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  1. Railer

    after the A

    Last year at the Raheny show, I overheard Richie talking to a customer beside me. He said that prior to the A launching, he was working under the impression that the C class was to be IRM's first loco with the A coming later on. Don't know how much tongue in cheek was ment there. From that, I'd take away that work on the C class is alot closer than one may think.....
  2. Thanks everyone, was just wondering because the EP 1 samples had the black bogie with spring detail and the art deco released so far has the red brake wheels.
  3. Quick question, will the final versions be ex works like previous wagons or as the samples. Things like red brake handle and bogie detail picked out like the Tara's and Liners?
  4. Pipeline you say....... A clue maybe. Only joking, you guys have enough coming out for the next year to ensure I never qualify for a mortgage lol.
  5. Can't see as not a member.
  6. It's old news. Those 41 coaches are options for intermediates to bring more 3ICR sets up to 4ICRs. They are still not approved for purchase and they have been talking bout them for years now. A big EMU and or combination DMU bimode order is being looked at too. The 2600s in Cork will need replacing soon along with the LHB DART units.
  7. 24583 stored at Northwall yard was set on fire this afternoon. I reckon it's gutted and will now be scrapped leave 582 as the sole survivor.
  8. When in block formation 10 was the usual limit. When they were in mixed trains you could have anywhere from 1 to 4 ferts and any combination of other wagons up to 36teu
  9. Loving that crane, guys.
  10. Think from around 1970 right up to 2002/3, open to correction. A good solid 30 years at least.
  11. Railer

    Class 121

    Looks spot on. I remember some one on here many moons ago stating that there may be an clearance issue with bogie and drivers ladders on curves, it looks very close on a straight. I'd like to see it on a second radius just to see how the design managed it.
  12. Not to derail the thread but when NIR first got their 201s they used buckeye couplings with their Mk2 sets, this made shunt releasing at Connolly a bit more involved as the pilot loco required the buckeye dropped then raised again for the NIR 201. IE only used/use buckeye drophead coupling when the 201s were on Mk3 pushpull sets and for the CAF Mk4s. Another bit of trivia, the Irish Mk1 GSV buffers are not retractable (no need to be with suspension gangways fitted).
  13. That's my favourite livery variation, IR sans tippex. Delighted IRM are doing a few like that in the A class range.
  14. Railer

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Still on the IWTs. Generally 2 42fts with 16 47fts in a rake of wagons. Still part of the former weedsprasy formation now used only as brake force in the Sperry train.
  15. Railer

    Class 121

    Could do a retool of 071 in CIE with a 40 years of 071 service pack. Likewise of 073, IR 30 year anniversary pack. Then maybe 2 others in grey. 084 seeing as it still doesn't have all it's numbers like 088. Then another say 074 or 083 perhaps for big numbered locos. Just some blue sky thinking Anyways back to the iconic 121s.....
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