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    Omagh, Tyrone


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    Retired college carpentry instructor, worked on building sites for 11years before going into teaching. Grandfather worked with GNRi for 43years retiring as a sub-permanent way inspector in Omagh, where he was born. Have modelled Omagh Station, which is on permanent display at Omagh Station Centre, built Omagh Goids Yard which is part of Headhunters permanent model exhibition in Enniskillen and also modelled Fintona Horse Tram in 0 gauge, which was purchased by the Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra.


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    Rolleiflex cameras, playing clarinet for St.Eugenes Brass and Reed Band

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  1. Just thinking out loud here, last thing l want is an over expensive track laying experience. Peco may well be a better choice though l never liked their points.
  2. I've not had much additional info but have had some new photographs that are so good.
  3. I wonder if anyone has ever considered or tried hand built trackwork using the C&L plastic sleepers and chairs system?
  4. Great news - Transport Treasury were very pleased with the book, they said they had only 100 copies left in their warehouse
  5. Would anyone have a Working Timetable to cover the years pre-Enniskillen closure (Sept 57) and anything UTA post 1960. I have GNR(I) 1958. If you can help, I would really appreciate section dealing with Omagh copied (Dundalk-Enniskillen-Omagh-Derry) - (Belfast - Omagh - Derry) including the Market Branch. Thank You
  6. Up until a few weeks ago, Steve and l had been in steady contact as he 'fact-checked' many of my captions for my book on Omagh Station. He gave me much detail on carriages in the Derry Road. I was aware that he was caring for his wife but l was shocked to hear the news as his email replies just ended abruptly- sad news.
  7. It was a very successful launch JB, so thanks again for your attendance.
  8. This is what Hugh Dougherty of Railway Heritage said about the book......... It's absolutely superb and you bring the station and its people to life. It's just the ticket for telling people who never knew the railway what it was like, while bringing it back to life for those that did.The Bundoran excursions struck a note for me, while the interviews with staff are outstanding. It's one of the best railway books I've read because it tells a very human story far beyond the usual enthusiast publication which concentrates too much on the locos and rolling stock. We'll done, Tony. I've really enjoyed the book and it's brought back Omagh station as I remember it transferring for Bundoran by train I 1957, and by bus on from Omagh in 1958, 1959 and 1960. Thanks very much. Hugh
  9. The photographic contributions to the book are phenomenal- Ernie's Archive, Charles Friel Collection, Langford, IRRS, Hugh Davies. I am indebted to this people.
  10. I started my initial research on Omagh, believe it or not, when l spoke to several local GNRI men back in 1986 when l was building my first model of Omagh Station. (Which is still on permanent display in the station centre). These scribbles and many others about the workings of the sidings, line, buildings and train movements were interesting enough to revisit the project 5 years ago. It was initially intended to be an article for the IRRS publication but l guess the initial article just took wings and got bigger! I should also add that our own JB was instrumental in lending a hand with this project.
  11. Please be aware of the revised date of book launch
  12. My UG, probably the last ever OOWorks model to be made, arrived in plain black with no lining whatsoever nor transfers. It looks fine to me, pretty authentic looking. What sort of money are these fetching at the moment. I also have the U class, totally lined.
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