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  1. Patrick, just sitting there loosely and will change slightly.
  2. Forming the boundary around the Goods Yard
  3. GNRi1959

    Excellent Prospect

    When I visited some 20years ago I couldn't help notice that you had to go through a bedroom to get to the kitchen
  4. GNRi1959

    Excellent Prospect

  5. Doors, windows fitted and hinged!
  6. Roofing contractor moving in today to replace slates
  7. Think I may have over-sized my roofing slates
  8. This is the original plumbers store I photographed back in May 1988.
  9. Great to see this layout again, love it
  10. Not the easiest of buildings as this is so small.
  11. Took a step back in an effort to slow my enthusiasm down. Started scratch building the plumbers store this morning, a small red brick building which sat in the goods yards. Photos will follow
  12. Looks very interesting, I think the QT is the way to go! Sometimes too much advice can be an obstacle.
  13. Yes, David, compared to photos I have it is rather dark. I'm not that pleased with the colour to be honest.
  14. I'll probably make a visit too
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