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  1. Just so long as the axle weight does not exceed 19 ton per axle. A 42ft or 47ft flat is about 40 tons with nothing on it. The max it's allowed to weigh provided the wagon can take the weight is 75-76 tons in total. Therefor a 20 foot flat can weight about 36-38ton total max when loaded.
  2. Well before my time but ever since I learned of the D class I always wanted to know more about them. Very little info about on them but looks like they led very limited lives, a far cry from their UK cousins.
  3. Railer

    irm bubbles

    I have a first set Pack A surplus I'd like to swap for an orange Pack F.
  4. Was great day out. One question though, anyone know when the Cravens set got rotated, was it on the Western Rail Corridor tour in October just gone?
  5. As has already been said these look great in this new livery. Me, being the picky type I am, have noticed on little thing: I pack G, the CIE pack you have wagon number 178 in there, 178 in CIE livery has already been done as part of pack D.
  6. Cracking performance from 075+082 so far. Not even 9am and there are pints spilled on the floor of 1532 from being bounced around. Not by yours truly mind.
  7. Was thinking Mk1GSV myself, has to be at this stage
  8. Yeah, saw a few pictures of them linked up together in Inchicore yesterday. 078 was on a Westport timber, wonder will we still get 078 on a local trip to Ballina and back instead. I don't know if it's a coincidence but looking at 075 and 082 they are coupled with the no1 ends facing each other, 071 and 073 in multiple were configured the same. Just wondering is it change or is there a reason? I thought the cooling ends, no2 ends of the 071s had the noisier cabs than the no1 ends therefor given a choice the drivers would rather drive from the no1 end cabs?
  9. Guys, I'm assuming you have spares for the Ploughs. Just 2 really small things but they do make a difference, 2 of the van I got have their radio antennas snapped off and they were not inside the packaging. They are amazingly detailed models, spent almost an hour last night just looking at all the individual detail across the 3 sets, you spot something on one then go back to the other to compare. They really are a labour of love.
  10. Not really, the 66 is a very different beast. Lower top speed, different gearing ratio traction motors optimised for long, heavy freight drags. Not a mixed traffic loco like the 201. A 66 I think has around 3 times the tractive effort of the 201. The class 59 is related too but it's in another league again for tractive effort.
  11. I don't know what it is myself but I do remember reading before that when the locos used HEP mode on the Enterprise, HEP took away around 900hp from traction to power the DD sets.
  12. Was going to ask myself. I think they're the brake pipes that just push on one side of each van like the hoppers and bubbles have but they come fitted. They are not covered in the paperwork.
  13. Just got my CIE vans in work, cheers guys, amazing model. But any sign of the IR and IE sets I ordered too? All sorted cheers guys. Other 2 packs must be on another delivery run.
  14. Hope it stays that way. Them two are the loudest 071s IMO, 082 has it's unique noise for many years but 078 also sounds great since it's overhaul after being stored for a number of years. Can't wait for the noise up the gullet on Saturday morning.
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