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  1. As I wasn't able to get out today for the final (in its current form) IWT Liner, I made an effort to get out yesterday for the penultimate IWT Liner from Dublin Port to Ballina and managed to picture it at Cloncoher, Co. Offaly between Geashill and Tullamore. Plans to get the last up working from Ballina to Dublin were scuppered by other issues cropping up sadly. Click https://bit.ly/3gpUq7g to view all the images.
  2. As I wasn't able to get out today for the final (in its current form) IWT Liner, I made an effort to get out yesterday for the penultimate IWT Liner from Dublin Port to Ballina and managed to picture it at Cloncoher, Co. Offaly between Geashill and Tullamore. Plans to get the last up working from Ballina to Dublin were scuppered by other issues cropping up sadly. Click https://bit.ly/3gpUq7g to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/June-2021/i-bz9RZ2Q/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/June-2021/i-bz9RZ2Q/0/15899611/S/DSC_5153-S
  3. E. Ryan isn't the CEO of Dublin Port. That was the point being made.
  4. It should be noted that this appears to be solely a Dublin Port decision and slagging off the Transport Minister isn't really helpful to the debate. No doubt this will be raised at a political level and I'll expect some heads to be knocked together. If nothing happens, then feel free to slag off the transport minister! For reference to the original post https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/June-2021/i-JbT4fnS
  5. Latest update: Tuesday 8th June 2021: Pictures from various locations between Clonnydonnin and Athlone, the main highlight being the IWT Liner which is shortly to "be suspended until further notice" due to Dublin Port Company refusing permission for the train to operate into the Common User Container terminal due to congestion issues. It is estimated that the suspension will add 120+ trucks each week to the Dublin - Ballina road. The final liner is scheduled to operate on Thursday 10th June. Click https://bit.ly/3x8Jkum to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.
  6. The June gallery kicks off with: Saturday 5th June 2021: Photos from Athenry of the 1025 Galway - Limerick departing the town and later in the day a quick visit to Dunsandle Station on the Loughrea Branch and lastly Banagher on the River Shannon (for the boat fans!). Click [url]https://bit.ly/2Se7uoi[/url] to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/June-2021/i-55cgM5M/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/June-2021/i-55cgM5M/0/9352b7e1/S/DJI_0352-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  7. Last Friday, the Disney movie Disenchanted, which is on location filming in Ireland at the moment rolled into Dundalk Station for the shooting of a railway station scene. Iarnrod Eireann supplied 4ICR 22015 which was in Connolly Valeting Plant undergoing refurbishment and was scheduled to be finished in time for the shoot on Friday 28th May. After prepping the train at Connolly the set was transferred to Dundalk on Thursday afternoon for the filming on Friday, which took most of the day to complete with actor Patrick Dempsey plus extras in attendance. Dundalk Station was redressed as the
  8. Evening folks, The May gallery has been updated with pictures from this week: Wednesday 26th May 2021: Latest views of the track relaying work on the Nenagh Branch around Ballygibbon and Kylenaheskeragh. Thursday 27th May 2021: A trip from Thurles to Dublin today, my first since early December 2020 sees pictures come from: * Thurles * Heuston * Connolly * Killester The highlight of the day seeing 4ICR 22015 which has been mocked up in an fictional MTA Metro North Railroad livery for filming of the Disenchanted film at Dundalk on Friday 28th May. Interior alterat
  9. The May gallery has been updated with: Tuesday 18th May 2021: 083 operated the CWR Train over the Nenagh Branch today to drop strings between Nenagh and Cloughjordan. Friday 21st May 2021: A by chance photo of 22020 crossing Minish Level Crossing with the 1125 Mallow - Tralee service while I was heading out of Killarney on the N22 road. Click [url]https://bit.ly/3bKanUo[/url] to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/May-2021/i-gR26b6w/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/May-2021/i-gR26b6w/0/11c37f39/S/DSC_4898-S.jpg[/img][
  10. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the fledging Commemara Railway in Maam Cross in Co.Galway. At the moment a "popup" narrow gauge railway has been laid on the site to showcase what is to come. Plans are in place to replace this with 5ft 3in track later this year or in 2022. Click https://bit.ly/2SXuRlU to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/RailtoursPreservedRailways/2021/Connemara-Railway/n-7DSpXD/i-8ppHLNb/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-8ppHLNb/0/6f89f520/S/i-8ppHLNb-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  11. Evening all, The latest updates to the May gallery have now been published. Saturday 15th May 2021: While passing Renmore on Saturday morning I took a quick detour to the railway bridge to photograph the 1025 Galway - Limerick service departing Galway. Monday 17th May 2021: A trip to Ballybrophy was undertaken on Monday morning to see 228 + 227 passing while en-route back to Inchicore from Mallow on a trial run to test 227 following maintenance work. Click https://bit.ly/3wc0xlP to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/May-2021/i-vJBMKCw/A][i
  12. Afternoon folks, A few updates to the website from this week. The May gallery sees 22044 passing Minish with the 1105 Tralee - Mallow on Tuesday of this week. Click https://bit.ly/3uxXAM8 to view. The Valentia Harbour Branch gallery has gotten an update for the first time in just under four years with new images and video of the Laune Viaduct in Killorglin. Click https://bit.ly/3erDFc1 to view. Both galleries can also be accessed from the home page at www.thewandererphotos.com [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/ForgottenRailways/The-Valentia-Harbour-Branch/i-Xs
  13. Sunday 2nd May 2021: Sunday's on the Tralee line are the most interesting with three daytime Tralee - Heuston and two Heuston - Tralee through services, compared to the weekday single through service each way. On a normal Sunday the route also sees several 2600 Class workings but due to the temporary timetable in operation today this wasn't the case. Pictures from today come from a variety of places between Tralee and Rathmore. Click https://bit.ly/3uiYz2Q to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/May-2021/i-tcpjrHs/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photo
  14. Evening folks, The latest updates to the website covers April and May following a busy 24 hours where I had to return from Kerry to Tipperary, then to Cork and back to Kerry, all trips were classified as essential travel for medical / care reasons. Roll on the 10th of May! Friday 3oth April 2021: The last day of April has pictures of 22009 working one of the Mallow - Tralee diagrams at Stagmount and Killarney, plus the new decision support system that has recently been installed at Stagmount Crossing to aid users. Click https://bit.ly/3tj0NxT to view. Saturday 1st May 2021:
  15. Evening folks, Two small updates to the website this evening. First of all the April gallery has had an updates with images from Leixlip Confey last Saturday, supplied by a contributor. Plus some images of the fire in Killarney National Park on Sunday. Click https://bit.ly/3vvdo2c to view. The second update is some photos / video of the North Kerry Line around Barnagh Gap. Click https://bit.ly/2QyS5OJ to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-WBFc839/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-WBFc839/1/c8a0149a/S/IMG_202104
  16. With another sunny day and a set of 2600's on the Tralee line replacing a failed 22000, it was too good an opportunity not to slip out for some photos of them around Killarney working the 1125 & 1525 Mallow - Tralee services. Click https://bit.ly/3nhGLC8 or the image below to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-29tzcSp/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-29tzcSp/0/69ceaece/S/DJI_0112-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  17. The latest update to the April gallery. Wednesday 14th April 2021: A few images from around the Killarney area, including Quagmire Viaduct of the 3ICR sets on the Mallow - Tralee services. Click the image below to view all the pictures. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-4FfCRPb/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-4FfCRPb/0/7dc569c3/S/DJI_0053-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  18. Another update to the April gallery today with a selection of images from between Mallow and Millstreet. After an early morning essential trip to Cork City to bring a family member to an medical appointment, I returned to Killarney via Mallow and managed to get some photographs along the way, highlight being 222 hauling MKIV Set 4003 on the 0700 Heuston - Cork crossing the Viaduct in Mallow. Click https://bit.ly/3s94eX7 to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-Q7zhch3/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-Q7
  19. Evening folks, A late start to the April gallery due to no travel, but I've managed to grab some images over the past few days. Thursday 8th April 2021: A few images of Nenagh Station from the air while trying out a new drone purchase. Sunday 11th April 2021: While in Killarney for essential reasons, I ventured out to Yellow Quarry Level Crossing on the outskirts of the town to photograph the 1725 Mallow - Tralee and 1750 Tralee - Heuston. Click https://bit.ly/2RvGm3z to view all of the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/April-2021/i-zHf
  20. Ten photos from the past several days have recently been uploaded to the March gallery at https://bit.ly/3vKNzfC Wednesday 18th March 2021: I called into Roscrea Station to see the recent work carried out with the relaying of the loop and siding. Also from that day, I pictured 22027 passing Portlaoise with the 1700 Heuston - Cork. Thursday 18th March 2021: Just one picture of 22059 passing Oldforge outside Killarney with the 1705 Tralee - Cork. Friday 19th March 2021: While on a trip to Cork to bring a family member to a medical appointment, I got some photos at Mytrlehill
  21. A small update to the website this evening with pictures of the CWR train on the Nenagh Branch today. 083 paid a visit to the Nenagh Branch with the CWR train to drop another mile of rail strings between the 24 1/2 & 25 1/2 Mile Post on Tuesday 16th March. The operation was similar to two weeks ago with the train dropping the strings and then going to Limerick to runaround and then returned to Portlaoise PWD depot via Thurles. Click https://bit.ly/30OT1Qf to view all the images. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/March-2021/i-p52NHNR/A][img]https://phot
  22. Yes a number of multiple units have had this applied, including 5ICR set 22037. Afternoon all, The March gallery kicks off with some images from the Nenagh branch today. Tuesday 2nd March 2021: On Tuesday 2nd March 2021, a CWR train operated over the Nenagh Branch to drop strings of rails between the 25 1/2 & 26 1/2 MP for forthcoming relaying works. Click https://bit.ly/3rgcRje or the image below to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/March-2021/i-jHQbKrm/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/March-2021/i-jHQbKrm/1/f2f90b14/S/DSC_
  23. A few more images from around Killarney last week while I was down in "the kingdom" for essential reasons. Includes 22003 departing Killarney bound for Tralee and the new "decision support system" for user worked level crossings has been installed at Stagmount Crossing XT88. Click [url]https://bit.ly/3s2V2E2[/url] to view. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/February-2021/i-xCXqNrv/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/February-2021/i-xCXqNrv/0/83912905/S/DSC_4360-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  24. We start off the February gallery with pictures of Barnagh Station on the North Kerry Line, which is currently being restored and Farranfore to see the 1505 Tralee - Mallow calling. Click https://bit.ly/3tDPDVx to view all the images. The photograph were taken while on an essential journey under government guidelines. [url=https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/February-2021/i-8H7xs79/A][img]https://photos.smugmug.com/2021-Photos/February-2021/i-8H7xs79/0/739aefe6/S/DSC_4342-S.jpg[/img][/url]
  25. The Dean, closer to the tunnel entrance, is behind that office block sitting on top of the station. First time I saw a picture of it I thought the same as you. But seeing it in the flesh, it might grow on me. The jury is still out.
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