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  1. Fantastic, amazing - what more can I say!
  2. By the way I wouldn't sell on Ebay - ever again! In February I sold a Canon 800D camera and 2 lenses (as new-two months old) for £675. Without going into the detail, I was scammed out of BOTH the goods and had to pay a further £675 PayPal chargeback - a grand total of £1350 - ouch!
  3. What sort of prices do OO Works locos command at the moment. I have a UG and U Class that are basically in a box since they arrived and have only ran round a loop twice. They are back in their boxes and I don't think they will ever see a OO layout again. They are as new, I am not formally putting them up for sale but primarily just throwing out the question.
  4. A new Graham Farish 2-6-4T Fairburn Tank is on the way to add to my 0-6-0 and growing wagon stock.
  5. They look rather distressed but it was my Halford spray coming to an end........
  6. Thanks JB, here's two more I have done using Dapol unpainted wagons. What I plan in doing is using these wagons to form some sort of a redundant siding- post closure.
  7. Mike, To be honest, I was quite pleased with them. If only I could get the hand of those tiny waterslide transfers! Tony
  8. A rather crude attempt at looking remotely GNRi - and I make no claims that either of these are anywhere similar. Just a bit of 'lockdown' fun spraying two Peco wagons with Halfords Light Grey primer and lining with Railtec Transfers. So difficult under the best of lighting and having to get my daughter to show me where things were on the transfer sheet - I could just about see things. Still, fun and nothing to be taken too seriously. Would I do it again - N-gauge wagons are expensive enough without mucking around with them!
  9. JB, I ordered N-gauge GN freight transfers on Tuesday and got the Thursday! railtecmodels@gmail.com
  10. Angus, I actually placed an order this morning, thank you. Take Care
  11. Would you say that this was close in style to the Jeep https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GRAHAM-FARISH-N-GAUGE-372-750-LMS-BLACK-2-6-4T-FAIRBURN-2691-STEAM-LOCO/133381299638?epid=22011170121&hash=item1f0e251db6:g:ECMAAOSwtANejEbY
  12. I think I have contributed enough to the Irish modelling cause. I have a OO gauge model of Omagh on display in the local Station Centre and have also completed a OO model of the Omagh Goods Yard, which should be on display after lockdown, I hope. With that in mind, Im diverting my attention to modelling N-gauge with no location in mind and I am purchasing a selection of the wagons that catch my eye and thatI'd love to see being hauled by my Class 700 Union Mills 0-6-0.
  13. Another thought, can you actually buy N scale Irish GN waterslide transfers from Railtec or elsewhere?
  14. Don't worry, i'll not be painting anything. If I do, it will be a rake a rake of open wagons done in Halfords grey primer sprays!
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