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  1. Agree with David that the Swilly was an incredible railway. That model loco is at the High Legh Minarture Railway in Cheshire. Loco is 7 and a quarter inch and photos do not do it justice!
  2. Must be worth 10 pound in Northern Bank notes at least for a job lot?
  3. Simular to this model.of a North London Railway tank loco?
  4. The real thing at the NRM today
  5. Seen one in Derry for sale with a similar sign for the Lough Swilly Railway Company!
  6. Well Colin at least we have a 7 and a quarter inch live steam model just built after 20 years in Cheshire. Some machine!
  7. Was in Wales on some Narrow Gauge yesterday Photo is a out Gweedore as I have a similar photo in my own collection showing that ballast siding
  8. They have also released a map for Fermanagh. They plan more Irish Maps soon responding to questions raised by myself The Enniskillen Map contains much Railway interest
  9. From Narrow Gauge Steam 3 by Kelsey Publishing. One of two CDR articles with some rare photos used.
  10. Was checking yesterday and we do have some drawings of both these CDR Railcars in the CDR Diagram Book from the 1930s.
  11. Private yes as some are for a future book I am working on for next year
  12. LPHC officially closed by end of August 1962. Little used after 1959 and was sent some photos of LPHC last week from 1960. All LPHC lines were mixed Gauge track up to the LPHC boundary posts. Have many photos of LPHC lines alongside Foyle on the East bank of the river.
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