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    My name is Eamonn Greville. I live in Dublin and work in the public sector. I have a special interest in the MGWR from Dublin to Mullingar but especially around Maynooth, Kilcock, Ferns Lock, Enfield, Killucan and Mullingar itself. Check out my videos on YouTube under fishplate7!


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  1. They say he's a Legend! I'd agree!!
  2. Very impressive! Unlike Noel, I'll send a fleet of locomotives - a single 141 won't be able to pull what I'm looking for!! Looking forward to seeing these go into production.
  3. Ordered decoders from YouChoos about two weeks ago. Value c. £170. Arrived 4 days later. Perfect condition. Delivered by An Post. Nothing additional to pay! And the cost was excluding UK VAT in anticipation I would have to pay VAT here. It seems to be for the moment that if its delivered by An Post you could be lucky; if you use a courier however, you are almost certainly going to pay handling charges etc.
  4. Here is another example of the same wagon. Scroll to 8.05 on the video.
  5. Hi Vlak. My video! Yep, no problem at all using it. That's what they are there for! Interesting topic too! Cheers. Eamonn
  6. This question comes at the right time for me! I hope to start building my layout in l2021. It will be based on a single line MGWR station with passing loop, and some other stuff as well. So it is opportune for me to consider this question whether the simplicity of layout and quantity of trackwork I require makes 21mm a better prospect. I joined the EM and P4 societies to be better informed of what would be involved. Over the years I have a amassed a healthy collection of MM locos, Irish coach and wagon stock etc. Having weighed up all of the pros and cons, I am of the view currently that the tasks of (a) converting all of my rolling stock, and (b) scratchbuilding all of the 21mm trackwork is a bridge too far for me and the nearest I will get to it will be to run current stock on Peco Code 75 bullhead trackwork and points (or similar) with some clever track weathering to give the illusion of a wider track gauge. I should have added that yes I would love to model in 21mm if the trackwork was available off the shelf, and the rolling stock conversion could be managed without too much difficulty!
  7. Agree 100% Noel. I have bought some recently and I'm getting immense fun from driving these locos, which takes a bit of learning! Nothing better than applying F5 (brake), then F18 (Heavy Load) then set it to speed step 12 for example, then finally disengage F5.....and wait! The engine revvs and the loco strain as she pulls away with a heavy load is a sight and a sound to behold. Highly recommended!
  8. Loads of examples of 121's in Supertrain, IR and IE double heading in the past. Here's an example!
  9. Well when you have the brand new MM 121's, then there going to need a crew to operate them and keep them in tip top working order! Enter Glenderg Models who gave me a sneak preview this evening of some prototypes figures he is working on!! They look absolutely fantastic! I suspect there's a Ken Fox, a Lar Griffin, maybe even a Noel Enright in the production line, with more surprises to come! Looking forward to their release! And yes, I have Richie's blessing to post them!
  10. Indeed they should Leslie! And with more bespoke Provincial Wagons to add I will soon have a right old stable of Irish loose coupled goods wagons to improve it even further!
  11. Well I have waited a long, long time for this day! And with huge thanks to Sean Hogan for the use of his excellent layout, the nourishment and the constant banter flowing between Sean, Joe Dave, Richie and myself, here is B131 in action with a rake of 22 goods wagons from all over the island. The sound is via Wheeltappers 645 decoder, which I know is not prototypically correct, but it's all I have and it sounds terrific, not to mention the driving experience which must be the closest thing to driving the real thing!!!! Paddy Murphy has brought the best Christmas present to me so take a bow and take a well deserved and well wearned rest!
  12. Taken lunchtime today! No words needed!
  13. I was never a fan of the black & silver in reality Noel! That said, the livery in model form does grow on you and it is, after all, part of the livery history of the 071's. So on that basis I would keep it as it is in silver & black, and give it the weathering it deserves, which you are more than capable doing! Have a look at a video I posted on YouTube some time ago. From 3.55 on you'll get a good idea of the condition of the loco up close and who is winning the war on rust!! Looking forward to seeing the result! Eamonn
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