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  1. JHB looks like loco acting as a station pilot to release stock?
  2. Should be Wednesday July 3rd so to clarify Tuesday 2nd will be the last day for trains to and from Belfast!
  3. 29000 only if a failure of no ICR available. July 3rd last date for Enterprise from Lanyon
  4. Translink to close Belfast to Lsburn from July 3rd. Last day for Enterprise from Lanyon.
  5. Most of the 3000 class when refurbished are now fitted with USB sockets Too early yet
  6. 3001 to 3006 are the only NIR railcars allowed on the Dublin Line
  7. Any deadlines set yet by BNM for purchase of surplus rolling stock?
  8. From memory when restored 5T got a new boiler from the Severn Valley?
  9. Lack of standard departure time ex Belfast is an ecumenical matter!
  10. Fintown struggles on running again from the start of June. Foyle Valley in Derry is another lost cause thanks to local councillors who have not got a clue about railways. Fintown is community run and has nothing to do with Donegal CC
  11. CDR Oldbury coach 14 preserved in Derry Museum. Still.closed due to Covid restrictions!
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