they were coming from the UK I'd have used my Belfast PM address to be here quicker. Can't wait for them to finally have some proper buffer stops.
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