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  1. Bottom photo at York Road would be around 1969 for two reasons. Firstly the poor condition of the Jeeps. Secondly the photo looks like it was taken in the summer so that rules out 1970 Remember seeing my first tamper about 1969 as well.
  2. Limerick sounds right that was the Tour when No 4 came off the road a few times!
  3. Thanks for the positive comments for yesterday. Good feedback from PRONI as well.
  4. PRONI tell me this is now fully booked for tomorrow
  5. Posted in error can one of the Mods please delete? Thanks will relay your message to my friend in the morning
  6. Thanks guys someone else has contacted me by phone to say it is a Drovers fan. Lots of cattle would have been shipped from Greenore. My contact is doing an article on the DNGR and is looking for photos of Greenore station and Hotel in particularm
  7. Anyone know more about what this was and any relevant details?
  8. PRONI told me this morning that this event on this Thursday at 14.00 is almost fully booked. There are less than 30 places left so just register through the PRONI website asap if interested.
  9. Tend to agree with John on this one as the new Cavan and Leitrim book which did not impress me much got a good review. Yet the new Green bible got a bit of a roasting at times when it is crammed with useful detail such as where the records are of some key loco builders etc!
  10. Thanks for the warning Steve. Tried to order this last week but their website blocked my order as it thought Ni was an international order with about 7 Euro extra for postage! No order placed. Sounds like a Del Boy production!
  11. Basic drawing of a standard BCDR 4-4-2T loco
  12. Irish layout by Dave in current issue of Hornby Railway magazine.
  13. 595 was kept to run with the hauled BUT NIR coaches
  14. There is a feature on the new Hornby coaches in the latest issue of the Hornby Railway magazine.
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