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    I am a 64 year old Englishman who has long found Irish railways fascinating because of both their similarity to and difference from the railways in the UK. Save for the fact that my younger son's father-in-law came from Dundalk, I have no connections with Ireland whatsoever. I do, however, have the same birthday as the republic. That's probably where my interest comes from!


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    Railways (full size and model), cats (Siamese and Bengal), American oval racing, Sunderland AFC


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    Retired Chartered Engineer

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  1. Excuse my ignorance but what is a third party tool? I am using the iPad I have used for many a year. Stephen
  2. All of a sudden there are no Murphy Models on eBay.co.uk, only on eBay.ie. Any reason for this? Stephen
  3. Read the articles in Railway Magazine with great interest. Stephen
  4. Thanks for that useful information. It gives me the opportunity to operate prototypical trains to and from my imaginary Youghal sugar factory. Having read the link, would molasses have been a byproduct as well, or were they imported instead? Stephen
  5. For three months at the end of every year the sugar factories were busy processing the locally harvested sugar beet. Two questions arise from this: 1) What happened for the rest of the year at the factories, and 2) What other traffic was there both to and from the factories? Stephen
  6. One of the most realistic scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Stephen
  7. Excellent piece of collaboration between two the parties involved. I wonder what’s next in the way of accessories from IRM & friends. Stephen
  8. It’s that stuff called rain, which falls but occasionally in the Canaries, but when it does, it does. Stephen
  9. I remember an article in the late Model Railway News about the A/001 class. Stephen
  10. The failed PLC was just one element of the Llangollen Railway. It was not the operator of the railway but provided items of rolling stock, together with engineering services. It was the commercial failure of the latter that caused its collapse. Thankfully a way forward has been found. Stephen
  11. Noel’s approach to bidding on eBay is one that the memsahib and I have used to great effect for a long time now. It takes all the pain and misery of continually bidding and counter bidding. Stephen
  12. It’s always a good idea to try tonengineer out reverse curves and all the problems that go with them. Stephen
  13. StevieB


  14. I wonder if that’s due to COVID-19 or was it just not working? Stephen
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