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  1. Like the photo on the left and photo on the right was used and badly reproduced in an old Stenlake book.
  2. Well Done John and the lockdown led me to start writing articles and working on Disused Stations website etc. Whilst a series of chats at the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre (DRHC) and the discovery of many unpublished photos of the other railway in County Donegal has resulted in my first railway book. This will be published in early October by the DRHC. With all profits raised going towards mainly the Drumboe fund, from this book "The Lough Swilly Remembered". Details to order will soon be posted here and on the DRHC website. Special thanks to Ernie in particular.
  3. Went to see this awesome 7 and a quarter inch live steam model last Sunday. Simply stunning!
  4. Latest news is that I can now confirm that Drumboe will be returning home from Whitehead early next month..Major event being planned for Donegal Town Diamond on October 9th for the Drumhome event.
  5. Tracked some archive photos down of both 16 and 18 down from different sources Yes indeed after this task that indeed it is Railcar 16 as suggested. Accurate dating is so important and it took new photos of both railcars from 1948 before 18 went in fire to confirm Andy is correct!
  6. Now I have enlarged them.must say well spotted guys. First and last photos are Strabane checking some other Strabane photos in.my collection. Second photo is Donegal Town towards Stranorlar. Still sure it is 18. We can chat more about these new CDR photos on Sunday Colin!
  7. Donegal Town it is and Railcar 18 after being rebuilt after fire damage in 1949 always looked a little bit different.
  8. Thanks Patrick was speaking to.my friend Paul.earlier this evening about this. We plan to.update the existing Disused Stations page for this station and the Antrim branch After I get a book to the printers and 4 new articles completed by next Friday week!
  9. Was in that train and we were delayed after Taunton when Network Rail.put a heavy stone train out ahead of us the whole way to New fury.
  10. Very rare photos of the WW2 branch into the Airport today!
  11. Will be published on September 22nd according to an email.in my inbox this morning
  12. Superb review in latest issue of Hornby Railway magazine purchased in Glasgow Central this afternoon!
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