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  1. I remember seeing this locomotive years ago and it is a lovely model, although I think it's 7mm scale running on OO track? Well worth the money.
  2. Buyers will ultimately pay what they feel the item is worth, so if they can get them for €200 a pop from you, Chris or others then that's great and they're not going to hand over £1000 to that eBay seller. He'll learn his lesson when he's left with unsold stock. As I said in my first post, we can laugh or give out yards about silly prices when they're highlighted, and once they're highlighted anyone here that sees it knows to avoid. It still doesn't mean it's right to berate the seller on a personal level by saying they should feel ashamed.
  3. I'm sorry, but shaming the seller isn't fair. We may laugh, baulk or be utterly infuriated by the price but he's entitled to ask that price. If he gets it, then fair play to him; if not, then he'll likely drop the price and try again.
  4. Looks like an old six-wheel coach rather than a wagon on the line in front of the shed, too.
  5. The UTA very nearly took a Class 20 on trial, so it's a possibility they may have decided to go for a slightly more powerful off-the-shelf EE design if it had proved successful... 😁 See you on Saturday, Leslie!
  6. HI Colin, That's an email address, rather than a web link. This should direct to the group's homepage: https://groups.io/g/IrishThreeFoot
  7. Some may sneer but the thing to be remembered here is that it's not aimed at railway modellers; it's aimed at your average viewer wanting some evening entertainment. The fact it's been commissioned for a second season suggests it has been fulfilling this remit. It appears to have also triggered a wider curiosity in the hobby, with many shows in the UK reporting increased attendances since it first aired (this certainly appears to be the case at the shows we attend). And for a hobby that is generally fairly bad at promoting itself beyond its comfort zone, this is something that should be welcomed.
  8. A moderator has already asked for this discussion to get back on topic. We're tired, cranky, hoarse and our feet are sore so we won't be feeling charitable if this discussion doesn't get back to the topic of PM's lovely new loco.
  9. Looking forward to seeing Ballyconnell Road on its first trip to Dublin. It may be small in size but it is stunning.
  10. Correct, Leslie. It was wisely decided that there was no need to fix something that wasn't broken.
  11. Two grand for a live steam loco sounds like good value to me when you consider the level of engineering and the manufacturing processes involved.
  12. Nice to see the C&L locos being produced. The big CDR and L&LSR locomotives tend to grab a lot of the focus. but for me the eight original C&L 4-4-0Ts, along with the CB&PR 2-4-2Ts, were the most elegant of the Irish narrow gauge locos.
  13. Nowhere near enough, unfortunately.
  14. Sad to see the van we surveyed for the OO version being destroyed in this way. 😥
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