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  1. Is this new freight traffic going via Kildare?
  2. Yes not Ennis and that website is not reliable
  3. Have an article in current issue of Backtrack on Strabane and its railways Part 1
  4. In 1989 whilst Whitla Street was closed and before Cultra was built some ex CDR items were on loan to Foyle Road such as Trailer 3 and Blanche Witham Street
  5. Note John that the 2nd vehicle ex DBST No 3 is still in original CDR livery at that stage
  6. Work is coming on well and post some photos by end of this week if interested?
  7. Donegal Railway Heritage Centre now open for visitors again. All welcome
  8. Thanks Steve and you would enjoy the great photos of Belfast 50 years ago!
  9. This photo may be of some interest to followers of the County Donegal
  10. About 30 colour photos from the 1960s in a 20 page article which is excellent. In the current issue of On The Buses by Kelsey Publishing.
  11. Last episode this Monday evening on the Dundalk Newry and Greenore. Let's see what appears in this episode? They tell me they are planning a second series due to positive feedback!!!!
  12. Error appeared after it had been proofed twice!
  13. Spelt correctly in the article though!
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