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  1. First in black and silver was 081. 077,078,084 and 087 were never in black and silver. 77,78 and 87 were in long term maintenance storage while the black and silver program was under way. 084 managed to hold on to it's IE orange untill it went to grey in 2013. 084 was the last loco to wear the IE livery in service.
  2. I was talking to the lads about these last September in person. Basically yes, and the prep work is done. It's just up to them to pick a production slot for when they feel the time is right to release them. Before that, project 42 has to be completed and delivered to market. Then the CIE ballast hopper run. So they are a good bit away but rest assured are coming.
  3. Railer

    Class 121

    Look up train sim world on YouTube. There's a start up of an EMD GP38 or try a UK class 66 for something close to a 201 but with a very different desk layout. I'm very into the various German routes on it myself. The UK routes set in the 80s with 31s, 37s and 40s are all great fun too. Anyway, back on topic......
  4. I tried selling that same set on here for 250 a few years ago and I got zero interest so I'm keeping it.
  5. No idea, the other flat wagon was a winch wagon then it was dumped at North wall yard and one of the 42 or 47 flats was added before that wagon was dropped back a few days later. A rake of spoil wagons and the weedspray flats were all stripped a few weeks ago and reportedly sent to Limerick for exam.
  6. No, there's 15 dumped with 2 vans at Northwall yard for the past 10 years. One of the vans was set on fire late last year in an arson attack.
  7. Yep, and that wagon was a spoil wagon and not part of the weedspray formation even though it has a tank installed on it too. It was just thrown on the set for brake force.
  8. They can't work in multiple. Only the GM locos can. The 2 A classes were because of it's reliability or lack there of. The second loco would be there purely as back incase the other failed.
  9. Yeah, I really enjoyed reading the 100mph 071 test run myself, and the fact the 071 still had bit of power left in reserve from what I recall and the driver throttled back to keep it under 105 or there abouts. The Mk3A International was rated out to 110mph, I assume that was done with a 201 before the electronic speed limiters were introduced or maybe isolated for the run.
  10. I only ever saw them as caged (tanktainers), so I'd say from the mid to late 80s, perhaps around '85-'87 they moved to the tanktainer barrier wagons. I've never seen them mixed but I'm sure there must have been a transition period around that time.
  11. I'm not to well up on how the ferts ran, but I believe it was mentioned on here a few times that the 48s kept to themselves and never really mixed in rakes of non modified wagons. Now, a job for the rivit counters, matching up the 48s with their real running numbers if you wanted a full rake of different numbered 48 modified wagons. That would be a challenge
  12. Just nabbed 2 bundles for myself. I thought these would hang around alot longer before I had to pull the trigger. Lads must be delighted these sold so well considering all the adjustments and thinkering that was needed to get them to their standard. Have the ferts, bells and bubbles, all that's needed is the kegs to complete the perfect cross border mixed liner.
  13. Hope you guys are looking into ramping up production run batches or maybe too much of a risk at this stage.
  14. Is this all the stock gone or is it like the PFAs (excellent wagons BTW) where that was extra stock coming in my ship weeks later?
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