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  1. Probably worth about €10 as seller has at least cleaned it up. Yet another chancer!
  2. I note that a photograph of mine - 175 at Newcastle West - has also been used without permission or credit on the Tralee/Fenit Greenway website.
  3. Still haven't done the WRC or Midleton since they reopened - surely proof that I'm an ex.enthusiast. In fact I've never done the WRC or even Limerick/Ennis by regular service train - plenty of times by specials. I did both Red Luas lines as soon as they opened and before they became a scumbag playground.
  4. Irish Railways (Irish Environmental Library Series: 44). by Kevin Murray. Coloured illustrations by Peter Jay. Published by Folens in 1978. 82 pages, full-colour illustrations. Text is crisp and clean, saddle-stitched binding is tight. Scarce title. €15 including p+p or can be collected from Enniscorthy.
  5. @Wrenneire I know there was somebody reproducing these fence signs a long time ago and your one seems in remarkable nick for something attached to a fence for years.
  6. A wonderful Art Deco GSR brochure aimed at the visitor to Ireland. 40 pages, folded brochure with maps, fares hotels and more. In virtually unread condition. See scans for details. €20 including p+p or can be collected from Enniscorthy. collectireland@gmail.com will get the quickest response.
  7. There's some unhealthy level of toxicity in the world of Irish railway preservation - I'm so glad to be long out of it. There's some pictures of Moyasta here - no date - but I suspect quite recent. http://www.industrialheritage.eu/2021/European-Year-Rail/ENDANGERED/IE/rolling-stock-at-Moyasta4 I moved on to check on the ITG and there's some appalling stuff about them posted by some Aussie (?) nutter on Facebook - evil people etc. They are probably responsible for Covid-19 too. There would be no standard gauge diesel preservation in Ireland were it not for the efforts of WISRA, GSRPS
  8. Surely there's acres of space in Inchicore Works that this "state of the art" centre could be built in without removing causing any problems?
  9. Perhaps they been moved to Waterford for the Waterford/Rosslare preservation scheme - that old GSWR six-wheeler would be a major asset. More seriously, I heard that the Halfway stuff still exists on a private site in West Cork.
  10. Amazing footage. I was sure one of the lifting rigs was going to topple on top of the guy directing operations. What weight is in one of those locos - 200+ tons? Also amazed that the road under the bridge was still open to traffic given the combustible cargo on the train. Only in America do they just get stuck in and get on with it.
  11. Never seen a photograph of the Halt before. The strange angle of the photograph makes it seem like the line is blocked by a landslide - so much so that I had to look it up on the Geohive site to make sure the hotel platform wasn't on a Curragh siding style branch! Anyway, I assume you will be including Jotter's postcard of the Hotel in your book? I have a spare copy if needed.
  12. An April 1921 view of the front of the LNWR Hotel (right hand side of the building) and a group of Black and Tans put on a show of bravado after surviving an IRA attack on the hotel. More here: https://www.facebook.com/eastwallhistory/posts/837545859647959 and more railway pictures on that FB page.
  13. Some more here: UTA Pocket Calendar for 1957. Rare piece of Railway ephemera from the Ulster Transport Authority. Pocket laminated calendar for 1957 illustrated with a painting of a UTA MED railcar. UTA Pocket Calendar for 1956 Rare piece of Railway ephemera from the Ulster Transport Authority. Pocket laminated calendar for 1956 illustrated with a painting of a UTA bus with Newcastle, Co.Down in the background. €20 including p+pl on the island of Ireland.
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