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  1. I can't believe how excited I was back then to take delivery of my shed. I spent many happy days in there working on various projects and models. Just a point of interest, three years on there hasn't been one single sign of mould, damp, decay or condensation. It has been bone dry - summer and winter. The shed has still got quite a few pieces of stock shelved away but is now being turned into a nice little workshop. I have started sharpening my tools again and this week take delivery of a chop saw. No railway modelling but some exciting woodworking projects in mind! This is the first time I hav
  2. Considering they cost around £12-14 each and are as new, they are a bargain. I don't like seeing things lie around un-used
  3. Lambeg Man, - they are ALL electrofrog EXCEPT one - NOT a mix as you describe. They are gone already so I presume you were not interested anyway.
  4. All are £5 each or £30 the lot Postage uk 5 ROI £8 All are in Excellent condition, were tacked down to test but never blasted. Used for a few weeks and lifted, in original packs
  5. BACHMANN cast Irish signal cabin in excellent condition. One of the finials is broken on the point of the roof fascia but is minor. Apart from that it's a nice model in a box. £40 postage uk only £5 ROI £8
  6. The problem with Omagh library is that their exhibitions and displays run for a short period and are replaced throughout the year. Headhunters provide a permanent, safe home. This will kick-start my N-gauge(non-irish) layout plans.
  7. Omagh Goods Yard has been purchased by Headhunters Museum, Enniskillen and will be in permanent display there from Tuesday of this coming week. The model will be displayed with a range of GN rolling stock.
  8. In that case, why in earth would you commit to buy nothing more than an expensive CIE waterslide badge? My move to N gauge will be purely N gauge, I've no plans to start readying, respraying or scratch building anything else.
  9. Did any of this stuff ever run in Ireland? JB, I plan on enjoying N gauge for what it is - go Irish and it's going nowhere!
  10. Warb, theres something magical about this entire project, the realism, detail, atmosphere, feeling and sheer dedication. I take me hat off to you!
  11. Probably is a misguided description as it states 'N-Class' not N-gauge'.......
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-CIE-2-6-0-Irish-Green-N-Class-Loco-Tender-Murphy-Models-Bachmann/333613986591?hash=item4dacf1731f:g:FtEAAOSwWPley9es Currently on eBay - I'm starting to build an N-gauge layout but this would have no interest to me.
  13. Bay are aware of similar scams and refuse to do anything about it.
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