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  1. Right now it's 6, but they are talking of increasing capacity on this due to demand so may go to 7.
  2. I'd say around the 250 mark. The grey 071s and NIR 111s were limited runs of about that number, I think the same with Enterprise and NIR 201s.
  3. Yes there is, it's called technical ability ­čśé Plus I don't have enough to renumber and I'd love a few in the IR logo no strip livery as they ran in during the early '90s while the tippex took time to roll out.
  4. Can't have enough BGMs. I'd love another half dozen across ST,IR and IE liveries. I have plenty in B&T for my use. Maybe even a one or two with the small logo IE, and the IR logo with no tipex livery variations?
  5. Finally managed to get my hands on a lovely TPE 68 after almost missing the boat. Thanks to Accurascale practically all the stock of TPE 68s in 00 are gone from all suppliers. I may end up with 2 with any luck as I'm locked in a bid with another flea bay until someone out does me. Can't wait for the Mk5 sets to release now.
  6. The wagon shows 25127 on both sides Dave. 25178 was part of pack D. I pointed this error out to the lads before release on here but looks like the box was never corrected.
  7. Have a pack here for sale if still interested. ÔéČ125.
  8. Have a duplicate Pack A for sale, ÔéČ125.
  9. Really loving that TPE 68. Also really partial to the two tone green 47 and GBRf 50 if any Accurascale sales are looking.....
  10. Some of the sad part is from what I can see on RM web. The amount that got burned with the DJM 92 and are afraid to take a punt on the Accurascale 92, asking if they are crowdfunding too. Alot of them are presently surprised too that it's actually got to tooling because of the shinanigans of others. They're finally starting to appreciate the Accurascale brand and business model.
  11. It's some forms of crowdfunding business models that are the risk to be fair. Pre paying for models is relatively risk free form established business entities.
  12. Someone on RM web recently dug up one of his past posts on projects he has been part of. 2 things really jump out, as in it he claims, to have "designed" the IRM ballast and bubble wagons on commission.
  13. For the days before H&S with no ladders and gantries. Also for old skool shunters to hang onto while train being shunted.
  14. I sold myself short with them 3 Dave haha­čś«
  15. Stadler Class 93s with CAF Mk5 push-pull sets in 1600cm gauge. ­čĄú
  16. Right you are Rich, but I could have sworn I got a pic of it right there from the now closed upstairs Odeon Costa across the road from the yard about 2 years back. Trawling though my collection......
  17. There is one almost identical to that in Northwall yard too stored next to the retired ballast hoppers.
  18. Yes that's the plan so far. The crew don't like running tender first back to Dublin around Killiney and right now 85 is turned facing south.
  19. Railer

    The Ultimate

    Mk1 GSV. AEC railcar 201 push pull set. Mk3 Push pull set. Either or both 461 and No.4
  20. Just for anyone interested in modeling the real thing: The Sligo tour on Friday week will be a short formation of GSV+1522 Diner+1514 Bar+1532+1505+1508. It will be 1508s first run this year and the last 3 Cravens are the same running numbers of the RPSI commissioned Cravens pack.
  21. As it is special permission has been granted to just open the line between Waterford and Limerick on a Sunday as it's usually closed.
  22. Basically yes as 4 is waiting on new driving wheels and 131 is not yet allowed run across the border.
  23. The 201 program has been put on hold. There is doubt now over how long they will be in use.
  24. NIR 80 class were know as thumpers due to their sound. The NIR 450s were known as the Castle class due to their names.
  25. Just so long as the axle weight does not exceed 19 ton per axle. A 42ft or 47ft flat is about 40 tons with nothing on it. The max it's allowed to weigh provided the wagon can take the weight is 75-76 tons in total. Therefor a 20 foot flat can weight about 36-38ton total max when loaded.
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