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  1. I hope one is the Mk1 GSV to complete the weed spray train....
  2. Railer

    Class 121

    The RPSI have requested and confirmed for 134 to be painted in as delivered livery.
  3. No probs Fran, I'd say you wish you were on holidays somewhere. There's not enough days in the week for you guys at the minute it seems.
  4. Ally Pally in a few weeks is their next UK gig as far as I'm aware. Wonder are they off measuring up some nice Mk3 PP sets to complement a summer arrival perhaps.🙊
  5. Are the team on holidays per chance? Just trying to sort an outstanding order via email and phone for past couple of days and no luck contacting anyone. The lads up to something 😎
  6. Railer

    Class 121

    In the mean time the race is still on. Who will get their 121 out the door first, MM or the RPSI and team Inchicore.
  7. Railer

    Class 121

    I'd say it's safe to say these will be more expensive that the MM 071s. Possibly in the €170-180 price range if not a tad more.
  8. Railer

    IRM Fert Wagon

    I believe they're empties in that shot. No way would it have moved that lot if they were loaded.
  9. Railer

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Another modeling option
  10. Some interesting shunting practices for the time, like letting the small rake of flats free roll back into the dump sidings after an uncoupled push. Even today locos shunting in the yard push through points to set them if they are no already.
  11. In fairness 26,000 people applied for 100 positions. That's alot of competition. Irish Rail can basically get the best of the best at those ratios, it raised the bar for all applicants to pass.
  12. A final word from us We hope the feedback we have provided to you is of benefit and interest. We appreciate that you are likely to be disappointed that we have not been able on this occasion to take you through to an assessment centre. However it is important to note that only a very small percentage of applicants who applied will be passing through to the assessment centre. You have performed well and looking at the online selection process as a whole (including the online screening questionnaire and the three online tests) you got further and performed better than the majority of people that applied. Thank you again for your interest in Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail. and the role of Train Driver. With best wishes for the future The OPC Assessment Team That's me out anyways.
  13. Railer


    I mean from point of view of models that IRM produce. They would not do 31025 with the wrong bogie type if they knew otherwise, they would have went with a different running number. Like how they only did the Bubbles in IC livery on the running numbers they know of.
  14. Railer


    I know the guys at IRM are dead set on detail on their models. Something that I have just noticed recently is that 1 or 2 of the tara wagons have the shale wagon bogies that are not shale rebuilds into taras. I think below is wagon 23 and I have another somewhere of wagon 25 at Limerick Junction with the same bogies. Any info on how these wagons ended up with these bogies?
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