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  1. There are some photos of blue Tara Mines wagons here: https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/1199-tara-mines-rake-in-blue/
  2. The ribbed lids could still be observed in use into the early 1990s. Even now, the third (peaked) style of lid hasn't yet completely replaced the second (curved) type, even though it must be a decade or so since they first appeared...
  3. The new red oxide Taras also have G2 lids. In reality, the transition from G2 to G3 is still taking place...
  4. The transition from blue to red oxide overlapped with the replacement of the lids.
  5. I wouldn't go laying any money down with Paddy Power just yet...
  6. I've seen a photo of a silver Sulzer with snatchers fitted, but oddly they were installed the opposite way around so that the snatcher in the rear cab would have to be used to exchange staffs. Always thought it was odd that they went to the trouble of incorporating the snatcher recesses into the design only to remove them so quickly, while at the same time the snatcher system remained in everyday use for a number of years after the last Sulzer was taken out of service.
  7. I think George was referring to the Bray address, @jhb171achill... It's one that appeared regularly in GSRPS newsletters back in the day as it's where the Society's secretary lived.
  8. C Class no. 226 and G Class no. G616 are currently inside the shed and a small group of volunteers is slowly but steadily working on returning both to working order. Once that has been completed, B103 and G601 will get their turn...
  9. I've similar memories of lying in my bed at night as a kid in Longford and hearing the growl of a pair of Bo-Bo GMs or the low frequency wallop of an 071 either pottering about the local yard with a liner or powering through on the way to Sligo. Unforgettable...
  10. It does seem to have been relatively short-lived and doesn't seem to have been rolled out across the fleet - just on a small number of units. Always thought it was an odd location to place the stripes; you would think placing wasp stripes or a yellow panel below the windscreen would have proved more beneficial in allowing someone to spot a train hurtling towards them...
  11. From that link: "In 2015, a sheep dung-spitting competition was introduced to Northern Ireland's Lady of The Lake Festival in County Fermanagh." That both raises questions and answers some outstanding ones...
  12. I'm afraid that's not where you put it - as others have pointed out with screenshots and links to what you posted, you created a topic in the 'For Sale or Wanted' section...
  13. The 'For Sale' section is for people to post ads for items they're selling themselves. The 'eBay Watch' topic (which is at the very top of that list) is where eBay links can be posted for discussion... I really don't see what the problem is, to be honest?
  14. As the lads said above, scroll down the page...
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