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  1. On Wednesday 20th May, 086 brought two of the stored Container Pocket Wagons from Waterford Sally Park Yard to Belview Port for loading trials for XPO Logistics. Also on Thursday 084 revisited the Nenagh Branch with the CWR Train. Click the image below or https://bit.ly/3gkUS6b to view.
  2. In preparation for relaying between the 26 & 28 mileposts on the Nenagh Branch, a CWR train visited the branch on Tuesday morning. The train departed Portlaoise PWD Yard at 0810, running to Lisduff to run around in the sidings, before retracing its outward journey as far as Ballybrophy. Upon entering the T3 Possession on the Nenagh Branch the CWR train headed to Birdhill for locomotive 084 to run around the train. On the trip back from Birdhill to Ballybrophy it dropped its load of rails, a process which took well over two hours to drop a total of 30 strings of rail. All photos were taken while adhering to Government restrictions on movement during the COVID19 pandemic, limiting you to a maximum of 5 km from home. Click shorturl.at/HJLMU to view all the images and video.
  3. Wednesday 15th April 2020: Nenagh saw a train today for the first time in two weeks when 079 hauled a ballast train through the station while on a circular trip from Lisduff to drop ballast at the 2MP on the Nenagh Branch. The train returned to Lisduff via Limerick and Thurles. Click https://bit.ly/2K9DZw4 to view all the images.
  4. Evening all, Friday 27th March 2020: Updates continue to be irregular due to the COVID19 pandemic. With travel restricted and working from home, the opportunity for wandering is few and far between. After finishing work today and being cooped up in the house for the week, I ventured out to photograph the 1655 Limerick - Ballybrophy service at a couple of locations around Nenagh. Click https://bit.ly/3dxxjW9 to view all the images.
  5. Evening folks, Friday 20th March 2020: As the COVID19 crises deepens, travel has been severely restricted of late, but I had to venture out to Kildare and Laois today and stopped off at the Curragh for 25 minute interlude which saw six trains passing in the space of that time. Social Distancing at its best! Click https://bit.ly/2J6fHmq to view all the images.
  6. The March gallery has been updated today with: Tuesday 10th March 2020: A liner trial operated from Ballina to Waterford's Belview Port on Tuesday 10th March for XPO Logistics. XPO is a top ten global provider of transportation and logistics services. The trial only contained 3 x 40ft refrigerated reefers and the purpose of these was to see how well they kept the contents cooled on the journey from Ballina to Waterford. Click https://bit.ly/3cJu11P to view.
  7. Afternoon all, Two updates to the website today. First up is the March gallery with a visit to Ballycar on the Limerick to Ennis railway. After a prolonged spell of heavy rain the, railway has been closed due to flooding at Ballycar Lough near Newmarket on Fergus. It is reported that the water levels are still rising and the railway is expected to remain closed for several weeks as the Lough fills up a lot quicker than it drains out. Pictures appeared on facebook earlier in the week and it didn't look too bad, a few days later and it's a lot worse. Click https://bit.ly/2Tz4noX to view the images. The second update is from a visit to Spain in the first week of March. The pictures in this gallery are a mixture of travel and transport featuring the local commuter network around Malaga and a day trip on Wednesday to Madrid using the high speed AVE service to explore the capital city on a whistlestop tour, which included visiting the Madrid railway museum. Click https://bit.ly/2TMd5z0 to view all the images. Both galleries can also be accessed from the home page at https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/
  8. Evening folks, Round up of pictures from this week includes: Tuesday 25th February 2020:: Today's batch of images come from Ballybrophy, Thurles and Limerick and include seeing failed 22033 at Thurles in the middle of a snow storm. Thursday 27th February 2020: The Limerick based pilot locomotive, 085, rescued 22033 which had failed at Thurles on Tuesday and hauled the unit back to Laois Traincare Depot. Rescue by a locomotive was deemed the most viable option as the unit was placed at the Dublin end of Thurles loop which prevented easy rescue by another 5 car 22000 unit which would have blocked the down line at Thurles. Pictures from later in the day come from Portlaosie, Hazelhatch, Drumcondra, Coolmine, Connolly and Heuston. Click https://bit.ly/2T6tizR to view.
  9. Afternoon all, The latest updates to the February gallery have been uploaded to the website. Tuesday 18th February 2020: Pictures today come from Portlaoise and Limerick. Thursday 20th February 2020: The stub of the former Coolnamona branch in Portlaoise is being extended for approx 1/4 mile to allow the installation of a test track for the PWD Yard. I visited the overbridge just over the former line to view the progress made so far. Plus I photographed the 1655 Limerick - Ballybrophy outside Nenagh. Friday 21st February 2020: There was a splash of colour on an otherwise very dull day in Co. Tipperary when 073 hauled the Sperry Train from Limerick to Ballybrophy via Nenagh. On arrival at Ballybrophy the train went to Lisduff to run around before heading back to Portlaoise PWD to stable until Sunday. Click https://bit.ly/2SNBu84 to view all the images.
  10. Evening folks. Irish updates have been thin on the ground lately with a trip to the UK at the start of the month and being kept busy outside railway circles for the rest of the month. Here is the the February gallery so far: Monday 10th February 2020: Pictures from Clongriffin (from the air) and Heuston Station. Monday 17th February 2020: Pictures today come from Nenagh of the 1655 Limerick - Ballybrophy calling at the station. Click https://bit.ly/38E91qO to view.
  11. Afternoon folks, I spent five days in the UK last week on an All Line Ticket travelling around from as far south as Gatwick to as far north as Montrose (south of Aberdeen). I had planned to sample the Caledonian Sleeper train on the Sunday night but Storm Ciara and Network Rail put paid to those plans and I had to find alternative accommodation at short notice. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/International/2020 to view each gallery for each day.
  12. Evening folks, The final batch of pictures to the January gallery have just been uploaded featuring: Thursday 23rd January 2020: Just two from today at Ballybrophy of the 0800 Heuston - Cork passing and later in the day at Portlaoise. Monday 27th January 2020: A small update from Monday with pictures from Portlaoise of the 1425 Cork Heuston passing through. Tuesday 28th January 2020: A day trip from Limerick to Heuston today but little opportunity to take photos. Pictures come from Limerick, Limerick Jct. and Heuston. Thursday 30th January 2020: Pictures today come from Portlaoise and Limerick Jct. Friday 31st January 2020: A few errands to carry out this morning which required the use of the train from Nenagh to Limerick and then up to Portlaoise. Click https://bit.ly/2UdAHOP to view.
  13. Evening folks, The January gallery has been updated with: Wednesday 22nd January 2020: A busy day on the railways of Ireland today, after spending the night in Cork after attending an IRRS meeting on Tuesday night, I headed to Dublin for some work meetings. Once that was done it was time to head home via Limerick. Pictures from the day come from: * Cork * Mallow * Heuston * Connolly * Busaras * Limerick Jct. * Limerick Click https://bit.ly/2TPQG5d to view them all.
  14. Friday 17th January 2020: A pretty quiet Friday got interesting when a correspondent from Cork informed me that the 1425 Cork - Heuston set had failed at Cork. With sets being stepped up to cover the 1425 and 1525 Cork - Heuston, locomotive 220 was placed on the Heuston end of the MKIV Set 4003 and hauled the set to Heuston with passengers onboard working the 1625 Cork - Heuston. This is the first time that a MKIV service had operated throughout from Cork to Heuston in hauled mode, however back in November 2006, 228 rescued 4005 and 219 at Limerick Jct. after the latter locomotive failed. Click https://bit.ly/30wmUUx to view all the images from Cork and Thurles, plus a shot of 076 at Portlaoise Yard.
  15. Evening folks, Latest updates to the January gallery feature: Tuesday 14th January 2020: Portlaoise PWD yard produced some interesting scenes on a bitterly cold afternoon with 082 shunting in the yard, 076 on the CWR train and the spoil bodies being removed on the flat wagons. Wednesday 15th January 2020: Today's roundup comes from Ballybrophy and Limerick. Click https://bit.ly/2Rlol3Z to view them.
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