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  1. Railer


  2. Yeah, just relisted. Last one was up for 2 days but there was no views on it. Think its my phone app listing that are not working.
  3. I can't find it myself unless I go to my profile listings. No idea what I'm doing wrong but the time is going down on the auction.
  4. I've put one up myself just to see and test the waters but I must be missing a trick with ebay as I can't find it on any searches.
  5. Is it the new EVN tags on the mid bottom of each wagon?. The new EVNs are not in the old 31xxx series anymore.
  6. The CIE and the Keg Pack C are held for you Andy, pending OK with the shipping arrangements.
  7. Hi Andy, Sorry took a while getting back to you. Family commitments and all over the weekend. The Bells are gone to Mark. Just have the 4 packs of kegs and 2 B&I and 1 CIE.
  8. Hi Andy, I'm waiting to hear back from Mark about the Bells. He messaged me just before you're post. I haven't looked into postage costs or the customs declaration forms to the UK yet. I'm assuming you would have VAT to pay on your end too on top of everything. I can check up and get back to you on it for the Guinness Pack C?
  9. More to add to the list. I have also Bell and B&I Packs A and B for sale. Again at 100 euro per pack.
  10. I'll PM details now and mark the 4 Fertilizer packs as sold. Thanks
  11. I have for sale one of each of the following: Guinness liner pack A,B,C and D STILL FOR SALE Fertiliser wagon pack A,B,C and D NOW SOLD All packs were only opened to inspect upon purchase and have never ran. Selling each pack for 100 each. Buyer pays postage or collection within reason may be arranged. PayPal accepted.
  12. Yes this happened quite a bit for stock moves in regular trains. Happened a good bit on the Sligo line with replacement Craven's sent from Connolly to Sligo on MK2 sets.
  13. That's an error, should be one red.
  14. Awaiting the spoil bundle myself. Seems to be delayed coming from the UK.
  15. Thanks Dave. I think 126s should be 126sa as it says it's suitable for air brake trains. 132s is bang on. My poor bank balance lol.
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