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  1. Cheers popeye, personally gutted, but upwards and onwards.
  2. Des Coackham's book on the BCDR has the profiles of several 6 wheelers at the back, and a few look bang on to me, particularly the 5 door variant. R
  3. @warbonnet has been generous enough to tag me as having some responsibility here, but I need to expand on that slightly. Myself , Fran, and Pat all went to DCDR to survey and spent the day snapping and measuring. It might be my job to convert that data to plastic, and it near killed me to make the 3D model, but it wouldn't have been possible without Pat's middle of the night conversations with China, nor his understanding of the prototype, nor Fran's queries of "Did this version not have this type of yokemedoo*", and "can we have this DCC functionality", nor Bosko's "I want a meellion of these for meself, so they'd better be right" (I may be understating Bosko's input here for some poorly executed comedy effect, but IRM wouldn't exist without him. Simple as.) In summary, this is a joint effort, based on the work of all 4 of us, and there's still some work to be done, we'll all chip in to make it as fantastic an A - Class as it deserves to be. R. *I don't do technical speak at all!
  4. LNWR had a significant presence on the North Wall Quays, so much more than a regional franchise. What everybody calls the LMS station is actually LNWR, along with the adjacent hotel. Anyhoo, Leslie, enjoy the show, I've been a member for too long and have yet to get my teeth into a show, but looking forward to seeing photos. Richard
  5. Can I just clarify that that colour I provided above is for colour matching to MM RPSI MK2's and Bachmann Mogul Train Set Mogul and Coaches - it's not representative of the accurate colour of the protoype! R
  6. The Hornby MK3 "Shorties" were brought to market in a bid to squash more stock on your average layout. The awful tinted windows and of course the length, are the giveaway. The window pane all along the bodyside is a single piece of clear glazing and is just awful. There's nowhere to mask off for window opening, so bang those ladies back on fleabay for an easy life. Have a go on one of them though, then take yer learning onto the correct length coaches. The standard foot long-ish Hornby version is a one piece body mould, but if I recall correctly, the glazing is superglue bonded to the interior of the coach and is near impossible to remove without breakages, so you'd have to use liquid masking fluid or similar to respray and save the glazing. Best of the lot is the old Lima's, in my humble opinion. It's a softer plastic than the hornby one, so any mods to roof or ends are straightforward, with less threat of personal injury. The Oxford coaches have some serious profile issues with the prototype, so wouldn't advocate that route. HTH Richie
  7. With that gradient, all is missing is weight. Load up the tender with lead, see what happens.. R.
  8. I see little mention of steam era traction, particularly a saddle tank cobbled together Maunsell piece of goodness...well used to pilot duties. There's a silent majority who like a Sambo, just saying. My colleagues have yet to be convinced, so thumbs up folks for " Make Sambo Great Again" - We can do this!!!
  9. This extends further @jhb171achill, I've seen this oddball font later on, and I suspect it was done by some chap in a drawing office, as it makes no "design" sense. The central "O" in the 6 should be an ellipse, rather than a circle, and similarly with the 9. The central extension on the "3" should be straight, not curved, and the "2" is wild wrong. From a font design POV, , it's rubbish, but that's why we don't use a font off the web - all our stuff has custom letters and numbers, like the above. CIE are going to keep me busy til I get into a pine box... Very grateful for this. Richie.
  10. Afternoon Folks. Heritage Week is shortly upon us, so I thought I'd post some links to rail related events around the country. https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/tour-of-mullingar-railway-station https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/open-tours-of-railway-museum https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/west-cork-railway https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/guided-tour-of-glenfarne-station https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/railway-photographic-exhibition https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/all-aboard-railways-of-co-donegal https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/baltimore-railway-station-past-present-future https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/agm-and-launch-of-the-phoenix https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/historical-walk-in-mallow-town https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/open-day-railway-crossing-cottage https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/vintage-train-rides https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/drumboe-donegals-favourite-engine https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/railway-walk-siúl-an-tsean-iarnród https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/steam-train-visits-kilkenny Donegal knocking it out of the park, so far! Feel free to post any other events of interest I may have missed. Richie. Will be attending this one meself... https://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/the-port-line-tour-of-dublin-port
  11. Noel, I think the lads are referring to the fact that there is a wealth of historical information in previous issues of this magazine, which may be of use to members. Commentary on the state of current model railway publications is all over social media, and other forums/fora, can we not stray off topic here? I find this stuff particularly useful, as will anyone else searching here in years to come? R.
  12. Ed, Have had a look at the Ordnance Survey maps, they were both overbridges, or at least that's how they were drawn. As for type it appears to be an "ikea" type rivetted metal frame, with two supports of cut stone either side. I don't imagine it was any different on the other side either, as every structure is very industrious and "value engineered". Similar to this type at Moyasta. Hope that helps, but it's not definitive. Richie.
  13. I have to agree with David here about using off the peg 7mm track here, and inching out the wheels by 1.00mm either side - that way you *could at some later stage make it rattle away through the garden or whatever ye fancy. It's 32mm is the gauge of 7mm, don't have any track to hand. Yeah, I wouldn't swear by either, not really up on the narrow gauge stuff tbh, but I'd go with the second one. Also, the benefit of the mock up is it's pretty quick to do, costs little, and even if it's as odd as moll belle, you can eyeball it and maybe inspire a bit of further action if you start to flag. Keep us posted! R.
  14. @PorkyP You'll have to print this on A3, should be enough to start making a mock-up in cardboard etc. The previous drawing, compared with the above, had a shorter chimney, dome was in the wrong location, and the cab was iffy. Richie. Tralee_&_Dingle 2-6-0T A3.pdf
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