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  1. Yes this happened quite a bit for stock moves in regular trains. Happened a good bit on the Sligo line with replacement Craven's sent from Connolly to Sligo on MK2 sets.
  2. That's an error, should be one red.
  3. Awaiting the spoil bundle myself. Seems to be delayed coming from the UK.
  4. Thanks Dave. I think 126s should be 126sa as it says it's suitable for air brake trains. 132s is bang on. My poor bank balance lol.
  5. I forgot to add. I really like that IRM have now upgraded the IRM brand packaging with theses ballasts to Accurascale standard with the hard plastic slip over the box. The IRM boxes still have the shiney finish compared to the light satin feel of the Accurascale boxes. It makes them feel that bit more premium as I always felt the IRM packs as a poor cousin to the AS packs. A nice step up for those who care about that sort of thing.
  6. I got IR packs A and B today. A1 they are too. Love the IR logo on these.
  7. Just a query to the lads about the gypsum hoppers. I know you do research and get photo evidence of all wagons. My query is of wagon 26764 in pack B, to me this was part of the dolomite wagon range and not a gypsum. Gypsums are 26666-694 and 26780-790. Dolomites are 26612-635 and 26760-766.
  8. In fairness my pack was wrapped in bubble wrap tightly yet my 121 was dislodged within its foam casing. It was titled back about 30 degrees and this caused the walkway handrail on that side to pop off. Of note, be careful putting the the top foam cover back on, even though I was careful it removed the front horn as the foam very gentle rubbed past it. It just slid back in position thankfully.
  9. Supertrain are with the IEs, due late December. This is B&T and IR. I got 127 today, it got displaced in the box despite the packaging. It took me an hour to get one of the walkway side guards back one. Very challenging compared to the 141s. It a very detailed and very very delicate model. I intend to pick up the rest of my 121s in person when I can due to the way this one arrived inside it's packaging despite no damage to the box.
  10. It ended up selling for €180 with almost €25 postage .
  11. Same here, shame. I'm starting to miss out more and more lately. It's starting to put me off the hobby overall tbh. There is such a range of stuff all being released so close together after a relative lull. Feast or famine. If there were the possibility of re runs then it would not be so bad but now it's a case of if you miss out you need to wait for years. I remember when IRM saying they wanted to build up a range of products for their site so that not everything was shown as sold out all the time. Looks like it will never be the case unfortunately.
  12. If it's the B&T and IR locos: 125 and 131 in BT 127sa,130,133 in IR
  13. Nice, a 42 and 47ft together there. Yeah the cements were nearly always 2x BoBos around then, then just as the mass withdrawal of the 141/181 began it was and the 071s took over the cements till the traffic ceased.
  14. I believe, and I'm open to correction, that 134 did have the 645 at some stage but was reverted back to 567 and is still that way today.
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