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  1. I'm still amazed that they've lasted this long. Great location, no dosh and no enthusiast involvement does not bode well for the future.
  2. So that would date it post 1953 - their foundation date on the website.
  3. The power station is Portarlington and the photograph came with a souvenir booklet for the opening in April 1950. However, the date of the photograph and the railcar details are what puzzles me. What does REC on the railcar indicate and can anyone make out the number.
  4. The date is 1950 and the weathering is just the poor photographic reproduction. It's not Ardnacrusha - what about the railcar?
  5. Correct. What about the railcar?
  6. Here's a later view of the Turfburner on the occasion of the IRRS Works Visit - September 1974. Pic is for sale on eBay. And here's a recent acquisition. I'd be interested in comments on this one.
  7. The Alan Keef carriage at Dromod was specially commissioned based on drawings by Nicky Wakeford and has little in common with the Lullymore carriage save its gauge.
  8. Fintown is a pretty location but far, far too remote to ever be sustainable. I also had a run on it way back shortly after it opened - in the ex.Shane's Castle tramcars if I remember correctly - but never felt the urge to return.
  9. Spotted this on eBay tonight. At first glance with tired eyes I thought it was an old sandite machine but no it's definitely a standard gauge Wickham railcar. I've never seen it before and never came across it in my travels down the years. I'm sure it's long been scrapped but I would be interested to know its identity and fate.
  10. Whatever fool paid that deserves precisely what they got - a few kg of cast iron scrap. No sympathy - be informed or don't bid.
  11. @ Wexford70 The first shed in your opening post is poor old G601 - its main claim to fame is that it was used to restore freight services on the Banteer/Newmarket branch on the 1/6/1956. It was a big deal and there was an official piss-up in Newmarket on reopening day with toasts to CIE and all - there are menus from the event in the IRRS archives. Like most innovations in CIE the reopening experiment was short-lived. The loco was finally stopped on the 22/7/72. Latterly it was dumped on the scrap bank in Inchicore. I (not the Irish Narrow Gauge Trust or anybody else) paid for it and was physically involved in recovering it from Inchicore on the 25/7/92 to temporary storage at Bord na Mona (Littleton) and then to Dromod on the 4/9/93. Like so many other things it was sold to keep things at Dromod going - the Irish Traction Group being the buyer. Cosmetically restored it returned to Inchicore for the Works "Open Weekend" in June 1996 - see attached pic. Hopefully, it will run again one day!
  12. A selection of views of the first map to be removed (36" x 24") - a small tear in the sea off the West Coast but otherwise in excellent condition. €75 or best offer.
  13. Hours away from breaking up - any takers - price reduced to €150 plus p+p?
  14. Ultra rare Working Timetable showing details of all DSER lines including the Shillelagh branch and the North Wexford line (Macmine Junction/Waterford). Worn but clean condition as it is only a paper item - no card cover. €40 including .p+p.
  15. Another set of these reports - 7 in number - has come my way. Before I give in to my usual bad ways of breaking the set and selling the maps separately would somebody take the whole lot off my hands? They are in well used condition - see images - but the maps alone are worth well more than the asking price. And, no, before anybody asks I'm not going to open them all out to photograph them - too fragile and the lucky buyer can do that to their hearts content. They are all there and worth the gamble. Just €200 plus p+p or can be collected from Enniscorthy.
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