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  1. Correct, Leslie. It was wisely decided that there was no need to fix something that wasn't broken.
  2. Two grand for a live steam loco sounds like good value to me when you consider the level of engineering and the manufacturing processes involved.
  3. Nice to see the C&L locos being produced. The big CDR and L&LSR locomotives tend to grab a lot of the focus. but for me the eight original C&L 4-4-0Ts, along with the CB&PR 2-4-2Ts, were the most elegant of the Irish narrow gauge locos.
  4. Nowhere near enough, unfortunately.
  5. Sad to see the van we surveyed for the OO version being destroyed in this way. 😥
  6. I'd strongly disagree with that. During prototype research, I'm often left disappointed with the data available in books (frequently ones that are lauded as the 'definitive' tomes on a particular subject), only to find what I'm looking for in a back issue of a magazine. Everything from the Railway Magazine to Model Railway Constructor has turned up vital information that has enabled us to get projects across the line. Beyond research for the day job, I'd contend that serial magazine features such as O.S. Nock's 'Locomotive Practice & Performance' have no equal in book form.
  7. As Richie (Glenderg) says above, it'd be great if we could continue the discussion about the historical information that can be found in magazine articles, rather than a series of "I buy/don't buy magazines" statements, which don't really add anything to the conversation, tbh.
  8. Hi folks, Thinning out the collection to make room for some newer purchases. I'm sticking these up here for a few days before moving them onto eBay... I'll combine postage if you're purchasing multiple items. First up, Kato N scale Alco RS-2 - Union Pacific #1291 (12v DC) - very good condition - €55 + P&P Kato N scale Alco RS-2 - Union Pacific #1293 (12v DC) - very good condition - €55 + P&P Kato N scale Alco RSC-2 - Union Pacific #1281 (12v DC) - very good condition but missing pack with alternative Arnold/Rapido couplers - €50 + P&P Kato N scale Alco RSC-2 - Union Pacific #1288 (12v DC) - very good condition- €55 + P&P Kato N scale EMD SD-40-2 (early, with dynamic brake) - Pan Am Railways #607 (DCC ready) - never run - €85 + P&P (getting very hard to find these) Jouef HO scale DU65 draisine (inspection car) & wagon - SNCF red/cream (12v DC) - good condition for age - €25 + P&P
  9. Off topic, Leslie, but did the Taurus play a tune for you?
  10. I think you're right; probably a part of the Bretland track-laying set.
  11. Footage of staff snatcher apparatus in operation can be seen in this video: http://www.euscreen.eu/play.jsp?id=EUS_524B0F1DFF9D4311A5271797E7849D5E
  12. The vents were added to the doors during the time the locos were still allowed to operate nose-first so that it would be easier for the driver to hear detonators, etc. They were plated over once nose-first operation was banned.
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