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  1. John, Thank you so much for your help in finding one of these cranes. At least I know what I'm looking for.
  2. I'm planning on using a Gaugemaster Shuttle on the inside road that runs the entire length of the shed. Set on a timer it will also prevent locos running too far and crashing into the Buffet on the outside of the store entrance.
  3. Track laid today and wired temporarily. It is a very simple shunting line that resembles Omagh after a lot of post 1957 changes when a double crossing was lifted at the cattle dock and Point removed exiting the store.
  4. You are a real gentleman, Thank you so much. Couldn't be better.
  5. I am remembering a couple of UTA buses to suit my layout. I wonder if anyone has an old UTA Bus timetable that would show bus locations and route numbers so I can be as authentic ad possible.
  6. I haven't seen a yard crane like this one on rubber tyres so maybe I'll have to scratchbuilt using parts from other products.....
  7. Lovely scene Patrick, the well landscaped scene creates an impression of depth, I love it
  8. Some nice views of Omagh Goods Store....
  9. Belmullet is a lovely name for this new revised project, good luck with it.
  10. Thanks folks, I think the next step is to play around with my track work.
  11. Another bit of detail added using Slaters lettering. As was with the original Goods Store, stonemason Phelix McRory cut a stone with the date 1955, when the original roof was lowered.
  12. Time to look at the track layout again and see how all this can work.
  13. Final touches to roof, to me it's done. Time to move onto the next stage. Thanks for all the advice, encouragement and feedback.
  14. I have to add some yellow ochre which will look like brown when it dries, that's for tomorrow
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