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  1. 018 arrived in Washington today after traveling around the world… My what a big box… we’re going to need a bigger boat. Many thanks to the guys who made all this happen.
  2. Can it be the day? Received shipping notice this morning! Fantastic. So happy i ordered another.
  3. Just a few more days guys - can you believe it? - after a 40 year journey from those early efforts by Lima to something world class… and who would have thought the A class could be found on the Trans-Siberian railway?
  4. If you build it they will come. Absolutely yes. Who would have thought there would be so much demand for Irish models. Instead of looking like Australian narrow gauge imagine your Metrovick on scale track!
  5. Absolutely stunning model, beautifully done! From the window wipers to the mesh grills. A fine way to finish a career demonstrating constant improvements over many years. Comparable to some of the finest brass models in the industry in its level of detail such as Fulgurex and Micro-Metakit. Perhaps a brass version may be something to consider in Paddy’s retirement. I would join with everyone else here in thanking Paddy for everything he has done to preserve our memories and heritage in miniature detail - a true ambassador for Irish excellence. Many thanks again Paddy - I plan to buy a whole batch of them as a small expression of thanks and support! James
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