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    I am a 64 year old Englishman who has long found Irish railways fascinating because of both their similarity to and difference from the railways in the UK. Save for the fact that my younger son's father-in-law came from Dundalk, I have no connections with Ireland whatsoever. I do, however, have the same birthday as the republic. That's probably where my interest comes from!


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    Railways (full size and model), cats (Siamese and Bengal), American oval racing, Sunderland AFC


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    Retired Chartered Engineer

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  1. And finally, how would the lime and coal have been delivered and the beet pulp and refined sugar collected, in trainloads or wagonloads? Stephen
  2. Thanks for that. Stephen
  3. Coal and beet obviously arrived in open wagons but how did the lime arrive? Stephen
  4. I expect there’s a good reason why B131 is running bonnet first. Stephen
  5. A thing of beauty indeed. Can’t wait to see the others. Stephen
  6. It really does look like the real thing. Well done. Stephen
  7. There was just such a proposal not so long ago to do just that. We’ll have to wait and see. Stephen
  8. I was always under the impression that VAT was not applicable to secondhand goods, the process of adding value through the life of a product finishing at the point of sale. Is this simply a case of raising revenue the easy way, catching the large, multinationals proving too difficult. Import duty is entirely a different matter. Stephen
  9. So,was somebody or something just making a point with the suspension? Stephen
  10. What about the Tara mines traffic, doesn’t that use the same track to the same terminal? Stephen
  11. But not insignificant if you live along the route, especially when you get onto single carriageway sections of road. Stephen
  12. Forgive me but how can the decision have nothing to do with the CEO? If that were to be the case, surely it would be a resignation issue? There’s clearly a pro roads policy operating within Dublin Port. Can you imagine lorries being banned on the grounds of congestion. Stephen
  13. Andy Cundick already has a beautiful 21mm gauge model of Valencia Harbour. Stephen
  14. Lovely to see more operations on the south Waterford line. Stephen
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