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  1. By the way, union Mills, in Isle of man do some amazing locos, I bought three.
  2. I moved from 00 to N scale last year, here are my thoughts..... Difficult to handle small stock - difficult to connect fishplates - expense is same as 00 - great for limited space - looks great - locomotives are well detailed.
  3. Will be posting some photographs here, if anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/158990799524527 Tony
  4. GNRi1959

    N gauge

    Galteemore, I was using meths and it seems to be pretty good. Anyway, I have packed the locos and wagons away and actually started winding up my modelling.
  5. GNRi1959

    N gauge

    Union Mills 4-4-0 T9 - Union Mills BR 0-6-0 - Graham Parish 2-6-4Tank with a range of goods wagons and cattle wagons.
  6. GNRi1959

    N gauge

    John, To be honest, I have really got model railways out of my system. Although I live in a 1950s house with 11 rooms and a huge attic, I have never had a dedicated railway room. My shed, with its insulated walls, has now become my workspace and where my tools are stored. The one final project I would like to try is a coffee table layout, if I can source a suitable table, otherwise i will make one.
  7. GNRi1959

    N gauge

    Thanks David for your response, the loco's are tender driven and the wheel are so difficult to keep clean also. The difficulty with N gauge, having found out the hard way, is the fact that the size makes it difficult to handle, uncouple, clean and see!
  8. GNRi1959

    N gauge

    I guess then it is temperature that is the problem. In my shed, which is insulated and dry, track tends to change colour even before it is laid.
  9. GNRi1959

    N gauge

    Having spent some time modelling in N gauge, I managed to build a nice simply layout for my grandson that allows him to run locos and wagons around a loop with a siding. I was very cautious with my spending as N gauge is no cheaper than OO gauge. I was quite disappointed by the amount of cleaning N gauge requires, perhaps the dirt and grime gathers more in smaller scales but I found myself cleaning the track almost every time I wanted to run locos. Anyway, I intend to return to some sort of OO gauge modelling when time allows.
  10. In that case, I'll stay away from Facebook. My wife ignores me all the time, she is so busy nattering with her friends.
  11. Very good. I had a great run with a couple of Carpentry apprentices - 5 x Consequtive NI Final Golds - 3 x UK Final Golds - One European Gold and 8th in World Final. I was assistant training manager for a few months before I left the scene.
  12. I was thinking about starting a Facebook group to post some pictures of Omagh, hoping to draw on locals who like that sort of thing. I know nothing about Facebook, so do I need to open an account before I start the group ?
  13. Well, If I have to be honest, I was on a wind down for the few years leading up to my final decision. When they introduced remote teaching for my Carpenter students, I knew it was time to go!
  14. Were you involved in SkillBuild or Skills competitions at all?
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