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    W J Owens

    A great shop for Airfix soldiers and stacked from floor to ceiling with exciting goodies for boys of all ages. I also brought my first SLR there on the 14th June 1982 and christened it the next day on my first trip on the North Kerry weedspraying train.
  2. Agree completely - apart from the GSWR, the T+D and also the Waterford, Dungarvan & Lismore are the only genuine ones that I know of. The WDLR ones were still in situ on that line long after closure and several passed through my hands. Sadly they are also now being forged.
  3. Here's another one coming up for sale in a general auction. What company is it supposed to be from?
  4. The 'new' West Clare Railway is very much the hijacked dream of one man - not the present operator - and is destined to go the same way as Blennerville. The recent Tripadvisor review below is typical of many that have appeared over the years. The present operator listens to nobody and that will be his undoing. More reviews here: https://www.tripadvisor.ie/Attraction_Review-g186595-d1551466-Reviews-West_Clare_Railway-County_Clare.html
  5. Spotted this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANTIQUE-STYLE-IRISH-N-W-R-R-RAILWAY-NOTICE-NEWRY-WARRENPOINT-ROSTREVOR/143373840268?hash=item2161bf2f8c:g:QNIAAOSwZH1dbQP8 more intriguing one on eBay tonight. It's the wear/marks etc. on the back that I find interesting but I suspect, as usual. someone has been at it. What does anybody else think? The Newry, Warrenpoint & Rostrevor Railway did exist but...
  6. Can't agree with any of this. It's like something out of the Barry Kenny spin book. Perfectly good carriages were thrown on the scrapheap by a company who shouldn't be trusted to design a tea trolley because there's no financial responsibility for anything in the public sector. The ICRs are unsuitable replacements for many of the services they now operate - Connolly/Rosslare being a case in point. Trains are too small and cannot be made larger due to the impossibility of lengthening the platforms at Rathdrum - if Selective Door Opening had been included in the design specifications this would not be a problem. There's not enough room for bicycles. The design of the ICRs means that they are not suitable for parcels either which further undermines the relevance of trains at all outside the Greater Dublin Area. Anyway, I could go on and on but nobody's listening - sorry for the rant!
  7. @ Snapper - thank you for your speedy response and for clarifying matters. It seems the DSER is bedevilled by problems and only the Belmond seems to get through to Enniscorthy albeit without stopping.
  8. What happened to the Enniscorthy Rockin Food Festival trip? Posts about forthcoming events that ultimately fail to materialise make said posts unreliable. Everybody knows that that steam specials can fail but explanations should follow rather than being glossed over.
  9. I fail to see what the presence of modern screws have to do with anything, it's not like it's fastened to a gate. Whether it's a fake or original - it's obviously not in its original location. It's not worn enough looking and the edges are far too sharp. 100% fake.
  10. It's the local Tidy Towns Association behind the project https://www.facebook.com/Ballineen-and-Enniskeane-Tidy-Towns-Association-366972203925059/ so I guess trains won't be running to Albert Quay anytime soon.
  11. It looks in remarkably good condition - what company is it supposed to be from? Waterford & Kilkenny? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterford_and_Kilkenny_Railway
  12. This is progress - how? Cross platform interchange has now been made more awkward at great expense.
  13. Results here: https://www.purcellauctioneers.ie/catalogue/8F94772A0A3BA77D096E6240F0A8640E/81B29AB6FA187A02A829C1899B734425/specialist-auction-of-irish-interest-books-with-dedicated-se/ Lots of bargains it seems with many pre-sale estimates over the top. The Dublin & Blessington Lots went for a decent price: Lot 53 Vast and Extensive File Relating to the Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway c.1930's, Dividend Warrants, Correspondence, Invoices etc. etc. - 7boxes Hammer: €680
  14. You mightn't pay more than €100 but plenty would. It's the top of a staff from a MGWR branch that I haven't seen much else from down the years i.e. it's scarce - closure date has little to do with value. A staff for the branch sold for €360 a while back. I am out of the railway scene for twenty years now and should have described it as a 'ticket' rather than a tablet - apologies. It was a crude version of the Wise's staff which was used on the Cavan & Leitrim Railway and the Welsh Highland.
  15. In fairness, a lot of the prices achieved were low - the Kilfree/Ballaghadereen tablet at €170 being a good example - while various assorted bits like those being given away by WaYSideE were overpriced. As for stuff ending up on DoneDeal/Adverts after the last auction - my experience tells me that some resellers made decent killings. There's a big market for Irish railwayana in Britain and with online catalogues/bidding it makes life hard for Irish enthusiasts save those with deep pockets.
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