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  1. Sounds familiar aware from another project to reopen where 1 or 2 landowners have blocked a serious railway project because of a NIMBY attitude. Another example was where the landowner demanded an extortionate amount for a small but vital strip of land. Offers to take them and key Council officials to Wales to see the potential were also instantly rejected.
  2. Correct 19 was lying stored in Maysfield Yard by early 1963.and its duties had effectively been replaced by the arrival of 27. Loco 18 had went by June 1956 and was the only loco built by Bagnall to operate in Ireland on the Broad Gauge. 18 was LMS 7456 and 19 LMS 7553 built by Hunslet.
  3. My mistake meant 1932 not 1942 and did not enter service until Jan 1933 After closure of the CDR Phoenix was used to lift the line from Lifford only to Strabane. Only believed that story when I acquired a photo of that recently
  4. airfixfan

    SLIP coaches

    There was a slip coach operation from 1908 that appeared to have ended and never resumed after WW1. The morning train at 07.55 connecting with the ferry from Larne Harbour would slip a mail van at Larne Town NG to give the Ballymena train a charge at Inver bank!
  5. airfixfan

    SLIP coaches

    Nice film of UTA steam to illustrate slip coaches on the Dublin -Cork line even including a Jeep hauling a failed MPD set! No mention of the only NG slip coach on the Ballymena and Larne.
  6. Railcar 7 was the first purpose built diesel Railcar in the British Isles. Phoenix converted to a diesel after purchase by the CDR after the CVR closed in 1942. CVR railcar was built in 1932 and bought by CDR in 1942 and became CDR Railcar 10 and is preserved at Cultra wirh Phoenix.
  7. Correction David it is a photo of an industrial called Donegal used to build the Strabane and Letterkenny Railway from 1906 and when opened in 1909 it was the last new NG line in Ireland.
  8. Correct Railcar 7 of the CDR was the first purpose built passenger diesel Railcar in the British Isles. Without their pioneering development in the use of railcars the CDR would not have lasted as long as it did until 1960.
  9. airfixfan


    You were unlucky when you visited in 2013 as at present during the Summer months we are open to visitors 7 days a week.
  10. Thanks may come back unto you by PM later?
  11. Andy whatever happened to your Strabane layout I seen about a decade ago?
  12. airfixfan


    Just when you mentioned Finn Velley thought you were dealing with the FVR line from Strabane to Stranorlar Finntown Railway were operational on some dates last year but wiill remain closed in 2020.
  13. Will become a collectors item!
  14. Got that magazine Wheels of Industry for 7.99 including p&p. Robbed by WHS?
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