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  1. Ken, Thanks for your comment. The crossing vee was actually removed from the junction of the Bundoran line when it was closed in 1957. It actually was left in storage outside the South Cabin but I thought it would add to the scene in the Goods Yard.
  2. I have started work on the water tower, gents toilet and shunters hut that were situated on the north end of omagh. They were situated on the passenger platform with access to the goods yard. This will bring this project build to an end almost. All I need to do is prepare the fascia and surround to allow safe display.
  3. Jonathan, I sort of did it in Omagh, not up to sleeper level but on the entire yard surface. I coated the baseboard with PVA and scattered fine ballast liberally all over. I then added various mounds of cinders and coal at varying height and fixed them with PVA, water, fairy liquid mix. When totally dry I rubbed modelling clay lightly over to show compressed areas where traffic was heavy. I then painted. See Omagh Goods Yard.
  4. The following points are in their original Peco packaging. They were laid on a temporary layout but lifted after several weeks testing. They may have been pinned temporarily but never ballasted. They are totally functional. A few may have the manual point operating lugs removed where they touched track work but this is purely cosmetic, it doesn't hinder movement. They are all Peco Electrofrog Code 75 Streamline except ONE which is noted. Short Radius Points L/H Three - R/H Two Medium Radius R/H ONE Large Radius Y ONE Curved R/H ONE Long Crossing TWO (One electrofrog - ONE Insulfrog) Quick Sale - ALL for £60
  5. David, points taken. I'll certainly look at the 'gap's between ground and buildings. I had deliberately kept them apart as I intended removing the buildings during transit, otherwise I would consider securing them with ground surface and grass/weeds. The Stephensons bread units are now weathered to kill the bright blue colour and the inglis set are next. Finally, your good friend Frank Kirkland is calling with me later this afternoon so he can report back to you on his visit to see the model. All the way from Derbyshire!
  6. Robert, thank you for your offer, it is appreciated. I actually have a copy of the original scanned GNRi Crest which was used on RPSI locos. It's a huge file and will provide me with the presentation I need. Many thanks anyway.
  7. David, I can tell that you have thrown your expert eye on the yard now for sure. Yes, you are correct. All the present stock will be weathered, especially those bright bread containers (as Provincial Wagons call them) or BU's (Bread Units, as the GNRi staff called them). The other thing I need to do is replace the back scene, I have a one piece scene ready to be fitted. I also need to start thinking about a perspex front to prevent little fingers grappling with the wagons during exhibition or display. I have plans to either spray paint the surrounding fascia in GNRi Green and mount the GNRi crest somewhere too. I don't really want to do much more to it otherwise it's overkill. I'm having to present it in February at a venue in Omagh for a small gathering of locals with some sort of talk/photographic display - nothing confirmed just yet.
  8. More of Omagh........
  9. And finally with locos in situ.....
  10. Thank you Leslie. I got a sheet of Irish travel posters for the from gable of the UTA building in the right. The newspapers and rubbish will follow. I have palettes, sacks and barrells to paint and thanks to WrennEire bought some nice early Provincial wagons to increase traffic. Have to start thinking about fascia, perspex and finish for display! Thanks
  11. Thanks, I think the front entrance needs to be toned down a little more.
  12. Some more detailing on the ground at Omagh.
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