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  1. Monday 19th & Saturday 24th October 2020: A few images of the Nenagh branch between Nenagh and Cloughjordan of the 1655 Limerick - Ballybrophy service last Monday and today. Click https://bit.ly/3mjhsOt to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-q5jFBMJ/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-q5jFBMJ/0/2fbff91f/S/DSC_3378-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  2. Saturday 17th October 2020: I ventured across the county to South Tipperary today so stopped off at Grange Level Crossing and Tipperary Station to grab a few photos. Click https://bit.ly/37nOkBk to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-D45wVfV/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-D45wVfV/0/e0272d43/S/DSC_3320-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  3. Evening folks, The October gallery has been updated with: Wednesday 7th October 2020: A day trip to Galway from Athlone for work purposes (in light of current travel restrictions) and a stop off at the Silverline Boat Rental Base at Banagher on the River Shannon. Thursday 8th October 2020: While in Cloughjordan this evening, I popped into the station to see the evening branch train to Ballybrophy passing through. Click https://bit.ly/3d9yYl3 to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-bpgqJsT/A][img]https://photos.s
  4. Evening folks, Just one update from earlier today at Craughan Cemetery in Cratloe of the 1805 Limerick - Galway. Click https://bit.ly/30tiC1D to see the full size version. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-s2srhtH/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/October-2020/i-s2srhtH/0/accf6abe/S/DSC_3217-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  5. Afternoon folks, A few updates to the website from travels around the country the past week or so. The September gallery has been updated with pictures from a visit to Donegal (before local lockdown!), Derry, Monaghan and Louth, featuring old railway infrastructure in Donegal, Louth and Monaghan and the new Waterside Station in Derry. Closer to home a failed loco + MKIV set being hauled back to Dublin from Cork and Belmond Grand Hibernian liveried 216 heading L.E. in the other direction. Click https://bit.ly/30hfcPj to view. Also uploaded to the website is pictures fr
  6. Afternoon all, The next batch of pictures from this week have just been uploaded to the website. Featuring: Tuesday 15th September 2020: While out on an errand, I stopped off at Cappadine to photograph the 1005 Ballybrophy - Limerick passing. Wednesday 16th September 2020: Today I ventured on my first long distance rail trip since March (ignoring the short hop from Limerick to Limerick Jct. I did in August), travelling from Nenagh to Killarney with a few detours along the way! Pictures from the day come from: * Nenagh * Limerick * Limerick Jct. * Waterford * Kilken
  7. Evening folks, The latest images have just been uploaded to the September gallery featuring a day spent in the Athlone and Roscommon area to photograph the West of Ireland Freight services. Click https://bit.ly/3c20K2b to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/September-2020/i-NffbJvz/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2020-Photos/September-2020/i-NffbJvz/0/4b08eb99/S/DSC_2495-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  8. Evening folks, A small update to kick off the September gallery. Wednesday 9th September 2020: Following vandalism to a 3ICR set in Limerick on Tuesday night, the next day the 3ICR Limerick - Limerick Jct. diagram was covered by a 2800 Class in the morning and unusually a 2600 Class in the afternoon. The 2600 was just released from a B Exam and awaiting transfer back to Cork for Commuter services there. The 2600 was photographed at Woodfarm and Pallasgreen. Later in the afternoon the evening Nenagh branch service was photographed at Annacotty. Click https://bit.ly/2FrMjYV to v
  9. Evening folks, The final update for August has just been posted to the website at https://bit.ly/34RleJE Sunday 30th August 2020: While in Kilkenny, I ventured to Commons to photo the 1240 Waterford - Heuston passing. Monday 31st August 2020: With the reintroduction of the full Iarnrod Eireann timetable on Monday 31st August, services on the Nenagh Branch and South Tipperary line were reinstated. The morning Nenagh branch services were worked by 2803 + 2804 and 2819 + 2820. Unfortunately due to a train failure at Waterford the 0720 Waterford - Limerick Jct. and 0945 return
  10. Afternoon all, The latest pictures have been uploaded to the August gallery featuring: Wednesday 19th August 2020: While on a River Shannon boat trip I snapped 22026 crossing Drumsna Viaduct with the 1105 Sligo - Connolly. Wednesday 26th August 2020: A HOBS train operated over the Nenagh Branch. Departing Limerick at 1010 with retro Irish Rail liveried 073 in charge. The train stabled in Lisduff for reloading. Saturday 29th August 2020: Passenger services have been suspended on the Nenagh Branch and South Tipperary Railways since Sunday March 29th when an emergency ti
  11. Today was my first trip on a train since the 12th March, a total of 5 months, when I took a short spin from Limerick to Limerick Jct. to meet the Railtour Ireland "Emerald Pullman" charter which is spending eight days touring Ireland. The tour is aimed at the domestic market and visits Rosslare, Waterford, Cobh, Killarney, Galway and Belfast over the course of the week. Two tours are scheduled to operate this year with the final departure from Dublin being the 23rd August. Other images from the day saw 074 heading LE from Limerick to Waterford and 4004 + 217 at Limerick Jct. on the 0925 Cork -
  12. Thursday 6th August 2020: There was lots of perway work on the Nenagh Branch this week with a HOBS train and a Tamper plus a Ballast Regulator working on the branch. On Thursday the HOBS train operated to the 51 milepost to drop ballast near the Mulkear River Bridge. Click https://bit.ly/2XFQU09 to view all the images.
  13. Evening folks, A small update from yesterday. Thursday 30th July 2020: We bring the July gallery to a close with some images of Limerick Station including the new EU flag display for European Expo 2020. Click https://bit.ly/3gdojGC to view all the images.
  14. Evening folks, A small update from yesterday. Saturday 25th July 2020: I had to venture back to Oranmore on Saturday morning, so I called up to the station to see the 1030 Galway - Limerick, 0920 Limerick - Galway and 1100 Galway - Heuston calling at the station. Click https://bit.ly/3g267jl to view all the images.
  15. A small update to the July gallery today: Tuesday 14th July 2020: While on an afternoon sortie to Oranmore, I called in at Craughwell to photo the 1345 Galway - Limerick WRC service calling at the station. All customers onboard appeared to be wearing masks which are a legal requirement since Monday 13th July 2020. Click https://bit.ly/2ZqCwdq to view all the images.
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