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  1. The existing conveyor and pier used to load ships with Tara’s product is being demolished to make space for some of the redevelopment.. A new conveyor in a better location will be installed.. I think the Zinc from Tara is going to be shipped ex Drogheda for a few weeks to facilitate the work..
  2. IE don't directly own Rosslare port, but they run it on behalf of the F&RR&HC, of which they are 50% share holder.. The role of Rosslare port manager is a post held by the current IE Freight manager.. The land bridge tends to be time sensitive and moves in truck trailers, so isn't really suited to rail freight.. It's traffic moving from land bridge Ro/Ro services to direct container Lo/Lo services that provide the benefit and potential for IE to capitalise on Brexit..
  3. The CLDN vessel is a new bigger ship on a service that has been running for a good few years now.. The 'Brexit Buster' tag was just a good marketing buzz word that the press picked up on at the launch party.. The EU-Ireland market has two main service offerings, Lo/Lo containers and Ro/Ro driver accompanied trucks.. What Brexit seems to have done is make people re-examine their options for shipping to their European customers, and realise that their are options that avoid the UK completely already available.. Approx 1 train per week of the current IWT service is product bound for the German market in containers, which is completely unaffected by the whole Brexit scenario.. I would think that a good few of the bigger Irish shippers are in a similar situation.. A lot of the press coverage of Brexit has been influenced by what they are being told, with very few questioning the source or where it's interests lie.. The IRHA have hijacked the narrative, and are steering the conversation to suit their own agenda.. Hence all this talk about Rosslare (their president is from Wexford and would be a big user of Rosslare Port).. In reality, most freight forwarders and shipping managers (the ones who control the mode of transport) are aware of their options and likely have plans in place to avoid the UK completely after March if at all possible.. Hopefully, what this means for rail freight, is more business moving in containers and less in trucks.. That creates a bigger market for moving containers, which rail can be very good at..
  4. Interesting article http://www.munster-express.ie/business/port-bids-to-restore-rail-connection/
  5. The short trains tend to run when Tara is changing from shipping one product to the other.. the two products(Zinc and Lead) are never carried the the same rake..
  6. Jhb, the 071s worked the timber to and from Derry when it operated.. think it was a three month period in the early 2000s.. The Irish rail freight to Adelaide would have ended around this time also.. would have been a mix of fertiliser, cement and keg beer worked in a mixed train
  7. No one have any leftovers after making some tanks?
  8. Would anyone have the haz decals from the c- rail tank transfers that they don’t need.. they’re the small triangular ones at the end of the sheet.. Short two class 5(yellow ones) labels for a container, as two wouldn’t stick and cracked when I tried to apply them
  9. Never been able to fill in all the blanks but here’s my best shot: Taras: 2- 071s from Mon to Fri Timber: 2 -071s from Mon to Sat IWT: 3 -071s or 201s from Mon to Sat Limerick Pilot: 1 -071 all week, wagon transfers on a Thursday Waterford Pilot: 1- 071 all week, wagon transfers on a weds/thurs? Belmond: 1- 201 Tues-Fri, 1- 071 Fri-Mon Enterprise: 3-201s all week Cork: 8-201s all week, when all 8 sets of MK IVs are in use.. Cork line Thunderbird/ stand by: 1-201 Belfast line thunderbird/ stand by: 1-201 DFDS would have been 1-071 from Mon to Weds
  10. IWT normally runs both ways on Saturday, ex NW at 9:35 as per Railers post and ex Ballina at 08:15, arriving into Dublin around 13:00.. At the moment there’s trials taking place so the down trains as deferred to Sunday at 11:30 for the next two weeks Also, new rail trains occasionally run Waterford to Portlaoise on a Saturday
  11. Hi Neil, just noticed in one of your pics from last Monday you mentioned an ICR being used as a shunting set.. is this a permanent duty as I thought portlaoise has a small shunter on site?
  12. Not too sure about the no freight since 1965 JHB.. The Derry timber could have been a success if it ran Derry to Dundalk via the Derry Road.. so you could have 1/2 trains a week of timber flats hauled by a 111 to Dundalk
  13. Best of luck guys.. does this mean the ammonias are a shoe in for the next project(6??)since very similar wagons ran in the U.K. for ICI?
  14. They look great Noel.. not to be pedantic but any pics I've seen of a rake of bubbles has them ladder end to ladder end rather than all facing the same direction.. I'm guessing it was done to make connecting the discharge pipework easier.. any know?
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