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  1. There are more loads that can be done for the 42s. The open top 42ft containers for sugar beat and also the same if not similar containers for coal on the WRC.
  2. It was in use on the real locos after the 071s arrived. I'm part because they were B class GMs do BGMs or baby GMs. Not sure was the term used internally and by drivers or just by spotters. I suspect just the latter.
  3. The Taras are not part of P42. They are there own entity that just share the same bogies. The Blue Taras are more or less ready to go and tooled up. The guys will probably hold fire until they release some of the Supertrain A class to haul them.
  4. I was told that part of the reason the Ammonia's are or were not on their short term radar was because of the lack of details they have to model the underbody of the wagons. They don't want to do a Hornby job with a blank barren underside and at the same time they don't want to make up an educated guess at the detail and model it either. That may all have changed but that was the case I was told, it's that they want to do it right or not at all. My view is, if they do make a guess at the underbody and no one has any info to help then no one can correct them or critique the model if and wh
  5. It's that the wheel sets are underscale. Some then posted pics of their Cravens fitted with correct scale wheels improving the look of the model but it makes them sit higher than the rest of RTR Irish stock.
  6. I must be mistaken but I'm almost certain there was something about 1 and possibly 2 new announcement but for the life of me I can't find anything in the threads now.
  7. Some more will be very welcome indeed. Just before you guys announced the bus, you said you had 2 new announcements for that week. 1 ended up being the bus, what's the other? Or did the arrival of the 121s delay it perhaps?
  8. They could have reversed at Kildare and again at Kilkenny but as above, Limerick via Limerick junction would be the most direct route.
  9. A 1:76 scale AN-124 so we can model 201 being delivered.
  10. Excellent, really hope you do more, sooner rather than later.
  11. It sure is an excellent model, I just missed the boat and I can't get my hand on one. It's just nostalgia for me growing up as they were always on the 29A route.
  12. Depending on how these sell (I expect very well) what would be a ballpark lead time and the next plan from this. I'm assuming you have a "next" option model to move to. Cough, cough KD class cough,
  13. Great new addition. I went to get a KD model at either the Raheny or Blackrock shows one year and they were gone so fast. Great price too.
  14. I see another 121 is now out of stock with IRM, number 125 in B&T. These certainly are moving. I wonder is the market now there to increase production runs are maybe still the case now more than ever to pre-order everything possible until such time that enough demand is there to increase production runs so that models remain on the shelves for a bit of time. The days of a a random impulse buy is coming to a very quick end I feel.
  15. Looks to be 648 of them there unless other liveries are mixed in with them.
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