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  1. Still far from completion but I think it looks a tad better being in the two-tone green DB livery
  2. (Very much an unconventional post, I know, but this seems like the best place to put this as it’s still a form of modelling in my view) With the re-emergence of the Britbus Alexander (Belfast) RH Class-bodied Leyland Olympians, I’ve been inspired to finally throw myself in the deep end and construct a virtual “model” to accompany the almost inevitable purchase(s!) I will be making of the recent liveries on the RHs IRM are retailing. This doesn’t fit the standard definition of a model bus, but I have used modeller’s drawings to construct this from the ground up, so I think it still counts! I hope this is of interest to someone! (It’s still very much under construction)
  3. Good evening, I wondered if anyone would have scale drawings for the DART 8510. Would it be possible for me to acquire an electronic copy of them if they are available? Many thanks
  4. Yes, I agree, it wouldn’t come cheap, especially to get a 3-car set printed. Resin casting would be less expensive but I think the seller will offer 3D prints only. Due to the accuracy of the CAD, I would probably fork out for one set but resin might lower the price significantly. Nonetheless, the product is the best you can get if you don’t want to repaint a Turbostar. I’ll look into it further. NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class
  5. So, as some of you may know, there is a designer on Shapeways, with the brand CMAC models, who manufactures fine, 3D-printed bodyshells, underframes, bodie sideframes and more. Their range is mainly 2mm scale but I have enquired about the CAF 3000 and 4000 Classes and whether or not they could be reproduced in 4mm scale. However, this would only be done with multiple expressions of interest. Would anyone else here be interested? Many thanks, NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class https://www.shapeways.com/shops/cmacmodels?section=Northern+Ireland+Railways+C3000+and+C4000&s=0 (Link to the C3K/C4K range - currently in 2mm scale, I have been informed they might be scaled up if sufficient demand is present)
  6. Ok, thank you for your assistance, most useful, I don’t know how IRM could be any better really! I couldn’t ask for more from you, you’ve thought of everything Many thanks, NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class
  7. Good evening, Last week, I ordered a 121 Class and EMD 645 sound decoder. My bank charges me a currency exchange rate fee of around 3% of the cost of the order. Would there be a way of paying so I don’t get charged a currency fee? I usually pay in GBP. I was about to order another A Class when I remembered that I would get charged more. What would be the best currency to order in? Many thanks
  8. Thank you for the very comprehensive reply, most helpful
  9. Received my airbrush set yesterday from Bartsharp. How would you recommend setting it up to use for the first time? Do I need to switch on the compressor first and let it run for a while? There aren’t many tutorials I can find online
  10. Right, unfortunately I made a combined order just before reading that. I sincerely apologise, would it be easier for me to re-order? I don’t want to make it more difficult at your end! I would be happy to wait until both are delivered to the IRM warehouse but I understand the impracticality of this. Again, I’m very sorry for my mistake. Many thanks for the assistance
  11. Sorry to be a bother, with the pre-order regulations, would it be easier for me to purchase the loco and the decoder separately or together (I’d be looking to buy one of the June 121 releases)?
  12. Think I’ll pick up the Seacow from him Thank you for the links
  13. Thank you Fran, interesting the most modern are the popular ones! In which case, I’ll place my order promptly NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class
  14. Based on average sales so far, would it be possible to estimate a time slot when each of the following are expected to run out (so I know how long I have to order)? The three items of interest; 124 134 the 645 decoder Many thanks
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