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    Just a Northern Irish trainspotter really


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    In a rainy field somewhere between Letterkenny and Rotterdam


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    Irish railways, model railways, buses

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  1. *You’ll never beat the Irish* “You'll never beat the Irish, no matter what you do, you can put us down and keep us out but we'll come back again, you know we are the fighting Irish and we'll fight until the end, you know you should’ve known, you’ll never beat the Irish” *Covid19* We’ll see about that.. in all seriousness, my sympathies go to all those affected by this pandemic (and future casualties). My household contains very vulnerable people such as my dear mother who is very unwell. I do not wish to cause offense by this comment
  2. It is very reasonable, also offers accepted. I’m from Coleraine originally so I would’ve only ever seen DEMUs, NI Railways is the only stock I had growing up! My dad would’ve been the same in what he saw.
  3. Nice little NIR Blue ‘Hunslet’ with DCC Sound, half tempted meself! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SilverFox-Models-NIR-Blue-Hunslet-DL-Loco-dcc-sound-No-102-Falcon-Weathered/202934194907?hash=item2f3fd212db:g:pF4AAOSwPwpeNzeC
  4. Just wondered whether anyone would know of a place where I could acquire a Great Southern Railway Class 280 Sentinel 0-4-0T (OO gauge). Many thanks, NIR450CastleClass
  5. Saving up for a 121 at the moment but a new camera’s on the list! Pictures are also edited for an ‘atmospheric’ look
  6. 1 year after my father (Galteemore) deciding he’d model the lines of our home country instead of German, English and Japanese railways, I am uploading some pictures of what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks. I had quite a lot of old ‘OO’ gauge components and buildings left from my UK-outline modelling which I thought I could put to use. My idea is a branch line of the old MGWR (later GSR) Galway-Clifden railway which could have gone to Spiddal (An Spidéal). This is meant to be a small depot and station in rural Ireland, Spiddal is only a small place so it seems like the ideal choice. I may incorporate the sea into the backscene as it is a seaside village. This is, in no way, meant to represent accurately a specific branch line but it looks roughly like an Irish prototype of an in-the-sticks station. I intend to sell it when finished to make room for a 21mm gauge layout which represents a place to be revealed... Any advice/suggestions welcome NIR450CastleClass
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