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  1. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Nope, not customs.. If anything the opposite to what Mayner is saying applies in Dublin port.. Customs have large yards and plenty of staff but probably far more than is needed.. any time I’ve been there there seems to be customs staff waiting around for something to do.. And containers to and from the U.K. is a tiny market, in fact you can nearly look at a container heading to a port in Ireland and say it’s going to anywhere but the UK
  2. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    That message aged very badly.. IWT service WILL operate next week 2 trains each way
  3. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Just Tara and timber, lowest point ever for rail freight
  4. Should have gone to see the IL-62 George, banned from EU airspace now! Although the depth charges look spot on so a morning we’ll spent
  5. When I lived down in Killorglin as a child, there was a tracked excavator similar to the CIE Priestman crane just over the bridge near to the now Astellas plant.. I wonder now if it was used for lifting the tracks and then forgotten about or not worth recovering after the lifting work was finished.. The land is sat on is no longer accessible from the walk over the bridge, but I would imagine it is long gone by now..
  6. The one in Ballina this week is actually a different unit..
  7. Will check with an post tomorrow and pm you over a price
  8. Pictures attached, as per the subject both free to take.. Based in Dublin area, can post at cost if needed
  9. One of the IRRS journals about 2 years ago had an article titled Waterford as a railway centre that had some pics of a train servicing the siding
  10. Great pics, but with the two wagons added in the train would only be 20 wagons.. Likely two of the wagons that arrived from Ballina were "red-cards" and needed to be brought back empty to NW for maintenance or an exam.. The Max in Ocean Pier is about 22 wagons, otherwise the train would block access to some facilities in the port(green building in the background)
  11. Diageo have a bottling plant close to Adelaide yard in Belfast, so would think that was a possible destination.. Any pics I have seen of likely tanks seem to be on the Belfast line
  12. Leaving at 09:35.. And I nearly turned down the booking
  13. There will be a 30ft Bell bulk on tomorrow's down IWT liner for anyone track side..
  14. Missed out on a Jinty also.. but could be worse, could have paid £170 plus P&P for one on fleabay https://www.ebay.ie/itm/202221216889?ViewItem=&item=202221216889
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