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  1. They should be available in the decoders sold here... our A Class decoders will have those features.
  2. Another round of investment on the back of that, too: https://wexfordtoday.com/2020/07/09/more-investment-in-rosslare-harbour/?fbclid=IwAR0E7K5gaEZI3MdDESh9qWoPMXNsmC5dIC7py8CtfAThRQ94E_H9cigEJBE
  3. Take a look at the Athearn model, which is the most recent and most accurately detailed, and about half the price. The Trix range is mainly two-rail versions of Märklin products, so have that residual 'collectors premium' factored into the price...
  4. In fairness, no company can be expected to keep vast amounts of cash tied up in stock that 'might' sell at some undefined or distant point in the future. Newcomers, latecomers, etc. can always avail of future production runs when they happen. In the meantime we are constantly reacting to demand by increasing the size of our production runs within reason.
  5. It would, but as 230 would require less work it's the only one I can see benefiting from such a transplant of parts.
  6. Most definitely the end for 224. No doubt useable components will be salvaged and could possibly be used in other locos - either replacing parts on locos still in service where required, or possibly to aid in the rebuilding of 230. I wouldn't expect to see grey 201s.
  7. Hi Martin, You can select how products are ordered using the options on the main page for each collection:
  8. Garfield


    What photographs? I've seen images of the Mk3 DVT and A15, but the ITG locos are all under tarpaulins.
  9. Garfield


    I wouldn't be relying on Wikipedia for definitive information.
  10. Garfield


    The museum is Jackie Whelan's project, as is the rest of the operation at Moyasta. The ITG stock is there with the intention of being housed in the museum when it is constructed. There were no other feasible alternatives at the time the ITG had to vacate Inchicore Works.
  11. Fantastic photos, Ernie. I'm curious to know what the box on the end of the six-wheeler is - the one to the left, just under the lower step.
  12. I thought it was a kennel, but I stand to be corrected on that.
  13. Probably best to stop washing your pants with kerosene, Eoin.
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