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  1. Yes, but was originally preserved with the 'Plug & Socket' logos...
  2. That's very odd. You emailed at 1.02pm on November 12th, and I responded to you at 1.10pm. Then you emailed later that night at 9.42pm, and I responded to you at 9.47pm. We receive a lot of emails every day and have had no other reports of problems, so I wonder if there might be a technical issue with your email account?
  3. Hi BTB, Just to clarify, you emailed us twice on November 12th and I responded to both emails. By the tone of the second message, it appeared you had not received the first one, so maybe our responses were directed to your spam folder? Also... the ballasts and gypsums are beings shipped directly to Dublin.
  4. Still available, but moving at a decent pace. They should be here in less than a fortnight.
  5. They could get grubby when they were out and about for a while...
  6. Garfield


    It's currently stored in a top secret location.
  7. Hi Controller, The decoder on sale is for the locos as re-engined with the General Motors power unit. To record a Crossley engine of the type originally used in the locos (and the one required for A1) we need access to a preserved X Class engine in Australia as there are no other operational locomotives with this engine type, but plans to do this have been affected firstly by wild fires in the region at the turn of the year and more recently by COVID-19 restrictions. We'll get it done as soon as possible!
  8. Only a matter of time now until the layout is populated with CIÉ locos and is renamed 'Charlestown into the 80's', @Si2020...
  9. I wouldn't say the A Class were "ancient" in 1972 - they were only 17 years old and in terms of technology were on a par with the GMs of the time, which were only 6-11 years younger (depending on class), and in their 12-645E engines they had a newer block design than the 121s and 141s. By comparison, the 201 Class were already 12 years old by the time the CAF Mk4s were introduced...
  10. Both Roco and Fleischmann are now owned by Modelleisenbahn GmbH. A few years ago they took the decision to have each brand focus on a specific scale, so Roco is now the brand catering for HO scale products while Fleischmann is exclusively N scale. It's possible the Profi track may reappear as a Roco product.
  11. Glad you like the sounds! Still have that Napier drone ringing in our ears after the recording session. The Rails/NRM and Rails/DPS special editions are available exclusively from those outlets.
  12. It's an issue for all manufacturers, not just smaller ones, if it's a product that hasn't been produced for some time; it's normally only viable to produce extra spares while the main item is being manufactured.
  13. It's 5ft, same as Russia. Not as wide as ours but still wider than 'standard'...
  14. Nice find, @LM186! Definitely looks like a 30-footer.
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