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  1. The arrow I think purely states which signal the disc (shunt signal) is associated with, rather than any route setting. In the below, the main signal is HN314, with HN314(S) arrow pointing towards the signal / line (in this case, Platform 4)
  2. Ultimately, you can transport 700-odd tonnes (train can be up to 912 tonnes IIRC, but that includes loco and physical wagon weight) in one go. That's 24 lorries (assuming a payload capability of 30 tonnes). Simple economics
  3. It's a nice job (travelled down on the set on the 1805 on Portlaoise). I personally like the contrast, finding the DD interiors very dark
  4. Good evening all, A selection of photos from a recent trip to Nottingham, Chesterfield and Derby, with photos including the Nottingham Suburban Railway, trams and a couple of interesting workings. Click on the photos below to view them full size, or here to view them all: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157689778011553 Regards, Kieran
  5. It would be categorised as a near-miss in any investigation as well. One of the many strange sayings, such as Head over Heels in love
  6. Good afternoon all, A selection of photos from December, with photos of new services, RPSI Specials, Downpatrick and Portarlington featuring. Click on the photo below to view them all Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157703502492701 Happy New Year all! Regards, Kieran
  7. Good evening all, It's been a while since I've updated here, so I'll jump back in with November thus far. As always, click on any of the photos below. Highlights include: -RPSI Wooden Bodied Carriage Move -TRV 700 being hauled from Boyle to North Wall -PWD movements through Connolly -First partially-refurbished ICR in traffic Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157703598927405 Regards, Kieran
  8. As in individual locos? ITG Numberbook has 121-135 as 26271-26285 (GL8) 141-177: 27467-27503 (JL8) 181-192: 31248-31259 (JL18)
  9. Good morning all, A few more from the East Midlands and Staffordshire now, with two days: A selection around Nottingham, with trams on Old Market Square and a 56 and pair of 50's at Nottingham Eastcroft depot Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157700367812284 ---- I took a spin out to Crewe via the rail replacement services from Derby to Tutbury. A quick out-and-back but useful all the same Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/sets/72157700367812354 Regards, Kieran
  10. Good evening all, Still catching up following a family holiday to Nottingham. A few shots from Toton Bank in mid-August. Click on the photos below or the album link to view them all https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157700367812314 Regards, Kieran
  11. Good evening all, One of the busiest days in recent transport history was Sunday 26 August, with the Papal Visit and final mass in the Phoenix Park. Although the expected 500,000 did not turn up, a respectable figure was still transported by rail-based transport, with several interesting features, including: -8x29000 to M3 Parkway -10 minute DART and Connolly-Clonsilla service (diverging into a 20 minute service to Maynooth and M3 Parkway) -Use of the Luas Racecourse stop for the first time Click on the photo below to view all the photos from the day, and well done to all involved. The few issues that became apparent were well handled. It is estimated that 10,000 passengers passed through Navan Road Parkway with little delay in 90 minutes following the mass Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157670694689937/with/43630227324/ Regards, Kieran
  12. Good morning all, After a busy period for me, I'm starting to catch up with photos taken at the beginning of the month. The majority of the shots are from Connolly, with one from Heuston. Highlights include the use of ICR's on the Enterprise, an Inspection Car passing through and a pair on non-CAWS fitted C3K's. Click on the photos below to view them full size Album link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157698816431391 Regards, Kieran
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