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  1. The only info I can find in this movement is in the Farewell to the Derry Road book. Cannot find anything in IRRS Journal and have no access to Irish Railfans News. Anyone help?
  2. Yes spilled the Black Stuff over the photo celebrating some restrictions being lifted!
  3. Nice article and photos of this branch from 1957 in December issue of Railway Bylines magazine.
  4. Any items or artefacts from the County Donegal or the Lough Swilly will be gratefully received by the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre. We are open again on a limited basis again from today!
  5. Thanks Ciaran from IRRS for making that film available
  6. The MV is on an NIR ballast train so not going beyond Dundalk before heading North again.
  7. Thanks for some reason overvthe last few this magazine now arrives in NI about 2 weeks after it was published. Mind you my last issue was addressed to the Irish Republic. Magazine was out November 19th but has yet to appear in my post box! Thanks
  8. There will be an article on the Spoil Trains in the January issue of Backtrack magazine due our December 9th.
  9. Thanks David. Phoned today and as usual they blamed Coid and the Royal Mail. Strange as Heritage Railway arrived on time and another magazine arrived 2 days early.
  10. There is an article on UTA Festival coaches from 1951 in current issue. This is what I am told as despite the magazine being published a week ago my subscriber copy has yet to arrive. Has anyone else got the December issue of Backtrack to confirm that there is an article yet?
  11. Thanks John some errors from presenter who was told by myself that line opened in 1852. He wrote down 1862. Thanks to Ernie, Tony and others for photos used.
  12. Today is the 70th Anniversary of the fatal railway accident in Omagh on 24 November 1950. FermanaghOmagh Council have produced a short video on their YouTube channel.
  13. On behalf of the Donegal Heritage Centre we need a little bit of your support We have work going on at the centre in preparation for the return of Drumboe by Easter 2022. Drumboe is at present under restoration in the RPSI workshops at Whitehead. Thanks Colin did you get the C&L drawings you wanted last week?
  14. Thanks David photo from summer of 1948 said loco was just ex works.
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