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  1. Thursday 6th August 2020: There was lots of perway work on the Nenagh Branch this week with a HOBS train and a Tamper plus a Ballast Regulator working on the branch. On Thursday the HOBS train operated to the 51 milepost to drop ballast near the Mulkear River Bridge. Click https://bit.ly/2XFQU09 to view all the images.
  2. Evening folks, A small update from yesterday. Thursday 30th July 2020: We bring the July gallery to a close with some images of Limerick Station including the new EU flag display for European Expo 2020. Click https://bit.ly/3gdojGC to view all the images.
  3. Evening folks, A small update from yesterday. Saturday 25th July 2020: I had to venture back to Oranmore on Saturday morning, so I called up to the station to see the 1030 Galway - Limerick, 0920 Limerick - Galway and 1100 Galway - Heuston calling at the station. Click https://bit.ly/3g267jl to view all the images.
  4. A small update to the July gallery today: Tuesday 14th July 2020: While on an afternoon sortie to Oranmore, I called in at Craughwell to photo the 1345 Galway - Limerick WRC service calling at the station. All customers onboard appeared to be wearing masks which are a legal requirement since Monday 13th July 2020. Click https://bit.ly/2ZqCwdq to view all the images.
  5. The July gallery has been updated with: Thursday 9th July 2020: MPV 790 operated over the Nenagh Branch on weedspray duties. Friday 10th July 2020: A visit to Killonan Jct. on Friday evening to see the last day of the manually operated level crossing before conversion to 4 barrier CCTV crossing. Click https://bit.ly/326RKpO to view.
  6. Evening all, The final batch of images from Kerry have been uploaded to the July gallery. Saturday 4th July 2020: After the previous update, some images from Killarney Golf and Fishing Club. Sunday 5th July 2020: Images from around Kenmare Pier. Monday 6th July 2020: Due to operational issues at Cork, the Tralee line service was in the hands of 2600's instead of the booked 22000 Class. Tuesday 7th July 2020: A HOBS train visited the Tralee line on Tuesday night hauled by 080. Click https://bit.ly/2AE8F7A to view to view all the images.
  7. The July gallery has been updated with images of Tamper 744 in and around Killarney, with 22016 working the Tralee services on the Saturday. The Tamper returned to Portlaoise on Saturday morning. Click https://bit.ly/3giICSK to view all the images.
  8. Evening all, On Wednesday 1st July and Thursday 2nd July, Iarnrod Eireann operated the Weedspray Train over the closed South Wexford Railway between Waterford and Rosslare Strand. Rumours persist that this will be the last rail movement on the route as the 10 year contract with the National Transport Authority expires this year for maintenance of the route, however I heard today from a local person that this contract has been extended by five years. While I treat this as an unverified rumor, time will tell. I chased the train today between the Barrow Bridge and Wexford and the selection of images come from: * Barrow Bridge. * Taylorstown Viaduct. * Wellington Bridge. * Bridgetown. * Killinick. * Rosslare Strand * Wexford. Click https://bit.ly/2VE3hc7 to view all the images.
  9. Morning all! With the end of travel restrictions last Monday, I decided to venture to Ballinara near Clonnydonnin on Wednesday to view 081 passing on the 1130 Waterford - Ballina XPO Liner trial. Afterwards, a quick stop off at Shannonbridge and saw my first hireboat of the year. Later in the evening I eye spied Tamper 743 and Ballast Regulator 704 stabled in the yard in Nenagh. Click https://bit.ly/3inwTnC to view all the images.
  10. Evening folks, The latest updates to the June gallery are now online at https://bit.ly/3hUhUS2. Click the link to view all the images. Friday 19th June 2020: Two metres social distancing markings were applied at Nenagh Station during the week ending 21st June. Plus a handful of images from a visit to Garrykennedy Harbour on the Friday evening. Tuesday 23rd June 2020: After the recent track relaying norh of Nenagh, the track is now being ballasted by the HOBS train. On Tuesday, 084 and 085 were employed on the train in top and tail mode and a mini photographic chase of the train from the worksite at Moanfin to Roscrea was carried out, adhering to the travel restrictions as laid down by the Irish Government for county only travel during the COVID19 pandemic. However, it was disappointing to see other enthusiasts from Dublin and outside the jurisdiction flaunting this travel restriction for the sake of another couple of days of lockdown restrictions.
  11. Afternoon all, A small update to the June gallery with images from Thurles Station on Tuesday evening featuring 2 out of the 3 MKIV sets in service and 2817 + 2818 arriving with the 1750 Limerick - Limerick Jct. which is extended to Thurles during the emergency timetable. Also some of the social distancing measures which have been implemented on trains and at stations are shown. Click https://bit.ly/2N5LWnF to view all the images.
  12. Hi Noel, Yes it is a great camera. I accidentally dropped it last year just before I was due to go to the USA and had to send it away for repairs. I had to take my old camera, the D90 to the USA instead. The difference in quality was substantial and back in the day i thought the D90 was a great camera. It's bolted together with rail clamps.
  13. Afternoon folks, A ramble around Co. Tipperary on Saturday 13th June, taking advantage of the first weekend of County travel, allowed under the Government Roadmap for COVID19 reopening. Images include several views of the South Tipperary Railway route including track relaying at Nichlostown Level Crossing. Click https://bit.ly/2CcThj6 to view.
  14. Evening folks, A round up of images from the past week: Wednesday 3rd June 2020: Some more pictures and videos of the ongoing track relaying work on the Nenagh Branch. Thursday 4th June 2020: I ventured out to Lisbunny this morning to photograph 085 arriving into Nenagh with the relay train. Friday 5th June 2020: By the end of the first week, 1 mile of track had been relaid north of Nenagh. Monday 8th June 2020: A number of service changes took place on Monday 8th June with the reopening of Ireland moving to phase 2 of the COVID19 roadmap. While DART services were restored to a full timetable, on Intercity a number of services were reinstated, including the 0520 Athlone - Heuston, 1530 Heuston - Limerick and 1710 Heuston - Athlone. Also a number of Cork services which had been 3ICR for a number of months were changed to 5ICR sets to allow the 3ICR's to be used to strengthen services to/from Heuston. Finally after a break of 61 days, two MKIV sets were returned to traffic working the 1500 & 1705 Heuston - Cork, 1825 & 2025 Cork - Heuston. Click https://bit.ly/3cFk9EN to view all the images.
  15. The June gallery starts off with a week of track relaying on the Nenagh Branch between the 26 and 28 MP's. For the outward working today from Portlaoise, I went to a bridge south of Nenagh but the train never showed hence I thought I missed it, or did it turn back at Nenagh in the sidings?! A drive back into the Station found 081 in the process of running around the train, this involved splitting the train into two halves as the loop is too small for the entire train. Later photos from the day show the train heading past Lisbunny and at Rathnaleen. Click https://bit.ly/2Asjd9v to view all the images.
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