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    I am a 64 year old Englishman who has long found Irish railways fascinating because of both their similarity to and difference from the railways in the UK. Save for the fact that my younger son's father-in-law came from Dundalk, I have no connections with Ireland whatsoever. I do, however, have the same birthday as the republic. That's probably where my interest comes from!


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    Wychavon (South Worcestershire)


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    Railways (full size and model), cats (Siamese and Bengal), American oval racing, Sunderland AFC


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    Retired Chartered Engineer

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  1. That’s looking rather fine. Stephen
  2. This is one of those layouts that you just want to keep coming back to. It simply oozes atmosphere. Once again, we’ll done Patrick. Stephen
  3. StevieB

    Project 42 Update

    The Christmas card to all their customers is a lovely touch. Many thanks from a damp south Worcestershire. Stephen
  4. It would appear that the same approach to closure by stealth was taken the railway authorities on both sides of the Irish Sea! Stephen
  5. Lovely set of photos but I have to ask if the line is being prepared for closure. Whenever there is talk of economies, this line is one if the first to be mentioned. Stephen
  6. Good new. Governments and their agencies can take a long time to make decisions and then act on them, so don’t always blame the boys at the coalface. IE recognised the problem and made the request some time ago. Stephen
  7. It’s railway modelling, but not as we know it. Stephen
  8. The H van was mounted on both Bulleid’s triangular underframe and the earlier version with the long brake lever. Leslie’s kit is if the former version, so is there any possibility of a second version to add variety? Stephen
  9. Might some of them be at Galway? Stephen
  10. Over on rmweb, in the Wright writes forum, there is periodic discussion about the haulage capacity of RTR/kit built locos, in particular steam. Tony Wright’s depiction of Little Bytham on the ECML runs passenger trains of 12+ carriages and his kit built locos have no trouble with this but put an RTR loco on the front and it struggles. Has anyone tested what MM’s locos can haul and, in particular, whether a pair of 141/181’s outperforms an 071. In reality that was the case with power coming through 8 wheel sets rather 6. Stephen
  11. StevieB

    Class 121

    Just been looking on Antics website and I saw £145, even better. Stephen
  12. Is there a similar drawing of the Bulleid open wagon anywhere? It would a great help to those of us striving to make accurate models, which is not to say that there is anything wrong with Leslie’s model. Stephen
  13. I agree with FL’s comment about a palvan kit, but at the end of the day it’s your decision. Stephen
  14. Patrick The link throws up photos of a good many covered vans that are highly model-able in this day and age. Keep up the good work. Stephen
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