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  1. Initial plans to use DAS modelling clay have changed last minute after buying a pack and using it on a scrap of ply. I've settled for Slaters Random stone as i don't want to learn a new skill, I've plenty of experience with plasticard.
  2. Goods Yard Store now complete and glued up. It comes together in three sections that connect on the baseboard top. Ready for final finish in the coming days.
  3. When your grand daughter invites you to nursery for their 'stay and play' programme it's not hard to get creative with coloured paper, scissors and PVA.
  4. Going up to the rear walls of the Goods Store that still remain to photograph the stone detail and get some idea of colour........
  5. Jason, I really didn't mean it, the way it came out. Of course it would work but this building is really big, and this would involve a lot of scribing. I don't know if I would have the patience and certainly not the eyesight at close quarter. I might just order some and try a bit on scrap ply. PS. Just ordered some to try
  6. Started to slow task of cutting out roof lights with my scroll saw, front roof complete and have to cut rear roof section. I'm considering the Slaters Embossed plasticard because I can conceal the corners with Wills Quoins. It also makes it easier to use brick arches also by Wills. The modelling clay is probably a great idea but not in 4mm. Had to move one of the roof purlins and reposition the roof covering to bring the lower sky lights further up the roof slope. I added pitched gables to the rear wall where the roof of the UTA garage was situated. This will become a low-relief wall to hide my controller and switches. The project is starting to really form the basis for a great model.
  7. Anyone offer me some advice on achieving the finish I need on this build. I bought both Slaters embossed and Wills. The Wills sheeting is too thick so looks like the Slaters will have to do. Clues on paint finish and colour? Any thoughts.....
  8. and this is how the real thing looked......
  9. Just spent a few hours with my old friend Joe McGrew and shunter at Omagh who was able to verify the development of my Good Store building to date. He was able to give me a rundown of the various sidings that occupied the store, the platforms, the goods that arrived and the personnel who worked there.
  10. Roof on, skylights to be cut out yet....
  11. Good question Stephen. The plan is to build a working model of the entire Goods Yard. You may think it strange that I work on the building first and not the track work but I want to see how the footprint fits into available space and lay track once I know how everything sits. So far, it is looking very promising. I may be able to work the project in two sections with a max board width of around 600mm-700mm. I am working between the original GNR(i) engineers drawings from 1930s and dozens of photographs which show the various alterations to the original track laying. Its interesting to see that in latter years a diamond crossing at the cattle siding disappeared and a Y point emerging out of the goods store was removed and replace with a single line of track. I want to capture everything, as it was. Thanks.
  12. More Progress today.......the shell of Omagh Goods Store built as per GNR(i) engineering drawings from Dundalk works and amendments as was up to closure.
  13. I may use the high retaining walls at the rear of the building to conceal my controller and possible access to the siding that runs into the shed. These openings are now formed. There are a few possibilities........
  14. This is a lovely layout which opens my eyes to the industrial side of our railway, something we didn't experience of the Derry Road. Great work.
  15. Some minor tweaking of the gables at the goods store and addition of roof purlibs to support the roof. Part of the pleasure of this build is the fact that there are still several shunters and goods porters living who are able to help with the detail that photographs didn't capture.
  16. Set of three IRM Ballast Wagons, in near Mint condition in original box for sale. Rare, out of production €120
  17. To be honest, the Japanese saw needs some practice, they cut on the pull - not push. If you don't master it, the blade will buckle - they are not cheap!
  18. Thanks. A great big Altendorf Panel Saw. Though some of the smaller pieces I done with extra fine Japanese pull-saws. The bevelled edges were done with hand held block plane. If you have no access to machinery, the Japanese saws are perfect!
  19. Just easing myself back into doing something after many weeks 'out of the shed'. This is the Goods Yard store in Omagh. I have taken several pictures that I took back in 1987 when it was still standing and imported them into AutoCad. I then scaled it using several reference points and produced cad drawings. This is built in 6mm birch ply with some redwood to give it strength and durability. I have to form openings in several walls for locos and goods to enter, which is why it is taped together for now. Its footprint is 900mm long, at its longest point. Progress today, at last.
  20. Three left and three right hand curved points by Peco SL-E86 and SL-E87 Electro Frog, code 75 fineescale. Points are in original packets as new. There is one 1mm hole drilled into each but they were used for three weeks only and immaculate. Cost £13 each selling all six for €65 £55
  21. Yes, a lot of movement away from Canon and Nikon. A lot going for Sony.
  22. To be honest, my primary aim was to shoot the railway network ' as it makes its way around the North coast between Derry - Coleraine and Portrush. Since I now spend more and more time sitting on trains and watching them pass by, its given me a break from modelling.
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