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  1. So, I am about to purchase an airbrush but the cup can hold 2ml. This doesn’t seem like enough, for painting one coach side at a time, would you recommend a 2ml cup?
  2. Good start there MM, looks like it will turn out nicely. NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class
  3. That was my initial reaction @Midland Man but it does have DCC Sound..difficult one, in regards to those steamers, €49.86 is very decent, the guts of €500 is frankly ridiculous considering the condition (in my opinion anyway)
  4. Seemed expensive (but good quality) but prices have come down on items from this seller; Reworked BR Class 08 into a CIÉ D Class - (Irish link) https://www.ebay.ie/itm/BACHMANN-08-SHUNTER-RESPRAYED-IN-CIE-BLACK-DCC-FITTED-MURPHY-MODELS/124103869362?hash=item1ce52ac3b2:g:G90AAOSwbDpeXO4- (UK link) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BACHMANN-08-SHUNTER-RESPRAYED-IN-CIE-BLACK-DCC-FITTED-MURPHY-MODELS/124103869362?hash=item1ce52ac3b2:g:G90AAOSwbDpeXO4- Repainted DMU to resemble a Class 4000 - (Irish link) https://www.ebay.ie/itm/BACHMANN-32-465-3-CAR-DMU-RESPRAYED-IN-NIR-4000-CLASS-LIVERY-MURPHY-MODELS/124175593249 (UK link)https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BACHMANN-32-465-3-CAR-DMU-RESPRAYED-IN-NIR-4000-CLASS-LIVERY-MURPHY-MODELS/124175593249 Both have DCC, I must say the shunter is quite a bargain now!
  5. 21mm? Love the sound of that! Spectacular box wagon bodies, they’re so well rendered. Amazing!
  6. Very impressive, especially for a scratchbuild. Amazing what you were able to achieve. What a beauty!
  7. Yes I saw that, sadly didn’t buy it in time. Which donors did you use George? Good luck with yours!
  8. Elated to find this on my doorstep this morning - I’ve only unwrapped the DMBS sides for now. I think I’ll go for Lima Mk2b or 2c coaches. That’s all I’m saying for now. Can’t wait to have it finished!
  9. That must’ve been very interesting to see it progress. Was that during the first or second attempt at overhauling it? I’ll take a look at your thread, I was very reluctant but after I’d chopped some plastic I just threw all caution to the wind and mistakenly removed a lamp iron! I got about 25% off mine so I was lucky, I know the seller quite well so they gave me a good reduction. Still not something I wished to muck up! Thank you, NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class Great, many thanks Sir. NIR 450 ‘Castle’ Class
  10. DBSO is going to the paintshop now having been masked. I’m only doing the front half and the rear end, I’m leaving the backs of the sides to compare the elevation and texture of the primer with the factory finish. It also saved me masking all of the windows at once!!
  11. It really would have been, such a shame. I believe it was equipped to be used with the GMs in a way that kept the GM controls in the 111s the same. Would be so much more interesting than CAFs..much better as an express too!
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