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    I am a 64 year old Englishman who has long found Irish railways fascinating because of both their similarity to and difference from the railways in the UK. Save for the fact that my younger son's father-in-law came from Dundalk, I have no connections with Ireland whatsoever. I do, however, have the same birthday as the republic. That's probably where my interest comes from!


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    Wychavon (South Worcestershire)


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    Railways (full size and model), cats (Siamese and Bengal), American oval racing, Sunderland AFC


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    Retired Chartered Engineer

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  1. I’ve just opened Hattons email with their update on the MM121’s, glorious news indeed. Seems like my savings plan will end up in credit if the price doesn’t rise too much! Stephen
  2. Leslie was going to make an announcement about two kits, one his first non-wagon kit and the other a loco. Stephen
  3. Some lovely shots of 45 wagon beet trains - impressive. Stephen
  4. Just to report the safe arrival today of a pair of CIE era ballast brakes in the wilds of south Worcestershire. What a pair of beauts. Stephen
  5. Looking good. Stephen
  6. StevieB

    IRRS Journal 198

    Very good issue of the Journal. Stephen
  7. They were lovely looking machines for their time. Stephen
  8. It still makes a reasonable representation of the early ‘50’s SO. I hadn’t measured that closely but I’ll take your word for the dimensional irregularities. Is it almost a case that it would be ok in a rake of the same but put it against a more accurate model and the faults are accentuated? I wonder why the dimensions were so far out. When Trix used to make British based models, they used a scale of 3.8mm to the foot. Again, who knows why unless it was so that they could be used alongside HO models. Stephen
  9. Bet get my order in soon. Stephen
  10. I had thought of doing this to an old Mainline Railways BR SO. They are still lovely models, even if the windows do appear a tad on the small side. Anyway, removing the central doors reduces the body length to a scale 60’ 9”, 9”3mm short. Stephen
  11. hello, do you still have some spare IRM ballast hoppers I could buy thanks?

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