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  1. A lot of OHLE masts and subtstation equipment to go up in the next few years.. Like you said, this will have better access than a road crane
  2. Under test in Germany so presumably due here soon.. it’s a Kirow Multitasker 500
  3. Stumbled across this odd little railway on one of the freight industry Journals, would make an ideal micro layout for some one who is VERY space limited.. Consists of about 100ft of track with a road/rail tractor and two flat cars.. But is is fully functional and due to a strange quirk in the US Jones act it serves a commercial purpose! https://maritime-executive.com/article/cbp-issues-gigantic-jones-act-fines-for-alaska-seafood-shipping Google street map has views of the entire "railway" at "Kloosterboer Bayside, 136 Champlain Drive, Bayside, NB E5B 2Y2
  4. Just thought I'd put another shout of if Anyone has a Dapol 20ft EWL container they are willing to part with, came in a pack of two with a Hanjin 20ft a good few years ago.. I managed to find a seller in the UK with 4 of the EWLs, but it's working out at €70 for the 4 when shipping and VAT is paid, and I only really want 1 or 2 of them so would rather not go down that road if I can avoid it!
  5. Of course, came factory fitted! She has given 082 working up hill with a trailing liner some competition already, that was a noisy couple of minutes!
  6. Thanks @murphaph.. She’s 10 weeks old now, so starting to hit our stride on parenting.. That and the liners being back to 5 per week each way(there’s more work in not running trains!)means that time might become available to finally start that thread!
  7. I intend to do a thread on containers at some stage, but a few things have held me back time wise(work and new baby!) Evergreens do occasionally travel on the IWT liner, but usually just 1 per train.. It wouldn’t be particularly true to life to have a train of 5 of them say.. the box above is a 40ft DV, 8ft 6in box.. Think Arran had one in his range..
  8. The Gatwick's ran with a Gen van converted from a Mk2B BFK, 8911.. But the lads won't be producing that one, I would imagine as it doesn't really fit with the other Mk2Bs being released here.. Or maybe its the ace up their sleeve for a Christmas surprise release Also, to add in as I don't see it mentioned yet, the NIR MK2B would have occasionally went further afield on the IE network on GAA specials, and I think they even ran to/from Dun Laoghaire for a short while to offer a ferry service connection..
  9. The Monday and Tuesday trains ex Ballina always tend to be a little be light.. This can be more pronounced when the loadings in Ballina are for destinations not served by container.. The way things work out, the trains from Wed-Fri ex Ballina tend to be full to the max to make up for this, for example today's train ex Ballina has 27 units on it and tomorrow's will have 28.. The Murphy's tanks are on hire to replace some of the older DCIU tanks I believe, some of the DCIU tanks are at least 18 years old
  10. The two liners(up and down) would normally be in Athlone between 12 and 1 most days.. Could be slightly earlier or later.. Only thing I can think of that would be 071 hauled around 5pm would be the empty Waterford to West of Ireland Timber, which I think runs Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday at the moment
  11. Only between NW and Ocean Pier.. Schedule for NW to Ballina and return will remain the same
  12. Might not be able to pay for a low loader as a dedicated movement.. But I could maybe swing something
  13. Catch em while you can, loading of trains is switching to 2200in ~ 2330 out on 16/08 so there won’t be any daytime container moves down the tramway..
  14. Those Kien Hung containers look very well with the IRM 42ft flats, I wonder did it ever happen in real life?
  15. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Nope, not customs.. If anything the opposite to what Mayner is saying applies in Dublin port.. Customs have large yards and plenty of staff but probably far more than is needed.. any time I’ve been there there seems to be customs staff waiting around for something to do.. And containers to and from the U.K. is a tiny market, in fact you can nearly look at a container heading to a port in Ireland and say it’s going to anywhere but the UK
  16. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    That message aged very badly.. IWT service WILL operate next week 2 trains each way
  17. MOGUL

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    Just Tara and timber, lowest point ever for rail freight
  18. Should have gone to see the IL-62 George, banned from EU airspace now! Although the depth charges look spot on so a morning we’ll spent
  19. When I lived down in Killorglin as a child, there was a tracked excavator similar to the CIE Priestman crane just over the bridge near to the now Astellas plant.. I wonder now if it was used for lifting the tracks and then forgotten about or not worth recovering after the lifting work was finished.. The land is sat on is no longer accessible from the walk over the bridge, but I would imagine it is long gone by now..
  20. The one in Ballina this week is actually a different unit..
  21. Will check with an post tomorrow and pm you over a price
  22. Pictures attached, as per the subject both free to take.. Based in Dublin area, can post at cost if needed
  23. One of the IRRS journals about 2 years ago had an article titled Waterford as a railway centre that had some pics of a train servicing the siding
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