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  1. He's been doing some 3D printed Electrostars, think a 4 car set worked out around the £140 mark. Not sure who printed by though
  2. There is talk of various bogs becoming natural parks with possible rail attractions. There may be other plans as well.... Stradbally definately has an eye on a few items coming up, and to my knowledge is the only place where a reasonable accurate (bar length and loco livery) turf train can be found
  3. Yes they are (or at least by that stage of their career). Gens are mounted in opposite corners of the body
  4. For those curious as to what can haul them, the list can include 8208 in the unique Enterprise livery, worked a rake down North Wall-Portlaoise on Friday 8 June 2012. Something a little different to a grey 071!
  5. @Glenderg that photo looks familiar 😅😅😅😅 But yes, a tamper of some description, could be 740, 741 or 742 without a closer look at it
  6. There's a weekly "as required" wagon transfer from Limerick to Inchicore and back (and Limerick-Waterford and back), can be formed of anything and everything The one on the 16th July had 074 hauling Tara Mines wagon 31015, LP flats 30174 and 30141, and LX flat 30253 back from Inchicore
  7. Part of it may be a large backlog of requests or more general products that he's trying to space out. Understandable given he's a one-man band and looks to produce some incredible stuff
  8. Just be warned 6402 was different to the other plug door vehicles. The actual door itself is the same but as it was a rebuild rather than built new their are differences. 6402 on the left
  9. "Midland Valenta" on Facebook is looking at doing them https://www.facebook.com/MidlandValenta/
  10. No grey colours confirmed Jonathan? 🤣🤣
  11. It is RAL7015 as stated above, although depending on which loco there is slight differences in shade
  12. See, a bit of research makes the automatic "this is new it must be bad it's the end of the world" automatic response a bit stupid. As for concerns over one centre looking after most of the country, it already happens in thr existing CTC!
  13. What do you think the real ones are - they are JJA's with buffers at each end and 5ft 3in bogies. Nothing overly special about them! Great work on the layout and stock warb!
  14. To clarify a few matters: Most of the existing CTC equipment dates from DART introduction in 1984. To do auto-routing takes about two days to prepare on ancient computer equipment (relatively speaking) that struggles with the current service level without an more services. It's a dull, compact, crowded place in Connolly. There will be a back up in addition to the existing Emergency Control Panels around the country The new building is being built on what was Guinness Sidings 1, 2 and 3 (from memory). 4, 5 and 6 are remaining for stabling as required This is also being combined with the Garda Control Centre, so if anything it's saving money by combining what would be two buildings into one TMS is industry standard now, this will allow multiple different systems (that have to be separate to perform different functions etc) to work together, such as the Hacon Train Planning System to auto upload routing information to the TMS, that can then adapt said routing on a day-to-day basis to cope with delays etc I'm not even going to bother arguing about fleet issues, since it's been discussed time and time again with little understanding despite attempts from multiple angles
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