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  1. The containers were specially constructed for beet traffic, iirc, in 2003, and were due to be rolled out properly for the subsequent beet season. There was no next beet season, so containers were scrapped. I have an odd note from the time suggesting they were converted coal containers, which could be just another tale from a "Heuston Driver".. Richie
  2. Find an old broken umbrella, remove the links from the main pole to the arms, but and fit to suit. The smaller the umbrella, the smaller the profile. The alternative is folding catering foil to a profile, but this takes a lot of setup and messing. R
  3. Kevin, I've had access to unpublishable photos to determine the actual grey, and it's tricky beyond belief. Early morning shots there's a gunsmoke hue off it, long shots it's almost creamy grey. We do a lot of work with white balancing of old film and photos of the era as it's generally untrustworthy. Once balanced, the photos are night and day different, and present a truer picture. The other thing you have to remember here is that we're talking CIE in the mid sixties. Gunsmoke grey or any other fancy shade is unlikely, borne out by study of the photos. Slate grey is what they were, and as soon as the lads get back from "counny doon", I'll throw some dirt on them, and hopefully they'll match the real and nostalgic colour. Rich
  4. Class 73 wouldn't be suitable as it's a Bo-Bo - the A Class is a Co-Co axle arrangement. R.
  5. My only suggestion would to connect where the red line, or else getting stock from the storage sidings becomes a pain in the hoop, specially if you've a full freight yard. R.
  6. So for the weathering folk, I fooled about with a pre production sample, employing several techniques. First off wash the gouache wash of dirt, let it dry, then remove excess. (I've no idea what happened to the plough as I had to disassemble and reassemble this sample, but I have a 3 year old suspect in mind.. Have a feeling it may have been repurposed in a dolls house..) I mixed a few weathering powder tones to try and get a colour more akin to the yellow. In future, I'd leave out any intense browns and stick with earthy tones. It's led to a slightly pink hue on the roof, which looks odd. I used powders from ak interactive, which are quite instant and aggressive. The next time around, I'll try with the full set I have from Mig Ammo, which are way way more subtle, and have a better colour palette, but sadly none are labelled "Naarth Wall Distressed Yella"! The isopropyl alcohol had no effect, though it removed the tampo instantly, which is a pleasant sideways discovery. Anyway, I consider it a valid test, but a bit more needs doing to get it bang on. I'll keep yee posted. Richie.
  7. Sorry for not responding to this popeye before now. Yes, the yellow is the "as built" version in standard Per Way Yellow as it was post mid 80's. (Prior to that, the yellow had a decidedly lemony tone, as had Per Way stock in the UK, so perhaps some crossover there). I've been fooling about with alcohol again, the isopropyl variety, which can be got in chemists, and it seems to do the trick on toning down paint shades as per prototype. It's a first for me, but next week I hope to distress one of the pre-production samples on my desk. I'll report results here, as I know there are a few who'd like to brave it, like yerself. Richie.
  8. Joe: "We have a man on from Raheny, ya, who is having difficulty putting his ting on de track...yeah..yeah..very upsettin'...needs to keep it in a box, an all.. go ahead caller"
  9. Sean, It's a joy to see you back in gear again, and doing an absolute stonking job to boot. Between yerself doing "De real capital" and Warb doing the "other one", we are really seeing two layouts that do a fabulous trick of having a model, that just happens to have a railway running through it, seemingly blending the ordinary day to day with the railway as "almost incidental". It's bloody fantastic workmanship, dedication, and research. richie. (The lads sent me the link to the thread whilst in Lisbon airport, (I wasn't surveying aul trams @BosKonay ) and as soon as I saw a ton of photos, I closed it, and waited to get home for a "proper goo" 😛 )
  10. Thom, You might be creating a short by over use of the oil. I'd suggest taking off the keeper plate underneath both bogies, one bogie at a time, removing the axles, again one at a time, and wash them in soapy water, dry fully, and rub down with fine 00000 wire wool on the pickup faces of the wheels. Dry off the goldy contacts with tissue paper, and use the wire wool to polish up the pickups. Put them back in their slots, making sure they are all correct polarity and direction, and check to ensure the brass contacts are in contact. Not a big job, but a little care and precision should bring it back to life. Richie.
  11. I realise that I am "IRM" currently, but many of you will recall I used to be just plain ol' Glenderg, missing delivery deadlines and such, but at the same time I produced a kit for the weedspray MK1 and sold quite a 4 of them, along with weathered and pristine "Ready To Run versions". Having spend many many hours researching and designing a kit, and then to hear that you, Noel, think the Silverfox version is perfectly acceptable....yet you say "I call a spade a spade, my models are toys, and in our house everybody calls them Dad's toy train set." "I play by making and driving my toy trains, and happy as a bunny when doing so, call it modelling, or play I care not. " It's the contradictory nature of this regular narrative, like a bowel movement, that prevents me from sharing my experiences, thoughts, findings from elsewhere, as a modeller on this forum any more. R
  12. Quite impressed, and I'm a picky hoor at the best of times! R
  13. @WaYSidE I think we'd all be grateful to hear of this auction, so there's no stress there. Just as long as you're not going to be at the top of the room with the gavel thing on the day, that might be totally dodgy..
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