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  1. Today's picture roundup comes from Ballybrophy with 076 on the Relay Train, Portlaoise, Thurles and Mallow. Click https://bit.ly/2YnGUaU to view.
  2. Evening folks, Latest pictures from the week so far include: Tuesday 3rd December 2019: Images from Portlaoise and Limerick today. Thursday 5th December 2019: The main event from today was pictures of 071 at Ballybrophy and near Portlaoise with the relay train from the Nenagh Branch. The relay train was working around Borris-in-Ossory relaying track. Click https://bit.ly/2YsDunq to view.
  3. Another small update to the website this evening with the first pictures from the December 2019 gallery. Monday 2nd December 2019: Premier Class 5ICR 22039 was very unusually allocated to the 1530 Heuston - Limerick service on Monday 2nd December covering for a shortage of 4ICR sets. Click https://bit.ly/33I8h0q to view the pictures from Portlaoise and Limerick.
  4. I was in Glasgow for a couple of days between the 26th and 28th November for an IRO event in the City. Between these events I managed to get out and explore some of the extensive suburban railway network the city has to offer. Click https://bit.ly/2DFL6cB to view the 160 images from the visit.
  5. A few images from Thurles tonight while waiting to collect family off the 1750 Tralee - Heuston. Click https://bit.ly/35A9wjp to view.
  6. Evening folks, Pictures from this week comprise. Tuesday 19th November 2019: Pictures today come from Ballybrophy and Portlaoise. Wednesday 20th November 2019: Featuring 071 arriving at Portlaoise on a relay train from Mallow. Friday 22nd November 2019: Pictures this evening come from Terenure and Heuston Station. Click https://bit.ly/2pGbzDk to view.
  7. Pictures today come from Portlaoise with the hightlight being 071 heading L.E. from Inchicore to Portlaoise PWD yard. Click the image below to view.
  8. On Saturday 16th November rail services were suspended between Portlaoise and Limerick Jct. for the renewal of turnout of Ground Frame 820 at Thurles. Here we see tamper 751 tamping the new turnout on the Saturday afternoon. Pictures from the day also come from outside Cashel. Click https://bit.ly/2pooSbs to view.
  9. Waterford & Suir Valley Railway Sunday 27th October 2019 While on a visit to the Waterford area, I travelled on the Waterford and Suir Valley Railway at Kilmeadan. It's been nearly 5 1/2 years since my previous visit to the railway and since then the Waterford Greenway has been build beside the railway. I'm rather split on this greenway to be honest. On one hand it has certainly increased the passing traffic at Kilmeadan with walkers and cyclists stopping off for refreshments at the station cafe, but the greenway has destroyed the tranquil scenery of the railway from Kilmeadan in towards Waterford. Click https://bit.ly/2NR1YTx to view.
  10. Evening folks, Photos so far from this week: Monday 11th November 2019: A postscript to Saturday's pictures. I called into Quakers Road while on the way back home. Earlier in the day 084 had visited the branch with the relay train and relayed the track near the level crossing with 2nd hand rail and sleepers. Tuesday 12th November 2019: Pictures from Thurles and Cork while heading to Cork on the 1400 Heuston - Cork service for the IRRS show in Cork later that night. Wednesday 13th November 2019: Pictures from a wet Cork on Wednesday morning as I head to Dublin on the 0925 service. Later in the day has two batches of pictures from Heuston, where in the space of a few hours the weather deteriorated significantly. Click https://bit.ly/33KYaJ7 to view all the images.
  11. Great to see so much positivity in the parish about replacing life expired infrastructure
  12. Saturday 9th November 2019: The Nenagh Branch is currently closed between Ballybrophy and Birdhill for relaying work to be carried out. The first section to be done is in the Ballybrophy - Roscrea section between the 4 1/2 MP to 5 1/4 MP around Quakers Road Level Crossing. I visited the area today to see the progress so far on the first day of the closure. Click https://bit.ly/32w0jHb to view.
  13. I think you are. The 1305 Connolly - Sligo is 8 x 29000 on FO. I doubt this would carry as 4 x29000 past Mullingar as you suggest. It's 8 x29000 for a reason, i.e. its rather busy leaving Connolly. The 1505 Connolly - Sligo is increased from 4ICR to 7ICR on Friday's. On the Heuston side two extra 3ICR;s from the maintenance pool are pressed into traffic on Friday's to allow the FO 1615 Heuston - Waterford to operate and increase capacity on the 0735 Heuston - Westport, 1310 Westport - Heuston from 4ICR to 7ICR. 1815 Heuston - Westport from 5ICR to 7ICR and the 1710 Heuston - Athlone F.X. (Westport F.O.) from 4ICR to 5ICR. The fleet is intensively used, even more so on Friday's with little options for recovery if things go wrong due to the demand on capacity on this day.
  14. I'll start off today's picture update with, sometimes things work out in your favour when you least expect it. With loco 225 allocated to the 0800 Heuston - Cork, it would mean I would pass it mid section Ballybrophy - Portlaoise on the 0740 Limerick - Heuston. For those not in the know, this locomotive only returned to traffic last month working freight services after being stored since September 2010 after suffering damage in a collision with a tractor at a user worked level crossing near Roscommon. However, luck was on my side. Due to adverse weather conditions the 0630 Limerick - Ballybrophy was 20 minutes late arriving into Ballybrophy and the connecting service wasn't held. Passengers would be carried to Dublin on the 0913 Portlaoise - Heuston, which started back from Ballybrophy. Thankfully the 0800 Heuston - Cork was also running 14 minutes late and the empty set to collect the passengers in Ballybrophy was behind the 0800 Heuston - Cork service, which meant I was able to photograph 225 passing Ballybrophy. Later in the day we saw 086 heading L.E. from Mallow to Portlaoise and 228 worked the 1100 Heuston - Cork. Finally later that evening while passing Birdhill I called into the station to see the 1905 Ballybrophy - Limerick which was the last passenger service between Ballybrophy - Birdhill for a number of weeks as the line is closed for track relaying. Click https://bit.ly/2K3hc5A to view.
  15. Evening folks, A small update tonight to the November gallery with pictures from: - Portlaoise - Limerick Jct. where 086 was viewed on a Ballast HOBS train. - Limerick. Click https://bit.ly/2JZXSX4 to view.
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