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  1. I suppose with the lock down it's time to actually start getting a handle on the large photo backlog I have. Photos from an early February trip to Manchester, primarily for a Delain concert (excellent, on the day their new album launched too), but of course arranged for a few spins around the place as part of it. As always, click on any of the photos below to view them or this link to view them all https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157713889539327 Regards, Kieran
  2. I realised after I pressed "order" that I was missing the metal plates over the bogies, plus a few other bits (should have looked at my own photos more!). Thanks Glenderg
  3. I've ordered a couple of Dapol Schafenberg couplers (spares for their 15x and 22x models) and will adapt to that. For me, they will be in a fixed formation so doesn't bother me And yes, the flat is my own design, it's an LX wagon as used on the IWT liner
  4. There's Class 3000s and 4000s on Shapeways, otherwise modified 170s
  5. Among the many things Anthony did was give copies of the Red Brick Building plans back to IÉ (the originals are stored in the IRRS), as part of the drive to digitise their archives. Gives new meaning to them every time I'll use the main entrance
  6. Shapeways do seem to be a bit variable, wilm definately be buying my own printer shortly, just to decide which one! In the meantime.....
  7. Yes, all the electrical equipment (Metrovick, not Brush) was original on the A and C Class locos, the latter having rewound generators to cope with the doubling of horsepower
  8. That is very sad news indeed, may he rest in peace and my condolences to his family who I know well through the IRRS. Always a lively chap
  9. Galway either ran around in the station or propelled out to the loop. The latter happens today with Belmond, and I recall seeing a photo of a propelling move with a 201 back in regular loco hauled days Pilots were used at Heuston, Connolly and Limerick, not sure whether anywhere else used them
  10. Latest bit of work, primed a few bits and test bogies for the Mark 4. Need to add primary suspension damper but apart from that should be good enough for N gauge. I can't take credit for the 201 design, being Valve Design model
  11. Thanks for the comments. Mike: I had noticed there is a bit of stratification on them, even after a bit of sanding. It doesn't help that some of the curves are quite complex but we'll get there. As you said from a normal viewing distance it looks alright John: I haven't as yet got my own printer (there's a few I have my eye on alright!) so currently going through Shapeways but in time intend to do them myself A couple from tonight's messing around
  12. I'm currently using Shapeways but looking to get my own printer. It takes a while to get used to designing but once you've done a bit it becomes easier The latest prints are of Mark 4 vehicles. These are test prints again, and since then I've added extra detail to them Standard vehicle (luckily the bodyshell is the same for all the passenger vehicles with only the buffet windows and the Standard End vehicle having detail differences) Control Car (need to add in the 'crease' below the cab windows). This also has grill detail but needs primer to pick it out Regards, Kieran
  13. Thanks for the comments folks! I've got something new coming in a few days hopefully, as well as a couple of updates to the ICR CAD
  14. I visited on the first weekend, and it was good to see healthy numbers going through (although the real test of that will be omce the hype has died down a bit). Fascinating to be able to view the collection and the displays are well thought out The only comment I'd have about the layouts is that they feel a bit dead - no people around. It's a small thing that is far easier to fix than a major issue! Bray Head was spectacular, really impressive
  15. I'd probably 3D print them There's a possibility that part of the rail network will survive for a bit after the end of peat operation, but expect things to start becoming available in the next 12 months
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