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  1. Tomorrow, if I get my birch ply delivered, I'll be baseboard building
  2. That was really kind of you Northroader, thank you so much. I can now order my track and accessories.
  3. Would anyone have the time to provide a wiring diagram for the sketch attached. I’d like to be able to isolate a loco in the passing loop, electro frog pointwork by Peco, it would be much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Here is a brake van kit I built during the week, I have yet to fit the handrails but this won’t be possible until the magnifier and fine drill bits arrive!
  5. Ernie (autocorrect), I appreciate your input and thoughts. I learner over 30yrs of modelling prototypes is that no matter how good the buildings and scenery were, it can only be 2nd to good trackwork and a well thought out operational plan. I have two layouts in mind- a shunting yard or a 4'6" diameter circular layout. Only problem with circular is after it goes round a few times you'll make yourself dizzy!
  6. I build a model of the tram back in 90s. It went to the museum in Cultra.
  7. I have the actual track plan of the yard but to be honest I've done more than enough with Omagh, thank you for suggesting anyway.
  8. I’ve been thinking Of building a small Irish shunting layout. I was wondering if anyone knows of an Irish location that has the same track arrangement as the much loved Inglenook shunting plan.
  9. The GNRi UG and his big brother the U Class on a bit of test track. Out of their boxes for the first time in a couple of years and running like a dream. Some new rolling stock arriving this week to get me started again.
  10. If I am forming a passing loop in a small layout where I want a loco to sit while a passenger train passes, is it easier and less complex to use insulated frog points? Apart from the frog being dead and running the risk of stalling, do they present any other problems. I have to say I have often experienced stalling with electro frog and insulated rail joiners.
  11. Thanks Jb. After working in Ngauge last year briefly, 00 will look and feel really big.
  12. Is Peco 00 code 75 finescale still the way to go with track at the moment?
  13. I managed to purchase some nice stock at the weekend. I wanted to ask if the CIE B class is still available, especially No.153
  14. If you have any unwanted GNRi rolling stock for sale, please bear me in mind as I am gathering again with a view to building a layout. Thank you
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