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  1. One potential buyer declined because they did not have the space to store it.
  2. Would anyone make a stab at the value of this model - I mean, if I were to sell to a local historical society, with all rolling stock and two OO Works locos? Don't post here but please PM.
  3. If I do anything it will be N gauge so when the grandchildren call they can have some fun too!
  4. Thanks guys for your comments. I am currently looking for a permanent home for it and hopefully it will be go on display - and all the locos and rolling stock will go with it.
  5. Omagh Goods Yard is complete
  6. Very good day today at Whitehead, very wet and cold! Really enjoyed few minutes I had with Patrick, Gerry, Michael and Charles Friel. The wide range of models and various gauges inspired me. Glad I journeyed out.
  7. Goods entering the Goods Store at Omagh.
  8. Ian, thank you for your kind words and snippets from the 'Con'. Indeed, the trackbed was a shortcut home for many school children. I used to walk the track bed from school to piano lessons and then home to the Derry Road. Although I was born in 1959 my mother took me to Belfast and Derry by train many times. Sadly I have no memory of it.Glad you like the model.
  9. First time through new station today in Derry, lovely interior.
  10. My attic is a cut roof with tons of space but the previous owner thought it a good idea to relocate the trap door to the back bedroom and I've no plans to start climbing in and out of there. My next project, if I ever start, will be an n gauge layout!
  11. Superb stuff, how I wish that I'd the space to run trains!
  12. The lighting is superb, real life inner-city action in the dead of night
  13. David, since you are an expert on presentation, can I ask you if 'creating a window' to the front of a layout with lighting behind the front helmet works, if the sides are going to be either perspex enclosed or open to view.
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